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Brian Loses A Tickle Bet

This could very well be my favorite tickle scene that I have done for this site...Brian is very ticklish on both his feet and chest/armpits, and to have him ( a straight boy no less) bound up and helpless after losing a bet was a real thrill! Brian and I have been hanging out together lately, and we were at a club the other night having way too many drinks. There was a blonde girl there at the club that Brian had the hots for. "I'll bet I can take that girl home tonight," he said to me. "I bet you CAN'T," I said. "Oh yeah? Watch this," he said. "OK - I still bet you can't, and if you lose, you have to let me tickle you for the website," I quickly added. "Whatever," he said. "But I won't lose!" Away he went... Can you guess what happened? The blonde girl was there with another girl and she blew Brian off (big time!). He ended up crashing back at my place on my futon. I knew he wouldn't be suspecting it so soon, so I got up early while he was still snoring and quickly secured him to the futon frame. He woke up to find me tickling his feet through his socks. His laughter was immediate! I used my fingers on his soles for a while and then attacked him with his socks off, both with my fingers and with a feather. He was screaming with laughter as my fingertips ran up and down over his size 9 feet. After giving him a quick breather I started with his armpits and chest. He was begging me to stop at this point. "OK, OK! YOU WIN!" he screamed. "I know I won - that's why you are tied up right now!" I worked over his stomach and armpits for a while before pulling out the cruel brush and used it on his soles until he looked like he was going to pass out. After I finally untied Brian and let him catch his breath, he said, "I thought you were kidding about that tickling stuff." Of course I never kid about that and told him so. "Well actually," he said, "it was kinda fun..."

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