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The Crooner's Personal Assistant

by Steven

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Growing up with a father who was head of a record label had its perks.

I got to hear new music from my favorite bands before any of my other friends heard it on the radio. I had traveled all over the world in private jets. I went to free concerts and got free backstage passes whenever I wanted. This was the main highlight for me.

During my sophomore year of college, I wanted to return back to what I had known. Instead of my father promoting me instantly to co-owner or CEO, whatever position he could instantly get for me, I was in need of an internship. I liked getting my hands dirty and really working my way up. So I became a personal assistant for the summer for one of the hottest pop stars in the business.

Brad Brookes was on his sold out world tour and anything he needed, I got it for him. Back when I was a kid he was part of one of the biggest boy bands in the world. Now he is a solo artist and has made a huge comeback from his 7 year hiatus. He just turned 30 but he was still the sexiest man I had ever seen. I had always had a huge foot fetish for guys my age and men older than me. I remember when Brad and his band mates would take those stupid tween magazine poolside photo shoots. I was just happy to see his bare feet. This internship was the key to unlock my deepest fantasies and I was going to make it happen no matter what, when the opportunity came around of course. To my surprise, it came true that summer.

I knocked on the door to his dressing room.

“It’s me Liam; I have your water and tea that you asked for.”

“Yeah Liam! Come on in!”

I tried to turn the knob with occupied hands, without spilling the steaming tea or dropping the glass water bottle imported from France.

“Need some help?” he said as the door suddenly opened.

“Thanks.” I went over to the table right next to the suede sofa and put the beverages right next to the lamp.

The TV. was blaring on the sports station but I tuned it out.

He had just finished vocal warm-ups and was preparing for tonight’s sold out show. He always liked to take about an hour and a half to himself before it was time to plug in his earpiece and get the entire crew together to do their traditional pep chant before going on stage.

I began scanning the room for something else productive to do. “Can I take these clothes downstairs to the ladies in the Laundromat for you?”

“Oh yeah man that would be great if you could, but you don’t have to, I can just get one of the girls to come take it for me, they probably reek.” –He had just worked out a few hours before.

“It’s not a problem Brad, remember, I am your “personal assistant.” I turned and smiled.
Sometimes he didn’t like telling me to do things for him since my dad was in charge of his record contract, but that was part of my job.

His asshole manager never minded telling me what to do. That prick.

“Ha-ha thanks Liam.” His gorgeous face, smiling back with his pearl white teeth.
As I was gathering his clothes, he passed behind me making his way to the restroom.
Next thing I knew, zoning out the booming TV. from my mind, there were his used black no-show socks. I quickly turned around to see if he was there, but he was still in the bathroom with the door slightly ajar.

I focused back on the socks, picked them up, and gently inhaled the smell without them barley touching my face. The smell was intoxicating.

A million things were going through my head. Like “should I steal these? He can afford new socks. He’ll never know they are gone.” As I gave them another whiff this time right up to my nostrils, I felt the presence of someone that had snuck up behind me.
“Umm what are you doing?”

“OMG uhh…nothing…I’m sorry! I was just…” I didn’t know what the fuck to say.
“Where you just smelling my socks?”

Again I didn’t know what the fucks to say. I was starting to get hot and the stupid TV. Was still blaring. He then walked over, turned off the TV. and then went over to lock the dressing room door.

He then smoothly went over to the couch to side down.

“Come over here Liam, come and sit.” He said with a devilish grin.

I was both confused and nervous at the same time. My heart was racing. I went over to sit next to him.

Next, everything happened so quickly. “Do you want to know what my socks smell like on my actual feet?” He said with a delicious grin.

“Uh ye…yea!” I said trying to not sound so desperate.
The whole theme for his tour was “ladies and gents/suits and bow ties” so he was already wearing black slacks, a white button down shirt, and brand new black designer custom made dress shoes.

I stared at his fully covered feet while he excitedly leaned over, grabbed a stool and propped up his size 11 feet.

“I don’t normally like to tell you to do the dirty stuff for me but this will probably be your only chance seeing that we only have about an hour. I see the way you look at me, so now be my real personal assistant.”

“I know you want it, so get down there and get to it!” He ordered as I noticed in his eyes he wanted me to do it very badly.

I was already getting a hard on. I got on my knees, swung my “All-Access” lanyard around my neck and began.

He closed his eyes and began to unbutton his shirt, instantly visible was his beautiful toned chest with the perfect amount of chest hair.

At this point he wasn’t giving me orders but I began to remove his shoes one by one.
“Smell them.” He quietly said.

I put his left shoe on my face feeling the warmth and inhaling the new shoe smell, which smelled good but it was the stink of his feet I was after.

“Holy shit…” I exhaled and threw his shoes behind me.

“Now, I want you to take off my socks without using your hands.” He said as he was rubbing himself.

I did as I was told. He was wearing dress nylon socks with the gold toes at the top. I lifted up his pant leg to get it out of the way struggling to get it over his muscular calves. I managed as he gave a subtle laugh.

He was waiting. As I brought the socks down from his ankles, over his heels, and up to his toes, he told me to stop.

“Kiss my soles.”

As I went in for the kiss my prayers came true in a sense that I hoped his feet were stinky. And they were. I finished taking off his socks and as soon as they came off, his long toes were flexed wide open allowing the air to cool off his bare feet. I noticed the stupid upper ankle tattoo he had gotten years ago with his favorite football team’s logo on it, another reassurance that I was not dreaming.

He closed his eyes and tilted his head back. I began to admire his beautiful size 11 feet. His toe nails were perfectly groomed and rounded off. His feet were smooth like butter from the pedicure I reserved for him last week but they still had a roughness to them, which I was a sucker for, around one of his heels and on the bottom of his sole close to his pinky toe. They had magnificent arches topped off with wide balls of the feet. They had a slight yellow pink tint to them which made my mouth water.

I went in for the kill

I dug my face right into his soles and began making love to his feet. They smelled amazing and not dirty but with just the right amount of stench.

He began moaning and I kept going.

“Thank you…” I said as I began to gnaw on his heel.

“Thank you!” he said breathing heavily.

I made my way from the bottom of his heel to the tip of his toes tasting the saltiness of his skin.

I began to clean off his toes one by one, noticing him start to unbuckle his leather belt (which was probably made of Italian leather.)

I tried my best to shove his entire foot into my mouth but I made it half way, feeling his toes wiggle on my tongue.

I came back up for air.

“Take off my pants and underwear.”

I did as told.

In this case, big feet equal big dick. His giant white boy cock was hard as a rock and he began to stroke it. Even though I wanted to suck him off, I didn’t want to over step what I was already given. He was straight after all.

“Keep going Liam.” He told me staring deep into my eyes.

“Yes sir…” I said as I tried to focus on his feet and his throbbing cock at the same time.
I was in the game and I was making the most of it.

With foot in mouth, I glanced up to the clock on the wall with him still stroking faster and harder. We had about 15 more minutes before we would have crew members knocking on the dressing room door telling him to get ready for a meet and greet with fans.

“I’m going to fucking blow!” he exclaimed, me hoping he didn’t say it too loud.
“Go ahead Brad.”

I brought my mouth away from his feet, shining from my licking. As soon as I did, beating vigorously, he sprayed into the air the first shot, barely missing his face onto the clock on the wall behind him. The second shot hit his neck and trailed down his chest to his six pack abs. When I thought he was finished, for a split second he looked at me, with sweat on his brow and shot the last two steams of cum onto his trembling feet, hitting my wide open mouth also.

I laughed.

With his breath coming to a gentle inhale and exhale he said, “Time to clean up.” He grinned.

I licked his feet clean and cleaned off my face in the process. I got up and threw him a towel and a sanitizing wipe to clean his chest, cock, and feet.

I fetched him a clean pair of socks and grabbed a new pair of pants and dress shirt from the wardrobe rack, laying them on the arm of the couch.

As I cleaned up my face, he finished getting dressed and threw his now dirty clothes into the pile I was originally going to take down to wash before the fun had begun.

“He Liam, on second thought, you can have these.” He tossed his smelly worn socks at me; I shoved them into my pocket.

“Thanks!” I laughed “Is there anything else I can get for you?”

“No thanks you did enough for today.” “See ya after the show!”

I finished grabbing his clothes from the carpeted floor and threw them into the basket.

“Break a leg Brad” I said to him as I walked to the door, noticing the clock on the wall we forgot to clean.

I smiled to myself and left out of the room on my way downstairs.

I passed his manager, “Everything ready with Brad, Liam?” he asked

I gave him the thumbs up and made my way past security.

The End