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If You Want to Be My Footslave

by James T. Medak

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Oh you practically know before I even say anything.

I know how the foot fetish works inside and out. I am completely helpless to it, so I know full well the ways in which you are as well. Understanding both sides of the equation gives me the power to dominate you, to tease you, to torment you, and to drive you out of your fucking mind. Think about your name, and think about how it doesn't matter anymore: you are footslave. Plain and simple.

I can't just give you my feet though. That's easy. Too easy for a footslave. You WANT my feet so why would I do anything to satisfy YOUR desires? I want MY desires satisfied, and my desire is to watch you beg, humiliate yourself, and absolutely beg for feet. To see men's bare toes. It'd be pathetic if it wasn't so amusing ... although it is pretty goddamn pathetic.

I'll text you a photo of my feet in shoes and socks. You have to get 'em off. How through a phone? I want a confession. I'll provide you a guide on how to get each one off. So, let's say for the left shoe, I want you tell me about the first pair of toes you actively sucked on. Every detail. Who was he? Does he know? How did they smell? How dirty did you feel afterwards? I want every detail. Every single one of them.

If you do that, I'll send you a pic of one of my shoes on, the other foot covered only in mansock ...

For the next one, I want you to send me the best private, candid foot pic you've ever taken, and why it turns you on so much. Why it gives you such a massive, throbbing footboner. Who is this person? Why does pic drive you wild with footlust? Don't lie: you have that secret. Tell me about it. All the details. Not only will you send me this pic you'll send me this person's email as well. Not 'cos I'm going to ever send that photo you took of his feet ... but because the threat of me exposing your fetish to your friend to linger over your every thought and every decision ever. It is sexual blackmail to the nth degree, and if you want to see MY feet, you have to play my game ...

If you do that, you get a photo on your phone of both my socked feet, looking at you.

After that, I want the fucking dirt: a list of every guy's feet you've sniffed, licked, jacked off to thoughts over, or caught a whiff of his socks while they were so seemingly-innocently sitting there in his laundry hamper. I want the details. I don't want you to provide just EVERY single humiliating detail -- I want you to provide specifics. I want to hear your foothorniness ooze through every word. I want to hear you enjoy it. I want to hear your boner rising as you write down each and every toe-tail and sole-story you have. I want you to write like a maniac, that fevered horniness percolating in your brain as you do so, that little voice screaming at you "don't do this, don't do this" as you type away. (Please note my feet aren't even in the same room as you right now -- I know all about supply and DEMAND.)

If you do a good enough job of that, you might get a photo of one of my feet in socks ... and the other ... dear god, is bare.

Now it's time to turn on your video function.

Start jacking. Jack to my sole. Jack to my toes. Get lost in it. Don't cum -- you don't get anything if you cum, you hear me, footboy? I want you to take a marker and write "footboy" across your forehead and then I want you to hit record. I want to see a video of my footboy jacking with his name on his forehead, and him to look in the camera and describe for me what he loves about MY feet, how he aches for my feet, and how he wants nothing more than my feet. He wants to cut off all ties to the world and devote his life to the service of my masterful, sexy size 11s 'cos that turns him on and provides him more obedient pleasure than anything else in this world. I want you to say "I am footboy" over and over again as you get closer to climax, but, again, you're not cumming without permission ...

Once I receive that video, maybe, oh maybe I'll decide to send you a shot of BOTH my soles.

Or maybe I'll ask for a retake.

Once I'm satisfied, I'll decide to see if you're even WORTHY of an image of my soles. Yet, I'm pretty fucking picky when it comes to being satisfied about slave videos, ya know .