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by Jake Albernathy

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This story is 100% true

It was the summer of 2007. I was 18 years old, I stood 5’10, nice green eyes and a slim build. I was not the most attractive guy around but I was did well with the girls in my grade. I always wore my polo sneakers, shorts above the knee and a polo, fitting right in with the popular kids at the private school I attended.

There was something different about me though. For as long as I could remember I had a fetish for mens feet. Since I was in 5th grade I can remember waking up in the middle of the night and smelling my friends socked feet while they slept or always positioning myself while we slept so there feet would end up in my face. That’s a story for a different time.

This is the story about Jason. Jason was 2 years older than me, stood 6 feet tall, 165 pounds, nice buzz cut, and a killer body. What struck me about him is his size 13 feet. He would always wear these high top nike sneakers with ankle socks that drove me crazy. This guy was perfect in every way and girls just swarmed all over him. Every one wanted to be his friend and he was just effortlessly cool.

Jason was friends with my older brother so he would come around the house a lot and we became friends as much as we could be considering our age difference and him just flat out not wanting to hangout with a 14 year old. That summer after the school year is when my life completely changed.

That summer our families rented a beach house together. I remember thinking I would be with Jason for 3 months and almost exploding instantly just fantasizing about him in sandals and all the opportunities I would have to look at his feet. It was a dream come true and I could not wait to press my luck… little did I know I wouldn’t have to try so hard after all.

My brother was 21 years old so when he went out at night Jason was not able to go along with him. This left quite a bit of time with Jason and I watching movies, playing playstation, usual guy things. We would walk the boardwalk and try our luck with girls, it was a blast. Then one night everything changed..

After a long day at the beach and having dinner with our families, my brother went out and Jason and I were left in the basement alone watching a movie. Jason all of a sudden looked over at me and asked “Hey, have you ever given a foot massage before?” I almost threw up I was so nervous just hearing him ask that. “Yea” I replied sheepishly, "only once though as dare.” Jason confidently responded “would you mind giving me a foot massage, my feet are killing me.” I responded “No way man haha” trying to play it cool. Jason looked at me and said “Come on man I will pay you a $1 for every minute, my mom made me do this for her a couple of times.” With that I jumped at it “ok, fine man.” That was the best decision of my life.

Jason immediately grew the biggest smile and threw his huge size 13 feet still inside his black high top nike sneakers into my lap. I responded with “wow douche bag” he didn’t say anything though. I began to unlace his sneakers, my heart was beating so fast I thought I would die. One sneaker came off and revealed his sweaty black ankle socks firmly pressed to his feet. They smelled fantastic! He must have noticed my reaction change to the smell of his feet cause he responded with “sorry about that haven’t had a chance to shower yet today.” I could tell Jason was going to take advantage of this in every way.

Both sneakers were off and sat in my lap his sweaty feet in his black ankle socks. I began to massage his feet like a champion. I was going to make him proud and make him want to come back for more. I was so filled with lust I forgot to even check that he started a timer or some way to keep track how long I was going for. The sweat from his socks was making my hands wet as I put pressure onto various parts of his foot. I massaged his long toes, went up to his ankle, his sole. I thought I was doing a fine job.

I looked up and Jason was sleeping!! "How long have I been massaging his feet for" I asked scared. I looked at the clock and TWO HOURS had passed. I was so embarrassed, Jason must think I am a freak. I calmed down a bit and noticed the two pairs of big feet still sitting in my lap. I thought to myself “hey its now or never.” I was so quiet and gentle, I lifted his big feet up and took the biggest wiff. They smelled like heaven. So many different senses were going off in my body. These were the most perfect feet I have ever seen and will ever see. The smell left me paralyzed. I must have been smelling his feet for too long because thats when I heard Jason say “dude what are you doing?”

I panicked, a million things were running through my mind. “My life is over. everyone at school will know I like feet and on and on.” Jason said “dude were you smelling my feet?” I replied sharply “no way get out of here I had a itch on my nose.” Jason responded “Yea right man! You have been smelling my feet for five minutes now, I thought you were just massaging my feet oddly but when I looked up I saw it was your nose pressing against them!” “Jason I screamed, please don’t say anything,” I started crying “ I will do anything, don’t tell my parents or anyone, please.” I must have looked pathetic crying and begging.

The biggest smile crept across Jason’s face. “Travis (thats my name) he said, I won’t say anything but things are definitely going to change for the rest of the summer.” I must have a complete look of confusion on my face because immediately after he responded “let me show you how.” With that he grabbed me by the neck very hard and pushed me to the ground. He sat on the couch and put his two big black size 13 socked feet onto my face. They covered it completely! I was in total ecstasy. He began rubbing his sweaty feet in my face and laughing, I couldn’t believe it! Thats when he said “lick”. With no hesitation I began licking at his feet like a thirsty dog. His socks tasted so good, I wanted to suck all the sweat out of them. Jason said “wow, who would have known Travis that you liked guys feet. I would have been taking advantage of this a long time ago.” “If you don’t want anyone to find out you will do this when I command. No matter where we are, who’s around, you belong to me now.” My face turned red as a apple but I continued licking away. Jason said “oh yea and you will call me sir from here on out, unless in front of our families.”

With that Jason told me to remove his socks. I took them off with my mouth, they were drenched with my saliva. His feet were perfect. The arch, his long toes, just the right amount of hair. He began shoving his toes in my mouth and choking me with them, constantly laughing at my dispense. He kept saying “this is so awesome” and would laugh. I licked the lint out of his toes and cleaned the sweat off his feet until they smelled clean. I must have been licking his feet for a hour or so as it was 2am in the morning already!

Thats when I heard the tv channel change. I started hearing the moaning of a woman on the tv and a guy saying “yea take that dick bitch”. Jason was jacking off! My stomach was in my throat again, “no way is he going to ask me to do that I thought.” Jason said “Travis sit up.” I got onto my knees and looked at him sitting on the couch in all his mighty. He truly did look like a god. His shirt was off showing off his 6 pack abs, tanned body and just general sexiness. Thats when I noticed his dick. It had to be at least 8 inches thick. I wanted to suck it so bad.

He stood up and said “open your mouth.” I opened my mouth and he shoved his sock to the back of my throat. I thought I was going to die. He held me by the back of my head so his dick was half way down my throat. I could feel it in my neck. He moaned so loud and said “God I love the way that feels” and let me breathe. He sat back down and said “You will have to earn that privilege, I just want you to swallow my load so I don’t have to clean up.” I sat there like a dog drooling waiting for my treat. How did one man have so much power and control over me? Jason started moaning louder and louder and snapped his fingers. I knew that was my signal. I jumped to the head of his cock and a blast of cum went into my mouth. Most of it shot right down my throat. He moaned with pleasure as he emptied himself into my mouth. I swallowed it all.

Jason patted me on the back of the head and said “good boy.” I wanted more, I wanted to get off so bad, I wanted everything about him. Thats when he said “you will not get off around me, I don’t want to see that faggot shit. We are both going to bed now” I could have cried. I began to crawl into the bed in the basement when he said “what the fuck do you think you’re doing? You sleep at the foot of my bed now Travis.” A smile crept across my face. I laid down at the foot of my masters bed and thats when two size 13 feet went under the covers and directly into my face. “Good night Travis” is all I heard and he went to bed. This summer is going to be incredible I remember thinking and went to bed.

Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed the story. I will be glad to write more and fill you in on the rest of the summer if you’d like. I miss it so much. Cheers!