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Little Brother’s Slave

by Daniel Smith

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I remember when I stayed with my Friend's family for the summer, it was a time where I had to go away from my home because my Family was renovating the house. My friend had a little Brother was 2 years younger than me, I am now 17.

He was sneaky. He sat around all day while his Family did chores for him. My Friend's Mom was busy working trying to support my Friend and him, but he also had money when we didn't. So we had to fetch food, fetch drinks, clean his room, ETC for a small fee that he decided.

One day he told me that if I wanted food (that I had to bring for him anyway) I had to give him a foot massage. This was my fetish and I immediately said yes, not knowing all of the consequences I'd have to pay in the months ahead...

He laughed and plopped his foot right in my lap. I had never given a foot massage before and I was shaking from excitement. I began to massage his foot as he was laughing. "Switch" he then said he crossed his other foot over. They were nearly in my face. His feet did not smell but they were very dirty, he was always barefoot. "I think I'm going to like this" he said snickering looking me in the eye. "I will give you an extra 50 cents if you lick my foot" he said devilishly smiling at me. I was scared that I would give away my secret. "Disgusting man, no way" I said pushing his feet off. "You're not done yet, 5 minutes starts now since you messed up" he said laughing even more. I ended up massaging his feet for nearly an hour.

As the weeks went by, I was doing more and more for him. I would clean his room nearly everyday, he would shake his empty glass and I would re fill it, to the point where he would start calling me "Slave". This got me really excited. All he would do was sit and I would run around catering to him. He started making me massage his feet frequently. He would not let me leave until the massage was to his satisfaction. If I did not do the massage properly, 15 -20 minutes in he would make me start over and just smile. I also noticed he became very lazy and did not wash his feet or change his socks. So his feet became extremely stinky.

When he came home from work one day he kicked off his shoes and yelled "Slave, I just did a 7 hour shift and these dogs need a massage" laughing as I miserably came into the room. He loved to see me struggle and massage his feet. He peeled off his sweaty dirty socks and ordered me to sit on the floor. He stuck his feet right in my face laughing and ordered me to "begin" I began to massage his stinky dirty feet for a good 20 minutes. I then had to lie under his feet and kiss them. "If you want that $20 you will have to thank your Master for letting you kiss his feet" he said. I had no choice but to kiss his feet. Between every kiss I would thank him and call him Master as he laughed. My face now smelled like his feet as he rested them on my face.

Now he was starting to wear the same socks for weeks after weeks to torture me because he thought that I could not stand it. His socks became so filthy that they were crusty and started to turn yellow on the insides. He would plop his feet inches away from my face and laugh. One day I was so poor I needed to put gas in my car and he knew I needed money. He came to sit beside me and was smiling an evil smile waving $20 in my face. I looked down and his toe nails were long and filthy. "After my soccer match you will clip my toe nails and clean my feet for me, understood slave?" "Yes Master" I replied. He knew I needed money.

When he came home I was waiting. He came in and it was a hot summer day. He wore his stinky socks and a pair of filthy blue soccer socks. I had to lie on my back as he propped his cleats on my face laughing. I could immediately smell his feet. "The things you do for money slave Boy" he said peeling his cleat off with my chin. His cleat fell off and he rested his sweaty stinky foot on my mouth. "My feet are raaaaaank dude, I haven't washed them in a good couple days and these socks are 2 weeks old. Are you ready to cut my toe nails for that $20?" He said laughing.

I was muffled with the sole of his foot but managed a "Yes Master". With that he peeled his sock off and ordered me to kiss his foot. His toes were right at my mouth and his long nails were poking my lips. He was laughing hysterically and took a picture on his phone. I begged him to not show anyone. He told me it depends on how much of a good job I do." He ordered me to kiss and smell his feet. "How do they smell" he said slowly wiggling his toes under my nose. He then ordered me to lick between each and every single one of his toes as he sat laughing taking more pictures. His feet were putrid and all I could taste from between his toes was cheese and sock lint.

After cleaning the one foot, he took off the other cleat and ordered me to sniff the toes of his socks and beg to remove the sock. At this point I was so horny I could die. He was laughing as he peeled his sock off half way exposing a calloused dirty sole. He said to bite off his sock. I did and it exposed another dirty foot to clean with long toe nails. He made me re clean his toes multiple times just to laugh because apparently it was not good enough. He laughed and laughed. I then had to clip all of his toe nails, and thank him for it.

I then was to kiss and massage his feet for the rest of the night. That was the best summer of life!