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Emperor Dan and Rasmussen

by Greg

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Brad was overjoyed to be licking the sweaty soles of his Emperor’s feet.

Emperor Dan had been wearing his boots for over twelve hours while practicing military maneuvers with his army and walking in the fields to inspect the work of his serfs. He was relishing every drop of sweat clinging to the soles of those royal feet, which to him, always smelled and tasted so good.

After five years in this position, he liked to imagine the tasty, royal foot sweat was a gift of a fine wine generously given to him by his Emperor. He moaned with elation whenever he was at his Emperor’s feet. He was about to feast on an appetizer of royal toe jam when Kelly knocked on the bedroom door.

Scantly clothed, as required by his Emperor, the handsome assistant delivered a letter. The envelope was marked with the Kingdom of Martyville seal. Excited at seeing this, his heart was racing in anticipation. He pictured Prince Marty on his knees at his feet, licking his soles, and sucking his toes. Emperor Dan lifted his foot, putting all five of his toes in his foot slave’s mouth to keep him busy as he began reading the letter.

Dear Dan,

As successor to my father’s kingdom, he is forcing me to take a bride in order to deliver a male heir and continue the male lineage of our kingdom. Like you, I will have to marry a woman. Hopefully a son will be conceived soon, and we will no longer have to share a bed. As you did with your wife and daughters, I will then send her to another castle, visit her and visit my children regularly, and resume relationships with other men. As much as this hurts to write and to accept, I’m sorry I won’t be able to see you for a while. I must honor my father’s request, since I look forward to becoming Emperor of Martyville upon his death.

I write this with much sadness in my heart and hope you understand.


Sadness suddenly filled Emperor Dan’s heart, and he found himself wanting to cry, but would not do this in front of a foot slave. Of all his royal lovers, his favorite was Marty, and he always thought of him as being an outstanding bottom. For a royal, Marty had become a fantastic royal foot slave. The handsome, athletic Prince thoroughly enjoyed getting his mouth fucked with both the soles and the big toes of Emperor Dan’s feet.

And, for a Prince, he always took pride in cleaning Emperor Dan’s feet of any and all toe jam. He enjoyed keeping his tongue between Emperor Dan’s toes, not wanting to miss a spec of his toe jam or foot sweat. Emperor Dan found it ironic that both of his foot slaves: one of royal blood, one a former field serf, craved his toe jam to the extent they did--especially Prince Marty. Yes, his royal foot slave and bottom was often disciplined for wanting to keep his tongue between Emperor Dan’s toes long after he had been given further instructions.
And now, one of his royal lovers would be out of his life for a while. Emperor Dan wondered for just how long? Solace soon came to him when he remembered that later in the week Lord Sean from Manley would be visiting, and he was also a great fuck.

Brad was anxiously waiting to begin his ten-course meal of toes by holding two big toes in his mouth waiting for the honor to suck them. Suddenly Emperor Dan started toe fucking his mouth. He realized Lord Sean was a decent bottom and was even better than Prince Marty at sucking his dick while he pumped his foot slave’s mouth faster and deeper with his toes.

He wondered if Lord Sean had ever sucked toes before or licked the sweaty soles of another royal’s feet. Emperor Dan hoped he would be interested in being his next royal foot slave. He fantasized of another royal once again kneeling at his feet, and his dick was of course, very hard. He fantasized about Lord Sean on his knees at one of his feet and Prince Marty on his knees at his other foot. With his dick suddenly so hard, it was about to rip apart his royal toga, Emperor Dan went even deeper down Brad’s throat with his toes.

He was thinking of how much fun he would have fucking Lord Sean. Yes, he would miss Marty, but hopefully, his absence would only be for a few months. Feeling better, he looked down at his foot slave who was busy sucking all of the toes from his right foot. He removed his toes for a moment to let his foot slave catch his breath from them being so deep down his throat. He again realized he was already missing Prince Marty as he angrily looked down at his loyal foot slave. “Suck my big toes,” and he shoved both of them down Brad’s mouth.

With anger and sadness taking over, Emperor Dan removed his big toes from Brad’s mouth and shoved his left foot really hard up to his nose for him to smell, causing Brad to fall backwards. Although not his fault, Emperor Dan yelled at Brad for being so clumsy, told him to bend over, and smacked his ass really hard. He then forced all five of his toes in his mouth and continued the mouth fucking of toes. “Here’s your dinner, foot slave, enjoy it.”

While fucking Brad’s mouth, for some reason Emperor Dan thought of Rasmussen, whom he hadn’t thought of or seen since he ordered the permanent shackling of his legs, sentenced him to spend the rest of his life in the dungeon, and gave the order to serve him only bread and water for his three daily meals. Emperor Dan had no knowledge that the kitchen staff also sent other food to Rasmussen so he could maintain proper nutrition.

Feeling a little nostalgic, Emperor Dan suddenly wondered if maybe he had been too harsh in exiling the former university teacher with such a severe sentence. Although he knew Rasmussen was a heterosexual, he did find him attractive. Emperor Dan decided that in the morning, he would inform the guards to get Rasmussen from the dungeon. He would allow the temporarily removal of the shackles and let him get cleaned up properly before their meeting. Emperor Dan decided he would then give Rasmussen the order to kneel before him and inform him he was being given the privilege to kiss his feet before discussing his possible release, his return to the dungeon, or the possibility of meeting a guillotine blade.

Emperor Dan now held both of his feet in Brad’s face for him to smell and to once again clean the soles of his feet. He was also given permission to kiss all twenty of his Emperor’s toes and to clean his feet of any hard to find pieces of toe jam. He was then sent to get the royal foot tub to properly clean Emperor Dan’s feet and put on a pair of formal dress sandals he would wear for the dinner that night planned to entertain family, friends, and other royals. While Brad was placing the royal sandals on his Emperor’s feet, hoping to kiss those clean toes, Emperor Dan was thinking that it was shortly after Rasmussen’s banishment to the dungeon that he began training Brad as his foot slave and how fast the last five years had gone by.

The next morning Emperor Dan was in his chair reading correspondence from other royals, and Brad was massaging his feet when they heard a knock on the door. Emperor Dan told Brad to get up, place his sandals on his feet, let the guards and Rasmussen in, and then stand behind his chair at attention just like the guards will be doing. Brad responded, “Yes Emperor,” and opened the door.

Rasmussen walked towards his Emperor, his first face-to-face meeting with him since his lifetime sentence to the dungeon. He then lowered his head as he approached Emperor Dan.

“You look healthy; you must have been exercising while exiled in the dungeon.”

“Yes, Emperor, I exercise every day to stay in shape.”

“Kneel at my feet.” Rasmussen, grateful to be out of the dungeon, at least momentarily, was not going to cause any trouble. He said, “Yes, My Emperor,” and kneeled.

With his head lowered, Emperor Dan once again realized how good- looking Rasmussen really was and decided to present two options to him. He was excited thinking about having another new lover: one who was not only handsome but intelligent as well. With his head still lowered, Emperor Dan laughed out loud while thinking that in a minute or two, he will inform the gossipy intellectual who told stories of his male lovers, that his new destiny will be as a lover, foot slave, and personal servant. Of course if Rasmussen would refuse, he’d be returned to the dungeon and resume his original punishment.

Emperor Dan then removed his feet from his unlaced sandals, a humble but almost demeaning task for an emperor to do, since this is generally a foot slave function. He then placed both of his feet firmly on the floor. They were now directly in front of Rasmussen. “Kiss the tops of my feet.”

Rasmussen asked for permission to speak. Permission was granted. “Emperor, I am grateful to be out of the dungeon, but I am not a homosexual.”

Emperor Dan acknowledged the fact, and restated more firmly, “Kiss the tops of my feet, or you’ll be back in the dungeon, and this time, you will remain there for the rest of your life.”

Hesitantly, Rasmussen was now prostrate at his Emperor’s feet and began kissing the left foot, since it was closest to him. Going up and down Emperor Dan’s foot, the Emperor then stated his approval and said, “Good, now do the same to my right foot.” Rasmussen said, “Yes, Emperor,” and continued his first kissing of royal feet.

Brad was watching this and feeling both jealous and hurt watching someone else worship Emperor Dan’s feet. He long ago accepted the fact that Emperor Dan would always view him as a serf and nothing else. However, he still took great pride in doing everything he could do to please his Emperor in his duties as foot slave and valet. It was hard to witness, but he was now watching someone else kissing and worshiping the feet he had long ago accepted as his destiny.

Satisfied with the kissing of his feet, Emperor Dan then told Rasmussen to kiss each of his toenails. Now getting a little used to this, Rasmussen found this odd, but he did as he was told. Like Brad had five years earlier, once Rasmussen started, worshiping Emperor Dan’s feet, it soon became an easier task to perform. Rasmussen enjoyed being freed from the ankle shackles and seeing daylight again, so he decided he would be totally obedient in following Emperor Dan’s orders, and he might possibly receive a lighter sentence. Rasmussen soon realized he enjoyed kissing his Emperor’s feet when they were quickly pulled away from him.

“Rasmussen, I have planned a life for you outside the dungeon. Are you interested?”

“ Emperor; I’ll do whatever you have planned for me. Please let me leave the dungeon.”

“Fine. Option 1 is you will be one of my lovers and worship my feet whenever I tell you to do so.” A hurt Brad, standing at attention, wanted to cry in knowing that as a serf, his status would never allow him to be able to lie next to his Emperor in his royal bed; however, as a lover Rasmussen would be given this honor. Whenever he would get fucked, Emperor Dan would always bend him over the bed or a chair. Lucky Rasmussen, Brad thought, would be able to lie next to his Emperor in bed and sometimes worship the royal feet he liked to think no one could worship as well as he did.

“Emperor, I am not a homosexual; I know nothing of this lifestyle.”

“I understand this; you will be trained into what I like sexually and will expect of you.” Of course your other choice is to return to the dungeon, and the next time you’ll leave it will be to bury your corpse in the cemetery with my other field serfs. Are you ready to decide?”

“Yes Emperor, I am.”

“Good, so what option will it be: Option 1 or Option 2?”

“Option 1, I want to become the best lover and foot slave to you I can possibly be.”

“Kiss each of my toes to seal this agreement.”

Rasmussen then began kissing the little toe on Emperor Dan’s right foot and quickly moved to the big toe and then repeated the same routine to Emperor Dan’s left foot. The former professor realized he didn’t find kissing toes as repulsive as he thought it would be. Having sex is what concerned him since he had never had man-to-man sex before. He knew of the rumor in the kingdom of Emperor Dan being extremely well hung and going so deep inside his lovers’ butts they had a hard time walking and sitting down for a while after he deposited his royal seed inside them. Talking of this is what gave him five years in the dungeon. Rasmussen gave his Emperor’s toes a second round of kissing, and he was determined to do anything necessary to please Emperor Dan to avoid going back to the dungeon.

“Good job for your first time kissing my toes. Lift up, but keep your head lowered.” Emperor Dan then dismissed the guards and Brad to be alone with Rasmussen. Walking out the door, the last sentence the men heard was, “I will now outline your new duties.”

“Yes Emperor, thank you for this opportunity.” Rasmussen was indeed grateful but concerned about what to expect when Emperor Dan would decide to fuck him.

“Since you have no royal blood, I will fuck you whenever I feel like it. When called, be prepared to serve me in either worshiping my feet, sucking my dick, or getting your ass pumped good and hard with my royal dick. And believe me, that nice ass of yours will feel my dick inside it soon. For your first fucking, I will fuck you as hard as humanly possible.”

“Yes, My Emperor, I realize that I now live to please you.”

“That’s what I hoped to hear from you. Of course, Brad, will be my primary foot slave, and he does a terrific job. However, sometimes I may want my feet worshiped by someone of a higher intelligence level than a former field serf.”

Rasmussen agreed to the terms. Emperor Dan then told him to lie on his back on the floor. He then saw his Emperor lift his feet in the air and then rub them across his face. Emperor Dan asked him, “Are my feet sexy to you?”

“Oh yes, Emperor. Please tell me how I may give you pleasure at your feet.”

Emperor Dan then pointed to an ottoman and told Rasmussen to place his feet on top of it. He did as told. Emperor Dan then told him to sniff the soles of his feet and Rasmussen started at the heels of his feet and worked his way up to Emperor Dan’s toes. Emperor Dan wiggled his toes in Rasmussen’s face and told him that sucking them was the piece-of-resistance, and he would have to work hard for this honor. Rasmussen looked down and noticed that for the first time in five years, his dick was now hard. He thought if royal toes had him this horny, how soon would it be before he would look forward to getting fucked good and hard by Emperor Dan?

“Sniff my soles again, and this time start massaging my feet at the same time.” Excited with the honor of touching his Emperor’s feet, Rasmussen began massaging each of his toes and directly under his toes. This pleased Emperor Dan as he let out a moan of pleasure. Moving to the middle of the foot, Rasmussen’s sniffs were getting deeper and the massaging was getting his dick harder and harder. Never would he have imagined the pleasure he was having in being able to actually touch the feet of his handsome and athletic Emperor. He suddenly became jealous of Brad for having the opportunity to do this on a daily basis. Again Emperor Dan flexed his toes to tease his new lover and foot slave, telling him, “Your mouth better be ready for my toes.”

“Yes Emperor; I hope my first time sucking your toes pleases you.”

His royal dick was about to burst out of his toga. Emperor Dan wiggled his big toe in Rasmussen’s face and said, “Suck my toe.” Emperor Dan was so happy to be training a new foot slave. He decided he would give Rasmussen one day to adjust to life outside of the dungeon before telling him of his new duties.

In the morning he would inform the former professor of his demotion of social status. He twisted his big toes in Rasmussen’s mouth so he could suck them from every possible angle. While Rasmussen was learning to suck royal toes. Emperor Dan decided his new position would be as his head servant. Taking his toes out of his mouth for a few seconds, Rasmussen was allowed to kiss them before continuing his first mouth fucking of feet.

Emperor Dan was thinking of the busy day he would have the next day. He decided he would make time to introduce his new servant to male sex by fucking him really hard a few times before calling for Brad to bathe him. Yes, Emperor Dan smiled watching Rasmussen learning about the pleasures of royal feet and wondering how tomorrow after his first fucking, he would handle having trouble walking the rest of the day and would probably have trouble sitting down for a few more.

Now getting used to having royal toes in his mouth, Rasmussen thought Emperor Dan’s toes tasted so good: a little salty from the sweat and a little vinegary from being in military boots. Yes, he thought, this won’t be so bad, and it sure beats dungeon life. Emperor Dan then pushed his big toe down his mouth further and told him to keep sucking. Emperor Dan told him he was doing a good job and quickly forced his other toes in Rasmussen’s mouth.

At first Rasmussen was gagging with his mouth full of toes, and Emperor Dan showed no mercy in his first foot worship lesson. Pumping his mouth for his first toe sucking, Rasmussen was still gagging at times, but Emperor Dan continued by angrily telling Rasmussen to get used to this. Soon he did, and here was another thing Rasmussen discovered; he would enjoy his newly chosen life as a male lover and foot slave.

Moving to Emperor Dan’s left foot, Rasmussen was told to clean the soles of his feet by licking any sweat or debris there. Emperor Dan told him to start at his soles and move up to his toes. When he got to Emperor Dan’s toes, he was told to kiss and then lick the underneath of his toes. While doing this, Emperor Dan again teased his new foot slave by flexing his feet and wiggling his toes in Rasmussen’s face.

Rasmussen disobeyed orders by speaking and asking Emperor Dan to please let him suck his toes again. Emperor Dan laughed, flexed his foot, and wiggled his toes in Rasmussen’s face. “You’ll get these when I decide to give them to you and not a second before.”

“I understand Emperor. I think the beauty of your feet is like a classical work of art.

Rasmussen was soon sucking Emperor Dan’s little toe and hoped he would soon be sucking on all five of them. A few seconds later Emperor Dan did just that, and Rasmussen was once again sucking five toes. He realized he loved sucking his Emperor’s toes. Rasmussen realized that in his spreading of rumors of Emperor Dan’s numerous lovers, he was in fact, hoping to become one himself. And now, here he was at his Emperor’s feet, thinking about the first time he will feel a royal dick up his butt.

Switching feet, Emperor Dan now had all five toes from his left foot in Rasmussen’s mouth to continue his mouth fucking of toes. Emperor Dan was about to blow his load when he guided Rasmussen to his dick for him to swallow his first load of royal seed. Rasmussen did so and even licked the sides of his Emperor’s dick for the few drops that escaped his mouth.

Emperor Dan then told him to get the washtub and return with warm water to clean his dick and feet. Rasmussen did as he was told. He cleaned the most beautifully shaped dick and most sensual feet he had ever seen and then placed the royal sandals on the feet of his Emperor. Rasmussen was then dismissed to his room in the servant’s quarters and told to remain there until summoned, which would be in the early morning hours the next day. The former professor and newly hired servant to the Emperor would soon discover he was the newest member to join the selected chosen few: the scantly clothed members of the Emperor’s staff.

Kelly was called and told to have Brad report to his bedroom immediately.
Brad was soon there and Emperor Dan signaled for him to kneel at his feet. Emperor Dan told him he had seen his facial expressions earlier in the day and told him that he had no need to be jealous of Rasmussen. He was told in the past five years he had become a very loyal foot slave, and he would serve in that position for the rest of his life. Speaking out of permission, Brad said, “Thank you, Emperor.”

Brad smiled and his jealous feelings went away. Emperor Dan said, “Now, there’s the smile I like to see on my foot slave’s face, happy to be at the feet of his Emperor.” Emperor Dan told him to kiss the tops of his feet. About a minute later, he was told to continue his kissing and kiss the bottoms of each of his toes. With his ill feelings towards Rasmussen now gone, Brad took even greater pleasure in wanting to please Emperor Dan. Unaware he shared Rasmussen’s thought, he also believed he had never seen anything so beautiful as those royal, arched feet as his Emperor stood before him and walked towards the royal bed.

He was then told to undress his Emperor, and he joyfully did this because he knew what was about to happen. Emperor Dan then told Brad to get naked as well. Leading his foot slave to the bed, he told him to bend over as he positioned him across the bed for a deeper fucking. Looking up, Brad realized he was halfway in his Emperor’s bed, the most amount of bed space he had ever laid in before. He was smiling for this small reward as he felt his Emperor’s dick going inside him.