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Soft Pedicured Feet
by ShowMeSoles

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I'm not sure what it was that drew my eyes to him.

Was it that he also had pedicured toes? Was it the simple silver bands around two of his toes? Was it the fact that he wiggled his toes and smiled at me when I knew I was caught? That was probably it.

He was a medium build and had short-cropped blond hair. His blue eyes seemed to pop, even in the darker interior of the coffee shop. Quite a contrast from my very long black hair and dark brown eyes. And his smirk. That knowing smirk. His cargo shorts were showing off his muscular calves, and leather flip flops adorned his smooth tan feet. I couldn't see any roughness on his heels.

He went back to waiting in line inside the coffee shop, while I glanced and tried not to stare from my seat at an outside table. He ordered and turned to the door.

"A to-go order..." I thought to myself. "I would liked to have watched his feet while he sipped his coffee."

As I dismissed the prospect and turned my attention back to my laptop, I took another sip of the delicious hot mocha. Even on such a hot day as this, I loved the stuff. Deliciously chocolately, warm, soothing...

Before I knew what was happening, he was standing next to the empty seat across from me.

"Is this seat taken?"

I figured he needed the chair to sit at a full table with his friends. "No, go right ahead." Maybe I'd get to watch his feet, after all.

He took the seat. I mean, he sat down in it. Right there. At my table. He looked at me with that same smirk. I was so surprised, I wasn't sure of what to do. Consequently, he took the initiative.

"Hi. My name is James." He extended his hand.

I smiled, closed my laptop without a second thought, and extended my own hand. "Hi, James. I'm Allen."

"Hi, Allen. Good to meet you." He held on to my hand, leaned in, and whispered, "I know what you were looking at."

My arm turned to jelly, and I nearly stammered, but I quickly recovered. My own knowing smirk took over my expression, and I playfully replied, "Why, whatever do you mean?"

His eyes slowly trailed to the side of the table, over which, I knew he could see my own soft pedicured feet resting in the adjacent seat. He met my look again. "I'm pretty new around here, and I'd love to learn the area, just not in a touristy way. Let's see where our -feet- take us, shall we?" he suggested with raised eyebrows.

I couldn't believe my luck. "Let's!" I smiled as big as I could and added an emphatic nod of my head. My laptop was already closed, so I slipped it into my satchel, gulped the rest of my cooling mocha, and stood. "My car is right around the corner."

"Lead on." We walked the half block to the parking garage and up the steps to the level on which I had parked., chatting about things any metropolitan men would chat about. Some of the latest movies, any games we'd played recently, and the state of affairs in the government.

Once we both settled into my car, we started off to have a look around the city. All the while, his bare feet had found their way out of his sandals and were resting, or rather unresting, in my lap. Every once in a while, he would raise one of those feet and tease my nipples. He was driving me crazy. Driving, paying attention to where we were, and pointing out some of the best places to eat (the most important thing to know when you're new in town) was a difficult task, to say the least.

Finally, at a point I thought I was going to break down and just beg to play with those feet, he brought it to a close and slipped his feet back into his sandals. "I took the bus to the coffee shop. Would you mind taking me back to my place?"

We pulled into the parking area, and I was about to ask about exchanging some contact information. Why don't you come inside and relax for a bit? I've got some chilled wine that is going to go to waste if I don't have someone to drink it with."

"I'd love to," I replied and followed him to his apartment. It was fairly clean, except for a few packing boxes yet to be opened. Odds and ends, really. Books, pictures, a box simply labeled, "Fragile."

"How long have you been here?" I asked as my fingers traced the edges of the boxes.

He answered from the kitchen, where I could hear him pulling the bottle of wine from a chiller, "About two weeks. Still unpacking." Soon, he returned with the chilled bottle and two stemmed glasses. "Have a seat."

I took my seat while he poured the wine, and we eash took a sip from our glasses. Sweet, white, intoxicating. "God, I love sweet wines."

He chuckled. "Me, too." He slid a bit further away and leaned against the arm of the couch. His sandals stayed on the floor as his feet ascended and planted themselves in my lap.

"Fuck the wine. I want your feet in my mouth," I exclaimed as I slid off the couch and knelt at his propped-up feet.

"I was hoping you would say that." He took another sip of wine as my face buried itself into his fleshy soles. The scent was divine. I moaned and salivated. My hungry tongue was eager to taste, but I held off for a moment. I nuzzled his soles as he moved them around a little against my face. I pushed my nose between his toes and sniffed as if life itself were in that very eminating scent. I couldn't believe how soft his feet felt against my skin.

Like a dam bursting forth from too much pressure, and tongue, and desire, burst forth, lapping like a starved puppy at his salty soles. His deep, loud moan let me know my tongue was doing wonders for him, too. As my tongue rasped along, up and down his soles, he alternately wrinkled and relaxed his soles for my exploring tongue. His moaning became more consistant, my breathing more ragged. I knew I was extremely aroused, and I could only speculate that he was, too.

After a few minutes, he sat up. "Let's get a little more comfortable." We downed the rest of the wine from our glasses, and I followed his lead into his bedroom. He began undressing, and I, again, followed his lead. He was down to nothing when he climbed onto the bed. As I finished undressing, he had put pillows at each end of the bed and was already reclined at the head. I took my place at the foot of the bed and allowed myself to sink into the matress on my back.

Soon, his left leg was resting on my chest, and his beautiful sole was scooting toward my face. I couldn't wait, so I grabbed his ankle with my left hand and pulled. My right hand was pushing his toes toward me, scrunching his sole into a gorgeous bed of soft wrinkled foot flesh. My tongue began its assault again.

In no time at all, his moans and his delicious sole had my cock throbbing. It was bumping against his knee on my stomach. I was so aroused, I was leaving drops of pre-cum on his knee. His left foot pulled away from my mouth, and he switched positions to begin cramming his right sole against my foot-hungry face. As I devoured that foot, licking up and down his beautiful sole, sucking his toes, licking that sensitive space between his toes, I felt his left foot descend upon and apply pressure to my leaking cock.

"Oh, god!" I pulled my face back only briefly enough to exclaim this. His soft toes were strumming the sweet spot just under the glans, the ball of his foot squeezed just below that, his arch cradled the rest of my cock, and his heel rested just above my balls. His soft foot was stimulating my entire cock, and I was already so close to exploding.

His left toes were getting coated in my pre-cum while his right toes were getting coated in my saliva. I slurped and licked and kissed and nibbled all over his sole. I even founf some nicely ticklish spots with my teeth.

I discovered that he, too, was panting as he asked, "Do you want my feet to make you cum?"

I moaned my affirmation and smashed my mouth into his sole, licking like my life depended on it. I was getting so close, my hips were bucking. I tried not to move too much, I didn't want him to slip off for even a moment. Tormented! My cock was beginning to ache from my arousal and impending orgasm. I whimpered.

Then, the closer. I felt his fingernails slowly raking both of my soles. It tickled like crazy, but it sent lightning bolts directly to my penis. I smashed my face even harder into his sole and lustfully slathered my tongue on any foot flesh I could get it on. I let go of his ankle and toyed with my own nipples, stroking and pinching them as my orgasm completely shook my being.

I groaned and cried out into his spit-shined sole flesh. I felt my cock head getting hypersensitive as gush after gush of cum spurted out onto my stomach. His soft toes continuing to strum across the most sensitive part of my dick were simply driving me crazy. Even after the cum stopped, I kept my face in that saliva-soaked sole flesh and grabbed his left foot, squashing it harder against my spent cock. His toes were flexing and curling, still stimulating. It was too much, but I didn't want it to stop. He obviously sensed my desire as he continued torturing my cock head with his cum-splattered toes as my body shook beneath him.

When I finally let go, my face still craved his foot, but he pulled it away. My eyes had clamped shut at some point. Soon, I felt both of his feet planted on my stomach directly in the pool of my cum. He was swishing his toes around in it, wiping his feet in it. He kept this up until it was mostly dry, having massaged my cum into both my stomach and his gorgeous soft soles.

"That was so much fun watching my feet get you so excited. I haven't had a man at my feet in a very long time. It's nice knowing my feet can still turn a guy on." He was being modest, I knew. I'm sure he was quite well aware of how attractive his feet were. "Now, get a bit cleaned up. It's my turn next. Your feet feel really soft, and I'm about ready to fuck them." There was that smirk again. He reached over the side of the bed, and I saw him pulling up some leather restraints. I knew we were going to have a fun- and foot-filled evening.

I could already feel my cock stirring to erection at the thought.