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Indulging Guilty Pleasures

by Andy Bartsch-Thompson

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Kristopher Wyatt Morris pulled in the driveway of the duplex he owned with his best friend from high school.

Walking up the steps, he noticed a package on the doorstep. “Awesome, my videos came.” Getting really excited, Kris opened the door to his side of the residence. It was his b-day this weekend. As well as the b-day of Alexander Brentwood Mills III, both he and Zander as his friend liked to be called were turning 36. After slipping off his size 10 shoes, Kris poured himself a Malibu and Pepsi, and grabbing a knife opened his present to himself. Kris had ordered a few tickle videos from his favorite site. “Wait, these are from Ticklish Buddy. I ordered from Dude, I’m Ticklish.” He looked at the name on the package. “No way, Zander ordered these. I didn’t even know he was into tickling like that.” Suddenly, Kris got an awesome idea. Since it was both his and Zander’s b-day, he’d arrange a weekend at the cabin he’d just bought in the mountains. He and Zander were due for some much needed male bonding.

After watching one of the videos, Kris replaced them in the box and resealed the package. “I’m so glad I had the foresight to carefully open this.” He thought to himself as he got the key to Zander’s door. He walked in, set the package on the table at the front door, and went back to his place. When he got back, Kris went upstairs to relax in a hot bubble bath. As he sunk down into the tub, he started reminiscing on his relationship with Zander. At first glance, the two came off as an unlikely combination. Kris was an out and proud bi-sexual and Zander was a quiet reserved semi-closeted gay male. However, after getting to know both guys you could see why they were so close. Zander’s relaxed nature was a nice contrast and compliment to Kris’s outgoing and frisky personality. Neither Kris nor Zander had fully explored their fetishes with the other. Of course over the years some playful tickling occurred. It was part of their bond, not to mention that both guys were off the charts ticklish. Now Kris was determined to make this the most memorable b-day for the two thus far.

While Kris was planning the weekend getaway, Zander was just pulling in. Right away he noticed the package on the table. “How’d these get in here? Oh, Kris must’ve seen them and put them in here.” Slipping off his size 9 shoes and getting a scotch on the rocks, Zander went up to his bedroom and popped in one of the DVD’s. His tickle fetish was a guilty pleasure Zander kept closely guarded. The only person who ever constantly tickled him was Kris, and that was completely playful. His deepest desire was to be completely at the mercy of someone who’d exploit his incredibly ticklish body. And after said person would let him get revenge, or he’d just take his revenge against their will. The funny thing was in his fantasy Kris was always the one indulging him. Zander never let on to Kris about his fantasies. He didn’t want the playful and loving dynamic between them change. The worst thing in Zander’s mind was experimenting with Kris and then somehow having to live without him. Kris was so comforting and attentive to his needs. Zander loved the in-depth conversations with Kris as they played with each other’s feet.

Kris had finished making the plans, and went to Zander’s door. He stood outside and rang the doorbell before going in. It was just one of their unspoken signals, letting the other one know they were there. “Yo Zan where are ya?” “Upstairs, just give me a minute before you come up.” Kris went to the liquor cabinet, and poured himself a Beam and Pepsi before heading upstairs. “Hey bro, ya decent?” Kris called out before opening the door. “Hey babe, how’s your day been?” Zander went and embraced Kris giving him a kiss on the cheek. “It was good, I started my vacation today.” “Hey me too, how long are you off?” “Two weeks, how about you?” “Same here, I was just relaxing.” Kris got comfortable on the bed beside Zander. He reached over and started massaging his tight shoulders. “Damn, you’re good at that.” Zander started melting from the firm sensual touch. “You’re quite amazing at this too baby.” Kris playfully kneaded his fingers between Zander’s ribs. “Ahh hehe no fair I wasn’t expecting that.” Zander protested between boyish giggles, as he squirmed. “Hehe I know, that’s the best time to tickle.” Kris went back to the massage.

Kris moved down to Zander’s sock clad feet. As he started massaging them, Zander reached out for Kris’ feet and started caressing them. “Hey Zan, how about we go to my cabin up in the mountains for our b-days?” “I don’t know Kris I really wanted to stay home this year.” “Dude, c’mon you’ve been working so hard. And we could use some bonding time. ” “Kris we don’t have to go anywhere to have some quality bonding time. Besides, I don’t like roughing it.” “Um my cabin does have electricity ya know. As well as an indoor heated pool, the only roughing you’ll have to do is making your own bed.” Kris said as he cracked Zander’s toes. “Shit that felt good.” Kris’s flexing toes were driving Zander mad inside. “I’ll give you three options Zan.” Kris started laying out the options like Scott McGillivray from Income Property.” Option number one, I hold you down and tickle the shit outta you until you agree to come with me. Option number two, I hogtie and throw you in the car. Thus kidnapping, and subjecting you to random intervals of foot tickling during the two hour trip.” Zander sat up. “Wait, so my first two options are you tickle me till I submit, or I get tied up, tickled, and am forced to go. Ok what’s the third option?” “Option number three, you simply agree to come along and we have an amazing weekend.”

Wrapping his arm around Zan’s ankles, Kris slowly dragged his index nail along the wiggling sole. “Ahh hey hehe no fair hehe tickling me.” Kris couldn’t help but smile at his friend’s boyish giggles as he lightly scratched his finger along the base of his victim’s toes. “Damn not the toes, don’t tickle my toes.” Zander was squealing and giggling like mad as he tried to get his feet away from the ticklish assault. Kris let up on the tickling so Zander could talk. “So, what’s your choice?” “I’ll go you’re right we do need to have some bonding time. And the mountains sound amazing.” “Awesome, I’m gonna go pack and I’ve already made the arrangements.” Zander gave Kris a hug and tickled his sides. “Ahh hehe hey that hehe tickles.” Kris squealed and almost fell backward into Zan.

Bright and early the next morning, Kris and Zan left to start their birthday weekend. Between the scenery and talking, the two hours seemed like ten minutes. “Holy shit, you really own this?” Zan said as he got his stuff and headed to the door. The cabin was a two story oasis. It was part of the resort that just opened up. The resort was built to be run like a condo high rise, only with cabins. There were HOA fees, and the resort offered luxury amenities. Among them were being able to have your groceries delivered, like room service once you arrived. It also offered hiking, canoeing, skiing, and had nature paths. Kris was able to get in for next to nothing, since he was the interior designer of the project. He was able to negotiate the purchase of the plot next to his on either side of his. He added rooms to his cabin, as well as the indoor pool with Jacuzzi. “Oh yeah here this is yours.” Kris tossed Zander a key to the cabin. “What’s this for?” “Well, since I own this you have free reign and usage. I’d like to put you on the deed as co-owner if you’re interested.” “Are you serious?” “Of course, just make sure it’s not being rented for the weekend. I rent it out to people on a weekend vacation.

Kris and Zander brought everything in, unpacked, made their order for some groceries, and were ready for complete relaxation. Zan was taking everything in as he sipped his wine. Kris was getting things situated, and joined his bud. “So, what do you think?” “This place is amazing, I’m glad I came with you.” “Well to be honest, you really didn’t have a choice.” “That’s true the only choice you gave me was whether or not you tickled the shit outta me.” After the groceries were delivered and put away Zan and Kris went for a walk along one of the paths. “This is so awesome and relaxing.” Kris and Zan sat on a rock watching the waterfall. “Dude, I totally needed this trip thanks.” “No sweat, speaking of which I’ll race ya back to the cabin.” The two were acting like kids again as they dodged and chased each other along the path. “Damn, I need a shower now.” “Me too, I’m drenched.” As he was in the shower, Zan realized he was starting to feel more relaxed and free. His inner restraint was starting to release. He also thought about the other night, and how Kris seemed more open with the mentions of tickling. So Zan decided to find out why.

“That bathroom is fuckin’ awesome.” Zan came downstairs with nothing but his red boxer/briefs on. Since it was just him and Kris, Zan didn’t feel the need to be fully dressed. “Glad you liked it. I’m starting lunch if you’re hungry.” Walking in the kitchen Zan noticed Kris was completely nude, except for his apron covering his chest and appendage. “Thanks, I’m starved.” Pulling out a chair at the table, and getting a Pepsi from the fridge Zan kept Kris company as he fixed their lunch. For the first time since they met, Zan really looked at Kris. He realized just how sexy his boy was, his cock started stirring in his boxer/briefs. After lunch the two went to the living room and watched some tv. Kris always knew how sexy Zander was. His shyness and humility served to make him even more appealing. Finally, Zan broke his silence. “Alright Kris, spill it.” “Spill what? You know I don’t like making messes.” “Smart ass, you know what I mean. What’s up with this sudden birthday trip idea? And all the mentioning of tickling and me being tied up.” For the first time, Kris seemed to be at a loss for words.

“I’ll give you two options. Option one I tickle the livin’ shit outta you until you talk. Option two you come clean and share with me.” Zan quickly got up and grabbing Kris’s ankles. He pulled them up on the back of the couch so Kris was hanging off with his back on the floor. “Dude, c’mon not my feet.” “Tell me Kris.” Holding his captive’s ankles with one hand, Zan used his other to lightly tickle the struggling socked soles. “Hehe fuck not my feet hehe it tickles.” Kris erupted in the most girlish giggles Zan had heard in quite awhile. “C’mon bud you know you want to talk.” Upping the ante, Zan pulled the toes back and lightly scratched his nails along the base of the wiggling toes. The giggles were coming faster and higher with the tickling of Kris’s toes. Meanwhile, being trapped and tickled like he was made his dick hard as well. “Ok, ok you win. I’ll tell you.” Kris managed to get out through his fits of giggles. Zan let go of Kris’s feet, went to the kitchen, and got him some water.

After a few healthy swigs, Kris had calmed down enough to talk. “The reason I wanted to have this weekend with you was because I opened your package yesterday. I thought it was my tickle vids I’d ordered, instead they were yours.” “So that explains why the one DVD was unwrapped.” Kris turned his head and blushed. “I was excited when I realized you have the same fetish as me. I’ve always wanted to further our playful bond to incorporate more tickling and feet play. I realized I love your feet and your body. I’m tired of playing the field.” Now it was Zan’s turn to blush. “I’ve got a confession too. I didn’t want to express my fetish to you because I didn’t want to ruin our chemistry. I couldn’t bear it if for some reason you weren’t in my life.” “Alexander Brentwood, haven’t you realized by now I’m not going anywhere?” Zan cringed at the use of his full name. “There’s more Kris. Every time I fantasized about being tied down and tickled or tickling someone, it’s always you I see. I think you’re the most gorgeous guy I’ve met.”

“I think it’s time we had some real fun.” Before he could react, Kris grabbed Zan around his thighs, and hoisted him over his shoulder. “Fuck, what are you doing?” Zan started struggling. “You’re coming with me.” Kris carried Zan upstairs to his bedroom. “If you don’t put me down right now.” “Oh stop your fussing and squirming before you make us both fall.” Kris playfully spanked Zan’s cute bubble butt. “You’re so gonna pay for that.” Once inside the room, Kris flipped Zan on the bed. He quickly cuffed Zan’s wrists to the posts, and then went and cuffed his ankles. “I’m so gonna get you for this bro.” Zan said amidst his giggles. “If I let you.” Grabbing a blindfold, and after some struggling Zan was now ready. “Hey, what’s the blindfold for?” “You’ve watched the videos, figure it out.” Zan turned his head toward the sounds Kris was making as he got his “tools” ready.

Without warning, Kris started his assault. He began by stroking two feathers along his ticklish victim’s ears and neck. “Hehe hey don’t do that.” Immediately, Zan burst out in high pitched giggles as his head jerked side to side. “Aww is someone’s neck and ears ticklish?” As he taunted poor Zan, Kris kept one feather going at the neck. The other one, he swirled in and around Zan’s deep innie. Like lightning, Zan began thrashing wildly against his bonds. “Fuck, not my belly button it’s torture. Kris please don’t tickle there.” His desperate pleas fell on deaf ears. As Zan thrashed his giggles turned into boisterous laughter. All the while, his cock was continuously getting stiff. Kris was noticing the growing member. He put the feathers down and lightly wiggled his fingers in the sweat covered hollows of Zan’s pits. At the same time, he leaned down and began licking the heaving stomach and waist. “Holy fuck that’s torture. No fair” Zan’s laughter turned into primal squeals and screeches. His body was glistening with sweat, and he was getting more and more excited.

Giving Zan a break, Kris wiped him down with a towel and removed his blindfold. “We’re not done yet are we?” “Not at all baby boy.” Kris knelt down and kissed the damp forehead. He also walked down to Zan’s feet, and untied them just long enough to slip the boxer/briefs off. Zan’s dick stood at attention. “Mmm looks like you’re having fun.” “Fuck, this is better than anything I fantasized about.” “It’s not over yet. Are you ready for more?” “Bring it on babe.” Kris again picked up two feathers. He began slowly stroking one along the quivering inner thighs, while the other one explored Zan’s balls and ass. “Ahh shit I didn’t know I was ticklish there.” His voice raised an octave and his back arched as the feather’s tips were reaching every ticklish nook and crevice of his longing body. Precum started dripping from the head of his throbbing dick. Kris was feeling the excitement between them as he indulged their pleasures. Not being able to hold out any more, Zan was begging for release. “Kris, please make me cum.”


Eager to please, Kris abandoned the feathers and started slowly caressing the hot sweaty balls with his warm moist tongue. Zan’s body writhed against his bonds with complete ecstasy. “Mmm damn I love that tongue.” Just as Zan was ready to explode from the tongue bath and Kris’s hand job, Zan let go with a moan of sheer pleasure. His toes curled and uncurled as his cum shot over the headboard hitting the wall. After he finished, Zan’s body was still tingling and flinching from the best orgasm he’d ever had. “That was the most… Hehe no, don’t tickle my feet.” Zan was cut off mid sentence as Kris’s fingertips glided over his poor helpless soles. “Coochie coochie Zan. Time to really make you scream.” Kris slowly pulled the thin no shows off the protesting feet. “No, don’t fuckin’ take my socks.” Zan tried desperately to keep his socks by clenching his toes. “Aww look at the valiant, but futile attempt.” Kris scratched all ten nails in the center of Zan’s soft, bare arches. Zan’s toes unclenched so fast, his socks almost jumped off on their own.

“No, no, no please have mercy Kris. Don’t tickle my feet yet.” After watching so many tickle videos, they both knew the sensitivity was heightened after ejaculation. “You’re so cute when you beg.” Kris knelt at the ticklish paradise that lay before him. Wasting no more time, Kris slowly licked up and down the pink wrinkling soles. “Hehe fuck not the tongue.” Zan was in tickle hell as Kris’s tongue found every spot on his ticklish tootsies. “Make up your mind, either you love my tongue or you don’t.” Kris teased just before slipping his tongue between the toes. “Hehe you’re brutal.” Was all Zan could say before convulsing into fits of torturous laughter. Once again his dick stood at attention. “Damn boy, you’re ready to go again?” Grabbing a hairbrush, Kris slowly raked it across the squirming soles. At the same time he kneaded his fingers along the inner thighs. “No, please not there.” Zan was now screaming wildly and furiously bucking against the ropes.

This time Kris climbed on top of Zan. He combined tickling Zan’s ribs and pits with rubbing his dick along Zan’s. “Oh shit that’s fuckin’ awesome.” Zan was so stimulated by the feeling of Kris’s body against his, and the continuous tickling that he shot another load. This time Kris shot one too. Now both of them were completely wet from sweat and cum. “How was that?” Kris asked through heavy pants. “The most amazing sex I’ve ever had.” Kris untied Zan’s bonds and lay there cuddling him. For the first time, they locked eyes and shared the most electrifying kiss either had experienced. “How do you feel?” Kris asked as he caressed Zan’s tear and sweat stained cheek. “Free and unashamed of my desires.” “Is that a good thing?” “Totally, Kris I-I love you.” “I love you too Zander. I always have.”

After some recovery, Kris and Zan got up and took a shower together. And Zan moved his things into Kris’s room.

“Damn, after all that I could go for a little relaxation.” Going to the kitchen, made strawberry daiquiris, and walked to the pool room.

With a flip of a switch bamboo blinds automatically came down giving them instant privacy. Flipping another switch and the doors retracted for an unobstructed view of the TV. “No fuckin’ way. This is too amazing.” Zander was totally impressed. “Just wait till it gets dark, that’s incredible.” Setting their drinks on a table, Kris and Zander jumped in the pool. “I still can’t believe you designed all this.” “It wasn’t easy that’s for sure.” Zander leaned back releasing a sigh of pure exhilaration. “This is the best birthday ever. I love you Kris.” “Love you too babe.” They got their drinks, went to the Jacuzzi, and watched the sunset. Zander reached down and began massaging Kris’s feet. “Damn I love the way you caress my feet.” Lifting the left foot, he wrapped his tongue around the plump big toe. “Oh fuck, that’s amazing.” Kris was thrown into a sea of desire. “Mmm you’re feet are awesome.” Zander started suckling each toe and slowly licking the broad of his tongue over the soft sole.

“That hehe kinda hehe tickles.” “Want me to stop?” Zander started lightly stroking the tops of Kris’s feet.” “Hehe No it hehe ahh hehe feels great.” Kris brought Zander’s feet up to his mouth and slipped his tongue between the wiggling toes. “Hehe your tongue tickles.” “I know, does this?” Kris wiggled his right toes between Zan’s ribs, and simultaneously scratched his index nail along the flexing soles. “Hehe yes it tickles.” Zan burst into a fit of boyish giggles. His body was writhing and squirming trying to avoid the tickles on his left side. “Coochie coochie Zan.” “Not the coochie’s you ass.” Zan worked his left foot free and wiggled his toes in Kris’s right pit. “Ah hehe not my pit.” Kris was squealing and let go of Zan. Taking advantage, Zan grabbed both Kris’s feet and raked his fingernails along the dripping soles. At the same time, he used his toes to explore the crevices of Kris’s balls and ass. “Holy fuck not that I can’t take it.” Kris was pounding his palms on the edge of the Jacuzzi as he was trying his best to pull free. “Ya give yet?” Zan let go of the feet, pulling Kris against him, and kneaded his fingers along Kris’s stomach and sides. “Yes I give, I give.” Kris screamed through high pitched torturous laughs.

Zan let him go, jumped out, and dried off. “I’m so gonna get you for that ya little shit.” Kris followed suit and they walked into the house. “You know you loved it.” “Yeah just like you’ll love being at my mercy later.” “Kris, are you hungry?” “Yeah, now that you mention it I am. What do you want?” “Are you in the mood for pizza?” “Sure, we haven’t had a pizza night in forever.” Zan smacked Kris’s ass on the way upstairs. “What was that for?” “I told ya I’d get you for smacking mine.” “I’ll give you something to laugh about soon enough.” Kris ordered the pizza and went upstairs with Zan. Just as they were done setting everything up in the bedroom, the pizzas arrived. Taking the pizzas upstairs, they stretched out on the bed and watched Golden Girls. “Is it coincidence the girls are also eating pizza in this episode?” Kris reached for his beer. “I think it’d be more of one if we were eating a cheesecake.” Zan looked over and locked eyes with Kris. “You’re kidding me.’ “Hehe there’s one in the fridge downstairs, and another two in the freezer.” Zan shook his head and took a sip of beer. “Could you be anymore perfect?” “Hmm, I don’t think so.” “You goof.” Zan laid his head on Kris’s shoulder.


Once they cleaned up they were ready for bed. “Hey, what’d you get me for my birthday?” Zan asked as he gently caressed Kris’s shoulders and kissed his neck. “Mmm what, this isn’t enough?” Kris closed his eyes as Zan lulled him into total relaxation. “Nope, I want more.” Before Kris could react, Zan slipped his wrists in the cuffs. “Hey, what are you...” Kris was cut off as Zan took the sock from his foot and put it in his mouth. “Mmmph” “What was that babe? I couldn’t quite understand.” Zan taunted as he cuffed Kris’s ankles. Stepping back, Zan admired the beautiful man strapped face down before him. “I think for my birthday, I want to have some fun with you.” Kris turned his head and looked longingly at his loving captor. “Oh don’t worry, you’ll have fun too.” “Mmpphh.” Zan reached down and pulled the sock from Kris’s mouth. “How long have you been wearing those?” Kris’s dick was stirring under him. “Since day before yesterday.” Zan smiled as he reached under the bed and pulled out Kris’s bag of tools.

Zan’s eyes lit up like a Christmas tree when he opened the bag. He was as giddy as a boy in a candy store. “So many awesome choices here.” “Why do I have the feeling I’m headed for tickle hell.” Kris shifted nervously in his bonds. ‘You know you want it baby.” Zan reached down and skittered his fingers along the upturned soles. “Hehehe” Kris tried his best to pull free as he giggled. “I love that cute little giggle.” For starters, Zan gently massaged Kris’s shoulders and back. “Mmm” Kris closed his eyes, letting himself get lost in the feeling. His body relishing the firm caress of his lover’s magical hands. Leaning down, Zan slowly traced Kris’s spine with the tip of his tongue. “Ahh hehe shit you’re driving me hehe crazy.” His body trembled and shivered with ecstasy. Adding to his tongue’s journey, Zan started running his fingertips lightly along the edge of his captive’s sides. “Hehe no, please it’s too ticklish.” Kris was squirming and jerking against the ropes. Reaching into the bag, Zan picked up two feathers. He twirled them along Kris’s ears as he nibbled the earlobes. “Hehe shit, you’re torturing me.” “Not yet, I’m just playing with you.”

The conflicting feeling of Zan’s nibbling and the feathers were wreaking havoc on Kris’s senses. Abandoning the feathers, Zan turned, facing Kris’s feet. He playfully smacked the perfectly rounded bubble butt at his disposal, and lightly tickling the ass cheeks with his fingers. “Fuck, not my ass.” Zan leaned down, and started rimming the hot sweaty crevice. Kris moaned and giggled as his body arched. Zan pressed his hardening cock against the writhing sweat covered body beneath him. “Don’t stop, please this is amazing.” “Oh, don’t worry babe, I’m not done yet.” “Having fun?” “What do you think?” Smiling, Zan untied Kris repositioning him on his back. “I love that sparkle in your eyes Zan.” “I bet you say that to all the ticklish boys.” He leaned down kissing Kris’s soft and warm lips. “You’re so perfect for me.” Zan lightly stroked his fingertips along the soft undersides of Kris’s arms, then making a trail along his hairy pits. “Hehehe don’t start with that.” Kris’s boyish giggles and squeals only encouraged his sensual tickler. Lying on top of Kris, Zan faced the wiggling toes. Licking his lips he began sucking and nibbling the plump digits. “Hehe mmmm fuck that’s awesome.” Softly giggling and moaning as he flexed his toes for Zan.

Slowly, Zan’s moist tongue explored each dip of the enticing feet that lay before him. He lightly scratched his fingers along the soft soles, making Kris moan and jump as his giggles got louder. Saving some feet fun for later, Zan picked up a feather. He swirled it in Kris’s deep belly button as he wrapped his tongue around the hot sweaty balls. “Ahehehe shit you’re gonna make me cum.” Kris’s body was writhing, his dick growing and dripping with precum. Taking hold of Kris’s waist, Zan slowly licked up and down the hard shaft, wrapping his lips around the purple head. Kris was pumping up and down in rhythm with Zan’s mouth. Reaching for a feather, Zan swirled it along the balls and inner thighs. Suddenly, with a forceful thrust his hot cum filled Zan’s mouth. “Hehe oh fuck that tickles.” Kris screamed as Zan’s tongue continued licking his shaft and head. He was shaking and thrashing in ticklish agony. “I’m not done yet.” Zan pressed his aching dick against Kris’s body. Writhing around the slick skin, and tickling the dripping pits. “No hehe not that.” Zan poked and prodded his index finger in the crevice of the deep innie. “Fuck, I can’t take it.” Straddling Kris’s chest, Zan pumped his dick in Kris’s longing mouth. It didn’t take long for him to shoot his load.

In a heap of satisfied exhaustion, Zan and Kris fell asleep after a hot shower together. It was just after sunrise on their birthday when Zan got up. Stretching and yawning, he was still tingling from the night before. Zan looked at Kris as the morning sun gave him a golden glow. He left a note, saying he was going into town just outside the resort. An hour later, Kris awoke and saw the note Zan left. He got up, shaved, and went for a morning jog. When he got back, Zan had breakfast ready and waiting for him. “How’d you know when I’d be back?” “You always go for a morning jog after you have sex, and when you need to lose weight.” “What’d you want to do today?” “I thought we’d go canoeing and I made reservations tonight at the restaurant for us.” “That sounds fun, by the way, happy birthday Kris.” “Happy Birthday Zan” They cleaned up, and went upstairs to get ready.

As Zan was choosing an outfit, Kris snuck up behind him, goosing his sides. “Hehe hey that tickles.” Zan squealed, jumping from the surprise tickle. “It’s supposed to.” Grabbing Zan’s waist, Kris lifted and carried him to the bed. “Hey let go you butt.” Kris’s response was pinning him down and wiggling his fingers along Zan’s sides and into his pits. All of a sudden, Zan was a thrashing mass of squeals and wild laughter. “Just wait till I get you.” “Well then I’d better enjoy this.” Kris reached down and brought Zan’s struggling right foot up to him. “Not my feet, please don’t tickle my feet.” His plea fell on deaf ears. Kris used his free hand to skitter along the wrinkling soles and flexing toes. “Coochie coochie Zan boy. Who’s a cute ticklish boy?” He teased as Zan’s laughter kept him from being coherent. Then Kris targeted the backs of Zan’s knees and legs. “Fuck that’s almost worse.” Zan managed to get out before his laughs became silent. Kris stopped his tickling and gave Zan a long kiss.

The afternoon canoeing was magical. Kris and Zan were both snapping pictures of the mountains and even catching a few deer by the shores. When they returned, they both stretched out on the couch. Zan was massaging Kris’s feet and softly kissing his toes. “Zan” “Yeah Kris” “Thank you for coming with me.” “I’m glad you offered, and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Speaking of which…” Zan trapped Kris’s ankles in the crook of his arm. “What are…Hehe no don’t tickle my toes.” Kris pounded his fists on the couch as he squirmed from Zan’s fingers tickling under his defenseless toes. “I told you I’d get you.” Zan smirked as he pulled the toes back and lightly tickled the stretched toe bases. Kris could do nothing but try pulling free and laughing like mad. “Not the nails please not the ahh” Kris’s laughter was going silent as Zan rapidly raked his nails along the soft bare soles. “Aw does Kris have ticklish tootsies?” Zan teased as he began nibbling the heels. “You’re so dead.” Tears were streaming down Kris’s face. “Who’s my little tickle toy?” Zan slipped his tongue between the spastic toes.

“So, what’d you get in town today?” Kris asked as they were getting ready for their birthday dinner. “It’s a secret, and no fair tickling it out of me. I want it to be a surprise.” Two hours later they were sharing a slow dance amidst the other couples. It was a nice mix of couples that night. Zan laid his head on Kris’s shoulder as he got lost in the music and starlit night. Their table was on the balcony that offered a spectacular view of the mountains and the river. The moon’s reflection off the river was mesmerizing. Holding hands as the wine was poured; Kris and Zan were basking in the perfect romantic moment. “Kris” “Yeah babe” “Were you serious when you said you were tired of playing the field, and that I’m the one you longed for?” “I meant every word. I can’t imagine meeting anyone else who can make me feel the way you do.” “I’m glad you feel that way. Ever since you brought up the idea of this weekend, I’ve been thinking.”

Kris looked deep in Zan’s eyes. It was like he could read Zan’s thoughts and true feelings. “I love you Kristopher Wyatt, and I hope you have the answer I want to the next question.” Reaching in his pocket, Zan pulled out a small package. Kris’s heart was racing as Zan handed it to him. “Go ahead, open it.” Sitting back and taking a sip of wine for his parched throat. Kris untied the red bow, and he slowly opened the box. “Kristopher Wyatt, will you marry me?” Zan sat in suspended animation waiting for the response. Kris looked at the sparkling tri-colored wedding band, tears forming in his eyes. “Are you sure you want to take this step?” Kris reached out and clasped Zan’s trembling hands. “This weekend cinched it for me. You’re the one I love and long to spend my life with.” “Then I have to say yes. Of course I’ll marry you.” The two kissed and embraced as the tables around them applauded and toasted to their happiness together.

After dinner and a long moonlit walk along the river, Kris and Zan returned to their cabin. Zan unlocked the door, but before he could walk in Kris bent down and scooped him up in his arms. “What are you doing?” “I could be wrong, but I think I’m carrying my fiancée over the threshold.” “Only you can successfully mix a romantic moment with a snarky comment.” That night, the cabin was filled with the sounds of passionate love making, mixed with riotous ticklish laughter. A year later, Kris and Zan tied the knot. They had a barefoot ceremony in Hawaii. “Kris” “Yes darling” “I love our friends and family, but…” “Don’t say it Alexander, I know what you’re thinking.” “Oh really, enlighten me.” “You’re thinking after seeing everyone barefoot, if we renew our vows our guests will wear shoes.”

Breaking out in laughter Kris and Zan reveled in their perfect day.