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Alexei's Russian Gymnast Feet
by Tio

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I’ll never forget this day because it was the best day ever.

I went overseas to Russia to report on the Russian Nationals of Men’s Gymnastics. I’ve been a sports reporter for a couple of years after getting my degree. This was my first overseas trip and it was a pretty big deal. I’ve always loved Gymnastics but more then gymnastics was my love for male feet. I don’t know what it is but I find the male foot to be so erotic and a complete turn on. From the arch of the male foot, to the sensitivity of it, it almost seems like when a guy is barefoot he is exposed, more so then if he were naked. Growing up my biggest fantasy was being under a sexy man while he rubbed his funky feet all over my face and crotch while he verbally taunted me.

Nothing gets me hotter. When I got to Russia I was taken to the national gymnastics club is Rostov Russia… there I met the head coach Leoniv and some of the other coaches. I saw the male gymnast and boy were they sexy, some were on the pommel horse while other simply stretched doing splits and sit-ups, they all had ripped bodies. Their muscles bulged out of their tank tops while their crotches were outlined so perfectly around their small gym shorts. I met all the gymnasts and sat on the side as I wrote what I saw for my story. Leoniv a proud Russian coach told me after practice I could interview one of the gymnasts.

A couple of hours later the gym smelled of sweat and must as the Russian men were drenched in their body sweat and funk. It didn’t seem to bother them, as it appeared they became used to the smell. I on the other hand was in heaven. I couldn’t help but glance at the men and their sexy flexed out toes and soles. After taking enough notes I looked around at whom I wanted to privately interview.

Being a gymnastics fan I know the guy I wanted. His name was Alexei Bondarenko, an extremely sexy, sexy, sexy man. He had dirty blond hair, hazel eyes and skin so clear and white as snow. His lips were rosy red and he has perfect teeth, his body was perfect like that of a Greek god. He was the whole package and just thinking of him made me hard. I had to be professional but there was definitely physical bias that made me choose him. I had watched him all through practice as he performed so well on every event. He was sweaty and looked pumped up after a long workout day.

After the practice was finally finished I told the translator to tell Alexei that I was interested in speaking with him. The translator told Alexei and Alexei seemed okay with it; he looked at me from afar and smiled. I felt my body rush with heat when he glanced and smiled at me, I knew I was red as a tomato… Alexei seemed flattered he was chosen. He said something to the translator, followed by the translator telling me he was okay with the interview and I could meet up with Alexei in the back room where Alexei would be alone. The translator told me Alexei spoke English and was comfortable doing the interview with just me. I was so happy and relieved, there was apart of me that had this fantasy, I know in reality it would never happen but without the translator in the way it seemed more possible in my crazy mind. I sat in the private room for about 10 minutes, I was nervous and excited, I finally heard the door squeak and I knew he was there. He said hello and I got goose bumps when I heard his sexy Russian accent, he had a smooth soft voice, but that Russian accent made it so much more soothing and sexy, I couldn’t believe it, my penis was getting erect.

I had to get it together and be professional. I shook his hand as he sat. I glanced down and saw he was wearing slippers; his toes were perfect, it looked like he trimmed his toenails; it made sense being that he is a gymnast and their appearance is very important for good scores.

I could see some hair on his toes but it was very light and balanced. They looked like perfect round pizzas just waiting to be tasted. His big toe was nice and fat while the other toes were slimmer and not as demanding. After the interview and 20 minutes later Alexei seemed relaxed. I was more comfortable with him and felt more at ease. We began to speak about America. He told me he enjoyed visiting the states when he competes. I told him he was very popular in the states and many of the female fans found him good looking, he blushed and laughed saying thank you.

I asked him what he did for fun when not training, he said he hadn’t had a lot of time to do many things but he likes watching movies and even erotic films. I couldn’t believe me ears, what shocked me most was that he didn’t seem to be embarrassed at all. I guess it is a European thing because he wasn’t embarrassed by that omission. I asked him more about it and he opened up saying he and many of his teammates rent erotic films too its something they do to pass time.

He laughed as I laughed with him. I asked him what sort of things he liked? He told me he enjoyed the aggressive scenes, he explained he is a gentle soul but the fantasy of being aggressive in sex is a turn on for him. Boy was my penis having a field day with this as he spoke. I asked him if he had heard of what fetishes were? He seemed confused. I explained it’s when someone is turned on by an act or body part from another person that most would not consider a turn on or taboo.

He smiled and said whatever gets one off. We both laughed. I couldn’t help but notice his sexy toes as he wiggled them from time to time during the conversation. At a certain moment he caught me staring and asked why I kept looking at his feet? I blushed and felt embarrassed, then out of nowhere I gained this assurance and just told him that many people have foot fetishes and if he heard of them? He laughed and found it amusing, he said he hadn’t heard of that and thought it was funny.

I explained the concept that many of us find to be arousing. Foot worship, submission, verbal abuse, the smell, the sweat, the domination. Suddenly I saw his eyes glance at my crotch and he could see I was visibly aroused. I then saw him wiggle his toes out of his slippers as he crossed his legs and feet and rubbed his feet together as he arched his toes. It was so freaking erotic and sexy I swear all the blood in my entire body rushed to my cock!

He began to ask me questions about this fetish and if I had it too? I put my head down and was nervous to answer him. Suddenly he became the interviewer and I was being interviewed. I was going to answer when suddenly from my eyes view I could see this sexy white sole moving to my view, it became bigger and wider as Alexei lifted his foot higher. Suddenly as I lifted my head I saw that his right foot was rested at the edge of my seat, my legs were wide open as just a couple of inches away rested the most amazing foot ever.

Alexei kept rolling his foot around in circler motions, as he would arch his foot occasionally too. He then asked, “do you like that, huh, da?” the sound of his sexy ass Russian voice almost made me bust a nut at that moment. I stuttered as I said yes… I pretended I was trying to rise up from the seat but I never moved slower in my life, there was no way I wanted out. Suddenly Alexei lifted his left foot and crossed it over his right foot, he then began to once again rub his feet together aggressively and erotically. He smirked as he put his hands behind his head and in Russian said to relax. I began to slowly move my crotch closer to his rubbing feet, suddenly my dick met his feet and it was the best feeling ever.

As he rubbed his feet against my crotch my dick was getting the best rub down I ever felt, not even my hands could do what his feet were doing. He licked his lips as he continued to tease me and kept laughing softly as he found it hilarious an American was at his feet like this. I got to the point of total pleasure I was moaning.

He then stopped the motion of his feet and put them down, he then told me to lie down on my back… without even thinking twice I was laying down sideways from his seat and where he was sitting, before I knew it both his feet were in my face. He wasted no time rubbing my face so aggressively I could hardly breath, I could feel the sweat of his feet drying up on my face as my face became like a sponge soaking up all his sweat. He rubbed his toes all over my nose and lips, he kept putting my nose in between his big toe and middle toe then he’d rub up and down so my nose rubbed against from in between his toe to the arch of his foot.

He’s feet were red because they were naturally white so the pressure of my face were turning his soles red. He then laughed and said I was going to now suck his Russian toes; he then used his toes to squeeze my nose so I had no choice but to open my mouth, before I could take a breath in. his left toe was in my mouth, he then stuck his foot in my mouth while his right foot continued to press against my nose, I literally couldn’t breath which made things more erotic because rather then gasping for air I was so horny that not being able to breath just made the pleasure more intense.

He then took his foot out of mouth and dried it on my stomach. He then moved his feet to my crotch again; this time rubbing so fast and hard my poor dick didn’t know what to do. I knew any moment I would explode… I could feel my cum begin to rush through the canal of my dick, as I looked at Alexei’s face he had a grin as his sexy ruby red lips were puffed up in a cocky way as to say “I’m the man”… looking at his face added with looking at his sexy feet giving me the best foot job of my life was just too much. He was doing this all while my pants were still on and yet it still felt so amazing.

He then started to rub my dick with only his right foot and it became a quest for him, he wouldn’t stop until he achieved the win. He started to focus more on the lining of my erect dick through my pants so he could better rub it, he would at moments just use his big toe and middle toe and rub my dick up and down multiple times, then he’d use his whole sole while his toes were flexed up and he rub up and down up and down up and down, I saw him lick his lips again as they became shinny and so juicy, suddenly I couldn’t take anymore, the orgasm of my life was getting more and more intense, finally I exploded.

The cum rushed out of my dick like water bursting out of pipe. I couldn’t stop and more importantly Alexei didn’t stop.

He continued to rub and rub and rub which allowed for more cum to burst out so strongly, I never in my life cam like that, usually I’ll cum once and have some little spurts of cum arrive shortly after the main orgasm but time it was like I was Cumming for the first time all over again back to back. The orgasm and intensity never ended either. What made it more intense and amazing was that Alexei was laughing and smiling while watching me in complete submission and in ecstasy all due to him. I think he enjoyed seeing an American at his feet and at his worship. It gave him maybe his own sense of pleasure and erotic joy. Finally it was over, I was breathing so deeply you would have thought I had an asthma attack, Alexei was done but would occasionally press his foot on my dick allowing for the last of the cum to spill out softly in my pants.

My eyes were at the back of my head, my mouth wide open, my sweat pouring out of my pores and my pants completely drenched from all the semen. I looked like I peed on myself pretty heavily. Alexei finally got up from the chair, he then smiled and said “you like huh, da? I just nodded my head as all my energy was completely gone, I could hardly lift my head up. He then said he enjoyed the interview and maybe I could interview him again sometime. He then held his hand out and helped me up.

I felt so embarrassed as I could hardly stand straight; my knees were literally week and I felt my body still tingly all over like the orgasm was wearing down slowly. He then padded my back softly and told me to calm down now, he then grinned, put his slippers back on and walked away. I stood in my spot completely shocked. I could hardly move nor could I comprehend what had just happened. My penis finally went back down to normal size but my crotch area and the left side of my pants was so wet and sticky.

I could hardly walk as I looked down at my notes. I then grabbed a pen and wrote down on the piece of paper “da”!