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Fraternity Culture - Part 1

by Mr. Jersey

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Evan is a keeper. Meeting him online to find out we had mutual interests and friends, it was only a few days before we had met up in person.

I remember I didn’t want to go out from exhaustion, but he had flirted his way into my decision making, and sooner or later I found myself hanging out with him and his brothers at the fraternity house. Kappa is certainly one of the prominent fraternities on campus, but since it was a local technology school, the brothers were different than your stereotypical element, they were “bro-ey” and stupid-acting at times but they were all nerds, highly intelligent, and all different degrees of gorgeous.

Evan himself was wonderfully smart, tall and cute, with a sharp ‘hawk-eye’ attitude when it came to scouting out cute boys, as I received. After hanging out once or twice it was certain he wanted me as “his cute boy” to keep around for a while. I really respected him, he was thoroughly involved, not just in his fraternity but elsewhere on campus where he was well known.

We liked each other enough to keep in touch when as went back to my school for a few weeks. I came back for the holidays, and we hung out and slept together, again, without having sex though. I was a virgin, he knew that, and was very respectful in letting me take my time with him. I’d make him feel good in other ways. We’d cuddle a fuck ton, make out, he’d eat my ass, he loved that, I was his little treasure for him to eat up. I’d return the favor and made him feel like a king when my tongue would work his cock.
The positivity of our relationship seemed certain. He invited me to his fraternity Christmas party. I was excited to go a large event but he corrected me that it would be a closed party.

“Wait, so it’s just your brothers and their ‘fuck buddies’ probably?”

“Basically…” he responded. It was an opportunity to meet more of his cute brothers. I was excited and I told him, if he’d go easy on me, I’d let him fuck me like’s been fantasizing for so long. I got to the party, only knowing him, his big and like one another person. I wasn’t going to cling to him, so I was around meeting people all night. I walked about the whole house, or where I could, most other rooms were locked. I talked to his brothers Sean and Jason, Andrew, Mikey, some others too. I found Evan a few times, but going up to him felt weird, he was strangely distant for some reason.

I ignored it and went back to meet people. I talked to some guy named Todd, and then this one kid who wasn’t a brother, but like me, friends with one, his name was Juan. The kid was about my height, a comfortable 5’8” if not a bit shorter. He was kind of quiet, and needed to be talked to first to have conversation. He seemed very sweet-hearted and soft, really docile as well. We talked about school, the program he was in, how we had mutual friends from home and knowing brothers in the house to which he told me that Kyle, who brought him here, was actually his boyfriend! Not too long after that I saw Kyle approach us in a slight wobble, looking at Juan with the “hawk-sharp” eyes Evan always gives me. Kyle was tall, Evan’s height, like 6’0” he came by and put his hand around Juan’s back. Juan turned and looked up at him shy with a smile, then looked away shyly. Kyle smiled to look down at him the whole time.

Kyle continued conversation with me while Juan was mostly quiet. Kyle then stopped. Juan began to talk again, but softly and shyly. Kyle was rubbing his hand on Juan’s side while softly nibbling on the back of his ear. Juan continued to shyly converse with me as I awkwardly darted my eyes between both of them confused as to what was happening. I then saw Kyle give Juan a tap on his ass. Juan then swallowed almost scared and looked at me, “We have to go now. Nice meeting you, I’ll catch you later.” I then saw them both walk away. I was confused but just accepted it and turned around to go catch up with Evan. As I left I saw more and more brothers go into their rooms with girls, some with two! The doors shut and locked behind them. This party had a weird feel.

I sat on the couch in Evan’s room and waited from him to come around from the hallway. I put my feet up on the couch and relaxed. He came by with a somewhat angrier face. He was totally drunk. He pushed my feet off the couch. “Have some respect!” he told me. I couldn’t respond because I was pushed back, head up, ripe for him to kiss-attack. In his drunken anger I felt his passion come back. He stopped for a second to check his watch, he smiled and chuckled, then resumed dominating my mouth with his tongue, holding my hands back so I couldn’t resist his intensity. We soon found ourselves up in his loft, spooning in his mattress as he fingered me, preparing to put it in. It felt kind of weird to have it in there, but I knew I wasn’t used to it.

“Thats enough fingering.” He said as he took me by my head and shoved me on his cock. He leaned up on top of me, “Suck my cock bitch!” he said more assertively than he has ever. He shoved me up and down on his cock for a bit while he got a rubber ready, he pushed my head off and fit his condom on his nice cock, and then he came up and turned me over.

“Please go easy on me Evan…I’m new to this…” I pleaded! He just looked at me and looked back and began to slowly slide it in and out. He got faster. It felt weird. It began to hurt, like a lot. “Oww Evan please stop!” He stopped for a second and then brought it back slower and then sped up again. About a minute later of thrusting I told him it hurt again and he just grumpily yelled at me, “Ohh! Just take the pain!”

I did and it hurt, I slowly cried for a bit before I felt him cum in me. He leaned over and basically began to pass out. I went over for a kiss as a way of thanking him for taking my virginity, but he pushed my face away “No! No! No! Just suck my cock, clean me up, then go to bed.”

I felt hurt, almost betrayed! I felt like a bitch! I knew he was drunk, but it felt like he had no consideration for me, my sentiments, my limits. All that was important what was he wanted. His cock mattered. I didn’t, and I felt like I’d become his bitch. I began to feel like I was thought of as inferior, and it angered me, made me envious and strangely hateful in a way that somehow felt good! I went down, removed his condom, and licked up his penis like he said, not knowing how to respond.

I accepted what he wanted from me, and licked his cock tenderly as he fell asleep.



There was a puddle of my drool leaking down my chin.

I was dazed and naked. My head was in the same position as it was when I was sucking Evan’s cock for the second time, in a sort of courtesy and thank you for him taking what I had been trying to hold onto for some time, my virginity. I had been waiting for the right guy, and my comfortability that I grew with Evan made me comfortable enough for him to ease me in. However I didn’t feel eased in, I felt angry, I felt like I was conquered, almost robbed of it. My ass hurt beyond any sensation I had felt there before, and I slowly teared a bit on the mattress adding to my already puddle below me. I hated him in the moment. I hated him in a way I never even realized I could hate. It wasn’t a hate that wanted me to avenge myself quite, it was a hate I couldn’t explain, a submissive hate. I shouldn’t have told him he could, it must be my fault.

I slowly turned my head and fully realized that Evan wasn’t there, only all his dress clothes neatly folded and put beside the mattress, and his dress shoes with his socks stuffed inside of them, no more than an inch from my face. It must’ve been truly the stench of his aching feet from walking around all day that had woken me up. It was a foul smell, but a familiar one, one that immediately imprinted an image of Evan in my brain. I eventually heard some chuckling and the sound of television from the other room. I put on some shorts and a t-shirt, and proceed down the loft.

I turned my head into the room where I had heard Evan’s laugh along with someone else’s. At first I saw the television, the Big Bang Theory was on. Beside it were stacks upon stacks of DVDs, every sci-fi and comedy you could imagine. The size of the library shocked me a bit, but it was turning my head to the right, seeing Evan, Kyle and Juan, which had shocked me even more. Evan and Kyle sat upon a couch in what must’ve been Kyle’s room. The coffee-table which held a hookah pipe and bottles of different alcohols was moved awkwardly away from the couch, so that Juan could fit between. Juan was not sitting, he was bent over in a crawl parallel to the couch, facing away from me giving a rest to Kyle’s feet, as he rubbed them together, grinding his heels into Juan’s back as he slowly wobbled from the pressure. I only saw Juan’s back side, his but, and much smaller feet, tied together at the ankles. His head was ducked down into a sneaker, what must’ve been Kyle’s. Behind Juan from where I stood was a dog cage with its door open. Kyle and Evan were sipping beers, and both looked at me as I walked through the door. Evan had his feet plopped up on a small Ottoman.

“Good Morning.” Evan said to me with a smirk. Kyle twisted his head menacingly at me, they both craved my reaction, to which I remained mute.

“Morning.” I said back to them Kyle continued to grind his heels into Max’s back, aside from small movements, Max was completely motionless, lifeless, he was zombie who gifted his back to his boy and dedicated his nose to his smells.

“Chris,” Evan addressed me, “could you get me another beer from the refrigerator?” finishing in an even bigger smirk.

I hesitated to answer for a second but then hesitantly sent “Sure.” causing Kyle to smile a little more menacingly. I slowly turned around back into Evan’s room to fetch my boy a beer. ‘My boy, my what…’ I wondered to myself. It was a seemingly slow walk to the next room. I was starting to realize the oddities. I opened the refrigerator. The scenes from the last night, the scenes of Evan’s subtle attitude from throughout the past few weeks, it all replayed in my head like a fine movie that finished with my present circumstance. I got a beer and just stood there. The beer didn’t look like a beverage. I thought about the cage in the room, the doors being locked, the people being lured in, the hawk eyes, the docility of Juan…and that last scene was the last piece of the equation I needed.

This was fraternity culture.

I returned to the room to find them chuckling some more, part talking, part watching the show. Evan turned his head to me as I re-entered. I handed the beer.

“I have something else too…” he began. I just silently waited for the rest, my eyes unable to move from the image of Juan’s beneath his boy’s feet. “You might have noticed when you woke up that I left my dress shoes upstairs,” I then looked at him in his eyes anticipating, knowing… “could you bring them me too…please,” he nicely said. After he finished, he moved his feet to the side of the ottoman and pushed it out and away from the couch, as far away as was the coffee-table. I couldn’t move. “Please, I like you Chris,” he said, “don’t make me mad…”

The anger I’d felt on the second walk to his room. The deep lowness I felt that moment, the sort-of envy I couldn’t describe I had for him, all I could visualize was Evan, my boy, sitting majestically upon a chair, smirking, awaiting me to come and serve him. That was the spirit of the moment, and it drained me of my sober emotion, there was an overpowering lust of envy that couldn’t do anything but lure me into acceptance in submission. I climbed up into the loft again, grabbed the dress shoes with my hands, and held them both up to my nose, inhaling as hard as I could. I knew what was about to happen anyway, so I decided to ‘ease myself into it’ if that makes any sense.
I turned the threshold into Kyle’s room again, the slowest turn into a room that I’ve ever felt. The air looked reddened, and it was very, very hot all of a sudden. I slowly began to sweat as I stepped foot into the room. Kyle and Evan looked at me with startling smirks, eyebrows raised. Evan reached his hand out, “my shoes please…” I put them in his hand. He then slowly put them down on the floor, in front of Juan’s feet and ass, the openings closer to me. He sat back on the couch with his beer, and withdrew his feet onto the couch for a moment. “You know what to do…” he said to me.

I took another step in, and slowly, slowly, came to a kneel, my legs shake a bit and instead I collapsed and already from that had been bent over. I bent in more my face and nose approaching those shoes that reeked Evan’s smirk. I was too slow, I was pushed and it went black. All I felt was Evan’s right foot crushing the back of my neck, submitting it into his shoes, and the other foot casually claiming the arch of my back. All I could hear was the chuckling of the fraternity boys as they watched another fall into submission. All I could taste and smell was the sweet bitterness of Evan’s daily raunch, the potency that had the power of a cinderblock of my willpower, affirming my total submission. I heard the tip of beers, sipping, “ahhhs” and a moments silence as they continued to watch TV.
“Hey, did you see Jason got it in with two girls last night?” Kyle mentioned.

“No way! The blonde ones!” Evan replied. Every time I now hear Evan’s voice, I can’t help but somewhat gush.

“Yup! He made them compete to see who gave him the best head!”
“Oh my god that’s so hot!”

“Yeah, he told me he continued to fuck the girl who won but the girl who lost was made to lick his cock after he came in the other girl!”

“Jason is that douchebag,” Evan said as they both broke into sarcastic laughter.
I slowly looked up as they both talked, just to take my eyes off of complete black. I only saw Juan’s pretty ass and small feet. Juan probably wore size 8s, Kyle easily had 11s or 12s, and my boy had these beautiful 10.5s. Size seemed like it played a critical role in shaping the dynamic of authority. Accepting that thought, I realized I was a smaller than Evan, and returned my nose to where he had wanted it. The potent smell from his shoes was no longer overbearing. It almost became…enjoyable, knowing that it was the scent of Evan.

“Yeah,” Kyle went on. “Jason’s fag was whimpering so hard in his cage from the jealousy, seeing his master own those two pretty girls.”

“Oh where was Andrew’s fag last night? I hadn’t seen him.”

“Oh, he was in trouble so Andrew kept in his cage the whole time.”

“Really? Andrew’s usually not so strict with him, what happened?”
“He told me that he came home and found that he hadn’t finished tongue-cleaning his favorite cleats as he had told him too, he said there were still spots of dirt everywhere and he had to embarrassingly play on the court with them for Thursday’s game.”

“Did he beat the shit out of him?”

“He did. I still saw the bruise in the shape of Andrew’s foot on his fag’s face. He told me when he brought his girl in last night he kept his fag locked in his cage so he was forced to watch, then he made him lick both their feet afterward.”

“That’s not so bad…” Evan thought.

“That reminds me…” Kyle said while giving Juan a tap on his butt. Juan was programmed to know what to do. I pulled my head up and titled it to see the movement in front of me. Juan sat up in a kneel facing Kyle who then took his left foot as high as he can before slamming it onto Juan’ face. Juan made an “ow” and slowly moved back before returning to pushing face against Kyle’s foot. “Oh! Take it you bitch!” Kyle said once he heard Juan’s pain, “Lick my foot.”

It was a fight between Kyle’s foot pushing in on Juan’s face and Juan trying to stay up and tongue Kyle’s impeding sole at the same time. Kyle was mashing his foot into Juan, testing his strength and almost dedication, which was unquestionable. Kyle brought his toes to Juan’s mouth and Juan sucked the two or three he managed to fit in a for a few seconds as Kyle had a quick moan of content domination. I was impressed with how much control Kyle really had over him. He then brought both of his feet to the floor, titled up, heels on the ground, and I saw Juan quickly dive to lick the undersides of Kyle’s feet, swiping up between the toes and then the tops of his feet as Kyle wiggled his toes in satisfaction. Evan knew I had stopped and was watching. He wanted me to watch.

“Yeah, I do that with this one all the time!” He said in a cute tone as he nuzzled Juan’s hair. “He might whimper in that cage, but, when I fuck a bitch in front of him, he knows who his real master is. Don’t you little boy, don’t you,” Kyle said in a cute tone. Juan responded by licking noticeably faster and harder, he essentially was wagging his tail in the way he treated Kyle’s toes at that moment. Kyle then clapped.

Juan withdrew and Evan kicked me over. Juan removed the items from the coffee table and pushed it in towards the couch. Both boys majestically plopped their feet up on the table. Juan knelt before his master’s feet, and continued his worship. Evan looked at me, waiting. I knelt before the table, before his feet, and bent my face in, hesitant to lick. I stopped as my face felt small to his size 10s. He rubbed them on face. “It’s okay, Chris, get to know them for a moment.” Kyle saw this and chuckled. I knew to keep smelling until further orders. For the next minute I heard the intense licking at Juan’s end but just felt my face caressed and smothered by Evan’s wide feet. They smelt like they had in the shoes, not so vinegary, a dry, stale smell, signature to my rising master. I felt the bitter envy of his authority, the anger I’d described before. But it’s intensity didn’t lead me to revolt, it led me to accept the position I was in.
“Jeb also had his fags in their cages last night.” Kyle mentioned.

“Yeah, well he doesn’t let them do anything anyway.”

“Yeah, they’re like trapped up in the President’s room for all their lives.”
“He must have the only room that can fit two cages. I suggested to him he get one big one but he told me it’s a bad idea since separate cages helps them stay separate enough to be competitive with one another.”

“Do you remember when he made them both suck his cock under the desk at the chapter meetings?”

“Yeah, thank God it was blocked by the desk.”

“Yeah, but we still heard their fighting tongues, and when they’d choke on it.”
“Oh yeah! I remember! They could barely handle Jeb’s size.”

“Bryce and Mikey are both the biggest easily, being 6’6” an all…”

“I’ve never seen Mikey’s, I know Jeb is easily a 10”, it might be 12.”

“Probably, his fags are probably used to it now since it’s been so long. Do you know when he found them?”

“I know the taller one was his next door neighbor growing up. He told me whenever they’d play a game he would always let Jeb win, so Jeb knew he was weird but just didn’t know what. They were on the baseball team together in 9th grade. Most everybody had left but them two and when Jeb had got back to the dugout he found his fag neighbor smelling his other shoes he was gonna change into. He turned around like a deer in headlights so Jeb went up to him and made him lick his feet for a while. He threatened to end his life as he knew it if he didn’t come over everyday after practice to lick his feet. It became very ritual, and soon he was sucking Jeb’s cock, getting fucked. He became his house-servant too at times. He was forced to come to our school just so Jeb could still use him.”

“Damn. What size is Jeb’s shoe?”


“Damn. Those poor fags. What about the other?”

“He was the weak pledge of that infamous pledge class, remember?”

“Oh yea! The one before we came in, thank god we missed that year.”

“I know right.”
“Mikey and Jim still won’t talk about the shit they had to do.”

“I’ve been trying to ask Jeb, but he still won’t budge on telling me.”

“If he won’t tell you, we’ll never know I guess.”

“Maybe not.”

“Alright Chris,” evan clapped. Up until this point the scene hadn’t changed. Juan continue to tongue up Kyle’s 12s with a skill I wish I could rival, as I continued to smell and give kisses to Evans 10s as he rubbed them around my face. “Get a taste of your boy’s feet.” He asked. I slowly and tenderly licked my tongue up his sole. He moaned. He turned his head to Kyle. I proceeded to lick a little faster. “Did I tell you what Jeb makes the two of them do when he brings a girl over?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Well when he fucked Eva the other day, she walked into the room watching the fag’s lick his feet. He locked them in their cages and made them watch while he fucked the shit out of Eva. He let both out of their cages, but only let one clean him up saying ‘you pleased me better today, you get to clean up my cock’ and had him immediately begin to suck him. The other, he turned to, and made him tongue-out the taste of his cum from inside Eva’s pussy.”


“She loved it though…”

“I bet it was a punishment for the fag…”

“He’s trained so well at this point he hated it but did it for the love of Jeb,”

“Wow he’s a good fag.”

“He is. These two will be just that one day.” Evan snickered, they smiled at us and chuckled as we licked their feet with the most intensity. “Uhhh, it feels so good.”

“I know. They’re not doing so bad for new fags.”

“No..they are not. It’s great to have a fag.”

“It’s a great day for Kappa, all these new fags to the house.” They cheered to finishing the last of the beer as we still licked their feet.

Someone walked in. “Hello, boys.”

“Mikey!” Evan exclaimed, “care to be licked?”

“Nah, it’s alright boys. My fag just got me off after I made him lick my asshole all morning…” and he was on.

“Nice man! How did that feel!” Kyle asked.

“Fantastic! I just sat on him all morning. I already trained him how to get in my ass with my tongue, it feels great when you wake up to your ass feeling nice and tender.”
“Could he breathe?!?” Evan wondered.

“Whenever I would allow him. Sometimes he would squirm, but I had my foot on his cock the whole time and I would crush it to return him to submission whenever he got out of line.”

“Haha ouch. And you have a big foot Mikey.”

“Oh he knows, he’s been under them plenty…” Mikey then walked away.

“Yum…” Kyle fantasized. “It looks like we’re gonna have to train you too to service us a little bit harder.” The pace of our foot licking intensified to a maximum. I was afraid I was burning the the skin of Evan’s soles from friction with my tongue. I then started to kiss his feet madly.

“Awww he’s kissing my feet letting me know he wants that!” Evan then pushed his feet further into my face as I continued to kiss.

“I think it’s about time…” Kyle looked at Evan, clearly enjoying his foot worship.
“It is…”

At that moment they both bent in across the table and grabbed us by our necks, prying us up with all their force. They unzipped their pants and took their hard cocks out. My head was shoved down on Evan’s cock like he always does, but this time he really held me down. I started choking, really intensely. Kyle was doing the same. I finally was allowed to release and breathe for a moment and then brought down again, he started to pump up and down and lightly mouth fuck me. “Yes Chris!” he said to feeling of his cock in my throat, pumping in an out as I gagged my life away.

“You’re my bitch, you’re my foot-licker, my ass-cleaner, my cock-sucker.” He yelled moaning. “You will be serve me! You will make me happy! I own you!” If not to my cock-sucking then to the high of his own power, I felt the blast of cum down my throat more than he ever had before. He climaxed and gasped and began to slow down.I could hear Kyle slowing down too. The two took off their shirts, and dragged our head up to their armpits. They sighed in relief. We eased them down by licking their pits. It was a just another awesome taste of my master.

He bent his head in and gave me a kiss no the cheek “Good boy.” I gushed inside.

“Wow…” Kyle began “that may have done me for all day.”

“Well it can’t for me…” Evan began.

“Why not?”

“I have Rachel coming over later. I need a second wind to tear her a part. She’s so hot.”
“She is! Good for you man!”

“Yeah, and now I have this fag boy to show off..” he turned to me. “I don’t know if I’ll have you lick our feet as we fuck or just make you watch your master in his prime.” I kept licking his armpit. “Either way…you know your place.”