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My Step Dad's Hot Socks
by CheekyMonkey

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I had just turned 14 when my dad passed away on a cold Michigan January morning to cancer. 

Mom was devastated but eventually recovered and picked up the pieces. She was a relatively young woman, 36 when he died and was now almost 40. She was very attractive, long straight red hair, 5’10”, size 1, green eyes and flawless skin. The men loved her and I loved the men she dated. After a few years she ended up marrying a really hot ad exec named Matt who was 42. By then I was 18 and a strapping little stud on the varsity football team complete with a lettered jacket. I kept my hair close cropped and my blue eyes sparkled anytime light came near them and all the girls were crazy about the dimple on my left cheek. 

I had never done a thing with a guy, oh sure every now and then I’d have to play the straight act and date a cheerleader who’d always try and suck me off before I took her home and I’d usually let her try but every time I wound up having to finish off myself and jerk off. Once during one of those sessions the girl asked me to let her know when I was “close” and when I did she lowered her head and took my 18 year old load in her mouth. I never spoke to her again. 

I knew I liked guys because they were just so damned yummy with their sexy voices, horseplay, and of course their bodies. I had these urges to taste a guy. I had gotten into the habit of tickling my balls while I jerked off and, one day while jerking off, I scratched my nose and got a whiff of them…I was hooked. It was THE hottest fucking smell and it turned me on beyond belief and I continued to jerk off slowly and smell the aroma from my big balls as I played with them and brought myself to an intense orgasm. I shot my load in my gym sock and, because it was such a massive load, some leaked out and I licked up the extra that oozed out of the sock

Matt, mom’s new husband, is 42, 6’2”, 175, buzzed black hair, and nicely defined with size 13 feet. He was absolutely flawless and so masculine. Being an exec he was always in a suit and wore the biggest Italian leather shoes I had ever seen. Matt was also an exceptionally sound sleeper. So sound in fact that an alarm clock is not enough to wake him up, mom always ends up having to shake and slap him until he is conscious enough to comprehend it’s time to get up. 

The first summer after they got married mom went to visit her sister in Toronto for a week. Matt couldn’t go because of a major ad campaign he was working on for a big tennis shoe company and I had no desire to waste a week in Canada visiting my aunt again like last summer. One night Matt came home really late and passed out on the sofa watching ESPN. He still had his shirt on but his sexy little tie was loosened and his loafers had slipped off his feet. 

These were the most worn pair of shoes that I’d seen Matt wear and he had been wearing them quite often lately. They must’ve been his favorite pair and no doubt comfortable for the long days he worked. I had just come in from another failed occurrence with a really ditzy cheerleader from another school that we’d beaten the night before and was frustrated sexually.

Of course right away I noticed Matt adorably sound asleep on the sofa with the highlights from the Pistons game that was on while he was at work was blaring in the background. I turned down the volume a little and went over to him to put a pillow under his feet before I went upstairs and jerked off into my gym sock yet again. But when I bent over to lift his size 13’s onto the pillow I got the strongest, hottest whiff of… balls? “But that couldn’t be, could it” I thought. Where did that sexy fucking smell come from?! His feet! Feet? 

Yes, apparently Matt had been wearing the same pair of black socks to work for at least a week because when I touched them they were a little stiff. Apparently the combination of those old loafers, wearing the same pair of socks for days and working long hours had made his feet smell…smell like sexy, sweaty balls. 

Naturally I could not resist. His feet smelled like my favorite, balls! I leaned in and took a deep whiff right from the toes…”Oh fuck” I said out loud! I jumped at the volume of my voice but Matt never budged a muscle. So I helped myself to another sniff. Then another and another and soon I had my face planted right in the soles of his huge stinky daddy feet. 

“ Holy fuck” I thought. This is the fucking hottest thing I’d ever experienced!! 

I kept looking up to see if he was anywhere near conscious but, as always, he was out cold. I couldn’t get enough of the smell of his huge man feet. My 18 year old cock was straining, hurting, to get out of my jeans…so I obliged and unzipped my fly and took him out and began to very lightly play with the head of my cock, swirling around the ample pre cum, while I kept sniffing my step dad’s smelly feet. 

After 15 minutes of jerking off and smelling Matt’s big stinky man feet I got the idea to take one of his socks off. “What would his actual foot smell like?” I wondered. So I slipped off his right sock, stiff from a week’s worth of foot sweat…again not being able to resist, I took another massive sniff of that sock and out of instinct my tongue darted out and got it’s first taste of a man. “Oh my GOD!!” I moaned quietly over the credits of Cold Pizza in the background. It was kind of salty and definitely tasted like what I thought a man would taste like. I licked that sexy, smelly black sock again and almost passed out from the shock that went through my tight little body. 

I HAD to lick his foot! It was huge, size 13 and the smell from it made my 8” cock leak. So I did, I licked my step dad’s big smelly foot from the soft heel to the satiny line where the toes meet the foot and back down again. Matt never moved, thank God! I don’t think I could’ve or would’ve stopped even if had woken up! His foot tasted magnificent, I never would’ve thought! I had gotten my first real taste of a man! Between the taste of his foot and the smell from the foot and the other still-socked foot just 3 inches away, I was in heaven. I slipped his stiff sock on my cock and jerked off to the biggest orgasm of my life to date. 

I came for at least half a minute and my boy load seeped out of the side of the sock and I licked it up, inverted the sock and ate every last drop of my own seed out of that stinky, sexy black sock before giving the supple sole of his foot a wet tongue kiss and leaning over to his other socked foot and giving it a big sniff before slipping it off his that foot and going upstairs to hide them both behind some books in one of the many bookcases in my room so mom wouldn’t find them. I jerked off again before I went to bed thinking about what had just happened but this time I used my own gym sock, not wanting to ruin the amazing man smell. 

I wonder what my socks would smell like if I wore them all week to practice? If anyone is interested, let me know.