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Tickling Dad
by Daniel Jones

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Dad, or at least that’s what I always called him, he was actually my step dad, his name was Luke Baker.

I never knew my real dad, and my mum and step dad got married when I was really young, so I always treated him like he was my dad and he always treated me like I was his son. When I was young he always used to play games with me, I remember we used to play things like football or baseball, and other times we would play games like cops and robbers. Cops and robbers was always my favourite game to play with him, I always played the robber and he always played the cop, the part seemed fitting to him especially since he actually was a cop. It was my favourite game to play with him because it would always end with us having a tickle fight, although he always ended up winning the fight in the end. Generally he would pin my arms above my head and then tickle my torso, and occasionally he would put my feet in a sort of headlock and tickle my feet.

I generally only ever manage to get in a few strokes of his torso with my fingers, and once or twice on his feet. The times that I would get his torso he would generally giggle and pull away, but the first time I got his feet, I had barely stroked his sole when he practically shrieked and jumped away. From that day on I knew I would definitely have to tickle him good, especially for all the times he’d tickled me. That chance finally came one day.

It was during summer mum had made plans to go away and see her sister for a couple of weeks, and dad was going to take some time off work to have a bit of a holiday and so he could take care of me. It all started the day after mum left, dad was feeling a bit tired so he had decided to take a nap on the sofa. It was really hot that day so dad was only wearing a pair of running shorts.

I remember how good he looked lying there on the sofa in his running shorts. Dad was six feet tall and had really blonde hair, back then he was only 28 years old, he was really fit and had great abs, and set of really strong legs, but the best part of my dad was his huge feet. I wasn’t sure what size they were but they looked huge and powerful, but also very soft, and as I would find out incredibly sensitive.

He was always a heavy sleeper and as he lay their sound asleep, I knew now was the time to take my chance. My dad had some rope he kept in the downstairs closet; I was never sure why he had it there. I went to closet and took out some of the rope. I went over to sofa, it was like dad was waiting for me to tie him up, his arms were resting up above his head and his feet were resting up on the arm of the sofa at the other end. I quickly and expertly tied my dad’s hands together (I knew all that time in scouts would be useful for something) then tied them to the arm of the sofa, I then moved to his feet, and like his hands, I tied his feet together then I tied them to the end of the sofa.

If I had done something like this at this stage of my life I think I would have started to freak out, but back then when I was 10 it was just like I was playing cops and robbers with my dad except this time the robber had the upper hand. He was lying there on the sofa still asleep; I was surprised how I had managed to do this so quickly without waking him. I decided not to wake him up by nudging him instead I decided I would tickle him to wake him up.

The first thing I did was poke him in the ribs just once. He wriggled a little bit, I decided I poke him again but this time I would do it a few times. So I took both my index fingers and started to poke him five or six times on either side of him he started to giggle and move around, but before he could fully wake up, and realise what I had done to him I decided to launch and full on tickle assault of his arm pits, and that’s what I did. With both my hands I dug into my dad’s armpits, and that’s when I heard some of the loudest laughing I had ever heard from my dad. He was hysterical trying to ask what was happening, “wh-haaaa-t’s going on? Danny wh-haaa-t di- hahahaha did you hahaha do to my hahahaha hands?”

After about 2 or 3 minutes when he had finally managed to get that sentence out, I stopped to let him breathe and to talk, he didn’t move for about 30 seconds, when he did he looked up at his hands then down at his feet seeing they were both tied up he asked me “what are you doing?”

“I’m just playing cops and robbers with you dad, but you always win the tickle fights at then end so it’s only fair I get to win some.”

“Ah so is this Danny-boy’s revenge is it?”

“Um what’s revenge dad?”

“It means you’re getting me back for all the time’s I tickled you.”

“Yeah that’s what I’m doing.”

“Okay that’s fine but you can’t be too mean a tickler.”

“But dad I’m a robber, were always mean especially to cops.”

“Oh no, well I guess that means I’m in big trouble.”


I then climbed onto the couch and sat on my dad’s waist facing his torso, I was going to tickle him good. I very slowly started to move my hands towards my dad’s arm pits he looked really worried and he had already started to nervously giggle even though I wasn’t touching him. When my hands made contact with his skin, it was like they became machines or something, I was roughly tickling him all over his torso, quickly moving my hands all over him, faster and harder than I thought I could. At first he tried to hold back from laughing, but soon he broke down into hysterics.

I kept on tickling him for the next 10 minutes and only stopped when I heard my dad say, “Danny you got to hahahaha stop the neighbours might hahahaha think something is wrong hahaha.” My dad slowly caught his breath and then he said to me “we better be careful if were too loud the neighbours might think something is wrong and come over to check it out then we’ll have to stop playing.”

“Awww okay, then what should I do?”

“Just don’t tickle me too hard, this way I won’t make too much noise.”

“Do I have too?”

“Only if you don’t want to stop playing.”

“Okay, but what if…”

I quickly left the room and ran into my dad’s bedroom. I went into his closet and went to where he kept his work shoes, inside them were a pair of socks he had worn to work, my dad was pretty lazy when it came to his socks, he would often wear the same pair for a week or more, which often mad his shoes, socks and feet smell really badly, this pair of socks was no exception. As I was leaving the closet I saw all his ties hanging on the back of the door and I got an idea, I grabbed one of his ties, and with both the socks and tie in my hands ran back to where my dad was tied on the sofa.

When I came back into the room my dad looked at me and said “there you are, I was wondering where you got to, I thought you just left me here.”

“I wouldn’t just leave, especially because I haven’t got to tickle your feet yet.”

“Oh great, I was hoping you forgot about my feet.”


“What have you got in your hands?”

“Well you said you couldn’t make to much noise, (so holding up his socks) so I thought I could gag you.”

“I don’t know son?”

“Come on dad it always happens in the movies when the bad guys kidnap someone, they tie him up and gag him.”

“I still don’t know?”

“Come on dad it’s just a game, please.”

“Okay but what is the tie for?”

“What else do robbers do, they blindfold the people they kidnapped so they can’t see their hideout.”

“Of course silly me, now if I agree to this you have to promise to stop tickling me and untie me soon.”

“Okay, I promise that I’ll untie you soon.”

“Good, now okay let’s get this over with.”

I went over to my dad and he opened up his mouth and just as I was about to put the socks in, he shut his mouth pulled his head away and said, “yuk! Danny are you using my work socks to gag me, they smell gross I’m not putting them in my mouth.”

“Come on dad I’m a robber were not nice people, in real life a robber would probably use socks that smell worse than this.” My dad seeing how into to playing I was said “okay.” He opened up his mouth and I shoved in the socks, he lifted up his head and I tied the tie around his eyes for a blindfold. With that done I decided it was time for me to tickle those big feet of dad’s.

I moved down to my dad’s feet and just looked at them for a bit, I decided I would test them a little first. I took my finger and ran it straight up his right foot, from his heel right up to his toes, he shrieked behind his gag and tried to jump off the sofa, he would’ve succeeded if I hadn’t tied his arms and legs to the arms of the sofa. Next I did the same with his left foot running my finger straight from his left heel all the way to his toes, again a similar reaction.

I decided that I would be really cruel and to take time testing each part of each of his feet very slowly so I could figure out the best way to tickle him, I tickled his heel, his sole, his arch, pretty much every part of his foot including the tops of his feet and in between his toes. I then went onto testing his other foot. After getting an idea of where the most ticklish parts of his feet were I figured now was the best time to surprise my dad with a few things he really wasn’t going to like. First I had to collect a few things, one some string, two some ice cubes from the freezer, three a feather duster, four a fork, five a paintbrush, six a toothbrush (my dad’s electric one), seven a hairbrush, and eight a pen. I quickly ran around the house a grabbed all of these items, then returned to my dad. The first thing I did was use the string to tie my dad’s two big toes together.

Back then I had first got the idea for tying his toes together from one of the times my dad tickled my feet, I remembered that time he was tickling my feet he held my big toes together with his hands, which made it really hard for me to struggle and protect my feet from him. I figured I could do the same thing here but with string rather than having to hold his toes together with my hands.

I decide it was time to tell dad one of my more evil surprises, and no it wasn’t one of the objects I had picked up around the house. “dad.” He replied with a muffled “yes.” “Remember when you made me promise you something, what did I promise you? Cause as I remember it I only promised to stop untie you soon.” I heard my dad make a very muffled “damn it!” “Also I’m having a problem I don’t quite understand when soon is.” that time I swear I heard an “oh shit!” from my dad.

With that I returned to my dad’s feet, and began to tickle his feet with no reservations. An evil side came out of me that day, I was tickling my dad’s feet with my fingers like there was no tomorrow. I stopped after about 5 minutes when I realised the ice I had was half melted. I decided now was the time to start using the stuff I had gotten from all over the house. I started with the ice cubes running them all over my dad’s feet, it was tickling him and he was laughing but not as hard as when I had tickled him with my fingers.

Once all the ice had melted I decided I would use the all the other items one by one in the same fashion. I started with the feather duster, which was the least effective of all. It only made him giggle. I plucked one of the feathers out of the duster and started to run the feather between his toes, that made him laugh a bit louder, but then I decided to really dig at his feet with the stiff end of the feather I had plucked. When I did that I finally got the reactions I wanted. He started to thrash a bit and really yell behind his gag.

Next the fork, I found items like the fork and the stiff end of the feather where I could really dig into his soles got the best reactions. I very slowly made my way through the items the paintbrush, the toothbrush (I used while it was turned on and off so I could see his different reactions), the hairbrush, and then the pen. And being how evil I was I used them all twice.

By then end of it dad was sweating so much the sofa was damp, and he barely had the energy to struggle. I looked at the clock on the wall and I realised I had been tickling my dad for almost 2 and a half hours, and at least 2 of those hours I spent tickling his feet. I knew it was time to untie my dad, soon had come (and probably passed). I started with his hands once they were undone he pulled the blindfold and socks out of his mouth himself. As I was heading towards his feet to untie them he stopped me and said “well did you have fun?” “Yep, did you dad?” “In a way you could say I had fun, but now I think it time for my revenge.” With that dad grabbed and started to tickle me, I screamed “No hahahahaha.” Dad was holding onto me not willing to let me go as he tickled me all over. I kept trying to get away but it was so hard with his hands tickling me all over.

After about 20 minutes I managed to break free of his grip and remembering how his feet were still tied I quickly crawled to the end of the sofa and started to tickle his feet. “No, please no Danny, hahahaha, okay truce, I won’t tickle you if you won’t tickle me, hahahaha.” “fine.” With that I untied my dad’s feet and quickly took a few steps back in case he went against his word which he didn’t.

That was the first time I really got to tickle my dad but it wasn’t the last. We played cops and robbers a lot those few weeks mum was away. Sometimes he would win and sometimes I would win. The prize for winning, you guessed getting to tie up and tickle the loser. The first time my dad tickled me, after I had tickled him, he was ruthless, but he was not as cruel as I was.

I didn’t get to tickle him like that again until the last few days before mum came home. That day dad had let me have 2 friends over, Keith and Leon, and we were going to have a sleepover, they came over at about ten in the morning so we could spend the whole day with each other and so we could play lots of games. The game we played for the longest was cops and robbers. My friends and me were all robbers and dad was the one and only cop, even though he was out numbered he still managed to beat us and he tickled all three of us, but after the game while we were having lunch, me and my friends made a plan.

I waited for my dad to leave the room before we started to plan.

“Psst Keith , Leon , psst.”

“What Danny?”

“Yeah what and why are you whispering?”

“Shhh, I don’t want my dad to hear, do you want to get him back for tickling us?”

“What get him back how Danny?”

“Tonight we wait for him to fall asleep, and then we sneak into his room tie him up and tickle him.”

“I don’t know Danny, won’t he wake up while we’re tying him up, and won’t he be mad at us?” “Yeah, Keith’s right Danny.”

“It’s okay, I’ve done it before, just a few weeks ago I tied him up on the sofa, he wasn’t angry, it was just part of the cops and robbers game, he called it my revenge.”

“He really wasn’t angry”

“Yeah it was just a game.”

“And you sure he won’t wake up?”

“As long as we’re not too loud and we’re really careful when were tying him up he won’t wake up until we tickle him.”

“Okay, cool!” Keith and Leon said together.

“It can be like a real cops and robbers thing we can even gag and blindfold him like we’re really robbers and we’ve just kidnapped him, I mean he let me do it last time.”

Again they said together “cool!”

That night dad put us all to bed in my room, after we had all said our goodnights and he’d closed the door, our plan went into action. We had already gathered the stuff we would need from around the house, and stashed it all under my bed. We had more than enough rope, some string if we needed it and all the tickling tools I had used on my dad last time, only this time enough for all three of us. All we needed to do now was to wait for dad to go to sleep and hopefully not fall asleep ourselves before then.

It was just before ten when my dad finally went to bed. We heard him climb up the stairs and walk to his room. As soon as he went into his room Leon stood up ready to go. Keith and I had to stop and remind him we had to wait for my dad to fall asleep first. We waited until 10 30 to make our move. We slowly opened my bedroom door and very quietly crept into my dad’s room. He was already snoring, which was a good sign for us. He was lying on the bed in only his boxer shorts. He had spread himself out on the double bed.

We slowly crept in and Keith and I each took one of dad’s arms and very slowly moved them towards the top corners of his bed. We both quickly tied his arms spread wide apart to his headboard (lucky my parent’s bed lent it self to tying a person spread eagle like this). We then very gently pulled the blanket off of my dad. We then guided his legs to the bottom corners of his bed. The bed was a bit small for him and his feet actually went over the edge of the bed. This was actually good because once we had tied his feet to the corner posts; this allowed us to also tie his toes back to the frame of his bed. This time I or more precisely we, were able to tie all of his toes back essentially stopping him from being able to move his feet at all, this also made it impossible for him to keep any of his toes together, thus permanently exposing the vulnerable space between his toes.

Once this was done we were all surprised to see my dad was still asleep. Leon, who seemed to be the most excited of us all, whispered “okay should we start tickling him now Danny.” “No, not yet let’s gag him and blindfold him first.” “Do you think we can do it without waking him up?” “We got this far let’s see how far we can make it now without waking him.” “Cool, okay what sis you gag him with last time?” “I used one of his ties and his socks actually.” With saying that I slowly moved towards my dad’s closet, I retrieved a tie and got the same socks I had used last time (dad still hadn’t bothered to wash them).

I climbed onto the bed and started to move the tie towards my dad’s face, just as I was about to wrap it around his head, he grunted and then opened his eyes. This scared me and I jumped back a bit on the bed with the tie still in my hands. My dad looked at me and said “Danny, is something wrong?” dad suddenly realised he couldn’t move his arms or legs.

He looked around and saw that he was tied up. I didn’t say anything and Keith and Leon just stared at my dad with looks of horror on their faces. “What’s this? Are you boys trying to tickle me?” all three of us a little to shocked to answer. My dad eventually getting me to say something by asking me “well, are you?” “Well, you see we had this idea…” Keith jumping in and saying “Nuh-uh it was your idea.” “We were gonna get revenge on you for when you tickled us today.”

Dad looked around at us then looked at his bonds again, then said “well I’m surprised at you boys. I’m surprised you managed to tie me up as well as you have without waking me. ” Keith then stammered “so you’re not angry.” “No I’m not angry I should have suspected that you robbers would try and get your revenge on the cop who caught and tickled you.” Keith and Leon both smiled and laughed, then dad said “well I suppose that that tie is for blindfolding me, and those socks for gagging me?” “Right dad, you can’t make too much noise, we don’t want anyone knowing we kidnapped you.” All four of us laughed, “We also can’t let you see our secret hideout dad.” “Okay then comes on let’s get this over with boys, finish blindfolding me and what not.” Keith , Leon and I all said “cool!” I then proceeded to tie the tie around my dad’s eyes and stuff his socks into his mouth.

With that I climbed off the bed, earlier all three of us decided how we would tickle my dad. Keith would sit up on the bed and tickle all over his upper body, while Leon and I would take a foot each and concentrate all our energy on tickling each one seeing as how his feet were the most ticklish part of my dad’s body. Moving into position, we all waited I mouthed ‘3, 2, 1’ to both of them and then all together we started tickling my dad. I don’t think he’d ever been tickled by more than one parson at a time, and I could tell being tickled by three boys all at once was torture for him. The socks in his mouth could barely mask his shrieks of laughter as we tickled him, each of our ten fingers darting across the most sensitive parts of his body. We tickled him for at least 45 minutes just using out fingers.

Keith was the first to use one of the tickle tools on my dad, the first thing he used was feather duster on my dad’s upper body. The light and gentle touch of the feather duster really got a strong reaction from my dad when Keith used it on his upper body. When I saw this I made a little mental note of how my dad’s upper body got the best reactions from light strokes.

Next was me, I decided I use my favourite tickle tool on my dad, the hairbrush. It was my favourite cause I believed it was the one that drove him the craziest. Then Leon he started with using the paintbrushes in between my dad’s toes. For the next hour and a half slowly one by one went through and used each and every one of the tickle toys. For the last half hour we just used our favourite toys on my dad. I was busy using the hairbrush on his left foot, while Leon was having most fun using the electric toothbrush on his right foot, and Keith was up on the bed using all of the different paintbrushes on dad’s upper body.

For the whole this tickling session my dad was thrashing around on the bed, begging and pleading through his gag, all between his endless laughing. I looked at the clock on the end table next to my dad’s bed and it said 2:00. I realised that we had been tickling dad for at least more than three hours. I told Keith and Leon it was time to stop. All three of us climbed onto the bed and we took the socks out of dad’s mouth and removed the blindfold. He just lay there staring up at the ceiling, breathing heavily, his face and his whole body covered in sweat. He eventually looked at us and said while panting “you three are as bad as the robbers you’re pretending to be.”

All three of us gave dad really cheeky smiles. He then asked us “can you boys untie me now?” I replied with a “yeah sure, I guess dad.” I reached towards one of my dad’s tied arms, but before I could even touch the rope Leon grabbed my hand and said, “Wait! Like your dad said, we’re as bad as robbers, and robbers would just leave your dad tied up over night, rest and then tickle him some more in the morning.” Me and Keith and Leon all smiled really evilly and then looked at my dad. An incredibly worried look came across his face. “Come on boys just untie me, I promise I’ll let you tickle me again tomorrow.” I replied with a “nope! Sorry dad, I don’t trust you. Come on guys let’s go to bed and then tickle him some more in the morning.” Danny sounding really panicked said “no, come on Danny-boy, Keith , Leon . You wouldn’t let your big friend Luke here stay tied up all night.” Both Keith and Leon replied with a “yes, we would Mr. Baker.” With that I quickly shoved the socks back into my dad’s mouth, from behind the gag he said “come on!” I retied the tie around his eyes and replied to him “nope, like you said dad were as bad as real robbers.” After that all of us went to bed.

We were all so excited to start tickling my dad again we barely slept. We woke up at about seven and crept into his room, he was asleep and snoring slightly. We all went back to the positions we had last night, and like the night before, counting down from three we all started tickling. The tickling suddenly shocked dad awake and he remembered the predicament he was in. Even worse he realised that we could tickle him all day with no interruptions. Keith and Leon’s parents weren’t coming to pick them up till later tonight and mum still wasn’t going to be home for a couple of days. We tickled him non-stop till 5pm that evening; we used all that time to use each and every one of the tickling tools over and over again. We also switched places so we each had a chance to tickle a different part of my dad.

After about an hour into it something happened we weren’t sure if it happened last night because of how dark it was, and I didn’t remember happening the first time I tickled my dad. Dad got an erection, or as Keith put it back then “oi! Danny your dad’s doodle looks like he needs to pee.” And pee dad did about 2 hours later but we still didn’t stop the tickling, nor did his ‘doodle’ soften. Back then I had no idea what that meant but now I do.

When it came to five pm we decided it was time to stop. Dad was really wet from sweat not to mention from how he’d pissed himself. We untied him and he slowly got up, he was no doubt tired from the 9 hours of uninterrupted tickling. He looked at us and smiled and said “you cheeky little robbers.” We laughed and then he told us to go and play. Over the next couple of hours we played with the toys in my room, while my dad had a shower and changed the sheets on his bed, and had many well deserved drinks of water.

By eight o’clock both Keith and Leon’s parents had come to pick them up. As we were waving bye to Leon my dad asked me if, I had fun while the boys stayed over, I replied with a “oh yeah, you had fun too didn’t you dad, I guessed from all the laughing you did.” Dad closed the front door turned around picked me up and carried me over his shoulder to his bedroom saying, “that’s right you cheeky little robber. And now I’m going to have more fun by getting myself a little revenge.” I laughed a bit and said “awww no, come on dad.” He replied “nope, as a police officer I am putting you under arrest.”

He dropped me on my stomach onto his bed and pulled my arms behind my back and tied them together. He then flipped me over onto my back and dragged my legs over to the bottom edge of the bed. He pulled my feet so that they were sticking over the edge he then pulled of my shoes and socks then tied my feet together. He then tied my toes back to the bed frame just like I had and said “it’s time for dad to get a little revenge on you Danny-boy.” He smiled and put on a fake villainous laugh. I shrieked “no!” and started laughing even before he had started to tickle me. Dad held up the hairbrush I had use so torturously on him over the last day. Dad tickled me all over my feet with all the different the different toys I had used on him. He tickled me for almost exactly one hour before he stopped. It was the worst tickle torture he had given me so far, but it still was not as bad as how I had tickled him.

Mum came home a few days later and life pretty went much went back to normal. I made sure to try and convince dad to play cops and robbers as much as possible. We would probably get the chance to play one or two times a month, but thankfully they always ended with one of us getting tickled.

I gladly put up with when dad would tickle me, just for the chance to tickle him made it all worth it. It was about a year later that I started to get too old for playing games like cops and robbers, and getting too old to play games with my dad. The sad thing about his meant I lost an excuse for tickling him on a regular basis.

But the good news was that even though I would probably never play cops and robbers again, it was not the last time I would ever get to tickle my dad like I had before.