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My Foot Story...

Feet? Yeah. My favorite thing, my favorite thing in the whole world is
this: putting my fat, long cock up my boyfriend's ass and smelling his

My boyfriend has a beautiful, hairless ass and his hole is like a
pussy. I eat it. I keep pushing my face deeper and deeper inside of
him. I stretch him out, his hole, till it's like a girl's pussy. He
moans with my face deep in his ass.

I make him hold up his legs. His big feet are dangling in the air above
my head. The smell of them is potent and falls down on me so that I can
eat his ass and smell everything he is: feet, ass, balls, pits.

My dick gets ramrod hard. My dick gets so hard it's impossible to bend
it. I spit on my dick and get up on my knees. I hold my boyfriend's
ankles. I kiss his mouth with the smell of his ass on my face. His
feet are on either side of my head.

I smell them. Yes, I do. Between the toes. Delicious, sweet, full,
heavy. I smell them and rub my thick, hard cockhead all over his ass
which is open now since I've eaten him.

I get to stay here awhile. Sweet, sweet, sweet. With my face in his
feet and my thick dick fooling around with his hole. I keep catching
the labia of his ass with my cock and when I do, I try to push my dick
inside of him without touching it with my hands.

Eventually, I snag it. Grab the ends of his ass with my prick. That
fucking beautiful hole of his. I am the luckiest man on earth to own
his hole and know that it is all mine. I snag his hole and push my
thick dick in. Everything is slimy with my spit. We never use lube. I
am all lube with my mouth. I slide into my lover's ass and bear down on
his lips while I'm in him to shut him up. I need to keep him from
moaning, whimpering. My dick is fucking big and it has to hurt him
going in, even slimy like it is.

Now I'm in and his hole produces a juice just like a woman. I plunge
that dick of mine in him. I once calculated that I have put about
10,000 long strokes into him. I have put about a litre of heavy cum
loads inside of him. My beautiful load in my beautiful lover. Deep
inside of him. Right where it belongs. I own everything he is.

My dick is plunging in and out in long, thick strokes. I hold his feet
in my face, stretch his legs and breathe in deep. I can't stand it.
I'll admit it to you. I breathe deep and I have to think of car
accidents to keep me from cumming. I pound that gorgeous ass.

My mouth is on his whole foot. The toes up to the knuckle are all in my
mouth. My tongue is all through them. He is loving me lick him. He
knows I own him and eat him with my whole body, with my mouth. I take
him all in.

I'll fuck him till he can't take it, till he rocks back and forth in bed
with his eyes shut tightly. I'll fuck him and he doesn't even have to
touch himself. He couldn't if he wanted to. His legs are on top of my
shoulders and his arms are pinned to the bed. I make my lover, with an
asshole like an open pussy, cum all over his sweet stomach.

I pull out of him after a long while. Mostly I let my cock steep in his
ass. I wait to cum.
Because in the middle of the night, I'll get up and enjoy his sweet,
fecund ass again. I'll eat him once more, before I put all my load
inside of him and fill up all of his insides with my thick ropey cum.

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