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I Meet Keith's Brother: Part 1
by Bbyronbyrn0

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The time had come, said Keith to show off all of his hard work.

I was ready, after being placed at Keith's feet for one month of some serious training I was considered ready to be presented to his brother Jim for proper slave duties. I was given a warning from Keith that if I embarrass him in any way by being less than a perfect slave he would make sure that I was sorry for my actions and he would make my life miserable, and it would last for rest of my miserable life. Keith then grabbed me by my shirt and took hold of me, and in his commanding voice ordered me to follow him-like I had any choice in the matter. We were going to Keith's house to meet his brother Jim, Keith saw that I was eager to meet his brother-he kept telling me you just wait, just wait-fagot, my brother is going to take a lot of pleasure in having a personal slave, you will only have to be his foot slave (maybe???)-Keith snickered wickedly as he dragged me alongside like a dog.

The journey from the school to his house was not long, but with the terror/dread that Keith put in me in meeting his so called sadistic brother-I no longer was eager to get together with him. I guess I dragged my feet a little, because Keith who had me by my shirt told me to speed it up, and stop wasting time or else he would knock me out ,and carry me like a sack of potatoes and place me over his broad shoulder- we then went to see his brother. I kept up with Keith, and any thoughts of wasting his precious time were out the window-Keith meant business and I knew it, I could see it in his face.

We arrived at the house, and Keith just walked right in, of course it was his house. His brother Jim was in the rear of the house in the unused room that he and Keith had changed into a personal weight room; where the brothers could work on their muscles and make them even bigger, like they needed to do that-they already looked like MR. Universe in those ads with muscles exploding on top of other muscles. Hey, weakling-called Keith and Jim came to meet his brother, I could not believe it- Keith called Jim a weakling, my god Jim was far from a weakling but then again compared to Keith everyone was a weakling. Jim just getting done with his workout was covered with sweat and he looked spiteful-but what was new, and because he was interrupted (even by Keith) he was in a pissed off mood, and believe me you do not want to be by Jim when he is in a foul mood, he is bad enough when he is in a good mood-but a foul mood only meant TROUBLE with a capital T, and Jim was going to express himself later.

As Jim reached his brother I noticed a look of utter disgust on his face as he asked his brother, what the hell did you bring this faggot in our house for? And who do you think you are Keith interrupting my workout said Jim. First of all little brother said Keith- this so called faggot is here for our pleasure, and second and don't forget this mom might have brought you in this world, but I can take you out; so watch your tongue bro-remember though I always will love you, you're my bro. I was caught up in the tender moment when all of a sudden I feel a sharp pain in my gut, Keith had punched me, not real hard but hard enough to make me bend over.

Keith said now that you are already half way down to my feet you mine as well get all the way down there and start kissing my feet-I want my brother to witness how pathetic of a loser you are (slave boy). I got close to his feet and started to pucker up, and Jim started to laugh and ridicule me, telling his brother that he did not believe him at first; he did not believe that someone would debase himself by kissing the feet of someone else, but now that I see it with my own eyes, I have to say that it is a little bizarre but amazing at the same time. Keith told Jim that I knew by now that I better kiss his foot; that is if I knew what was good for me. I have to admit something though said Keith; the foot slave must have some brains because it only took him a few beatings before he realized who the boss was, both brothers seemed to find enjoyment in the fact that I knew I was their foot slave, and any resistance on my part would only end up with a single outcome-With me getting a pounding by the brothers.

There I was lying at the feet of the two brothers feeling helpless, but yet it was erotic at the same time. Unfortunately, Jim had seen my cock get hard, as he saw a bulge in my pants- and he took full verbal abuse of that fact. Jim told his brother Keith that I must like being down there at their feet, because my cock got hard, Master Jim then put his foot close to my face, only to see me struggle, while wanting secretly to have him to put that sock on my face, at least he was unaware that I wanted his stocking foot on my face-or was he?? The reason why I ask this question is because he loved to tease, as Jim would put his foot close to my face only to jerk it away at the last second telling me; not yet fag (as I moaned in pain and he simply laughed at my dilemma). Jim then would slap my throbbing cock and tell me how much better he and his brother were than me.

I could not believe that Keith was letting Jim walk all over me (literally) yet, Jim was Keith's brother, and maybe Keith wanted his brother to enjoy having a foot Slave. Jim was keeping himself amused by seeing that he was in complete control of my actions, and at any time if I disappointed him I would be as Jim said "TORTURED" (until he was laughing at my situation and put back in a good mood), he was one sadistic/brutal master. Keith whispered something to his brother, and before I knew it Jim who was laughing at me, had a scowl/smirk on his face. Keith wanted Jim to command me to get on all fours, and when I acted in accordance with Jims command, I felt a sharp pain on my back-it was Jim getting on my back and acting like a cowboy or some western dude. Yet, as soon as Jim mounted me-he got off, Keith was confused to say the least and asked his little brother what was the matter. The back of the fag is too slippery; I keep falling off. We can take care of that said Keith as he looked at me with those eyes that were merciless and seemed to burn a hole right through you. Take off that fag shirt roared Keith, or else I will take it off for you-one way or the other. (The shirt might have been slippery to Jim because it was made out of silk).

I took off my shirt carefully so that it would not wrinkle, and as soon as I took of my shirt and laid it on the ground Jim came over and with his stocking foot and grinded my shirt to the floor, then he had Keith give my shirt a nice football kick/punt-my shirt sailed in the air from one end of the house to the other (so much for wrinkles). Jim started to mount me again, and making himself comfortable by grinding his ass in my back like a saddle, Oh this is much better now without that stupid fag shirt always getting in my way said Jim. Jim wanted me to move forward so he gave me the command "giddy up", but I was stationary. That means start moving forward dumb ass said Jim as he kicked me in my sides with his beefy size 11's to get me moving, I had gone straight for about 6 steps when all of a sudden I feel a foot smacking across my face (signaling me to turn right).

I went 4 steps and Jim took his left heel and buried it in my neck forcing me to the ground, which in turn forced me to stop dead in my tracks. Jim then got off me, as he gazed down at me, and told me that I was one weakling that he planned to dominate and there was not one damn thing I could do about it. Jim then took his stocking foot and kicked me squarely in the rib cage: he was burying his foot under my ribs (rib cage), and then he (Jim) did the unthinkable that Keith never even did-he flipped me over on my back using his stocking foot under my ribs for leverage. I was surprised that he just flipped me like fish on a grill; he could have injured my ribs, but one difference between Keith and Jim was that Keith cared if he hurt you, and Jim didn't give a damn.

I knew this only because Jim kept looking down at me with those stares of his that said-look at you at my feet bitch, and you are one helpless and a pitiful weakling at that. I was informed by Jim that I had to do whatever he commanded me to do, and if I hesitated-even for a brief moment, or if I did not do the job correctly or complained like all fags do-I would be bitch slapped with the front of his foot, or better yet he said he might try some of his karate moves out on my faggot ass, he just started karate class so he might give me a few wild kicks but according to Jim, it was a privilege just to be in his presence, never mind absorb his wild kicks with my fag body-he would not take it easy on me like his brother (Keith) did. Jim was younger than his brother Keith but he was one sadistic bastard. Keith, who had been quiet the entire time that his younger brother was telling me off, finally spoke up- he is going to come to my defense, I thought (fat chance).

Keith mentioned to his brother that it was a Friday night and he had a date with his girlfriend; I cannot stay at home and watch this poor excuse for a lump of flesh-so I was wondering bro if you could do me a small favor? Anything for you Jim said to his brother. I knew that I could count on you said Keith, anyways it seems as though you have everything in hand here, or should I say in foot, both brothers thought that was amusing and laughed hysterically . I should only be out for about 5-6 hours 7 tops said Keith, do not worry bro, when you come back this foot fag will be so happy to see you, he will beg to be at your size 14 feet, said Jim. Just don't kill him Jim; we want the bitch around a little while longer. Don't we??? Asked Keith. Oh, he will be okay if he follows my commands said Jim. Let me do one thing before I leave said Keith, let me look at him and give him his last rites, Keith looked down at me and gave me some sound advice, "Don't piss my brother off, and follow all his commands (to the letter) and maybe just maybe he will let you live".

With those words of advice from Keith the door shut behind him, and Jim was ready to be amused. Since I was in the proper position as Jim had so properly put it; I was on my back and in front of the oversized chair that was positioned near the television, and ready to service the feet of my new Master- Master Jim. Jim had sore feet after his work out and wanted me to give his feet that special massage that he heard from his older brother that I do so well. I told him that I could give him the massage he asked for but there was one problem, and that was I could not see television and one other thing I said be careful with the foul words coming out of your mouth. Jim flew into an uncontrollable rage; his veins on his neck looked like they were going to burst, and his face turned the color of a stop sign (beet red), I thought to myself what the hell had I done.

Jim, after taking a few deep breaths began to regain his natural color, and the veins in his neck were not so intense, but he still had that look of rage in his eyes as he screamed at my helpless body that lay underneath his beefy feet. Jim made it specifically clear and in no uncertain terms that I was to be under his feet and for me not to even I repeat not to even consider watching television; television viewing by me was not to be permitted; the only thing I could watch as Jim had put it was four things:

1. The bottom of his soles
2. The bottom of his socks
3. The dirt on the bottom of his bare feet
4. The bare soles of his bare feet

On the second part of my complaint Jim told me that he would speak any way he damn well pleased, and who gave you a lowly fag permission to speak to a Godly Master like me in first f***place? I knew better than answer him; I would only get a mouth full of foot/ or bitch slapped-the question was rhetorical anyways. I do not know how it happened, no I lie-every time I was under the feet of Master Jim my penis began to get excited and would stand at attention. It would not have been so bad, but Master Jim noticed that I was getting goofy as he put it, and whenever Master Jim rubbed his feet on me, especially when he rubbed my penis with his foot -he was in absolute control. He loved to see me get so keyed up that I almost blew my load every time he would tease me with his feet.

But he enjoyed taking his foot away and watching me scream in pain, as he knew he was the master and controlled my every move.