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At My Uncle's Feet
by Richie

About 2 years ago I went on holiday with my dad to the coast of the UK--Skegness to be exact. We set off on the Monday in our car, towing the caravan behind us. We were staying on a caravan park. My uncle Tommy had already been at the park for a couple of days, so he was going to show us around and things.
A couple of hours later we arrived at the park, and we pulled into our space and I got out to stretch because I had been in the car for 3 hours straight without moving. Uncle Tommy appeared from his caravan and greeted us. It had been a while since I had seen him. As a matter of fact I couldn't even remember what he looked like. The second I saw him I fell in love with his feet. He wasn't wearing any shoes because he'd just been in his caravan all day.
He was a bit shorter than my dad but was really well built; he had a rough look, dark hair and oozed with sex. His feet were quite rugged as well--looked like he never really took care of them. They were a bit dirty and his toenails were quite long.
Anyway, my dad and me got unpacked and within a few hours we were in my uncles caravan. He had a bigger one so we sort of regarded it as the meeting point. We went to the theme park nearby--fantasy island I think--then got something to eat. I couldn't take my eyes off the trainers my uncle wore with a pair of white sports socks.
I know you don't want to hear what I've done their so ill just get on with the story : )
Well a couple of days after my dad went out shopping--because we had been just eating take aways and things for days--I went over to my uncle's caravan to watch TV because we didn't have one in our own. When I got in he had his meaty feet crossed up on a stool with the same socks on he had been wearing at the theme park and for the whole week I think. It was hot outside so he would have been sweating a lot, especially his feet. The once white sport socks were now a dirty yellow color propped up on the stool.
"How you doing Rich?" he asked.
"OK. Can I watch TV in here Tommy" "Yeah sure." I switched it on and sat down. I got really interested in what was on TV, something about roller coasters or something, when I realized Tommy was mumbling about something. I looked over and he was rubbing his feet through his socks.
"What's up?" I asked
"My damn feet are killing me. I thought if I took the weight off them for a bit they would stop aching but its got worse" He pushed the stool out the way with his manly foot and looked at me.
"Would you mind--" I cut him off half way through and said "Yes"."What was I going to ask" he said.
"If I could massage your feet." "No, I just want a drink--would you give me a foot massage though?" "Yeah if you want. I mean, you let me in your caravan all the time to watch TV and stuff so this way I can pay you back." "OK, come over here then" I stood up and walked over to his feet. I moved the stool back to its original position and lifted his feet off the floor back onto the stool. I could smell the rank foot odor as I touched his big feet.
"Sorry about the smell, should I get a bath first?"
"Oh no I like it"
I didn't believe what I just said.
"What?" he said, half laughing. "You like the smell of my feet? Well, get a good sniff then if you like." At this point he pushed his sweaty yellow socks into my face--the balls of his feet were in my eye sockets and his heels on my mouth.
"Go on give em a good sniff."
I lifted the socks off my face and sniffed each one slowly and deeply. He started laughing and said he couldn't believe it. He said I have to massage his feet now, so I started rubbing his hot damp socks and he lay back . . . with me as a slave at his feet. Every now and then I would take a sniff then continue to rub while he laid back and groaned in pleasure.
After a while he said, "So if you like the smell . . . Do you like the taste?"
At this he ordered me to open my mouth and stick out my tongue. I did as I was told and he stuck his big sweaty sock in my mouth and half way down my throat. I started to gag on his sweaty socks, and he started laughing. He pulled his foot out and told me to lick his socks . . . and I did. They tasted really salty from the sweat and muddy from the dirt in the bottom. After the licking he told me to open my mouth again and stick out my tongue. Then he started rubbing his socks on my tongue! After ten minutes of this my tongue ached and was totally dry, and he just continued to laugh at me as I winced in pain every time he rubbed his socks on my tongue again and again and again.
He finally stopped this and he told me to take off his socks with my mouth. I began doing it, but it was quite difficult so I just bit the end of them and pulled them off. He picked one of them up off the floor and pulled my head towards his and stuck one of his sweaty stinking socks in my mouth
"Chew on it." he ordered. "Chew on it until it's clean."
I chew and licked it until it was completely clean.
I looked up at him and he put one of his bare sweaty feet square on my face and pushed my head back and onto the floor, then he rubbed both of his feet all over my face. Then he stuck one of his big toes in my mouth and began to move it in and out like I was sucking on a cock. He laughed at this and called me a puff. Then he just told me to clean his feet with my tongue. So I licked the sweaty bits of wool out the middle of his dirty toes and sucked on every one of his toes to clean them. The sole of his foot was really caked with dirt so I had to eat this off his feet and practically chew on the stuff. This made him crack up in hysterics. It made me sick. When I had completely cleaned his dirty manly feet he told me to nibble on his dirty, long toenails. There was black dirt and things in his toenails that I had to eat.
10 minutes later his feet looked like new. He even had cleaned and trimmed toenails where I had bitten them off.
I thought it was over until he told me to lie on the floor facing down. I did this and he shoved one of his trainers under my nose so I had to breathe all of my air through his trainers which stunk of man-sweat and dirt. He stood up and stood on my back, grinding his heels into my back while I was finding it hard to breath through his trainers. He continued to trample on my body for the next 5 minutes all the while I was breathing quite hard.
He eventually got off and told me to get up of the floor. I did and straight away it seemed to be over. I looked out the window and seen my dad's car pull up. I quickly tidied myself and sat down on the chair. He came in and said to Tommy, "Has he been OK?"
"No problem. I've enjoyed him been over."

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