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My Big Brother's Best Friends
by Joel Slave

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Well first let me give you some background information.

My name's Joel and I'm 18. My older brother - his name is Jamie - is six years older than me. Apparently after my parents had him, they tried IVF for years before they finally had me, which explains the odd age gap. Anyway, my brother's pretty much the complete opposite of me. He has medium length dirty blonde hair, which he keeps held back with a headband since he's usually sweaty from the gym, as opposed to my cropped, dark brown hair.

He's very tall, he towers over me at 6"6. Finally he's a fitness freak! He's always at the gym if not following some crazy diet to put on muscle, not that he needs anymore! This is a vast contrast to my weedy, short frame. Oh and finally - and probably most importantly - he has some killer size 13 feet, which I have been obsessed with since I was a little kid.

So down to the main story. It all started one day in the holidays when our parents were going up to the mountains for the weekend on their honeymoon. They left early Friday morning and were scheduled to return late Sunday night. I woke up that morning feeling great. It was about eleven and my parent's had already left. My brother, as per usual, was at the gym. I slipped into his room and crouched on the floor. I pulled out his laundry basket from under the bed and sorted through it before finding a nice pair of white socks. They were stained on the bottoms and moulded to accommodate his size 13s. I walked back across to my room and pulled open the bottom drawer of my closet. Inside were numerous pairs of his dirty socks and used underwear. I took the new pair of socks and took a deep sniff. Damn, that was good!

I knew some people might say what I was doing was wrong but I was addicted to my brother and I just couldn't feel guilty about that. For the thousandth time I wondered what would happen if he ever found out about my secret hoard and fetish. I shook the feeling off and went downstairs. I rifled through the shoe basket until I found Jamie's very well-used running shoes. I buried my face in them and inhaled deeply. My cock was throbbing by this point and I thought I'd better relieve myself when the front door opened. I dropped Jamie's shoes in terror just as the man in question walked in. I quickly pretended I was looking for my slippers.

'Hey bro,' He said as he threw his sweaty gym towel at me, jokingly.

'Ew! Gross!' I yelled, with fained disgust. In truth I LOVED having his sweat all over me.

'Take that up to my laundry basket, would ya?' He said.

'Yeah of course.' I replied. I revelled the opportunity to serve my brother in any way and him being older meant he was naturally dominant anyway.

Once I returned downstairs I saw Jamie in the living room, socked feet resting on the coffee table. My heart skipped a beat and I had to quickly sit down next to him to hide my growing erection.

'Ahh, man I'm aching!' Jamie complained.

'Hahaa, how come?' I asked.

'A straight hour on the running machine!' He told me, enthusiastically. Then: 'Hey dude, can you just rub my feet for a sec? They're killing me.'

My heart hammered violently against my ribcage. Was he serious? I glanced at his feet. There were brown marks on the soles of his socks and I could practically see the warmth radiating from them. I had sometimes wondered if my brother knew about my unnatural obsession with him and his feet especially. No, he couldn't possibly.

'No man, that's rank!' I said, terrified of him somehow finding out my terrible secret. Not to mention the huge erection I was sure to get. I mean normal guys don't give their brother's sweaty feet a massage, right?

I kind of hoped he'd insist but he was already holding his cell to his ear, having forgotten about the whole thing. I sighed.

'Who are you calling?'

'A pizza place – I'm starving.'

'At this time?' I asked, sure they'd all be shut.

'Yeah, I know this awesome place that's almost always open.' He said, just as a voice sounded at the other end of the line. He grinned ominously at me and padded up to his room.

About ten minutes later Jamie re-emerged from his bedroom and walked into mine where I was sat on my bed.

'Hey, Joel, can I talk to you for a minute?'

'Uhh, yeah sure...'. Oh crap...

'So, the other day I was in your room,' I wanted to ask him what he was doing but he didn't stop talking long enough. 'see, I had this suspicion.' He said. My palms were sweaty and I gulped. 'And I think you know what it is.' He waited. 'Do you wanna tell me what I'm talking about or shall I show you?'

'I..I-' I didn't know what to do, surely he didn't know...

'Alright, time's up.' He said and suddenly my worst nightmare came true. He crossed the room and bent to open the drawer at the bottom of my closet, revealing my secret stash. My cheeks flamed red and my mouth turned sandy-dry. My stomach had dropped violently and I felt sick. Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

'Perfect timing.' My brother grinned, and winked at me, before beckoning me to follow him with his finger. I scuttled after him as he opened the door.

A good looking young guy with short black hair and lots of muscle stood at the door.
'Pizza delivery.' He said and he and my brother burst out laughing. I remembered the phone call from earlier and wondered what the hell was going on.

'Take Jason's shoes and coat and come on in here Joel.' Jamie told me. I was growing even more confused but I did what he said and took the guy's belongings. In my state of shock I didn't even notice his neat size 12 shoes and how great they smelt.

I walked through to the room where Jason and Jamie both had their feet propped on the table and were laughing about some joke.

'Grab us both a can from the fridge Joel.' Jamie said and I quickly did so. I came back in and Jason spoke for the first time:

'Sit down there and we can wait for Scott.' He said pointing at the bottom of the table. I sat at their feet, glancing between them trying not to look at their delicious soles while wondering who Scott was. They talked amongst themselves for a while until finally there was another knock at the door.

'Get that.' Said Jamie, and I hurriedly did so. Another guy about Jamie's age and physique appeared. He had his blonde hair gelled to the side and was holding a large rucksack that looked quite full.

'Hey. You must be Joel?' He grinned as he walked past me before I could answer.
'Get those will you?' He said as he turned the corner to the living room, kicking his shoes off. Again, I took his stinky size 12s and put them away then walked through to the three men, all resting their feet on our coffee table. White socks, black socks, and to my delight, Scott's bare feet at the end.

'Did you get the stuff?' asked Jamie.

'Yup!' grinned Scott.

'Sweeeeet!' Said Jason. And all at once their gazes turned to me...

'Okay,' began Jamie 'I think I'd better clear a few things up and explain. As you know,' he said to me 'I know all about your dirty little secret, as do Scott and Jason here.' They sniggered at each side of him and I blushed a deep beetroot.

'See, the funny thing is I have a strange fetish too, which you might say is very similar to yours. Must run in the family.' he grinned.

'I met Jason and Scott at college and it turns out they do too. See, at first I wasn't so sure about you. I'd wonder where a pair of socks or dirty boxers had gone, then I'd catch you holding my shoes or crouched near the shoe basket and slowly I realised. That's when I searched your room and found the secret drawer, needles to say Scott and Jason know all about that.' Again they sniggered.

'That's when we decided you'd be up for a little fun – well we'd be doing it even if you weren't! But I know you'll enjoy it. So, here's how it will work, basically you do everything we say, you'll become – how shall I put it – our personal slave ... unless of course you want mom and dad and the whole of Facebook to know your embarrassing little secret.'

He flicked open his cell and scrolled through pictures of my secret drawer, me crouched at his shoes, even one of me sniffing a pair of his boxers. I gulped.

'So here's what's gonna happen. You're gonna make dinner for us then we're going to have a little.. after dinner entertainment.' They all burst out laughing and I was ushered off into the kitchen to make them dinner. I couldn't quite believe it. This kind of stuff didn't happen to me. It was the kind of stuff you saw in pornos or read on those foot fetish story websites. Suddenly I realised how much I would enjoy this if it was going to involve what I thought it would...

The three men made me watch them eat, sat at their feet of course. My stomach began to rumble – I hadn't eaten all day. Soon they finished up leaving a small pile of leftovers on each plate.

'Hey, come over here Joel.' Jamie said suddenly. 'Some new rules – first off we'll be calling you slave or boy or anything along those lines from now on, and you'll be calling us Master. Got it?'

'I.. uh.. yeah..' I said.

'That's yes Master.' he said.

'Y-yes Master.' I replied.

'Good. Now come and scrape these leftover onto one plate.' I did as I was told. 'I expect you're hungry?' He asked.

'Yes-' I replied 'uhh.. Master.'

'Though so. Scott?' He said gesturing to the plate. Scott got up from his seat and took Jamie and Jason's socks off. He scooped up the leftovers that were now a disgusting mush and rubbed them into their feet. He slipped it between their toes, all over their heels and even on the tops of their hairy feet.

'Dinner's ready.' Jamie said, grinning maliciously. I sat there, staring for a minute. I didn't understand...

'Well don't just sit there, get eating. You said you were hungry.' Jamie laughed as the other too watched me, grinning. I nervously moved towards their feet. The smell hit me as soon as I was near. Strong, masculine sweat. I felt a boner begin to rise. I didn't dare move any closer. I sat there, paralysed.

'Don't just sit there!' Scott snarled, forcing my face onto their feet. I began licking the soles of Jason's large, food-covered feet. It was like nothing I'd ever experienced. I scooped up the food and ate it, sliding my tongue between his sweaty, salty toes. I had a raging boner by now which I desperately tried to hide.

'Oh don't worry about that,' My brother said. 'In fact, take your pants off, and your shirt.'
My heart hammered as I saw the three pairs of expectant eyes focused on me. Slowly, I pulled my clothes off until I was in my boxers and socks.

'Take those off too.' commanded Jason. I reluctantly did so, feeling extremely humiliated.
'Carry on.' Said Jason and I returned to his feet. To my horror, Scott suddenly took out a camera from the rucksack he'd been carrying and began filming me. I had no choice but to continue as he also snapped some shots.

I started crying. What if that video got out? I didn't even know these guys, what's to say they wouldn't let everyone see it? I wasn't even sure of what Jamie was capable of anymore.

'Hey!' called Jamie. 'Come'ere.' I crawled over to him. He slapped my face sharply.
'No tears.' He said. I wiped them away and returned to their feet. This whole time I had been working on Jason's and not my brother's. I was terrified to do it.

'My go...' Jamie said and pushed his feet into my face. It was like diving into a pool of pure pleasure. All of my adolescent fantasies were coming true at once. My exposed cock was throbbing and dripping with precum as I licked and sucked his huge feet. I realised that I was going to enjoy being their 'personal slave', as Jamie had put it, more than I imagined.

'Alright, that's enough,' said Jamie.

I scurried away from their feet and waited.

'Jason, I think it's time for you to show us your speciality.' Jamie said, and Jason put his foot out for Scott to suck clean.

'Here you go, bro.' He said to me holding his foot out. 'Suck on that big toe, get it nice and wet.' I did as I was told. After a minute or so, he said

'Okay now on your hands and knees, turn around and spread your legs. I did this too and a moment later I felt the big toe of Jason's size twelve push up my ass hole.

'Ouch!' I yelped.

'Dude, if that hurts, you're gonna be in a lot of pain later!' He laughed. He fingered my hole with his toe, pulling in and out, in and out. A while later he said

'Okay now face me.' I did as I was told and his toe pushed against my lips. I could smell the shit as he forced it into my mouth. He made me suck my own shit off his toe until it was fully clean. When I thought it was finally over, Jason said.

'Wanna give it a try, Scott?' And I was forced to hold still while Scott entered me and then suck his toe clean. Finally they both turned to my brother. I sat at his feet and sucked his huge toe as he massaged my dick with his other foot. His foot covered my whole cock and balls and it was a lot longer than my head. Eventually he ass-fucked me with his toe and then made me suck it clean. When he was done, and the other two were massaging their cocks, Jason massaging Jamie's too, he said:

'Scott and Jason are gonna be spending the night here, and in the mean time, we'll go through some more rules.

First, food. From now on we'll control what you eat and when. If me or the guys don't give it to you, you don't eat it. Got that?'

'Yes Master.' I replied.

'Okay. Now, we've decided that you're gonna be placed on our fitness regime.' I hated exercise and Jamie knew it, however the idea of being forced to work out still turned me on... 'That means you'll be coming to the gym with us everyday – we'll be staying here till mom and dad get back, then Scott's the week after that and Jason's the week after that and so on. Of course you'll be waking up at 6:30 to prepare our breakfast and get all our stuff ready every morning. Then you'll carry our stuff all the way there, where we'll begin your training. Scott?' Jamie said. Scott jumped up.

'There's push ups.' Scott dropped to the floor and began doing push ups. Each time his face touched the floor, he kissed Jamie's foot.

'Then there's sit ups.' Scott did a sit up as Jason took his pants off. Each time Scott sat up, his face pushed into Jason's bare cock and sweaty balls. The idea of doing this with my brother's cock made my palms sweat with anticipation.

'And my personal favourite. Muscle building.' Scott lay flat on his back, and Jason sat at the top of his head on the floor, legs spread out. Scott held each of Jason's feet in each of his hands at the ankles and pushed up, then let them down, pulling a foot to his face and giving it a quick lick each time. I thought about how sweaty their bodies would be while I would be forced to do these things and was trembling with excitement.

'Then there's fitness shakes.' Jamie told me. 'The same as we drink, only our cum will be mixed in with yours.'

'Gross!' Jason said and they all laughed. The idea of having my brother's cum in my mouth made my heart flutter.

'Next, clothes. We'll decide what you wear each day. And since you seem to have such an obsession with my used laundry, my dirty socks and boxers is all you're allowed to wear under your clothes.

And arguably the most important... masturbation. Only real men like ourselves are allowed to cum,' said Jamie, 'you will be wearing one of these.' He clicked his fingers and Scott pulled out a strange metal contraption from his rucksack. He went to the kitchen and came back with a bowl of iced water. Suddenly, he tipped it over my head. I gasped in shock and my erection faded quickly. Jamie hurriedly attached the device to my cock and having his hands all over me like this made my heart hammer. I realised what the contraption was. One of those male chastity devices to stop me getting an erection and cumming. It was locked with a small padlock.

'Me, Jason or Scott will be the only ones who have access to the only 3 keys for the device. I think that will be all for now. You'd better go upstairs and prepare the rooms.

Scott will be sleeping in your bed, Jason will be sleeping in mine, and I'll be sleeping in Mom and Dad's. All the sheets need changing, our clothes for the weekend laying out and all my laundry needs doing. Once you've done all that, you might be able to get a headstart on preparing our gym stuff for tomorrow. Oh and Jamie, don't bother putting any clothes back on tonight, you'll be sleeping naked in the dog's cage from now on, which will of course be padlocked, until we can get you one of your own. We've all got a key for that as well, I had the other's a copy made – y'know just in case we need anything in the night. I'll put you in there and lock it after you've done your chores and we've had a bit of fun, and then I'll unlock it in the morning so you can make our breakfast while we shower – oh that reminds me, we'll need towels too.'

'Yes Master.' I replied, trying to take all this in.

'One more thing. Punishments. It's definitely in your best interests not to do anything that will annoy any of us...' he said ominously and the others sniggered.

'And before you go..' He nodded in Scott's direction and he pulled something out of his rucksack.

'Bend over.' He told me. I nervously did so and felt something slide into my butt hole.
'This is the butt plug you'll be wearing for the next few days, it's going to replaced with a bigger one after that, but you must never take it out.' Jamie said.

'Yes Master.' I replied.

'Now go upstairs and start your chores.' I scurried off and started. The whole time my cock strained against the metal it was bound in. It was a HUGE turn on to be doing my brother's chores. I still couldn't quite believe how my life was going to be from now on. I was ecstatic and terrified all at the same time. Out of all the eventualities I had imaged after my brother found out about my secret fetish. This DEFINITELY wasn't one of them! Maybe one of my fantasies though...

I finished off the chores an hour or so later and finally came down with a load of my brother's dirty laundry and piled it into the washer. Then I walked through to the room where I could hear the guys jeering and laughing. I saw that there were cans discarded all over the place, guessing from their behaviour I thought the men were a little tipsy.
'Clear those up boy.' Jamie said 'Then come through here so your big brother can show you what a real man is.' And Scott and Jason laughed until their eyes watered. I hurriedly bent over to pick up the cans and Scott fondled my bare ass.

'Mmmm,' he sighed, 'smooth as a peach and I bet his virgin hole is so tight.' Again they all laughed. I dumped the cans and hurried back through, to find that they had unloaded the rest of Scott's backpack. On the table sat a variety or toys and tools. From dildos and butt plugs of various sizes to a pair of tube socks, clearly crispy with dried cum, to a small jar full of a mystery white-ish yellow liquid.

'Dude, go get your toothbrush.' Jamie told me. I ran upstairs and brought it, to find Scott naked and Jason fingering him. Jason reached out for my toothbrush and shoved that up Scott's ass instead of his own fingers, bristle end first.

Jamie was opening the mystery jar which I suddenly realised to be cum.

'You've gotta brush your teeth before bed!' He jeered and dipped the shitty toothbrush into the pot of cum. They all watched as I brushed their combined cum into my mouth and laughed as I gagged on the salty, sticky gloop.
'And for your final meal of the day,' Jamie said, and had me lay on my back before he sat on my chest, pinning my arms down. Scott forced open my mouth and Jason tipped the jar all over my face, some trickling into my open mouth. They left my lying there then sat on the sofa and rubbed their still stinking bare feet into my cum-covered face. Once the soles of their feet were covered in it, they made me lick the cum off. I didn't dare open my eyes because I had no idea what would happen if some cum went in them. My world became a sticky, smelly abomination with all of their feet rubbing my face until I didn't even know who's were who's. I simply opened wide as they rubbed their man-gravy onto my tongue.

Next, Jamie ordered me to stand up and Scott began setting up his camera from earlier.
'We're going to do a live stream to a porn site.' Jamie informed me, 'And you're the star.' They all laughed as I saw myself appear on Scott's laptop.

For the next few hours, I became nothing more than an object. I was ass-fucked with huge dildos, forced to lick the guys' sweaty pitts and crotches and I swallowed more cum than I can remember. The whole time I was aware that there was nothing I could do to stop them (if I wanted to that was.). Eventually Scott stopped the stream and I was sent to bed. I crawled naked into our Dog's cage which was in the upstairs landing so I was between all the rooms and the padlock was shut and the key taken away.
I got very little sleep that night. I so desperately wanted to cum, but the chastity device didn't allow me to touch or stimulate my cock in any way, there was only a small hole for my pee to trickle through. Jamie had told me he was going to deny me orgasms for so long that when he ass-fucked me I would cum just from his cock being inside me, just like a woman. Compared to those men I WAS a woman – less in fact.

* * *

The next morning I was awoken when a naked Jason kicked my cage over on the way to the bathroom for a shower.

'Wakey-wakey fag boy,' he said, unlocking my cage 'we need breakfast and you've got a BIG day ahead.' He laughed as I quickly went downstairs to make them breakfast. I was still naked and FREEZING, not to mention starving. Jamie came down and saw me scrambling their eggs.

'Make yourself some boy, but bring it to me before you eat it though.'

'Yes Master.' I said and once all their food was completed and eaten, Jamie turned to my plate of eggs.

'C'mon guys.' He said to Scott and Jason. They all jerked off vigorously over my food until it was covered in their cum. Then they took turns spitting on it and Jamie handed me the plate.

'Enjoy, bro. you've got ten minutes to eat and get dressed before we leave.' He said. 'Your clothes are laid out for you in the bathroom. Oh and by the way I took all the cash in your money box to pay for Jason's gym subscription.'

'Yes Master.' I said, distraught he had taken the $100 I had so painstakingly saved up all term to spend in the holidays.

In the bathroom were a pair of Jamie's boxers stained with piss or cum, a pair of filthy white socks with a few holes in and my outfit for the day. Extremely short trousers that Jamie probably found in the attic and a tight pink T-Shirt that said 'Effing Princess' Across the front and was studded with diamantés. It was one of my sister's old T-Shirts she had left after she moved out. I pulled on the jeans which outlined my bulge and gave me a constant wedgie, and slipped on the small princess T-Shirt that showed the bottom of my stomach. I grabbed the men's bags and walked downstairs. They burst into laughter when they saw me and I blushed again.

Once we were there I gratefully dumped their stuff in lockers (it had been exhausting carrying their heavy bags all the way) and walked out of the changing room with them. Everyone that saw my humiliating clothing tried to stifle their laughter, but usually failed and laughed in my face. What made it worse was that they were all muscley, tall men. I felt less like a man than I ever had in my life.

Jamie and the other two worked out for about an hour while I was told to report to the gym owner, Duane.

Duane was ridiculously muscled and was bald. He had scrapes over all his knuckles and he didn't look like the kind of guy you wanted to cross.

Duane snickered at my clothes when I approached him and then told me that my brother had said I was interested in a job here, and that I wasn't bothered what it entailed. I had the sense to play along.

'So here's the deal, you come in every Friday and clean the toilets, changing rooms and then serve drinks to my guys. If there are any odd jobs you'll be doing those too. Let's say you work for 14 hours, from 7 in the morning till 9 at night and I'll give you twenty dollars.'

'Yes Master.' I said without thinking. 'Uhh – I mean Sir.. Boss.' I said, turning red.

'Master's good.' Said Duane, menacingly 'So see you next week, right? I'll confirm it all with your brother as well.' He said.

'Yes Master...' I replied.

He sent me back through to my brother, Scott and Jason. Jamie was laid on a bench lifting a ridiculously huge amount of weights. He sat up when he saw me, sweating and panting. Lick that clean boy then come through here.' I looked down at the sweat covered bench. Lick it clean? In front of everyone?

'NOW!' He shouted making everyone look round. I was forced to lick his sweat with the whole room staring at me. I turned beetroot. A guy came up to me and said
'Bro, don't do that, that's nasty.' I felt sick with humiliation but I was glad for an excuse to stop. I hurried back into the changing room which was deserted apart from my brother and the other two.

'Did Duane sort you a job?' Jamie asked me

'Yes Master.' I replied.

'Ahh, good. We'll be taking your wage every week and if we ever need more cash, I'm sure Duane can add an extra day to your workload.'

For the next hour I was forced to do the special exercises the boys had planned. Their feet were practically dripping with sweat and each time I kissed or licked them I got a smear of sweat across my face, until I smelt like one giant foot. The push ups were the worse. Their crotches smelt so strong and my brother added an action. I was to suck his balls for three seconds each time I came up.

By the end of my workout I was sweating and panting. The Princess Tee was covered in sweat.

The boys took me home, I carried all their equipment and I was made to lick various parts of their sweaty bodies for a while. Their crotches, their pitts, their feet (in between the toes especially). Jamie said they were going out for the day and gave me a list of chores. He said I should strip naked and start right away. He told me he has Scott's camera set up on record somewhere in the house and if he found me dressed or not working at any point I would be severely punished.

After they had left, I looked at the list. Number one was scrub the toilet clean with my toothbrush. I groaned and found my still cum-covered toothbrush. After three men had had a dump that morning, you can imagine how much of a mess the toilet was. Nonetheless I began scrubbing. Afterwards, I looked at number two on the list. In Scott's rucksack were his and Jason's work shoes. I was to find my brother's as well and scrub and polish them until they were completely shiny and clean. I did this too, sneaking a deep whiff of each of their winklepickers. Third on the list was to mop the kitchen and the list went on like this, all the way to 50. I worked my way through the chores all day, butt plug in and chastity device still on.

The men came back at about half 11 when I was on number 49 on the list – clean out the fridge. I had just finished when they came in. I looked at the last instruction – tidy our bedrooms. I wondered if I'd be in trouble for not completing the whole list. The guys came into the room where I was sat and and Jamie asked me how far I'd gotten. I explained how I was on the last one. Jamie sighed.

'Looks like we're gonna have to punish you bro!' He said and the other grinned maliciously. I gulped. What would they do to me?
'Go out there for a a moment while we figure out what we're gonna do.' I did as he said and waited nervously outside. He called me in a while later and pointed to the corner. There was dry rice sprinkled on the floor.

'You've got to kneel on the rice and keep this quarter against the wall with your nose. You'll have this extra skinny butt plug in the whole time and you've got to keep that in too, if either of them fall, you get a punch to the gut from each of us.' Jamie said. I gulped. 'Oh, and you'll have these nipple clamps on too.'

He sent me into the corner. Kneeling on the rice was excruciating and I could barely move in case the quarter fell. I had to keep my butt tightly clenched the whole time which was painful and exhausting. The nipple clamps added another dimension of pain and humiliation and finally, the boys would come up behind me when I wasn't excepting it and lightly kick my balls or tug on them. Thankfully I managed to keep the quarter against the wall and soon the torture was over.

'Now get over here, we need a footrest.' Jamie said. I crawled over to them and supported their heavy, sweaty feet. I took a moment to think about what I was doing. Here I was, naked, with a butt plug in and my cock strapped down being humiliated and controlled all under the orders of my extremely hot brother. I realised then that this was how it was meant to be – a faggot like me being used by superior Men like my brother and his two friends. I realised that life from now on was going to be very different... and probably very enjoyable!

Penname: Joel Slave (if you need it :P)

Thanks! :)