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Football Player Service

by Johnny Chiurazzi

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My name is Dave. I'm an openly gay Sophomore on the Cheer Squad. I'm 5'9, and 120 lbs.

All football season I was eyeing Mike. Football captain. 6,3, athletic build, 145, perfect blue eyes, facial scruff, and perfect size 13s. He always wore the most perfect black midcalfs.

Mike and I were also sort of friends. We'd Talk at parties, do shots. Normal stuff. One night, there was a huge party after a big win. Somehow, Mike and I ended up walking home. We both lived in the same neighborhood and it was really late.

As we're walking I noticed he was rubbing his crotch. A lot.

"Man, I fucking got a rod bro." Mike said.

My dick grew at the words. I laughed a little. "Yea me too man."

"This is kind weird. But, sometimes I jerk off in the field house. I know this may sound weirder, but do you wanna come?" Mike asked.

I was in no position to oppose. "Sure let's go."

We walked to our football field. Then the field house. Mike had a key and we got in. It smelt of sweaty boy. I was in heaven. Mike went to shut some window or something so I was briefly left alone. In those few moments I was able to open the locker of a junior boy. I stole a smelly pair of Black Hanes midcalfs for later.

Mike came back, and sat down. He took off his sweatshirt. He motioned for me to sit next to him. I did as I was told.

"Soo. I know this sounds almost gay. But I have this thing. I fuckin love when someone is down at my socked feet. I love having them smelled and massaged. And I was sort of wondering if you're into that? If you're not it's uhh fine. But... yeah." I couldn't believe Mike said that.

I didn't wanna sound too excited "Yea Mike. Why not?" I said.

He gave me the sexiest smile.

I sat down on the floor in front of him. I slowly removed his Timberland work boot as my erection sprang up. I looked him in the eyes as I inhaled a sexy whiff of his boot. It was perfect. I saw his sexy foot in a black socks. Then I removed the other boot.

"Get on your back." He ordered.

I did so. Then, he placed both feet on my face. They smelt of sweat and musky. My erection made it very clear I loved it. He slowly rubbed his feet around my face. Then he took out his dick and started to jerk his shaft. I took his feet and inhaled deeply. But, he pushed me with his feet back down. It was so hot. After 10 perfect minutes of worshipping Mike spoke.

"Wow. You're fuckin good at this bro. And I guess you like it?" He smirked looking at my erection.

Then, he bent down and tugged my pants down revealing my dick. He laughed. Next, he kept one foot firm on my nose. With the other, he slowly rubbed my dick.

"Oh yea, you love this." Mike smirked again.

After that I came. Everywhere. He laughed.

"Oh yea Dave, you love my fuckin feet don't you. Here." He reached behind him into a locker and threw me some socks and I cleaned myself up. Mike was then jerking fast and his eyes were closed. Then, I spread his legs and working my way inside. He looked at me with an evil grin. Very quickly, I took his dick. Before I could even blink his hand was in my head.

"Ooooh fuck yea…" Mike moaned.

I sucks on his 8" cock more. He moaned louder. All of the sudden he came. He grabbed my hair and held my in place I swallowed it all. Then sat next to him.

"Wow that was so hot Dave. Thank you. We gotta do that again you give fuckin good dome." Mike said.

"Thank YOU Mike." I slurred. "You're not so bad yourself.

After that, Mike got up and went to his locker. I glanced over and he was changing socks.

"Here bro." He threw the black socks I worshipped at me. "I wore those the entire game." Mike winked. "But anyway. If you wanna go through any guys locker go ahead. I'm gonna go to the bathroom quick."

I never worked so fast. I made off with 5 smelly socks. 3 white Nike midcalfs. 1 pair of Hanes. And a white pair. Mike came out and I followed him to the door. We stepped outside into the cold as he locked the door.

He bent down and kissed me. Then he pulled away, winked, and left.

Thanks for reading- stay tuned for part 2!