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My Sadistic Neighbor Hal
by Matt

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I have lived in an upscale neighborhood on the outskirts of Dallas for about a year - a transplant from Hurricane Katrina.

My wife and I found a nice town and good jobs to help rebuild our lives. One late August afternoon I was in my upstairs bedroom folding some clothes when I heard a raucous laughter coming from our next door neighbors house. I peered out the window and notice my neighbor Hal holding his pretty wife's feet in a headlock as they sat by the pool and he seemed to be giving her a nice foot tickling while she laughed and yelled at him to stop. She was obviously ticklish, but in the same breath, not really enjoying it. After a few minutes he released her feet, and she got up very angry and stormed into the house.

I found myself very aroused by the whole scene since I have been a closet lover of tickling for years... I noticed Hal stroking himself through his trunks as he sat by the pool and wondered if he too shared my love of tickling. The following weekend we were suppose to join a couple of other neighbors for a cook out at Hal's and thought it would be a dream come true if I could get Hal to somehow tickle my wife like that... Even for a few minutes. I fantasized as I stroked myself and let my mind play out several scenarios. My wife though was not into tickling and several times I have gone over the limit with ticking her she had gotten very angry with me...so I know any tickling would be by luck...but I promised myself to somehow bring up the subject with Hal next weekend.

All week long I figured I could get the conversation steered toward tickling by just bringing up the episode I witnessed last weekend with Hal. Hal is 46, 6'1, 200 pds, solid build with just a hint of gray in his hair, and I have seen him working out most days in his home gym. I'm 38, 6, 185 pds, athletic but have only played golf as my exercise the past few years. We went to Hal's around 1 PM on Saturday and as luck would have it, Hal and I were the only men at the party, the other two neighbor's husbands were either working or out of town. So with 5 women and just Hal and I, it seemed like a good chance to bring up my favorite subject with Hal. After and hour of small talk and some good food and beer... The women were in their own conversations and Hal suggested we go to his study and watch the pre-season football games that just started. Hal has a nice house - all the best to include his study, which was decked out with recliners and a big flat screen TV. We watched the games and small talked...

Then after a few beers I got bold and asked Hal about the wild laughter I heard coming from his yard last weekend... Sounds like someone was getting a good tickling. He seemed to blush at first but then said oh yes, that was Sally, most ticklish woman on the planet and I love to tickle her when I can. Oh she likes it huh? No, hates it, and every time I do it, I get put in the doghouse. Oh that's too bad I said, I like tickling too and Tammi is the same way, ticklish and hates it. Oh really, a tickler huh? Hal asked as he looked at me with some surprise. I have always loved tickling says Hal, used to tickle all the kids in my neighborhood growing up, I was a terror he laughed. I had noticed several times as we talked that Hal would be eyeing my size 10 feet as they sat propped up by the recliner.

I have only met a handful of people over the years that really say they like tickling. Well I'm one of them I said, not really knowing what else to say. Glad to know that Tom. Hal smiled at me as he got up and asked if I needed another beer. I agreed to the beer and as Tom came back in the room, he handed me my beer and then commented on my golf tan line...makes your feet look so white and sensitive Tom. I quickly stated (with some fear) not my feet, but before I could say anything else...Hal grabbed my feet in a headlock (much like he had his wife's last weekend) and said, oh yeah, let's see... He scribbled his manicured nails up my soles from the heel to toes with the quickest little scratches I have ever felt...hehehhehehheheheheh, I jerked my feet, tried to kick free, and realized that Hal's grip was like a vice. Oh Tom, they are ticklish...and soooo sensitive he teased...HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA, I was laughing and struggling, not believing this was happening to me... Hal stopppp, HAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA< come on, no more HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHHAHAh, no more please...Tom looked over his shoulder at me and said, "Oh come on Tom, you said you like tickling right"? He lightly tickled the area just above where the heel meets the sole...HAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA, my toes flexed like mad and I really tried to break free but was obviously no match for his iron grip. Kooooottchiiiieee Kooooo he teased as his fingers dug under my right foot toes...then my left...I was frantic, hahahhahehehhehehehehhehe, but in the same moment, felt myself getting aroused...after just a few minutes I was getting weak with laugher and realized I had a growing erection.

Hal was indeed and expert tickler and taunter...Does this tickle Tom...as he dragged his index finger down the outside of my left sole...I squirmed and giggled like a school child...no way to escape. Hal stopped after a few minutes, but kept my feet locked in his tight grip...I pleaded.Hal, enough man, let me go...I was trying to conceal my bulge, but my bathing suit did not help. Hal smiled at me after noticing my hard on and simple said, "Don't worry about that Tom - I could tell you were going to be ticklish the minute those flip flops hit the ground and your pink soles were exposed. You see Tom, I love to tickle, men, women, I don't care...I want to hear people laugh...and the feet are usually my first stop...but I like to tickle all over...and I think you need a tickling from head to toes...

My mouth went dry...I didn't know what to say...here I was 38 years old, my feet trapped under the grip of a tickling mad man...and I could not get free...and I was sporting a nice hard on. Alright Hal, enough of this...(I tried to sound firm) let me go now! Oh tough guy now huh Tom? You really want me to stop huh...before I could answer Hal started to again scribble up and down my soles with a new feverish attempt to drive me crazy...I howled instantly...STOOOOPPPPP, HHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA>...after two minutes of this torment Hal let up again...but still my feet were trapped...Now I was reduced to begging...Hal come on, enough, please...Hey Tom, what if I get the ladies down here to see me tickle you? No HAL, I was now embarrassed, come on Hal, my wife, I mean, don't do that...Ok Tom, but lets talk seriously here...If I think you are being up front with me...I'll let you go, but if not, the tickling will start again...he said this with my feet still trapped between his grip. So, you don't like to be tickled? No, I quickly stated...Hal's fingers scribbled under my toes...No really...HAHHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHH STOPPPPP, hehehehhehehhehehhehehehheee HAL NOOOO , hahhahahahhaa. I babbled as he tickled for another minute...You got a nice hard on and you don't like being tickled? Or is it just a fact that a man has you in his control...

I was weak and knew a wrong comment here would be dealt with quickly...OK, I love tickling...always have been a closet tickle freak. I was embarrassed by the revelation but Hal just smiled and said, Oh I know Tom, I can tell ticklee from a tickler. I noticed you last weekend spying on the wife and I...he started to lightly stroke my soles with his index finger...I squirmed...Hal, I wasn't spying...and his fingers dug into my heels...OH NO...hehehheheh ehahahhahahhahahahhahahahh stoppppp OKOKOK. I was spying...please hehehehhehehee...I was weak with laughter and no strength left to fight back...Hal looked at me and told me to stay put or else...he let me go and my first thought was to run...but to where, my wife and tell her that I was being tickled to death by our neighbor...and how would I explain the hard on? I sat with wide eyes as Hal opened up his closet door and grabbed some soft rope he had hanging on the coat hanger.

Hal, what are you doing...come on man...I started to try get off the recliner, but Hal was quick...he pinned my arms over my head as he straddled my torso...his weight was too much and all I could do was sit there as he quickly tied my hands together over my head...then in one motion and over my protest...he secured another pieced to my bound hands and as he jumped off the recliner...he moved behind the chair and secured it somewhere below the recliner. I was really scared at this point...I had no idea what would happen next...Here I am...hands tied over my head, pulled behind the chair securely bound.

Hal then grabbed my swim trunks and pulled them off in one motion...now I was only wearing my tank top and naked from the waste down...I protested even stronger...not caring if anyone heard me...HELP HELP...but Hal grabbed a scarf from the closet and stuffed it into my mouth...mmmhhhhmmmmm is all I could muster...he then grabbed my ankles and securely wrapped them tight with some more soft rope...securing them to the base of the chair. I was stretched out pretty well...my erection bouncing as I struggled against my bonds...I kept thinking that my wife and neighbors would come walking in any minute... Hal said, I'll be right back...and left the room...

Five minutes later Hal entered and said for me not to worry, the women wanted to do some shopping downtown and decided to go out the rest of the afternoon. They asked if we would like to join them, but told them I had you all tied up down here and wouldn't be able to join them...They all laughed Hal said, as if I was joking...I could hear the women getting into the cars and driving off as Hal pulled up a chair next to me. Hal produced a long stiff white feather, which he told me he intended to use on my stiff cock...and then he produced three separate paint brushes...different sizes he stated with each one producing a different effect. My eyes were wide with fear and I wanted to scream as Hal removed my gag...but I knew I was trapped.

Hal opened my beer and allowed me a nice drink (I really needed it) and told me quite confidently that he was not going to hurt me...I was relieved for a moment, but then Hal told me that he was going to turn me into his personal tickling bitch...His look was so stern, but said with a slight smile, that I was actually again getting turned on...Hal, come on, let me go, and I'll say nothing to anyone...Hal gave me an annoyed look, what would you say...that this guy Hal, tied me up, tickled me to no ends...the same guy who owns 10 plumbing companies in town...earns over 1 million dollars a year, has tied me up and tickled me for hours? Come on Tom, you are going to get tickled like never before...and when this is over...you will be begging me to let you cum...and then you will take care of this...he pulled down his swim trunks to show off his stiff 8-inch cock. I was scared...but so turned on...I had fantasized about being submissive to men before when I was in college going through initiations but never dreamed I would ever experience it.

I tried to protest...but Hal put up a finger to make a shhhh sound...and then used the stiff white feather to slowly trace the bottom of my shaft...I moaned...giggled...as the feather made it's way over my balls...Like that huh? He then used each paintbrush to work different areas of my balls and cock. The smallest brush with camel hair was used under my shaft, just below the head, the other brushes were used for similiar effects. I was full of lust after 10 minutes of this torment. The ladies will be back after dinner...I told them we wanted to spend some time getting to know each other and they assured me they would not be back til 7 or 8 tonight...I mean Tom, its Saturday night...women have to have something to do...I turned my head to see that it was just after 3 PM in the afternoon and realized I was going to be this guy's toy for the next 5 hours.

Hal took his time tracing the feather over my entire body...under my chin...behind my ears...it was maddening...I love your feet Tom, masculine but soft and sooooo ticklish...his fingers danced over my soles...hehhehehhehehehehhe nooooooo hehhehehehehhehehehehhehe the tickling was driving me crazy already... Tom are you ticklish...he mocked as he tickled the tops of my feet which sent me into a hysterical laughter...HAHHAHAHAHHAHh ewhehhehehehehehhehehehhehehehehh - wow Tom - your feet tops are soooo ticklish...he grinned and he lightly tickled over every inch of the tops of my feet...I was sweating I was laughing so hard...Hal took a break, offered me some more beer...which I took a nice big swig...Hal downed his beer and said...OK lets see how sensitive those armpits are huh? He dug his cold fingers into my pits...my reaction was instant...HAHHAHHAHHHHAHHHHHAHAHHAHA - I struggled so hard I though I could actually bust out the ropes...but my wild struggles only made me weaker and Hal's expert fingers danced down from my elbows under my biceps though my pits down to my hard nipples.

After a few minutes he stopped to let me rest...but lightly rubbed my nipples as he described how he would tickle my stomach and ribs next...I got a good 10 minute break as Hal made a phone call (I couldn't hear what he was saying) and finished off his beer. He sat next to me and again started to tease my cock...bringing it to full erection again...this time he put some baby oil on his hand and slowly jerked me off...each time I felt like I was getting close...he would stop...I was going nuts...Hal, come on, let me cum...at least do that for me...In do time Tom... You will cum multiple times before this afternoon is done...He was so assured and confident that it sent a shiver down my spine.

Hal took the next minute tying my big toes together with some yarn...what are you doing now I asked (stupid question)...then he massage baby oil all over my soles...heels and toes... Tom, did you brush your teeth this morning he asked? Yeah...was my response...How bout your feet? Did you brush them? What? Hal then held up an electric toothbrush...smiled, turned it on and proceeded to tickle me to near death...The brush was the most ticklish thing I have ever felt...he dragged it over my soles so slowly I though I would die...he dug the device under and between my toes...maddening HHAHAHHAHH AHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHha - I was screaming with laughter...I was harder then I had ever been in my life and really thought I would die when the brush found its mark over my hyper ticklish heels....NOOOOOO ahhahhahahahhahahhahahahah- my head was thrashing back and forth....HALLLL Pllleasaseeee hahahahhahahahhahahha I was laughing so hard I didn't notice our neighbor Mark had come into the room and was watching with absolute amusement at my predicament. When the tickling stopped. I laid there exhausted...when I opened my eyes Mark and Hal were sitting at the foot of the recliner admiring my feet.

What the hell! What are you doing here? I was shocked and stunned, two guys tickling me now, both neighbors of mine, what gives...I was so exhausted all I could do was quietly ask what was happening... Hal says, Tom, you know Mark...lives in that big house all alone... not married... cause he is gay... and also a huge foot fan like me. Mark was 41, handsome, a bit of a tummy, no athlete by any means, actually a computer geek with corporate ties. Hi Tom, he smiled and as he began to massage my feet...nice toes...well kept...not a callous to be found... He actually seemed to be studying my feet. I was so weak I couldn't even protest... Hal drank some beer, gave me a drink then started to tease my cock again ... as Mark massage my feet... Feel good Tom...answer me Tom...or I'll get out the toothbrush and find some new spots...Yes, it feels good...I groaned... Tom, from now on, when we are together, it's Yes Sir... OK... Yes sir... How could I protest... the foot massage and the hand job was driving me insane... You want to cum? Yes sir... the stokes increased as Mark starts to nibble my toes...I giggled like mad, squirmed, but instantly shot my load...my hips shook and I passed out.

As I woke up I found myself being tied to Hal's downtown stairs bedroom bed...Four-post bed... only sheets on the bed... I struggled as Mark and Hal pinned me to the bed...now now Tom... snickered Hal... no time for that...Mark straddle my stomach...his bulge in his shorts said he like what was happening...and he held my arms tight to the bed and Hal used the ropes to tie me spread eagle...I really had no fight left...I was weak...exhausted actually...and couldn't believe this was happening to me...Come on guys...let me go...I'll call the cops... they both laughed immediately and I found out why afterwards... a video camera was setup at the end of the bed... Ticklish Tom gonna call the police... What would they say down at Fidelity Bank Both laughed at this tease.

I was now naked, tied spread eagle, and at the hands of two of my neighbors... The phone rang and Tom went to go answer the phone... Mark smiled at me as he stripped down to his underwear... are you scared Tom? he asked sincerely... What do you think Mark, I barely know you, and now I'm tied to a bed, tickled and who knows what else...I must of sounded scared... We aren't going to hurt you, Hal is just a fun go who likes to take charge. A few months back his wife went to Paris with some friends... Hal invited me over and he must have noticed how much I was staring has his feet... so he wrestled me down...tied my hands behind my back and tickled me til I told him what I really wanted, which was to service his feet. I have been his foot bitch ever since.

I give him massages at least once a week and also give him the best head he has ever had. He also ties me up and tickles me whenever he gets the urge, which I don't mind, but now you might be taking him from me since you are sooooo ticklish... Mark tickles my right foot with his fingers as he watches my reaction ... hjehhehehehhehehee stop stop it hehehehheehh my head rolls back and forth as the tickling gets more intense. Ticklish Tom - I had admired you since the home party the neighborhood held for you last September... your feet were so hot in those flip-flops... but you barely noticed me... Mark crawled onto the bed between my legs and lightly tickled the spot between my shaft and balls ever so lightly...my hips tried to move to increase the pressure, but Mark was on to that and started to tickle the outside hips... I groaned some more... Hal walked into the room, still on the phone... you sure honey... I don't think Tom would mind, but let me get him and his wife can ask him... he is getting a beer hang on...

This is your chance Hal said as he covered the phone with his hand... tell the wife you have been taken prisoner and need her to call police... you see the ladies want to stay downtown at one of the high rise Hotels, my treat of course, and Tammi wants to make sure its ok with you. Here is your chance... but if you do this... we will tickle and torment you until they get back... then distribute the video all over town... Hal put the phone to Tom's ear... Hey honey, I'm fine, you gonna stay downtown tonight (I sounded desperate I think) oh no, thats fine...I'm alright, just been laughing it up here with Hal... Yeah, he is a great guy... Mark started to lightly tickle my balls again... (GULP) yeah honey, its fine, you can stay with them... Hal started to trace a fingernail over my left armpit. hheheheheee - I giggled... No, Hal was just making fun of me... more tickling... hhhheeee.

What are you guys doing? Tammi asked amused... Oh he just walked by and tickled my foot...thats all... Tammi then says to me... Oh really, well how do you like it, does it tickle, she laughs...the light strokes from Mark are driving me insane... he has started to jerk me off...ever so lightly, but I can hardly contain myself...He uses his thumb to rub my sensitive head...I'm gonna cum while I'm talking to my wife on the phone and she will know is all I can think... yeah ok honey, well here is Hal he wants to talk to you. bye love you.... As Hal takes the phone from my ear Mark picks up the pace and within seconds I shoot my load. hhhmmmmmmmmmmmm I groan... I hear Hal ask Tammi, about tickling...Oh, he doesn't like to get tickled but he likes to tickle you? They both laugh... Well Tammi, I'll just have to teach him a lesson with that...more laughter from Hal. Oh yeah, you don't mind me tickling him them...you are so funny Tammi. Well got to run...ball game is about to start... See you guys tomorrow...

Is that awesome or what Hal asks mockingly....Your wife is having blast with my wife and they are just becoming the best of friends.... Hal sits down next to Tom as Mark cleans up the mess he started....My mind is in a fog....I've cum twice in the past 30 minutes… surely this has got to be it.... OK guys, we've had our fun. let me go now…and I'll say nothing is all I can put together… Mark and Hal exchange an amused look at each other. Tom, the ladies will be out all night....we are going to be together all night.... don't you get it. The both break into a laugh....Guy, I got to go to the bathroom… my first attempt at escape… no problem Tom. Let's untie him and as a team both neighbors untie me… then retie my hands behind my back.... Here Tom, how bout a shower that we you can take a leak and get cleaned up all at once.

I try to disagree, but I'm quickly pushed into the warm shower that Hal has started. but then surprised as Mark joins me in the shower. as I relieve myself. and starts to soap up my back....legs.... he is on his knees now with my now stiff shaft inches from his face.... Tom, can I do anything for you while I'm here…he asks with a smirk. No Mark…not for me…I said a bit too smugly for Mark's taste…oh really....just do you know, you will be tickled and teased all night....and the only way out is to give us each a nice BJ. What? You can't make me… Mark starts stroking me again with a soapy hand and starts to lick and nibble on my neck…I get mad and try to push him off, but his size keeps me pinned. he tweaks my nipples and I'm very aroused but not wanting to show my eagerness for Mark to continue his erotic play… Hal comes to the shower and says times up Mark. lets get him dried off and get that bodied tied and tickled again....

I'm surprised this time has Hal and Mark tie me face down with my feet hanging over the edge of the bed. my how vulnerable you are right now teases Mark....you know Tammi told me how ticklish you are and that once in college your roommate's tied you to your bed and tickled your feet til you peed your pants....is that true… My gosh I thought, I had almost forgotten that....we were all drunk and they would not stop tickling me til I peed myself… Well I'm gonna tickle you from head to toes…and won't stop til you beg me to let you give me a BJ.... I know you are not into it… but that's the only way you are going to get me to stop.... I need a tickle toy, Mark is fun, but not really into it like you are and besides your feet are sooooo HOT huh Mark? Mark has already started to lick my soles from the balls of my foot up to my heels.

Being face down he licks my feet like a Popsicle stick. I'm already squirming as Hal starts to lightly tickle down my sides....hehehhehehehhe no Hal , NOOOOO PLLLLEASEEE lahhahahhahahahhahah. Why didn't you tell the wife what was happening to you Tom, that was your chance right? HAHHAHHAHAHAH ppllleasee I don't know why, hehehhehehhe ahahhahahahhahahahhahahah. Is it cause you wanted this to happen? NO I said too quickly and Hal picked up the tickling, digging his fingers into my pits from behind while laying on my back...His stiffness was pressing down on my lower back and could tell Hal was ready to go....After a minute he stopped tickled me and asked Mark to stop licking my feet. He laid next to me and asked if I would give him some relief…I was exhausted and eyeing his large cock I imagined how impossible it would be to get that down....I meekly said, I can do it with my hand....wrong answer Tom....he pointed to Mark and said, get the baby oil and toothbrush from the Study please. Mark answered with a yes sir, and took off down the hallway. Tom you don't get it do you....the video camera is rolling and I can edit it to look like anything.

Mark came into the room and Hal commanded him to spread the baby oil all over my soles and tickle them until he gets some relief....Within a minute the toothbrush was humming itself over my soles....I screamed and shook with laughter that I though I could die. Five minutes later Hal stopped Mark, and untied my left hand from the corner post so that only my legs and right arm were tied. He positioned himself next to my head and his 8 inch cock was purple read to explode. Anytime you want to relieve me - just let me know....he pointed to Mark and the ticking picked up again…Mark dug the brush under my toes, very slowly, smoothly gliding under each digit....I new I would lose my mind....after a few minutes of intense tickling Mark stopped and crawled up the bed next to me and started to lightly tickle my back.

I was soooo aroused and Hal was smiling at me that I finally gave in and started to work over his large cock....I could barely fit it, but after a few tries it got easier and after a minute Hal was shooting his load over me and the bed. MMMMMMMMM - good one Tom.... not bad for a first timer…I was a bit humiliated but still very turned on...Mark sensed this and untied my feet and other arm....I laid between my neighbors and as I played with Hal's cock, Mark gave me a BJ that again, made me pass out.... I don't know how long I was out, but when I woke up, Mark was tied to the bed with his big feet hanging over the edge and a note left next to him from Hal saying....you get 2 hours to tickle him to your hearts content.... then I get to tickle both of you.... A smile crept across my face as I realized I had found a true friend in Hal…as I lay over Mark's legs and positioned myself over his size 12 feet … that I was going to like my new neighbors....HAHHAHAHAHHAHHA, Mark howled as dug my fingers into his soles…