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Aaron Schock's Downfall - Part 1

by Liam Redmayne

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Since the day Aaron Schock got elected to congress, he made it his first priority to make sure that no federal law will benefit any gay men.

He voted for DOMA, DADT and all kinds of law that will suppress the rights of any living homosexual. It's the reason why he became the rising star of the Republican Party and a target of rich powerful gay men alike. Flashing his boy next door charisma made him the favorite of bible thumping southern states.

He pride himself by taking good care of his body. Hard rock abs, tight biceps and a smile that will melt the heart of any faggot out there. Aaron Schock knew that he's attractive and a head turner . P90x, running, swimming, hiking keeps his chiseled God like body in shape. He knew he can get his way by just flirting with closeted men of congress to further his political agenda. Being the youngest person who got elected in public office, he wanted to be a president someday just like Obama who came from Illinois, the same state where Aaron Schock started his humble beginnings.

A congressman got a lot of perks and Aaron Schock and he thought that he can get away with anything. Little did he knew that the people he stepped on to get where he is right now will be the same people who will conspire to see his demise. Beneath the political gridlock and scandals in congress lies true power. CEO, political Donors and lobbyist who controls the destination of this great nation. They decide who needs to get elected and who needs to go.

John Trueman is one of the lobbyist who works for a very rich gay guy. John's boss owns the largest oil refinery in Great Plains and a real estates mogul. When John got the instructions to leak the spending habits of Congressman Aaron Schock to the media, he made sure that nothing will come back to his boss. He considered himself an expert when it comes to demolition job like this.

Congressman Aaron Schock was forced to resign from his office due to intense pressure coming from Republican Party. He was told that he would face jail time if he doesn't step down from office. It left him no choice but to cave in because he knew that a pretty boy like him won't survive inside a federal prison. Aaron thought that it's all gonna be over soon, that once the media gets tired of this scandal that he can start moving on with his life. The Congressman didn't know that it's all part of John's boss plan to make him miserable. John assured his boss that Aaron won't have anything after his ordeal.

Election is coming up and every news outlet forgot about the Aaron Schock scandal. Aaron burned all his bridges, his family and friends barely talk to him anymore because of what happened. He was embarrass for betraying their trust. Even though the media forgot about the scandal, the small town of Peoria Illinois didn't. Aaron almost used all his lifesavings because most of his money went to paying back the tax payers dollars. The government took all his assets because it's considered ill gotten wealth. Aaron can't even get a job at Walmart. None of his friends would hire him because he ignored their grievances and favors when he was still in congress.

John made sure that everything will go according to plan. He made sure that the senate committee will take all of Aaron Schock's financial capabilities and political capital so that he will have a hard time starting over. The senate declared all Aaron's asset as part of ill gotten wealth because John bribed certain people. When Aaron went back to Peoria Illinois, he followed Aaron everyday and bribed all the potential employers where Aaron applied for a job so that they won't hire him. John finally realized that it is time to help his boss to get what he wanted. Now that Aaron isolated himself to the world, nobody will even notice once he goes missing.

Aaron came home from whole day job search. He now lives in a efficiency studio which is a far cry from his downtown abbey inspired office in Capitol Hill. He removed his jacket and went straight to the bathroom. The shower soothed his aching muscles and he made sure to lather his abs with a good amount of body wash. When he got out of the shower, Aaron grabbed his towel and dried himself. He put on a clean boxers and tight fitting tank top. The moment he opened his bathroom door, he noticed several hooded guys were waiting for him and suddenly everything went dark.

John informed his boss that he got Aaron Schock. John's boss is a obese balding mixed breed who likes to jerk off while watching muscular guys sweating, suffering and covered with welts. He got tons of money and can afford to get any guy he wants but he wanted a cocky congressman like Aaron Schock. He intend to give this hunky congressman a treatment fit for a slave. Breaking a muscular guy who got enormous amount of stamina is the top priority of John's boss. He invited the richest gay men in the United States for a fund raiser. The funds will go to the presidential candidate of his choice that will further his agenda in Capitol Hill. Drug dealers, closeted politicians, human traffickers, foreign dignitaries and high ranking military officials will get a chance to see how to break a cocky congressman.

John threw a cold water on Aaron to wake him up. Aaron is now tied up spread eagled with both arms above his head and his toes barely touching the floor. John made sure that Aaron will be shown to the guests of the house with proper packaging. John put a very tight hood on Aaron's head and ear plugs were installed in both of his ears. John did it so that Aaron won't have any idea what's coming. John turned up the heat to make sure that Aaron will be sweaty and flexing his tired muscles for the guest.

John's boss welcomed the guests on the viewing room of his house which is located in the basement. A proper dungeon with temperature controls, wooden stocks, electro torture devices and cameras that can take high definition scene from any angle. The fortress got several helipads, guard towers, and in the middle of nowhere located on top of the mountain.The host cut to the chase and pulled the curtain up to show his guests the newly acquired priced possession. The guests saw Aaron tied up spread eagled naked with his arms shackled all over his head way beyond its limits.

Aaron was sweating profusely because of his predicament. Every pores all over his body is covered with sweat. Aaron's armpits was damped with sweat which drips all the way to his godly formed abs. He tried to keep himself comfortable but his toes barely touches the ground and his arms can't support the weight of his muscular body. Aaron thought that having a physique like his can endure anything. He was considered the superman of the congress at one point. Now he is just as vulnerable like everybody else.

John removed Aaron's hood and he can see the poor young congressman pupils dilate. He was flabbergasted by the amount of people behind the glass window watching him tied up naked in this position. John also removed Aaron's gag and ear plugs so that he can hear how his body will benefit the American people by funding the presidential candidate of his boss. Aaron tried to get away from his bonds and squirmed all his might. He didn't know that he is giving the proper introduction to the group of salivating sadist who would like an opportunity to torture the gay bashing republican congressman.

The host and owner of the house commenced with the bidding. Everybody is excited to make this cocky congressman fully humiliated. John's boss laid out the terms of Aaron's ordeal. The minimum bid starts at 150,000 dollar donation to the presidential candidate of John's boss choice.

150,000 Dollars for 1 day with the slave.

250,000 for a weekend with the slave.

500,000 for 3 days with the slave.

750,000 for 5 days with the slave which includes a travel package with one of John's boss super yacht. The yacht is Currently equipped with stealth technology which will protect their privacy.

1,000,000 for one week with Aaron Schock which will included a remote controlled cock cage that will prohibit the cocky congressman from pleasuring himself without permission.

Everybody started chatting, some people even called their accountants if they can liquidate some of their assets. John's boss announced that he will allow 3 hour intense tickle torture inspection for his guest. It will make sure that Aaron's body will be tested and his endurance to pain will be proven. John opened the door to the podium where Aaron is securely bound. He can see that the cocky muscular guy is terrified with his fate.

Aaron saw and counted 88 sadist went out the door, that's 880 fingers who will be inspecting his muscular body. The poor congressman is determined to show them that he is not ticklish but his body is starting to betray him. Aaron's muscles became more tensed and he is sweating even more as he watch several fingers approached his vulnerable body parts.

Aaron can't protect his feet, armpits, abs, belly button, thighs and his cock because his body is wide open for all the sadist around him to feast on.


To be continued...