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Emperor Dan's Feet

by Greg Dunlop

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Emperor Dan ruled his kingdom with a firm hand. To his cabinet and the Senate, he was respected highly. The serfs respected him for the most part; although, he usually had few dealings with them. However, Emperor Dan did banish his former field foreman, Rasmussen to life in the dungeon for stating malicious remarks about his Emperor’s various male lovers living in the castle. After Rasmussen’s life sentence, both the nobles and serfs were more careful of when and to whom they spoke to about Emperor Dan’s insatiable sex drive for handsome men.

Just two days after Rasmussen’s punishment, Emperor Dan was sitting on the balcony of the castle enjoying a foot massage from Tommy, a male house servant, when he witnessed an event in the fields that sparked his curiosity. A middle-aged serf was having an argument with Harold, his field foreman. The Emperor called for Kelly, another scantily clothed, handsome servant, to go to the fields and bring both men to the castle immediately. Little did both Kelly and Tommy know that their Emperor was already having lustful thoughts about Harold and this field serf?

While waiting for the return of the three men, Emperor Dan thought about the two men who were being summoned to appear before him. He thought both men were attractive for being a serf and foreman. The decision was then made that whenever he was bored, the Emperor he would spend an hour or two with each man in an afternoon of sexual delight since both men lacked the education and breeding worthy enough to share his bed as a lover.

Kelly soon returned with the two men. Emperor Dan dismissed Kelly and ordered the two men to kneel before him. Harold was soon telling the Emperor that field serf, Brad, was talking nonsense about how serfs should be given more power and respect. The Emperor listened to Harold’s explanation, thanked him, allowed Harold to kiss his feet, and sent him back to the fields.

As Kelly walked Harold out of the Emperor’s chambers to the front door, both men whispered that they believed Rasmussen would soon have company. This day was also the beginning of new responsibilities for Harold. He would be summoned the next morning to report to the Emperor’s bedroom chambers to satisfy the Emperor’s lustful appetite. After leaving Emperor Dan’s bedroom about an hour later, Harold had difficulty sitting down for the rest of the day.

The serf, Brad, was ordered to stay behind to speak to the Emperor and told to continue kneeling at his Emperor’s feet.

“You may kiss the feet of your Emperor.”

“Yes, my Lord,” Brad said as he completed this task reluctantly.

“So you think serfs should have more rights, do you”?

“Yes, Emperor, I do. Without us, this village would fall apart. We are the workers.”

“At least you know your status; however, because I find you attractive, your Emperor will give YOU more rights.”

“I was hoping for more rights for all the serfs.”

“You amuse with your serf mentality. I toyed with the idea of fucking your hard and then banishing you to life in the dungeon, with Rasmussen. Then I thought of again fucking you good and hard and then having you hanged. However, I have other plans for you.”

Brad was relieved since he was happily married to Francesca, had two teenage sons who also worked in the fields, and was a heterosexual. He wondered what his punishment would be and firmly told the Emperor that he was not a homosexual. Emperor Dan acknowledged this fact and gave the field serf kneeling before him his choices.

“The first choice is to be hanged immediately for being a rabble-rouser. The second choice is to care for my feet as my foot slave and being a bottom. I’ll fuck that bubble butt of yours whenever I feel like it.”

“Only two options? I’m not a homosexual, Emperor.”

“ So, it looks like I’ll be pumping my seed up that bubble butt before I witness your hanging. I’ll still be able to meet today with my military strategists.”

“I’d like to discuss this with my wife if you wouldn’t mind, my Emperor.”

“You’ll decide now. Do you wish the honor to spend the rest of your life at my feet, or will you feel a rope around your neck as soon as I call my executioner.”

“I’ll be your foot slave.”

“Good choice; I’ll take great pleasure later today to be the first and only one to spread those cheeks and fuck that bubble butt.”

“I’m ready to begin my new job responsibilities, Emperor.”

“Good, you will move into the castle and live in the servant quarters when not in service to me. You will be able to visit your family on occasion, and they will be provided for financially. Your foot slave duties begin now.”

With reservations, Brad accepted his fate. The Emperor ordered his new foot slave to first untie the sandal straps and remove the sandals from his feet. The Emperor handed Brad each sandal and told him to smell them and to take deep breaths savoring the smell where the feet of his Emperor were just a few moments before. Finding the smell repugnant at first, the Emperor, then said in a firm voice, “Better get used to this, and fast. My executioner is ready if you have any reservations about your new duties.” Brad took deeper whiffs, and in a few minutes he now savored the aroma embedded in those strapped sandals from his Emperor’s royal and extremely sexy feet.

The Emperor then placed both of his feet up to Brad’s face for him to smell their masculine scent. When he was satisfied with the progress being made, Brad was ordered to lick the soles of his Emperor’s feet clean. At first, the taste of the sweat was tart, and vinegary. Brad quickly realized how much he liked having his Emperor’s feet in his face, and he was now lapping up royal foot sweat like it was a fine wine from the gods. Still licking the soles of his Emperor’s feet, Brad realized he was feeling ecstasy like he never had achieved before. Having his Emperor’s feet in his face began feeling so natural.

His tongue licked Emperor Dan’s feet from his soles up to his toes, and he kept repeating this task. Brad found himself getting a boner each time his Emperor switched feet and continued rubbing those beautiful, royal feet on his face. Emperor Dan then told Brad that lapping up the royal foot sweat from his feet should be taken as an honor and privilege for this former field serf. Brad hoped he was pleasing Emperor Dan since he was new at this position but realized if he wasn’t Emperor Dan would tell him how to do these tasks correctly.

It was now time to move to the piece-of resistance- those sensual toes. Brad was told to begin toe worshiping by kissing and only kissing each toe personally. Brad noticed his Emperor now had a boner, and he suddenly wished he could be sucking Emperor Dan’s dick. Brad was then told to kiss each toenail and continue kissing each toe. Brad did as he was told, but he was also getting anxious to start sucking those mouthwatering toes now being rubbed across his face. He now had a boner like he had never had before as he realized how quickly he would enjoy serving the feet of his Emperor.

Brad’s introduction to sucking those scrumptious toes began when Emperor Dan placed the little toe of his left foot into Brad’s mouth. He was told to leave it there for a moment in order to savor the pleasure royal toes has to offer. Moments later, Brad was sucking each toe individually and liked the taste each toe offered. He was looking forward to doing the same to that alluring big toe positioned in front of him. Brad realized that Emperor Dan’s big toe was the best tasting toe. Maybe it was because of its size, but the big toe tasted the best. Now the Emperor was fucking Brad’s mouth with his big toe, stopping momentarily to put all of his toes in Brad’s mouth to continue the mouth fucking of toes.

Both men uttered moans of sexual pleasure. Brad realized sucking toes was worth the wait in foot worship. He was soon told to lick between each of his Emperor’s toes, and once again found bliss in eating the toe jam they offered. He thought the Emperor’s toe jam made a good appetizer, while a meal could be made from sucking toes. Continuing with moans of pleasure, Brad found delight when he realized he would probably be doing the same things very soon to his Emperor’s right foot. He realized he really enjoyed sucking Emperor Dan’s toes and enjoyed the taste of royal toe jam.

Moments later Brad again found pleasure when he now had his Emperor’s right foot held up to his mouth for him to inhale. Lapping up royal sweat seemed so much easier now, along with kissing and sucking toes. Soon both of the Emperor’s big toes were mouth-fucking Brad, and once again he noticed that erection now outside of the Emperor’s toga.

As Brad was enjoying those sexy big toes now mouth fucking him, he suddenly found himself once more thinking about sucking his Emperor’s dick. He moaned in ecstasy. His mouth was getting foot fucked with all of the Emperor’s toes, and his boner kept growing as he realized how much he was enjoying this mouth fucking with toes.

Being at the feet of his Emperor and sucking royal dick were thoughts now racing in Brad’s head. He realized how much he enjoyed sucking his Emperor’s toes and began to wonder if he could ask his Emperor to suck his dick. Yes, he thought, if this new life was a punishment, he was taking it is a blessing. Oh, how Brad hoped he could move up from sucking toes to sucking Emperor Dan’s dick. He wondered if royal cum tasted as good as royal toe jam.

Soon the Emperor was letting out extremely loud moans, and Brad realized he would soon be witnessing what royal cum looked like. Still getting extremely horny for his first time sucking toes, suddenly Brad felt his Emperor’s toes go further down his throat, almost choking him with two mouth watering big toes. Cum began gushing from Emperor’s Dan’s dick. There must have been a gallon of cum gushing from that royal dick, and some even landed on Brad’s face. With his Emperor’s eyes closed, Brad quickly wiped the cum from his face and swallowed it, realizing he had never tasted anything as delicious in his life. Witnessing royal cum dripping from his Emperor’s dick for the first time, Brad wanted to ask Emperor Dan if he could clean his dick from the royal seed running down the sides. Though tempting, he realized he better not or he may have been hanged since he was still on a probationary period.

Thomas was then summoned into the Emperor’s bedroom chambers and brought a tub of warm water and several pieces of linen washcloths with the Emperor’s coat of arms hand sewn on them. Brad was told to clean his Emperor’s dick of any remaining cum and then told to wash his Emperor’s feet. Smelling that warm cum was pure torture since Brad was hoping his Emperor would have allowed him to lick his royal cum before washing him. Having cleaned both his Emperor’s dick and feet, Brad was told to throw the water from the washtub over the balcony, He then returned and again kneeled before his Emperor.

Emperor Dan told Brad that he had done a fairly good job for his first day, but he needed a lot of improvement. Brad was told he would be getting practice perhaps several times a day to in order to perfect these duties. Emperor Dan reassured Brad that if he continued doing a god job, he would be rewarded the pleasure of tasting royal seed and also getting more royal seed up his bubble butt. Emperor Dan then said, “Remember your new life is now at my feet.
Thomas was then summoned once again. He showed Brad his new living quarters and gave him some new clothes. While changing into his new uniform, Brad realized how much he enjoyed being at the feet of his Emperor. He had another erection thinking about how he longed to be at the Emperor’s feet and have royal dick in both his mouth and up his ass. Thomas soon returned and told Brad to report back to the Emperor, who was now in his office meeting with military strategists.

Emperor Dan motioned for Brad to come into the office. As military strategies were being discussed, Emperor Dan had Brad kneeling under his desk massaging his feet. At times, Emperor Dan would rub his feet across Brad’s face for him to savor their smell. Soon Emperor Dan had his big toe in Brad’s mouth and once again started to give Brad a mouth fucking of royal big toes. The meeting ended quickly, and the military strategists were dismissed.

Round two was about to begin.