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Coach's Foot Bitch
by Jake Hunk

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Coach drove into the hotel parking lot slowly. Snow covered roads made him guess where the lines of the lot were painted.

"Let me just make sure they have vacancy. I'll be right back."

I had picked the two of Spades in a low-card lottery to see who got to drive back in the car with coach, while the rest of the boys rode back home in a crappy university bus.

But Coach stopping at a diner to eat, made us get caught in the snow-storm, and now we were forced to find a place till it passed.

Took about 5 minutes for Coach to get back.

"They got a room left. Grab your stuff."

Throwing my jacket on, I followed Coach, over drifts, to the hotel.

The room itself was clean and spacious.

It only had the one bed, but it was a big one.

Since it was fairly late, and we were both exhausted, we both got ready to sleep.

I grabbed a quick shower, and slipped on a jock-strap. (after 3 days, the only clean clothing I had left).

I dried off my red-military-cut hair, and my smooth chest, and came back in the bedroom.

Coach was laying back on the bed, watching TV. His shirt was off, he scratched at his hairy stomach.

"My turn in there. Geez boy, you took long enough! What the fuck you 19 year olds do that long, in a shower?"

I rolled my eyes. Muttering to myself, probably the same thing "40 year olds do".

He got up and entered the bathroom, giving me a "I heard that" glare, as I got under the covers.

Before the Coach came back, I moved my pillows to the other end of the bed.

Coach came back within minutes.

I hardly sensed him get in the bed, as I CRASHED hard.

No idea how long I slept, but was awakened by a soft SMACK on my face.

I opened my eyes just a bit. Starting up at coach's huge foot.

For some reason, I felt a twinge in my jock-strap. Unsure if it was the scent from the sweaty foot, or just a piss-boner. but I felt my 7.5 cut dick getting thick.

My feet are a size 10, and no where near the coach's size. He told us at practise, that he would kick us in the ass with his "size 13 sneaker", if we didn't wise-up. But being so close to that foot right now, it looked even bigger.

The foot remained near enough to my face, that I could SNIFF it. I had to figure out if that scent, was the reason for my dick feeling so uncomfortable - packed beneath me in the pouch of the tiny jock.

"Yeah, sniff it bitch."

I froze! I had not even thought that Coach could still have been awake!

Quickly, I tried damage-control. Taking another sniff, and then growlin a bit. Moving around, hoping to feign sleep.

My plan actually worked!

My ability to sleep thru anything was well-known on the team, AND to Coach! (alarms, knocks on doors for room-checks, etc). Geez, I had even slept thru an accident on the bus, on another winter-storm trek, some months back!

But though I was coherent, the Coach DID think I was asleep, and he kept talking in a low voice.

"Come back here boy, sniff it some more."

He GENTLY brought his foot near my face. His huge toes pushed up to my nose.

This time, I had no choice BUT to smell that sweaty foot. I MOANED softly. No denying that the scent was getting my dick to ooze pre in my jock.

I kept my eyes closed. Now confused if Coach would stop, if he thought I was awake.

Coach moved a huge big toe to my lips. I kept my mouth shut as he softly wriggled it near.

"C'mon boy. Open those lips. You love sniffing those toes, you gonna love sucking them even more."

Coach assuming I was asleep, was patient. Me, so fuckin horny by this point, was not!

A few seconds of Coach pushing a big toe over my lower lip, my upper lip came down.

I, of course being "out", was not moving. But no need, as my lips were being stretched by that toe. Coach working it in my open mouth.

"Suck that big toe, bitch", the coach said softly, "Tongue it."

I did. It filled my mouth, so was just a matter of breathing hard around that toe, to satisfy Coach.

At times, I was unable to stop from GROANING. But Coach would stop moving his foot. Ensuring I would not "wake up", until I simply restart sucking.

I suddenly felt the coach push the blankets off.

I could hear him laugh under his breath.

"Fuckin jock-boys and their wet dreams".

He could see the head of my dick had poked out of the top of the elastic band. Pouch no longer able to hold-in my hard cock. Smooth belly glistening with pre.

The Coach pulled his toe from my lips.

I could feel his weight shifting around on the bed, as I kept my eyes closed.

I felt cool air on my pre-soaked balls, as my jock-strap was gently lowered.

Then Coach again lay back. This time his feet on both sides of me.

My mouth, which I had kept open, mostly to muffle my moans, was soon wrapped around a big toe. While the remaining toes covered my nose.

The other foot, S-L-O-W-L-Y lifted my dick. Toe-nails roughly scraping on the excited piss-slit.

My ability to continue to pretend sleep, was fading fast!

Coach would tease my dick-head long enough so he could feel me sucking HARDER. Then he would STOP.

Stopping my horny balls from unleashing my cum. Just allowing sticky pre to flow over my mushroom-cap, and onto his teasing toes. Edging me over-and-over.

"That's it boy. Suck that big toe. Feels good, boy. Yeah, so good that I think Coach gonna make this a regular thing. Cause I think when you wake up? You gonna have a hard time explaning to your old Coach, why your nursing on a big toe, while trying to bust a nut on the others."

Coach laughed a little louder. No longer keeping his voice low.

Trying to get me to "wake". He doubled his efforts. Roughly teasing my wet prick, as he wriggled that huge toe in my mouth.

I realized my luck had ran out.

I slurped as I sniffed his toes, as my eyes opened to his sole covering my face.