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Mi Amo Fernando (My Master Fernando)
by marcos2466@yahoo.com

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I don't remember when I first realized I am crazy for feet, and in particular men's feet, but ever since childhood I remember being fascinated by the look and smell of them, and always intrigued whenever I saw another boy or man take off his shoes and socks or walking in sandals or barefoot.

I just couldn't stop staring at them. I would be transfixed by the simple sight of them. I also could never understand why everyone else always said that feet stunk, because to me it was like a sweet nectar, something to be enjoyed, even savored. This continued all through childhood and into my adult years, and of course with growing up, usually other opportunities are opened up to be close to someone's feet than are available to a child. And so it was, as I grew up, I enjoyed several "encounters" with other guys and their feet. And then one day I met Fernando.

Ever since I became aware of the various races of people and their differences from white people, I had always been fascinated by Hispanic people, especially Hispanic men, whom I consider to be one of the most gorgeous groups of people on the face of the earth, due in no small measure to the absolute beauty of their feet. Add to that their reputation for being very macho, and you have an irresistible combination for a gay man. Fortunately for me, I had studied some Spanish, because the majority of Hispanic men who live in my area speak little or no English. So if I was ever to be able to have an experience with one of them, I would need to speak their language. So I worked on it diligently and eventually got to the place I could speak pretty well in Spanish.

I met Fernando through another friend from Mexico, who incidentally I was not attracted to, and immediately felt something stir inside of me. He is 23 years old, and has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. Add to that that his sculpted body, muscular and cut, but not too big, just perfect. Arms that could wrap around you tightly, big and strong, and legs to match. All of this led me to wondering what his feet looked like. It so turned out that at the time I was in need of a place to live, and they offered to let me move in with them, so I became roommates with Fernando and Valente. Needless to say, this constant contact enabled me to perfect my Spanish even more.

In the beginning I always tried to see Fernando's bare feet, but he didn't walk around barefoot much, and so it seemed my efforts would be frustrated. So I resorted to rummaging through his laundry when they were gone to work, and smelling his dirty socks and shoes, and the smell sent me straight to heaven!!!!! I couldn't believe how good they smelled!!! I could only imagine his beautiful feet sweating profusely into his socks just so I could thrill to this smell after he took them off!! This only intensified my desire to see and later to serve at his feet, and little by little I began to feel more and more subservient to my new, powerful roommate.

One day I happened to be there when Fernando was taking a shower and lucky enough to be waiting when he came into the bedroom. He sat down on the bed across from me and OH MY GOD!! he had on his sandals and was barefoot. I thought I would faint on the spot!!! There aren't sufficient words to describe how gorgeous his feet looked. His skin is a lovely tone of dark brown, but not too dark, and the soles of his feet are pinkish red, with a distinct line around his feet where the sole ends, and perfectly shaped toes. I couldn't stop staring at them and he seemed to notice, and just looked down at them and then at me and smiled, as if he knew he was gaining the advantage over me. I wanted to fall on the floor before him at that very moment and kiss and lick those beautiful feet, but of course I tried to restrain myself.

Several days later he came to talk to me one afternoon. He said he was upset with me because he thinks he felt me smelling his feet in the nighttime when he was asleep. I told him that it was true. He also said he knew about my getting in his laundry and I admitted to that also. He asked me why I did that and I told him I was captivated by his feet and couldn't control myself. Interesting, as he smiled devilishly at me.

"Well then, if that's the way you feel, you need to get down here on your knees in front of me. ", he said, pointing at the floor.

I of course did as told.

"Now, bend down and kiss each one of my shoes 10 times"

My heart was racing and my head reeling with all kinds of thoughts, when suddenly all that was interrupted with "NOW PUNK!!!" in a thunderous voice from above.

"Oh yes, yes right away" I said.

"Yes, what?" Fernando yelled.

"Yes I will kiss your shoes?" I asked.

"No, from now on it's Yes, Senor (Sir), when you address me" demanded Fernando.

"Yes Senor, excuse me Senor, I'm sorry Senor, right away Senor" I said, quickly and happily accepting my new place as his foot slave.

"Enough, do it NOW!!" demanded Fernando.

"Yes, SIR!" I said and without any further delay, lowered my head and placed 10 kisses tenderly, first on the right shoe and then on the left shoe.

I began to raise my head and suddenly felt Fernando grab me by the hair and lift my head to look into his eyes.

"You little punk, it was so easy to dominate you. I didn’t think you'd really do it, but you did. How does it feel to be my new white foot slave? Because now that that you have kissed my shoes, I have to take you down, all the way down, to a new level of slavery, and you will be my foot slave for as long as I want you at my feet. Now you're going to feel the true power of Mexican feet over you, controlling you in everything you do. How does that sound??? HUH???" he told me, as he still had a hold of my hair.

I gulped and swallowed, not having thought it would go this far and so I cleared my throat and simply said "It sounds good S..." I didn’t manage to get out the word "Senor" because Fernando slapped his other hand over my mouth, silencing me instantly, and then told me:

"Shut the fuck up, punk, I will tell you when you can speak. From now on you will speak in my presence only when given my permission, got that? Well?"

"mmmm mmmmmmm" or "yes senor", which was all I could manage under the power of his beautiful and powerful hand.

"I like having this control over you. It feels good to cover your mouth with my hand, but it will feel even better when it is my bare foot covering your stinking white mouth!!!

I instantly felt my testicles jump with excitement at the thought of being under the powerful feet of my new Master Fernando. I could hardly bear the excitement.

He just laughed to himself, that now he had a new white boy to be his foot slave, to do whatever he commanded me to do. I knew my life would never be the same from this point on.

He now let go of my head and said, " Now without any further delay, lay down on the floor here beneath my feet."

"Yes Senor" I said obediently and took my rightful place at his feet.

He rested one shoe on my forehead and the other on my chin. Laughing, he said, "You pathetic white punk, laying on the floor while I step on your ugly face!! You're going to feel what it's like to be the foot slave of a real man now!!"

"Remove my right shoe" he ordered.

"Yes Senor" I said and slowly began to slip off his brown dress shoe. From where I was laying I could feel the dampness of the leather and sweat and feel the heat began to escape from Fernando's sweaty sock. My heart was pounding so hard I thought it would jump from my chest. He dangled his foot tantalizingly over my face, not lowering it no more than 8 inches from my face.

"Just look at this powerful foot, the foot that now has complete control over you white boy! Do you want it? Huh? Do you want to smell my sock? Do you want me to hold it over your nose?????"

"Oh yes Senor!!!!!" I said excitedly.

"Well then, you need to beg your Master for this privilege!" he said, looking straight in my eyes.

"Yes Senor, oh please Senor, I know I don't deserve to be under your feet Senor, I am only the dirt beneath your feet, please Senor, I beg of you, please allow me the privilege to be your foot rest and inhale your divine foot odor, please Senor, please, I beg you,....." and I continued for several minutes.

All the while Fernando just laughed at me there beneath his sweaty feet, begging, begging him to let me smell his raunchy feet. He still couldn't believe he had me under his complete control. After several minutes, he said, " OK, I think I can let you smell it a little bit."

"Oh thank you Senor, thank YOU" I said.

He slowly lowered his foot to my face and little by little I could feel a little more and more of the heat emanating from his hot sock. When finally he lowered it all the way to my face, placing the toe part of the sock over my nostrils, I inhaled deeply, so deeply my chest came off the ground and I didn't want to exhale, but immediately after exhaling, inhaled again very deeply, to be able to inhale the most I could. It was the most incredible smell I have ever smelled. The smell of sweat mixed with leather was very potent, and began to control my thoughts and feelings, I could feel it taking me over, and I gladly submitted to this powerful odor that was filling my lungs and my entire body with pleasure. Slowly he began to rub the sweaty sock over my nose and my lips, moistening them with the sweat deposits from the sock and making my face his new sweat depository.

"Inhale it white boy, take it all in, but just know that with each breath you make yourself more and more my subservient slave boy and put yourself more under my control!" Fernando warned.

By this time I didn't care; I was in such ecstasy from the smell of his foot I wanted to be taken all the way down, under his feet and remain there forever. He then ordered me to remove the other shoe and I did and then he held his left foot over my nose and mouth as well, forcing me to take in more of the unbelievable smell and making me submit even more. He spent then some 20 minutes wiping both sweaty socks all over my face, neck, in my hair, wherever he could and laughing all the while, knowing he had me right where he wanted me, and I had actually begged to be there. As he looked down on me from above, I knew I was looking into the face of my Master Fernando, for whom I how had a reverent respect and deep devotion and knew I would obey anything he would order me to do.

After a good while of this, he repeated the ritual he had with his socks asking me if I wanted to remove his socks and service his bare feet. I wasn't sure my heart would be able to take the excitement of being under his bare feet but I had to take the chance, so I commenced begging, but more intensely, more longingly, to be able to have the privilege of being under his bare feet. Finally he acquiesced and allowed me to begin removing his socks, pulling on them with my teeth. I pulled and tugged and they were sticking to his feet because of the sweat, but I kept pulling and tugging until his foot came out, and I was laying on the ground with his giant foot looming over me, me still sucking on the toe of the removed sock, in awe of the sight above me, unable to believe how fortunate I was to be in this position under him.

"Do you want to kiss the sole of my foot, huh slave, do you?" Fernando said.

"mmmmmm mmmmm mmmmmmmm " was all I could muster with the sock in my mouth, but my eyes were telling him that being able to kiss the tender flesh of the sole of his foot would make my life complete, make me whole and give my life meaning.

"Spit out the sock then idiot!" Fernando ordered.

I did and then said, "yes Senor", and waited patiently as he lowered his huge and powerful foot close to my face. Again I felt my heart race, but more powerfully than before, for here finally I was going to be under the feet of my new Master, a moment I had dreamed about for a long time and now it was here.

"Do you want to kiss it?" he said putting his foot within 4 inches of my lips. But then he raised it again and began to tease me with it, lowering it almost to my lips and then raising it again. I began to feel desperate, so I began begging wholeheartedly, telling him how much I wanted to be beneath his feet forever, how I belonged to his feet and would do their bidding forever, what ever they needed from me I would do.

Finally he said alright and lowered it to my lips and gently it grazed my lips and I placed a single soft kiss on the soft tender flesh of his instep. Instantly I felt all resistance leave my body and I no longer had any will to resist him taking complete control over me permanently. I sensed that he also knew it occurred at that moment and that from that moment on, he would rule my life in every way. He told me I had his permission to continue kissing the sole of his foot, and so I did, continually kissing the instep, the heel, the edges of his foot, the ball , the toes, kissing each one in turn and gently pressing my lips in between the area underneath his toes, where the majority of the smell emanates, and gently inhaling it as well as kissing it at the same time. Again he rubbed his bare feet all over my face, using it to give himself a much needed massage, using my forehead, hears, nose and lips to pleasure his feet, and if ever I didn’t service them exactly the way he had commanded me, using one of them to slap me across the face as punishment, the same as one might slap someone in the face with their hand, but he using his foot to punish me.

I was in an unbelievable state of ecstasy, of nirvana, and so as he rubbed his feet over my face, feeling their smell and texture over my skin, I began to moan and mumble, telling him how pleasurable it was to me, how I had never felt such pleasure to be under someone's strength before. He must not have liked that I was making noise, because he stopped rubbing my face and slapped me three times hard across the face with his right foot. He instantly got my attention by doing this.

"Callate esclavo!!! (shut up slave!!!) he yelled at me, "You're annoying me!"

"Lo siento Senor, por favor perdoname Smmmmm" (I'm sorry Sir, please forgive me) and this was as far as I got, because when I got to the second Senor, he fulfilled what he had told me earlier. He wrapped his right foot securely over my lips, shutting me up, and held it there, just as he had done with his hand a little while earlier. I was unable to say anything and nor would I have dared, for I could see my Master was angry with me. I looked up at him, having all the power over me and being under his complete control and felt genuine fear and so I lay there, quietly, his foot still clenched over my mouth, holding me in submission.

"Tu ya no tienes mi permiso para hablar esclavo." (You don't have my permission to speak any longer slave) , he told me.

I could feel the power in his voice and knew I had no choice but to obey and sit quietly. As I lay there, with his foot securely covering my mouth and the other resting on my forehead, I could genuinely feel the power of the Mexican foot, as my Master had told me earlier, and knew he firmly had me under his power.

"I'm going to remove my foot from your mouth, but you are to remain silent, is that clear? he said.

I simply nodded yes. So he removed his foot from my mouth and positioned his two feet on either side of my face and grabbed my face, holding it securely between his feet as he told me,

"Look into my eyes and listen very carefully because I'm only going to say this once. You belong to me now. I don't give a fuck that we are in your country, I will control your life from now on. Valente is going to be moving out soon, so it will just be you and me, and you will do everything I tell you from now on, without asking questions, without complaining, without hesitation, got that?" he asked. I nodded quickly, in full agreement.

"You will wait on me, hand and foot, literally, (laughs to himself) and do my bidding night and day. If I want my feet kissed at 4 in the morning, I don't care how tired you are, you are going to get up and fucking kiss my feet, for as long as I say. When I need a 2 or 3 hour foot massage you will do it. If my toes need to be sucked for several hours, you better not let your mouth dry out, because you will be severely punished, comprende??" I again nodded, conscious of the fact I did not have my Master's permission to speak.

"You will do all household chores as well as cleaning and care of all my boots, shoes, sneakers and sandals. You will wash all socks, first with your mouth for one hour, and then in the washing machine and all my other laundry as well, and all cooking and washing dishes. Now, have I made myself perfectly clear white boy??"

Again I nodded in agreement. I would do all that he had ordered me to do, just to have the pleasure to serve him at his feet every day for the rest of my life. I now knew my place in this world and was content to be under the powerful feet of my Master Fernando.

"You now have my permission to respond to the question only slave." , said Fernando.

"Si Senor" I replied...............