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Cop's Tickling
Punishment Photos

I'm sure this has happened to you just like it has happened to me -- you get stopped by a cop and you get a ticket. Even though you hate the cop for giving you a ticket you can't help but be attracted to him and want to punish him at the same time. And if you are like me, the punishment you think of for any hot guy is non-stop tickle torture!

This cop finds out what is like to be captured and tickle tortured as a helpless (and unbearably sensitive) victim. This cop pulls guys over and harasses them if he thinks they might be gay, but this time he winds up in the middle of his worst tickling nightmare. He is bound and helpless and TICKLISH EVERYWHERE. This poor cop is feather ticklish and his captor takes full advantage of that fact with his fingers, feathers and brush. His feet, pits, sides and stomach are all explored without mercy until the cop pleads that he will do ANYTHING to get free...

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