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A Baseball Story
by Vas Neme

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Every night Kyle went out to baseball practice with his best buds.

He typically wore long white tube socks and a worn out pair of black cleats. Since childhood he had combated a serious foot odor problem. When ever he arrived home he would head for the living room couch, and wait for his younger brother Tim. Kyle loved to dominate Tim, and because Tim had a foot fetish, every night became “foot night.” After a long grueling practice of baseball Kyle’s feet absolutely stunk.

His brother Tim usually would go into his brothers bedroom only to find a pair of long tube socks yellowed with sweat tossed in a messy heap over a pair of old dirty Nike sneakers. Kyle loved to make his feet as stinky as possible for his younger brother. To accomplish this Kyle forced his brother to come with him to Sports authority to pick out the socks he would wear during the season.

By the end of the day a big shopping cart would be filled to the brim with dozens of varieties of socks. From long yellow soccer socks, running tights, football socks, and a variety of foot pads, plus several containers of foot powder. His brother Tim would object as he added several more pairs of socks to the cart, these ones made mostly out of nylon-polyester.

“ Oh no, Kyle. There’s no way in hell you are going to wear those socks. If you do your feet will absolutely stink. They’re totally un breathable!”

“Exactly bro.”

“ And you’re going to love them too. I’m going to make them stinky as possible just for you. After practice you’re not even going to be able to see straight when I make you smell them. Your heads going to be spinning, and you won’t even be able to move, because every night you’re going to be squirming in front of the bed post, and I’m going to simply plant my reeking toes right over your nose. You’re going to become my foot toy, Tim. So shut your fucking mouth now. You’ve got to respect my authority.”

When Tim and Kyle had left the store, Tim recalled that his brother hardly ever changed his socks. He wore out his long red striped knee socks until you could practically smell them from outside his sneakers. When he asked Tim to remove them on the sofa, Tim could barely breathe. The tube socks were long, rank, and soaking hot with sweat. It was as though Kyle had dipped them in a tub of water. When his feet were bare, Kyle would flex his toes up and down until his toe stink wafted up from Tim’s lap into his nose. Meanwhile, as his brother gave him his nightly foot massage, he moaned out in pleasure.

“ I just want you to relax and be comfortable now.” “Make yourself at home.”

As his brother Kyle sipped hot green tea, Tim was reeling from the stink of his brothers long meaty toes. When Tim began to smile, Kyle peeled off his left tube sock and asked his brother to open his mouth.

“No way man. Your feet reek.”

“ Yeah. Well, how are these?

His brother had a pair of his running tights in his left hand and a pair of yellowed soccer socks in his right. Tim’s head was spinning from the reek.

“ Please. I don’t want to smell them!” he cried.

No whining. Just shut the fuck up. You’re coming with me now…

Kyle led Tim into a small narrow Bedroom and asked him to lie under the bed.

“ No way! I’m not doing shit!”

“ Oh, yeah, well I’ m going to turn you into a foot smelling machine. See my baseball uniform? See these cleats and tubes I’m wearing? Well, they’re going to be yours in the next few hours.”

“ Here the tea bag is finished soaking. Now its time for me to enjoy a relaxing foot soak of my own. Your heads going to soak up all my foot sweat when I’m done with you and my socks are going to be dry. You’re face is going to reek of my feet.

“ Oh and by the way, here’s a pillow.” His brother tossed a stiff orange pillow onto the floor. The pillow was slightly contoured for Tim’s neck.

“ Yeah I bought a foot sniffing pillow at Sports Authority.” “Here let me bind you up now.

Gradually Tim felt his wrists and ankles being tied to all four corners of the bed. His brother seemed to tower over him, standing in his dirty baseball uniform. Kyle gradually lowered himself onto his brother’s stomach until he was sitting there comfortably reclined.

Here let me dim the lights and put on some candles now. Maybe a little mood music after that delicious hot tea. This is going to be a great foot break after six weeks of playing baseball without changing my socks.

“ Ahhh.” Kyle sighed as he pried off his cleats one by one using his brothers scrawny head. The entire room was at once engulfed with the smell of stinky, rank socks.

Tim watched in horror as his brothers size sixteen feet descended gradually onto his face. His brother’s socks were so wet that drops of sweat drizzled slowly onto his face.

Tim could feel the weight of his brother’s body as his huge rank feet were plastered over his nose. His entire face got bathed in sweat, as his brother wiggled his long slimy toes in his socks. His stirrups were slightly muddy, and smelled heavily of dirt and multiple sessions of baseball practice. His socked soles were tinted a dirty orange with patches of yellow and brown on the heels and toe marks.

“ Smell my fuckin’ feet loser.”

Tim could felt the hot sticky inside of his brothers cleats press against him as a ripe sock was shoved into his mouth.

“Suck the sweat out of those babies”

It was going to be a long night!