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Construction Worker’s Slave - Part 3

by Allen Jack

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Part Three: The Video

As the night progressed I continued to worship my four masters feet wondering about what they were going to video tape with the equipment that has been set up.

With all the different DVD’s they have played, I’m sure they would come up with something to humiliate me. They began to discuss what they should have in the video and James said, “Why not start with a party where we invite all of our friends. We make sure that they have the oldest slinkiest socks they can manage and our slave will be the host. He will be at the mercy of everyone’s socked feet starting with taking them off when they walk in the door.” The rest of the guys nodded in agreement and William said that we can just let things play out as the night goes on.

They all agreed that they would each invite one or two more of their friends to the party that will be this Friday night. That way most people won’t have to get up Saturday morning to work. With that said, William and Steve left and I was there with my first two master sniffing their socked feet. Whenever they went to bed,, they have always let me stay in my own room to get ready for the next day, but tonight, James dragged me into his room. He told me that I was to lay at the end of the bed and place his feet on my face all night long. I laid across the bed and he place his feet on my face. I grabbed my hands around them and held them close to my nose.

We both were sound asleep when during the night he kicked me and said, “turn around and bring you head up towards me, under the covers.” I turned and slid my head up towards his end of the bed until he stopped me with his hand. I opened my eyes and I was facing his stiff cock pointing directly at me. He pushed me toward his cock and told me to suck his cock until he tells me to stop. I opened my mouth, put his cock in my mouth and began sucking until he released his load. He then told me to stay down there the rest of the night. WE soon fell asleep until I was awaken the next morning by his hand pushing me to suck his morning wood.

After I sucked his dick, we both got dressed and left for our daily activities. Last thing he said was “Be ready for tomorrow night.” After a long day of activities I was ready to get home and begin my nightly routine with my masters. By now I was beginning to appreciate them for letting me worship their feet. We went through the same routine as before, and tonight I had to spend the night in John’s bed. John was the one that slept on the sofa bed in the living room, James took the master bedroom while my room mate was gone. I laid there and continued to worship his socked feet while he watched some more television. After about an hour he had me get up into his bed and suck his dick until he exploded all inside my mouth. He then had me keep my mouth on his dick all night long. Again we both fell asleep, but he woke up about three more times to suck his dick. The next morning was the day that the video taping would begin. I had no idea who or how many people would be there, but James and John both laid out my instructions for the evening.

You are to remove the shoes from every guest that enters the door, and place them in the space provided in the corner. Make sure you know who’s shoes belong to who.
You will have a collar on you neck with a leash and will walk on all fours around the room holding your leash. Whenever someone grabs your leash you are to obey their commands whether it is worshiping and sniffing their feet, or being used as a foot stool, etc.

You will then continue around the room sniffing and worshiping everyone’s feet until every person has been taken care of.

If there is even one complaint about the service you give you will be given the appropriate punishment.

When I got home that evening, the video equipment was already set up. I could see different camera’s throughout the entire place, including the bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, and living room. My masters then place a leash and collar on me and told me to wait at the door.

After about fifteen minutes there was a knock at the door. I crawled over turned the knob and looked up to see two over six foot guys that wore construction uniforms and big yellow work boots that had lot of wear and tear on. I said welcome to the party and step on in. After they stepped in I lifted the first guys foot and removed each shoe one by one. As I removed the first boot, I could smell the sweat of a long days work that soaked his sock along the heel and the ball of his foot. I placed them on the side remembering who they belonged to and that’s when he picked up on foot at a time and wiped them on each shoulder. I bent down, kissed each foot and said thank you. I took the shoes off of the second guy who wore black cotton socks with gold toe. His was a pleasant smell, but appeared to be a size 16. he also wiped his feet on each shoulder, then I kissed both of them and said thank you.

The first guy told me his name was chuck, and the second guy said his name was Robert, and with that Robert grabbed my collar and escorted me over to the sofa where he sat down. I kneeled down in front of him and he immediately placed one foot directly on my face and pushed so hard I almost fell backwards. I took his foot in my hands and rubbed them all over my face trying to get every square inch, but it took awhile because of the size. I looked up at the corner of my eye and he had a shit eating grin while rubbing his crotch. He seemed to be getting an erection as he rubbed his crotch with extreme force. James told them to feel free to do whatever they feel like with our guest of honor, (which he meant me). Robert then placed his other foot on my face and told me to smell every square inch. I enjoyed every inch of his big feet and couldn’t do enough to pleasure him. Then Chuck kicked of his shoes and grabbed the collar and pulled my face over to his socked foot. The smell was so strong I felt like I was going to pass out, but didn’t want them to know for fear of getting punished.

After placing both feet on my face and worshipping them, I was told to lay on the floor face up. When I laid down they took turns placing their feet on my face. During all this time, the four guys continued to have a regular conversation about today’s events. After a while the door bell rang and I was told to get the door. Upon opening the door I saw William and Steve standing there waiting to come in.

I noticed right away that they had the same shoes on as the last time I serviced them, so I told them to come in. I took their shoes off and noticed that they were wearing the same socks as the last time they were here. William said I saved these especially for you tonight, so here you go fag, sniff these feet. I sniffed both feet, then placed his shoes over to the side, and then kissed both feet and said welcome. I did the same with Steve and noticed that he also was wearing the same socks, so I picked up and sniffed one foot at a time, then placed his shoes to the side, kissed his feet and said welcome.

This time William grabbed the collar and pulled me to the center of the living room where all the other guys were saying their hello’s. William then said that he was going to check out the video equipment in the master bedroom, and James said help yourself. Still being on the leash, I followed him into the bedroom. He turned around, pulled me up to his crotch, unbuckled, unzipped his pants, then pulled his shorts down to expose his dick.

He said do you remember this from the other night, which I replied yes sir. He then proceeded to shake it up and down hitting me in the face each time. He then strattled his body over me and lowered his balls to my mouth and told me to lick and take his balls in my mouth. I opened my mouth as he lowered them inside me mouth and was salty from all the sweat from the hot day. I sucked and licked his balls as he jacked off above my face. I looked up to see him beginning to get tense and then he just shot his load all over my face, eyes, and down to my ears. As it began to fall off the sides of my face, I noticed one camera on the ceiling, and a camera on each wall. He told me to get a towel and wipe my face and his cock off.

Before I could do anything with the towel, he took his socked feet and wiped off my face, and told me to lick his cock clean. He then made me suck his cock until he shot another load which I swallowed. We then went into the living room which at that time he handed to leash to Steve who then forced me down on the ground and placed both feet on me which I worshiped them. They then started handing the leash to each and every guy around every fifteen minutes which allowed me to worship and sniff the feet of all six guys. They also continue to humiliate me, calling me names and a couple of them even spit in my face telling me that the worst was yet to come.

This went on for about another two hours when they decided to take me into the bedroom one at a time and did what ever they felt like doing, which usually involved sucking their dick, or licking their balls, or other parts of their body. After taking care of everyone, they went back in the living and talked about the next video episode. They said that they should have a private slave worship party at the local leather bar. We can charge a cover then let them sample the goods and auction him off for a day. James said that it would have to be this weekend, because next week the owner will be coming home. William said that it shouldn’t make a difference we’ll just take him with us when ever we want to service his masters.

James looked at me and said, that’s a good idea and if you refuse, then these videos gets shown to the owner, you understand. I said yes sir, and with that they all decided to call it a night. One by one I took each pair of shoes, kissed their feet good bye and placed them back on the correct master. The only two guys remaining was James and Robert. James said that he had to get some rest but he was free to do whatever he wanted the rest of the night. Robert then went back into the living room couch and pushed me on the floor with his feet on my face.

As I sniffed both feet, I saw that he was editing the videos that were taken in each room. During a couple of the scenes, he would pull my head up between his crotch, push the side of my head on his lap facing his semi erect cock. He stroke my head while still editing the videos. when an exciting scene would come up that he liked he would put his cock in my mouth and suck him off. This went on for about three hours until he began to fall asleep. Before he fell asleep, he wrapped the leash around my head and his body until I was strapped against his crotch with his cock in my mouth.

We spent the entire night with my mouth on his cock sleeping in between his legs resting on his crotch.

Stay tune for part four – The parties other room activities.