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Straight to the Exams
by Valandi Voutsa

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It’s another one of those really hot days here in Cologne. I have an important exam in two days and I need to study. The temperature in my apartment, however, has risen so much that I am forced to leave home and go down to the shore of the river in front of my door. So, I get ready and go down.

At the Rhine there are some people already. It’s about two o’clock and most of the people are still at work. I find a place right at the water. I sit down and take off my shoes. I can smell my feet since I was wearing them without socks and you can imagine the result of sweaty feet in shoes without socks...

Anyway, I start to read trying to memorize formulas. Pretty boring, you can imagine! So, every once in while I am looking around. There is lots of movement. The nicest thing about Europe in summer is that you get to see naked bodies all around you and twice as many naked feet!!

I am looking at two boys coming towards my direction. They come and sit almost next to me. I pretend studying. They are behind me and every once in a while I can’t help it and I need to turn my look around and get a glance. They take off their shirts and trousers. There they lay down on their backs in their boxers, no shoes, no socks with two nice pairs of bare feet “looking” in my direction. That was it with studying. I couldn’t keep up my concentration. So I put my notes aside and I lay down as well. I close my eyes and try to reconstruct this image in my head, that I had looking at them. With my eyes shot I can feel a presence, as if there were something at my right shoulder. I turn around my head and open my eyes slowly.

I get all excited. It is this guys’ left foot being right at the same height as my shoulder, only a few inches away from my face. I close my eyes again and don’t dare to move, in order not to loose this position. Now, it is not only a feeling of having something at my right side, now, I can even smell it. There it is, the smell of a nice “summerly” foot. I keep my eyes shot, thinking all the time of the foot I am smelling. From what I saw it must be at least an 11 or 12. Now, I feel the heat even more than before. I try to relax.

Now, I can feel this foot being next to my skin, almost touching my shoulder. I don’t move. To my surprise, neither does this guy. By now, even without seeing it, he must have felt that he touched me. This slight touch from this guy not being definable together with the smell of his foot in my nose makes me really hot. I stay right there motionless.

Then I decide to turn around my head and take a last look at this wonderful foot, knowing that this guys will take it away, as soon as he notices that I noticed. I turn around my head to the right opening my eyes, seeing this huge smelly foot moving up again, but not as one would imagine, but moving up slowly in front of my face.

As he moves it back up, I take a deep breath as he feels my nose on his foot. I sit up looking at the river and he does the same thing. I am pretty embarrassed and when I turn around I see him looking at me smiling. I turn around a second time and I smile back. As I want to turn my look back to the river again, he talks to me:

“ Can I ask you something?”

Yes, I reply as I move with my butt up to them.

“ You like my feet, don’t you?”

He looks over his bare feet as he asks, petting them. I look at his friend who looks pretty interested and I am perplexed.

“ What?” I reply without even thinking, knowing that this is an awkward situation

“ Come on,” said the other guy, “we saw you looking at the bare feet of this other guy, - showing at a man whose feet I was indeed admiring before they came … and now, you seemed to enjoy having smelt at my friend’s foot, didn’t you?”

“ Are you a couple?” I ask trying to change topic, since I don’t know what to answer.

“ No way!” they laugh. “We are straight! But my friend here enjoys having guys like you touching his feet.”

“ What about you?” I ask him.

“ Don’t know. Never tried.”

“ So, what would you say coming to my place and I take care of your sweaty feet, you guys?” I ask this question thinking that it was them who started. I started loosing my embarrassment. I live right there. I told them showing at the building I live in.

They look at each other and seem to agree with their eyes. Without even saying one word they start packing and there I am with two straight guys … that I just met on the way home.


When we got in my apartment they sat both on my bed and I kneeled down and took their shoes off. It was fun for all three of us, since they got already hard just by me on the floor smelling their hot sweaty feet. The fun lasted pretty long and they seemed to me as if they had never felt tongue and lips on their feet before.

They left without giving me their phone number or anything, but I will sure be going more often to the Rhine, just in case I see them again.