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The Ad
by Ticklishguy8

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Merciless tickler and extremely ticklish switcher GW Couple looking for a third.

What's in it for you? If your: A 'ler. You wait in the darkened room on one side of the door while your partner in crime is waiting at the other. You're both naked. You're waiting for someone. He will soon be naked, too. VERY soon. The door opens, and before your victim can close the door behind him you are both on him, your hands running amok along his ribs and sides. You make sure that with every movement of you hands you pull his shirt further and further out from his pants, until you are able to get your hands up under his shirt. Then, CONTACT!

You are tickling his bare flesh, and his uncontrolled laughter raises an octave. You have him, and you know it! As he begins to sink to the ground under the double assault, you both continue the attack on his bare ribs, and now his pits are vulnerable, and you can wiggle your fingers about in the most hairy skin. He's doomed. He sinks to the floor completely, and you hold his shirt so, as he falls, he literally slips himself out of it. He's topless, and he's all yours and your partners. Now you really go to work on him! He tries to guard his pits and ribs with his arms, but, now that he's shirtless, who cares? You still have his back, collarbone, and neck to attack. And when he tries to defend those spots, it's right to his belly and belly button.

He's in hysterics, and you KNOW you have him. In desperation he rolls on his stomach, which is exactly what you want him to do. Your partner jumps on his left ankle, pulling it up against his bare chest, and you do the same with his right. You both flick off his shoes, and now he really begins to beg, "Not on the feet! Oh God, PLEASE! Not on the FEET!” but it's too late, as you and your partner begin to scratch all over the soles of his trapped socked feet. He is now truly hysterical. You keep up the attack for the next half hour. Then you see your fellow tickler slowly begin to roll his sock off of his foot. Down the ankle. Over the heel He stops right at the instep.

You do the same.

And then you hear it, "No! Heehee! Oh, please, NOHOO! Not on the BARE feet! For the love of God PLEASE don't tickle my BARE FEET!". Just what you wanted to hear. Both his socks are off in a second, and you both go to work on those soft, smooth, bare soles. The laughter is louder and harder than you've ever heard before. This guy is a ticklers dream! But it gets better. Your partner reminds you, "Tickle his toes. He can't STAND that!” Like this guy could stand ANY tickling! But he's right. As you stroke the pads of those bare toes, work your fingers between them and stroke the webbing between, he goes insane with laughter.

If you didn't know better, you'd swear that you were going to tickle him to death! After a half hour of toe torture, your partner signals you and you turn him over on his back. Your partner gives you the victims left foot, and you pin both legs down so you can continue to stroke both soles at once. As you work your magic on his helpless feet, you hear his belt being undone. Then the zipper being opened. In a second his pants and underpants are down by you, around his ankles. You stop tickling so you can both slip the pants off. He's now naked. And helpless.

And he's yours to do with as you please. Your partner orders him "Get up and get into the bedroom, or you'll get the Toe Torture for another HOUR! MOVE!” And he does move, running toward the bedroom as both of you pursue him, tickling his bare ass and back the entire way. Then you see it; the bed. There are restraints on the sides and at the footboard, but, to your surprise, the ones on the base are on top of the footboard. Your victim sees the bed, too. He becomes petrified with terror.

He knows that once he's on that bed, it's over for him. He tries to run, but your partner is on him in a heartbeat, tickling his belly and lower sides. He stops and doubles over from the tickle assault. You grab him and pin him down on the bed, straddling him so you have clear access to his chest, belly, ribs, nipples and pits, all of which are deliciously ticklish. You tickle him helpless as your partner attaches the restraints to both writs. His arms are now outstretched and secure.

You get off him, and you and your partner leisurely stroll down to his feet, and each secure an ankle to each of the restraints on the footboard You secure his toes with the thin leather strips so that his soles are flexed back, and toes splayed apart. He's now trust up, arms outstretched, legs spread about 2 feet apart, toes splayed and vulnerable. Naked. Helpless. CAPTURED! He's your Tickle Toy, and you will play with him. For a very, very long time. And he WILL suffer. As you survey your naked prey, you now realize why the foot restraints are where they are. In this position, with his legs lifted and separated, you have full access to his asshole and balls.

He's your property, and he knows it. You see the tray of feathers, brushes, and pipe cleaners next to the bed. You see the bottles of baby oil and lotion. Your imagination runs wild. But you know you won't have to imagine for long. And from the begging and pleading for mercy he's doing, so does he. You survey those exposed balls again, and your partner notices. "That's his second most ticklish spot, right after his feet and toes. You work on those balls while I tickle his toes with this soft, stiff brush.” he says as he holds up a wide boars hair artists brush.

You both laugh. Your partner applies baby oil to your victim’s feet. You victim laughs wildly. Then your partner announces, "Tickle time!” You laugh with delight. Your victim screams. A 'lee. You’re naked. Bound to a bed. Your arms restrained comfortably but securely over your head. Your ankles secured on the padded footboard, raised and spread so your naked feet are immobile and helpless, and your asshole and balls are fully exposed to whatever your tickler wishes to do to them. You see the tray with the feathers, brushes, pipe cleaners, and other 'tickle toys', and your imagination starts to race thinking what each 'toy' will do to your naked, helpless flesh.

You start to perspire. You're in deep shit, and you know it. Then your mind returns to the fact that you are not alone in the bed. Next to you is another naked, bound, good-looking guy, restrained just as you are. And he's begging for mercy already. What does he know that you don't? Do you REALLY want to know? Then your Tickler appears next to you. He's hot, naked, and has an evil glint in his mischievous green eyes. He bends over next to you and, almost cooing, begins to whisper, "See the guy next to you? In a few seconds I'm going to start to Tickle Torture him, and it's not going to be pretty.

I'm going to start by tickling his nipples. Softly. Gently. Until he's giggling uncontrollably and they get rock hard. His cock is already getting hard just listening to me now! After I get those tits nice and hard, I'll jump into his sensitive armpits. They're very ticklish you know. Oh, I forgot! You can relate; you're armpits are even more sensitive, aren't they? I'll tickle back and forth, from tits to pits and back to the tits again, until I get 3 hard-ons; two tits and one dick. Then I'll move down to the ribs. I'll count each rib as he screams in ticklish agony. I'll gently poke and prod the spaces between the ribs, and knead the lower sides until he's begging for mercy.

Then I'll use the pointy stiff feather to tickle his belly button. He hates that. After about an hour of torso tickling, I'll start to squeeze those thighs. This will have him terrified! Not so much because his thighs are ticklish, which they are, but because he knows what my next target will be, and he dreads that. You see, when I'm finished with his thighs, I'm going for the naked flesh right behind his swollen balls. That's his 2nd most ticklish spot, and he'll howl with laughter, and make sounds that will only barely resemble a human voice begging for mercy, begging for release.

He won't get it.

Not yet.

After an hour of ball tickling, it's down to some REAL tickling; his bare, helpless feet! And, oh, God, will I tickle his feet! I'll tickle his soles. I'll tickle his toes. I'll tickle his arches, and his heels, and then back to those horribly ticklish toes. I'll use fingers, then feathers. Then the hairbrush on his soles and heels, the paintbrush on his arches, and that deadly artists brush between his ultra ticklish toes. He'll wish he were dead at that point, but we will have just started. I'll go back to his balls and tickle them with a feather until he's ready to explode. Then I'll make him beg. Not just for the tickling to stop. Not just for sexual release.

I won't stop tickling his balls until he begs me to milk him dry, then immediately tickle his toes, which right after a cum are 10 times more ticklish than they were before. And he'll beg me not to stop until he's hard again. And I promise you, he WILL beg for that. He'll have no choice. I see your hard already just from my description. Good. I want hard. I want you ready to explode with cum. I want you to watch everything I do to him very closely, because, you see, when I'm finished with him, YOU are going to get the EXACT SAME THING!” Your Tickler laughs.

The guy next to you begins to laugh uncontrollably, begging even harder for mercy. You know the Tickle Torture has begun. You scream. A switcher. You view with delight the bound, helpless nude figure that is restrained in the bed before you. You are kneeling down by his smooth, soft, bare feet, firmly bound to the footboard, raised for easy access to his asshole and balls. His feet, bound at the ankles. The toes are tied back by five thin leather straps on each ankle restraint, so the soles are flexed to the max. All ten toes are spread apart, fully exposed to whatever devilish torture you can conjure up to do to them. There is nothing he can do.

Nothing. And he knows it.

He begs "Please! Please don't tickle my feet. I'll pay you money. I'll suck your cock every day for a year! Two years! My whole life! PLEASE! For the love of God, PLEASE don't tickle my feet! DON'T TICKLE MY BARE FEET!” You smile. You want that to go on all night. You intend to MAKE it go on all night. You view your arsenal of weapons. Feathers. Brushes. Pipe cleaners. Leather strips. Massage oil. Scented body lotion. A whole tray of toys to use on those beautiful nude feet right in front of you. He thinks he's begging now? Wait until you start! Wait until he realizes that you won't stop. Not for a very, very long time. Unfortunately, you know everything is not exactly what it appears to be.

You realize that the reason why you are kneeling before those feet is because your ankles are secured to the floor. Your naked, and your bare feet are immobile, soles up, totally exposed and helpless. You can't reach down to protect them, as your elbows are restrained to the footboard of the bed. You can reach your victims feet with no problem. You can reach your 'toys'. But you can't bring your hands down any farther than your waist, where there is another rope going around your waist and locked onto the footboard. You are not going anywhere, either.

Then you hear the voice, "Start tickling those feet. NOW!” and you feel it. You feel a feather lightly stroking your swollen, naked balls. It circles your balls over, and over, and over. It strokes back and forth between your testicles. It travels down to the exposed flesh between your balls and asshole. It travels along the rim of your asshole, and then dips into it. Violating you. Tickle torturing you like you've never been tickle tortured before. "Tickle those feet, or you'll be on the bed, too! TICKLE! NOW!” the voice demands, and despite your own hysterical laughter, you grab a feather in your right hand and a hairbrush in your left, and you go to work on those bare feet in front of you. Your victim bellows with hysterical laughter, and you see his dick ooze pre-cum.

You howl with laughter as the feather continues to tickle the base of your cock, while fingers begin to dance about on your right naked sole. "Don't tickle my toes!" you think. "Please! Not my BARE TOES!” You don't say it out loud. You're too busy laughing. You're too terrified that, if you say it out loud, you will only give your tickler ideas. You're too busy being overwhelmed with the desire to cum. The need to cum. You HAVE to cum. And you realize that the guy you're tickling is in the same desperate state. But neither of you can do a damned thing about it. All either of you can do is laugh like maniacs. And scream.

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