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Sock Magician

by Anonymous

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"And now everyone, please welcome my ever so sexy assistant, Mitchell!" exclaimed Jarrod the Great.

Jarrod wasn't your average magician, he was hotter! He had short dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, and an overall godlike face. He was wearing traditional white magicians gloves, magicians top hat, a black on the outside red on the inside satin cape, and tight black compression shorts with an obvious boner showing. One more thing that made him extra sexy? His black Nike socks pulled up just above the calves!

His assistant Mitchell was just as sexy. Black short hair, deep blue eyes, amazing dimples...he was wearing only a tight black thong, also with an obvious boner, and gold toe nylon socks pulled just above the calves, around the area Jarrod the Great's socks were.

Mitchell came out on the stage and waved his sexy ass around to the crowd. Just as he was about to pull down the thong, Jarrod the Great swooped him in for a hungrily sexy kiss. They began rubbing their socked feet together. Jarrod then stripped Mitchell of his underwear and began jacking him off. Just as it looked like Mitchell was about to cum, Jarrod lifted Mitchell's leg above his head. He began worshipping the sexy nylon socks on Mitchell's feet, and began fingering his tight hole too.

"Onto the magic part!" Jarrod exclaimed. Mitchell wheeled a sawing in half box onto the stage, while, of course, waving his large ass for the crowd to see. "I need a volunteer, you there!" Said Jarrod.

Onto the stage walked a man dressed in business like clothes. "Tell me sir, what's your name?" Asked Jarrod. "Gabe" said the man with a wink and a little push of his ass onto Jarrod the Greats cock. "Ohhhhh gaaaaaabe" moaned Jarrod as he began humping Gabe. "Please if you'll excuse me..." Jarrod then began waving a bunch of streamers and clothes around Gabe and after about 20 seconds, the spinning stopped. There stood Gabe, his brown hair, green eyes, chiseled features, and hot body wearing ONLY grey sheer otc tnt socks and a sexy smile, fully hard. "Mitchell, how dare we leave our newest assistant standing like this!" Mitchell then came over and began sucking Gabe’s cock will massaging his socked feet. Jarrod then removed his compression shorts and began licking Mitchell's hole clean.

After a minute, Mitchell swallowed Gabe’s load and took his hand. He placed it on one of his round butt cheeks and motioned for Gabe to follow him. Jarrod was standing and waiting by the sawing is half box.

"And now I shall saw my sexy assistant in half!" Jarrod then pulled Gabe in for a long and sexy kiss before helping him into the box. Mitchell closed the box and secured Gabe, with Jarrod right behind him humping, and possibly entering, his ass. "My first real trick of the night, this man won't be sawn in half, however we will be having some fun!" Jarrod then moved over to the end of the box with Gabe’s sexy grey sheer socked feet sticking out. Jarrod began worshipping them like no tomorrow. Licking every toe, sticking the whole sock in his mouth, and just enjoying it all. Mitchell, on the other end, was getting his ass licked clean yet again by Gabe’s face! Mitchell and Jarrod then traded spots. Mitchell began sock fucking Gabe and Jarrod was getting a hot bj!!

Jarrod then released Gabe from the box and set him on top. After Mitchell licked Gabe’s tight boy hole clean, Jarrod came in and began fucking him! Mitchell was between showing off his body and worshipping Jarrod the Greats black Nike over the calves and Gabe’s otc grey sheer tnt socks. Jarrod stopped fucking Gabe and put his cock between his socks again, this time Jarrod the Great shot his hot and sexy load all over Gabe’s socks! Then Mitchell began licking the cum off while massaging his calves. Mitchell also then came on Gabe’s socks, which Jarrod licked off this time! Then Gabe got the honor of Jarrod sock fucking his cock until he came all over the beautiful black Nike over the calves!

"Thank you everyone we hope you enjoyed the show, I know we did!" Said Jarrod with a sexy wink. The curtain shut on all of the guys feeling their hot socked feet and legs...