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Indian Feet
by Mr Masculine God For Worship

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I think Indian guys are very sexy; I would love to hear about your experiences and fantasies.

I’ve had fantasies about licking and sucking guy's feet and toes for as long as I can remember; I think this is due to my crush on an Indian friend of mine years ago who had beautiful feet. Once we had a pillow fight, he lifted his socked foot up and tried pushing me away. As we laughed I manage to guide his foot between my legs--the feeling of his foot on my cock and balls was fantastic. My cock soon started to become erect as he continued pressing his foot into my balls. I'm sure he did it deliberately, but I pulled away in case it became too obvious. Something I have regretted ever since.

A few years after that incident, I lived above a shop. The shop next door was run by an Indian family. The son (Sunil) was about 30, 5'9" tall, good looking, I really fancied him. He used to go out the back of the shop to a stock room regularly, and sometimes I would go into our shed beside their stock room and masturbate when he came outside. He could only see me from the chest up through the window, and he would always say hello and smile … not knowing that I was wanking myself off, thinking of him.

One day I was in the shed and had taken my limp cock out. I was gently playing with it when suddenly the door opened. It was Sunil. I tucked my cock away quickly, but I knew he had seen my dick. I was really nervous and embarrassed. He pretended not to have seen, and asked me to help him with some boxes. I carried some boxes into the stock room.

“ I know what you have been doing,” he said.

I pretended not to understand.

“ You have been watching me and playing with your dick.”

I didn't know what to say.

“ I don’t mind, come on, let me see it!” he asked, smiling, “I won’t tell anyone.”

I hesitated for a while, and then unzipped my trousers and pulled my penis out, I was nervous, but excited, “Now you have my full attention, why don't you play with it like you do when you are in your shed.” he said, as he sat on a chair.

I stood there embarrassed for a little while. No guy had seen me masturbate before.

Then I began rubbing my cock, It soon became hard and I started to relax and enjoy myself, letting my trousers fall to the ground. I pulled my foreskin back and forward over my pink knob.

“ Do you want to have some fun?” he said. I nodded. “Well come here and remove my shoes and trousers,” I knelt in front of him and undid the laces on his black shoes and pulled them off. Meanwhile he unbuttoned his trousers. I reached up and pulled his trousers down to his ankles and over his feet.

He was wearing thin black socks. He lifted up his socked foot and pushed it against my balls, gently tapping my balls with his foot, and then he pressed his foot up into my groin, and placed his other foot on my chest. I had fantasized about feet before, so this was a dream come true. I took hold of it and held it against my face, brushing his slightly sweaty socked foot over my nose and mouth, while he stroked his socked foot along the length of my stiff cock.

He then gripped my knob with his toes, pinching it hard and roughly, as I licked his socked foot, then I couldn't resist taking it into my mouth I sucked on it, flicking my tongue over his shear socked toes. “Oooooh! I love the feeling of your foot on my cock.” I said, as I placed his other foot over my cock. He turned his feet so his soles were together each side of my cock, then he began moving his feet back and forward, the underside of his toes rubbing each side of my cock. I held his feet together, trapping my cock between them as he rubbed faster.

“ You like feet? I will make you cum with my feet” he said smiling. The feeling of his socked feet on my cock was sensational, my cock throbbed between his feet, then I shouted in ecstasy as my cock jerked and pumped my thick white cum over his black socks, his socked toes rubbed over my sensitive knob, as it squirted warm semen again and again over his feet. I pulled his sock off; his feet were well kept, smooth and soft. I held the underside of his bare foot against my mouth and licked along under his long toes. “Yes! That’s good, “ he said, “Now suck my toes.” I did as he asked and sucked on each of his toes, taking them into my mouth and sucking and licking them ..eventually sucking his big toe between my lips, and moving them up and down it.

Pervais then put his thighs over my shoulders and pulled me towards him. He parted the side of his underpants, displaying his large drooping brown balls. I moved closer and licked them, tasting his salty sweat. I sucked one into my mouth, as he pulled his pants further apart exposing his lovely semi hard cock. He played with it a bit, pulling his foreskin back and forward. Then I moved in, licking the tip of his cock lightly, tasting his manhood, then placing my lips around his knob, flicking my tongue over it, as it grew erect to about 7.5" “Oooooooooh! Yes!” he sighed, putting his hands behind my head, “Take my dick deep into your mouth, suck me hard!”

I continued sucking his cock as he pulled his shirt off, exposing his lean fit chest. I moved up and licked around his small brown nipples, all the while he was masturbating his cock faster and faster. “ I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum!” he sighed as he wriggled in the chair, “taste my spunk, I want to cum into your mouth.” He pulled my head down, as I grabbed hold of his hard cock and wanked him harder, pulling his foreskin back and forward over the head of his cock. He moaned loudly, then I quickly took his dick into my mouth as he came, spurting his thick hot spunk into my mouth, more and more of his tasty cum squirted into my mouth, hitting my tongue.

I savored the tingly bitter taste of his semen in my mouth before swallowing it.

Since then I love to suck guys feet and toes, and love the feeling of bare and socked feet on my cock. I like being dominated by guys, and I also like to have my toes sucked and dominate other guys if they like it. I'm not sure if I can meet with you, but I would like to write more if you want me to, maybe I will send a picture of myself.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience. I hope you had a nice wank while reading it … I certainly did while writing it! Please tell me about your fantasies.


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