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My Brother's Feet
by kleinwarrior

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When I was younger, I used to sniff my brother's feet every time he came home to take a nap in the TV room after having lunch.

He always took his shoes off and put his black-socked feet on a small stool near the sofa. I pretended I was watching TV and approached his smelly feet to sniff his strong aroma that made me very horny.

One day he woke up and realized what I was doing and took me to his bedroom and forced me to suck his cock. I just loved to do that. It was not my first cocksucking. I had learned to do it sucking father John at the church next home, where I helped with the mass. Father John taught me a lot of good fuck things and he always asked me to sniff and lick his feet. I liked very much the raunchy smell of his socks and feet. That's the reason why I wanted to smell my brother's feet.

When my brother was about to come he took his cock out of my mouth and came on the carpet. Then he ordered me to suck his cock clean. The taste was sweeter than father John's cum and I liked it better. My brother realized I had some previous experience on that matter and he told me: Don't tell anybody about this and we can do it many more times.

I said ok.

From that day on we used to fuck every afternoon, when there was not anyone at home. We established a routine. He arrived, had lunch and went for a rest on the sofa, putting his feet on the stool. I approached and started to smell and kiss his feet. Then I took his black socks off and licked his feet and suck his toes. It was delicious.

He started to wear the same socks for several days and the smell was strong and very masculine. I adored those smelly feet. Then we went to his bedroom and he fucked hard until he came in my ass. Of course he asked me to suck his thick cock and even to lick his balls and his hairy arse. I just loved the smell and the taste of his asshole.

Sometimes before he fucked me he licked my asshole too. One of the best body sensations is to feel a tongue licking your ass. And there is not anything better than to kiss, lick, suck and bite your man's body: the mouth, the armpits, the cock, the balls, the asshole and the feet. Every one of these spots has it's own taste and aroma. I just love all of them. My brother and me continued to fuck until I had to move to another town.

Once in a month father John visited me and we had a lot of fucking fun.