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Four Ticklish Brothers, Part 2: Dad Punished
by Anonymous

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When we last met the Summers Family, single father Joe had his four ticklish sons tied to his bed and gave them a dose of unrelenting tickle torture for misbehaving and not following his instructions.

They deserved it to be quite frank and remembered that torture for some time. They knew that one day they would get their father back and give him a taste of his own cruel medicine.

As a refresher, Joe Summers the father was a built guy and moderately handsome. At 6'3'', 43 years old, Joe had smooth jet black hair and a muscular frame. He was a jock, always has been since high school. He passed his athletic tendencies down to his four sons. The oldest Dale, 22, was 6' with dark black hair, stunning blue eyes, toned body, and delicious sweet size 12 stinky feet. Dale was an avid soccer fan and was a skilled soccer player, agile and fast. At college, he received a full scholarship to play on the soccer team. He was intimidating on the field, but a charming and lovable guy when not playing.

Next came Justin, age 20, who was the tallest of the brothers at 6'3''. He had short brown hair and blue eyes and was overly muscular. He was quite built with commanding biceps and formidable legs. Taking the title of strongest and tallest, he also had size 14 feet which were long and lean and the largest out of all the brothers. Last of all, came twins Nick and Nathan who were recent High School graduates at 18 years a pop. Nick was a gorgeous lad, 5'11'' with size 11.5 feet. He was an avid runner and had really toned abs. Nathan was 5'10'' and had meaty size 11 feet. Nathan was one of the prettiest guys in his class. He was model pretty and everyone wishes they were as attractive as him. Both twins had dark brown hair and very light, icy blue eyes.

All four boys, as well as their father Joe, had an intense ticklishness gene. Joe was one of the most ticklish guys around and growing up with brothers, he remembers being held down and tickled for what felt like forever. His worst spot were his really tender and meaty size 15 soles. His brothers growing up could make Joe do anything they wanted, by merely stroking the bottoms of his feet. He passed down this ultra-sensitive ticklishness to all of his four sons, which was unfortunate for all involved. After being severely disciplined by their father, the four Summers boys were itching to get their father back, a dish best served with some unrelenting tickle torture. They knew they had to wait for the absolute right moment to strike. It was a Saturday afternoon, close to 4pm and Joe had been at his construction site all day. His sons felt that once he came home, tired and sweaty, that maybe just maybe, it would be the perfect time to show their father who really was boss.

It was nearing 5pm; Dale, Justin, Nick and Nathan sat in their living room and when they heard a car door slam, they jumped with from their seats with excitement for what was in store. As the front door slid open, their unsuspecting father was about to be in for the surprise of his life.

"Boys?", asked Joe, not seeing any of them upstairs. "Are you guys here?"

All of a sudden, Joe's vision blackened, he couldn't see a thing. All he knew was that a black hood was forced onto his head as he struggled to get away but his limbs were being held back and he was forced to succumb to what was occurring. The mask was coated with a powder that Joe soon ingested. He felt his body grow noticeably weaker as he felt more tired. After a few minutes of futile struggling, Joe fell into a slumber as he collapsed into the arms of, what he would soon find out to be, his eager sons.
. . .
The room was dark. When Joe had awoke, he was groggy at first but soon became startled as he discovered his current state. He was tied, spread eagle on his bed. Joe made several attempts to break the restraints, but to no avail; point blank, he was stuck and was not going to escape what was coming. "Hey what is this? Let me out of here! Whoever you guys are, you are gonna pay" Joe hollered and hammered, desperate to get out.

Joe noticed that he was no longer in his work clothes. He was tied on the bed in nothing but his plaid boxer shorts, but he felt his socks and boots still firmly planted on his feet. "Where did my clothes go? Come on you fuckers, let me out of here!". Dale, Justin, Nick and Nathan all stood in the next room, anxious to reveal themselves and the plan of revenge that they would dish out to their father, their once torturer of them. Collectively, the boys knew it was time and they proceeded to enter the room.

"Hello, father" Dale spoke sarcastically.

"Hey what the fuck!! What are you guys doing? Let me out NOW!" Joe demanded of his sons.

"Not gonna happen dad" Nick said. "Yah, no way. We have plans of our own" Nathan chimed in.

Justin spoke up, "Well dad, what is one thing you hate most of all and never want done to you?"

A look of horror flashed across Joe's face, but he tried to maintain his composure as the rational adult in the room. "Uh I don't know what you are possibly talking about."

"Remember how you punished us a few weeks ago?" Dale assertively said. His eyebrows went up and down as he gave his father a look of 'you're fucked'.

"No noo you guys wouldn't dare. I am your father, and I am telling you to let me out now!" Joe attempted to assert his dominance as father, but to lost ears.

All of the boys were stoked to start the fun. They had waited for this moment for a while. Finally, a chance to get back at him for years of tickle torment and more recently, the brutal punishment of tickling. It was finally that time where all that suffering would be worth it. "Where should we start?" Justin got the group on track.

"THE FEET" All of the boys uttered at once. They knew that his big ole lean, long soles were Joe's most ticklish spot and were itching to get their hands on him. "Look at you dad, you look so pathetic with your little feetsies all tied up and sticking out, just waiting to be tickle tortured beyond possibility" Nick said in a sadistic tone. The boys paced back and forth at the foot of the bed as Joe nervously sweat it out.

All of a sudden, Dale grabbed his father's left construction boot and removed it, unleashing an unbearable foul odor. "Geez, woo these smell beyond horrid. Phew, you got some realllyyy stinky feet there dad. These are so wretched," Nick toyed with his father. "Yeah we'll just start with the left foot" Justin said. "This foot deserves a nice, long and good tickling for this putrid smell" said Nathan. And with a sudden swift, all four boys began scratching their father's poor sole. "HAHAHAHAHAAHAH NOOOOO PLEASEE AAHAAH YOU CAN'T. AHAHA PLEASE." Nick and Nathan furiously attacked his socked toes, while the older boys tortured the arch and heel of the foot. "Hmm..how about we remove this beautiful little sock we got here?" said Justin.

"Nooo anything no. Not the sock. Anything but the sock. I beg of you."

Nick chimed in. "Well we'll let you keep a sock, but we are taking this other boot off." Nathan quickly yanked off Joe's other shoe, exposing another helpless target for unrelenting fingers. And with that, another smelly stench permeated the room as the shoe was removed.

"These are gross. God" Nick said, as he walked over to his father's face and stuck the boot to his nose. "Smell that? How does that stink smell to you? Huh? Huh? Pretty bad. Haha, you're pathetic. And you call yourself the man of the house." The boys were loving this torment.

"Come on it smells, get this out of here" Joe uttered.
"Sorry dad, this is YOUR stench that you are inhaling, don't get mad at us for sweating up a storm." Justin added.

Dale, at the foot of the bed, began removing Joe's left sock. "Lets compare socked feet to bare feet tickling, shall we?" Dale laughed.

"There we go, look at that nice big, bare beautiful sole, just waiting for some good tickling," said Nathan. Then all boys went at it, two on his left bare foot, and two on his right smelly socked foot, targeting all over, especially the arch and toes. "AHAHA NO GOD NO..IT TICKLES SO SO MUCH RAHHHHAHAHH STAAAHAHHHPPPP" Joe pleaded.

"You can beg, shout, hoot and holler all you want pops, but we aren't stopping. We begged but you kept on going and so will we." Nick was ferociously attacking his father's bare arch and heel. The boys all of a sudden stopped, after what felt like forever. "Well he really stuck it to us, but I think we each should get a turn individually tickling him and then we will all attack his whole body" Nick suggested to the group. Joe's face was horrified because he knew his torture was far from over. And with that, everyone left the room besides the eldest boy, Dale.

"Well dad, it’s just you and me!" Dale manically laughed.

"Come on Dale, be the reasonable one here. You boys deserved that punishment, I don't. Just let me go and we'll call it a day" Joe tried to reason with Dale.

"Nope, sorry dad. You have to pay for what you did." And with that, Dale decided to remove his running shoes to reveal a sweaty, damp socked foot. He removed his black ankle sock and got a whiff, "Boy this reaks. You should give it a whiff." Dale proceeded to lay his damp sock upon Joe's nose. "Ugh Yuck get this off me."

Before Joe could react, Dale began to attack his bare and socked foot yet again. "How does that feel Dad, huh? Huh, you like it? Yah, I think you like it!"


"Oh, the toes?"

"NOOOOOO ANYWHERE BUT MY TOES!!" He begged, screamed for relief, but none was given.

"Poor dad, I didn't know you got such ticklish little tootsies. Who would have thought a big man like you would crumble with a little tickling. This little piggy went to the market..." Dale was really teasing and playing with Joe.


"This little piggy misbehaved.....and this little piggy is gonna get to see his friends!!" With that, Dale yanked off Joe' other sock on his right foot. "There we go, now no barrier stopping the torture."

"Poooooooorrr little toesies, they are oh so very ticklish" Dale was laughing.


After several minutes of a brutal assault of all ten toes, Dale begin to lightly tickle Joe's legs. Joe was laughing hysterically as he was stuck in a vast pit of despair in tickle hell.

Dale left the room and Justin entered. "Well Dad, it’s my turn! Some good one-on-one tickling just you and me!!!" Justin was very excited to dish out more torture to his helpless and pathetic father.

"Aww look at you now, tied up, in your boxers, bare feet exposed, your whole body exposed for that matter. Where should I tickle you??" Justin rhetorically said aloud.

"Noo don't Justin, come on. I'll give you more allowance if you just untie me."

But no bribe could ever replace the power Justin had on his father as well as replace the sheer enjoyment he was getting at seeing his father at his mercy. Justin removed his dress shoes he had on and took off his long, dark brown dress socks, tied them together and tied them around Joe's nose so he was forced to breathe in the raunchy mansweat and stank of his middle son. Justin then straddled his father's waist and began digging in to his sides and ribs.


"Oh you're ticklish on your sides? Isn't that so??"


"Hmm..nah this is too fun!" Justin tortured Joe and made his scream and squirm like a pig in the restraints as he tried to escape Justin's menacing fingers, but the tickle torture on his sides continued. "I want an apology from you. Tell me you are sorry and you deserve this."


"I'm waiting father!"


"Say you are a bad little boy hehe" Justin was loving it.


"Ok, I'll stop tickling .....your sides!!" Justin then attacked Joe's thighs which was an exceptionally sweet spot.


"Look at the little baby, so ticklish everywhere. How sad" Justin mercilessly tickled Joe, alternating between his tender thighs, as well as juicy ribs and sides. Joe was nearly pissing himself. "Wow dad, I did not know your whole body was ticklish too!" Justin then proceeded to stop and left the room as the twins Nick&Nathan now entered the room.

"DOUBLE TROUBLE" they both yelled. "You are getting it dad," said Nathan. "Expect no Mercy" said Nick.

Nick attacked Joe's hairy, sweaty, and stinky armpits as Nathan returned to his father's tootsies.


"I think you are thoroughly enjoying this dad! Huh, aren't you?" Nathan teased.


Nick chimed in, "Yeah you made us tell you how much we loved it. You should do the same. Come on, Beg for more or we will be here tickling you all week." The twins had the biggest smirks on their face.

Joe saw no other option and hated that he was in this position, but he had to oblige. "AHAHAH OK I LIKE IT. I REALLY LIKE IT. I LOVE GETTING TICKLED BY MY SONS AHAHAHAH STOPPP AHHAHAHA PLEASE TICKLE ME MORE AHAHAHA "

"Well if you insist" Nathan loved it. "Justin, Dale, come on. Dad wants MORE!" Nick shouted out to his other brothers. Now all four boys were in the room.

"You haven't had nearly enough yet dad, but um wait, I think this is wrong" Justin said. "Yeah, we can still hear you!" Justin laughed. As Joe pleaded desperately, Nick and Nathan each removed their shoes and took off their stinky long white tube socks and tied one of each of theirs together and stuck it in Joe's mouth as he was forced to taste and lick the damp sweaty and unbearably smelly socks of his youngsters. Nick had an idea.

"Ok, so Justin attack his feet, especially his toes. Dale, get his armpits and ribs. Nathan you get his sides, thighs, and legs. And I'll stick my feet in his face!" Nick suggested.

And with his instructions the boys went to mission as Joe began screaming beyond belief through his sweaty sockgag. Only muffled sounds could be heard. Nick's sweaty moist and smooth soles were pressed all over Joe's face, an extremely embarrassing sight. After a few minutes of using Joe's face as his footstool, Nick joined the boys and now, eight hands were serving their father the largest and most torturous dose of tickle torture any one could ever imagine.


This went on for hours. Joe just sat there, helpless, and humiliated to be in his underwear in front of his sons, have socks taped to his nose, socks stuffed in his mouth as a gag. All of this was emasculating. Joe just sat there as the torture got worse and worse. He didn't know which spot was the worst, but he knew that every inch of his body was causing a reaction that he couldn't take.

"I'm hungy" Nick said.

"Yeah let's take a short break" Nathan added.

"Poor sap, we'll be back and expect more torture, even worse" Justin and Dale nodded.

As the boys left, Joe just sat there completely humiliated in his boxers as he struggled and squirmed to break the ropes. He couldn't. As his tormentors were getting out of distance, Joe was left to lay there....waiting for the horrible torture that awaited him once they return.