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A Story For All Of Us
by Blizzy

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What I am going to tell you now is a true story that really happened. Sorry for all the spelling mistakes, but I'm from Belgium and my English isn't that good. But I want to share my story with all of you guys so I'm trying anyway. Here it goes...

I have a friend named Marc. He is a tall, cute and muscular guy who has a pretty face and a dashing smile. He really is perfect. Because of my love for feet I asked him several times if I could rub his feet. He always said no because he was too ticklish and he couldn't stand someone touching his feet.

But then, a year ago we planned a vacation to the south of France. It was the second day when it happened, that my dream came true...

I was out to bye cigarettes, but Marc stayed at the house to work on his tan. (Why, I don't know because his tan is always perfect) When I came back he was lying in the grass with his shirt of. You could see what the gym did to his body. He had an amazing chest with al little bit body hair. It was an awesome sight and I wished I could stay and watch him lying there forever. But he looked up.

"Hey, back already?", he asked while scratching his belly. I could see his abdominal muscles pull together when his nails ran over his stomach.

"Yeah", I answered. "How is the tan going?".

"Mmh, its going well I think, but I'm going to put some lotion on.". He started rubbing lotion all over his chest. I could see him enjoying the strokes his hands made...

Then my eyes went down to his feet. He was wearing his gray sneakers and blue socks... My favorite! I was really hot and weeks before we went on the vacation I was thinking how I would get his size 12 feet in my lap... Then the most perfect plan got into my mind. If I could get him so drunk that he would be knocked out, he would be mine to do whatever I like...

It was ten o'clock in the evening. We were lying next to each other in the grass, watching the stars. I had bought some wine and bears that day so he would get knocked out for sure. We were drinking and talking all night and I noticed he was getting drunk. So I pushed him a little bit further and kept offering him bears and wine. At 2 o'clock in the morning he was passed out and lying on his back. I pulled him into the house and putted him on the bed. First of all I checked if he was really out. I slapped softly in his face but it didn't seem to bother him. He was sleeping like a rock.

I tied his hands to the bed, spread his legs and tied his feet to the bed too. Now I was ready to have a go at him. My heart was pounding in my chest and my crouch was really swelling. I took of my clothes except my boxers and black dress socks and played with my dick some time. Only the sight of Marc lying tied on the bed was so hot that I could come.

I opened his shirt and my hands stroked his awesome chest. I went from his neck down to his belly button. I began to lick his nipples and doing that I untied his pants. My hand got into his white boxers and I started massaging his manhood. I didn't get any reaction of it because he was to drunk to even sense it. I looked down to his feet. I became a hunter who watched his pray... and the hunter was hungry. I went down to the end of the bed and started stroking his sneakers. They were well worn and had some dirt on them. But that didn't interest me. It was what was in them that really was making me hot. I started to untie his shoes and doing so, the most hottest sent got into my nose. It was a sent that really made the blood rush faster and faster in my vanes. The sweet smell of the socks being worn all day really got high into my brains. I started rubbing my cock. When I took off his left shoe I shot some precum. I started rubbing his feet. I was in heaven. I caressed his socked feet for a while and then got down to give it al lick. It tasted salty, but just the way I wanted. God, his feet where really yummy!

I took of his other shoe and started licking that feet until my tongue began to feel numb. I explored every inch of his socked feet and still, he did not respond. Then a spasm went from his feet to his back and he woke up. He moaned a bit at first and then he opened up his eyes. He looked right into my eyes and it seemed that he did not realize what kind of a situation he was in. Then he got the picture...

"Hey man, what are you doing, why am I tied on the bed!" He started struggling but realized that he could not break free from his restrains.

"Common man, what is this!" he said, but I tried not to listen. I looked at his feet and resumed my actions. I started tickling his soles. He began, to laugh and beg for mercy, but that only made me want to tickle him harder. I took off his sexy dark blue socks to have a go at his bare soles. The moment my fingertips touched the soft soles of his gorgeous feet he began to laugh hysterically, he could not even beg for mercy he went totally berserk. He wanted to pull his legs back, he wanted to break free, but he just couldn't. It really drove him crazy. But I didn't care I just went on with tickling. Suddenly the laughter stopped.

He did no longer struggle. He was just lying there on his back with his eyes wide open. He was breathing heavily. I think he was just out of breath. Suddenly he closed his eyes. I was a little bit concerned: did I drove him too far, is he having a heart attack or something? I stopped tickling his feet. On that moment he opened his eyes and looked at me.

"Why did you stop, I was finally enjoying it!" That words descended from heaven... First he was begging me to stop and now he was begging me for more? It was really hot, and my crouch was pounding really hard. I took my head down to his feet. My tongue ran over his left sole while my left hand was caressing his other feet. I used my free hand to play with my dick that was begging for some attention. He started to moan.

"Mmmmh that feels great... Mmmmh". I crawled onto him. While I was kissing him, I untied one of his hands. The hand went right down to his crouch.

"suck my toes" he said. I did what he asked and began to suck his toes one by one. My tongue explored every detail of them. He was entertaining himself with his free hand. I licked his soles until they where wet. I untied his legs and put his feet together. I shove my pole between them. It did not take long until I came. He wasn't far from exploding either so I decided to help him. I took his dick in my mouth. He shot his load right into my mouth. I untied his other hand. And we hugged and kissed each other.

"It was awesome" he said. "Yeah" I replied. "We should do this again don't you think?" He asked. "Yeah" I replied...