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Foot Slave For A Night

Me and my friend Rick had just come back from the basketball game.
Rick played for the team and I was there just to watch the game. We were
best friends, since the 7 months I had knew him. I decided to stay over at
Rick's for the night. We were watching a movie at about 10:30. It was over
and Rick told me he was rather bored. So I challenged him to a bet to a
basketball game. Knowing it was stupid, I put some things on the line. Rick
being on the team he knew he would win. We stepped outside the foggy night
and I said " If I win you gotta do my laundry for 2 weeks."

Rick nodded and said, "yeh but if I win...just wait and see"

I thought nothing of it until next thing I knew he won by 28 points. I
knew I wouldn't have to do much. So we went back in the room and he told me
to take his shoes off. SHEW - did they stink! He hadn't changed out of his
basketball shoes and boy they were smelly.

I hesitated and he said, "Hurry up Foot Slave!"

I looked at him as he grinned. Yeah, Rick was serious. I took
off his shoes as his demand. How did I know a game could backfire like this?
He then said take his socks off with my mouth! I kneeled and dug my teeth
into his socks. I pulled his sock of off his feet. I did the same to the
other foot.

I was so shocked at what Rick was doing! The aroma to his feet were to
die for though. There was lint stuck bettween his toes. Rick told me to lick
them off. He sat on top of my chest and stuck his toes in my mouth. I licked
slowly and removed the lint from his smelly toes. After that my so called
"Master" told me not to move. He slowly rubbed his feet all of my face. he
got up later, and put his shoe in my face.

His words were, "Slave, do not move I'll return shortly."

I loved the treatment he was giving me but I obeyed. Rick came back up with whip cream!
I was in heaven! As he smoothed
out the whip cream all over his feet I was ordered to lay under the chair.
He sat in the chair and placed his left foot on my chest. His right was on
top of my face covered in cream.

"Slave, lick them dry now!" he ordered.

I did as I was told and let his toes enter my mouth. I licked up and down his
soles and sucked each toe. After all the cream wus off he clipped his
toenails over my face as a footstool and forced me to eat them! Later that night I was ordered to worship his feet all night until dawn.

6:00 in the morning and I was barely awake. His toes in my mouth as I
licked carefully. Rick awoke and told me to suck harder. As I saw my parents
drive off in the car I remembered I was staying with Rick for a week,
because they were going to attend at a meeting in Florida!

Rick grinned and said, "My dear slave, this will be a long week!" He then rubbed his feet all
over my face in laughter. I still had 7 days of pure foot worship and domination!

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