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Just Wrong

by Cray Z

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Robin Davis, a former resident of Leighton, attended our suburbanite school around eight years ago.

There were plenty of other students who looked like her at our school ...and most, if not all, of them were long-time residents of our school district. But Robin had lived all the way over in Leighton for most of her life. Her folks had forced her to move in with her grandmother--who lived in our district--so that she could legally attend school in a better area. And this was apparently the greatest decision the family could have made, for Robin almost reached straight-A student status and was one of the editors of our school newspaper. I don't think her clever mind would ever have been challenged in any of those piss-poor Leighton schools. She's studying to be an accountant at Winston-Salem State University at the time I am writing this.

Anyway, I was one of the few people whom Robin revealed her Leighton origins to. I guess she did so because we had become such good friends so early on. We were both somewhat removed from the other students. I mean, I was the pale, geeky brainy chick (according to what some people said) and Robin was the rough-talking, quick-tempered gangster-girl.

These images of us persisted despite the fact that my academic prowess at school was nothing to really brag about, and Robin wasn't a gangster in any way other than her rather street-wise style of dress. It’s really amazing that we became so close despite the fact that we both felt like outsiders. I mean you can ask anyone who graduated with us ... they'll all say Robin Davis and Gretchen Schlosser were the best of friends, but were as different as night and day.

Anyhoo, I invited Robin to spend the night over at my house all the time, and more often than not she accepted the invitation. But about a year after we graduated high school I began to get out of sorts over the fact that she never once invited me over to her place. She told me that her grandmother set the rules and simply wouldn't allow her to bring anyone over to her house to sleep over.

But I pointed out the fact that Robin really had TWO homes--I mean, she only lived with her grandmother while attending school. Now we were both eighteen, school was over and she had moved back in with her family in Leighton while deciding on what to do about college. After pestering her for a considerable length of time, I finally got an invite to sleep over at Robin's inner-city home.

Robin had already warned me that her home in "Lay Town" wasn't a place where someone like me would feel perfectly comfortable, but I considered it to be an adventure. I mean, any hardships I endured there would be worth the experience of having spent a night in the 'hood'. Plus I was aware that old man Geary--a grocery store manager who my family knew--lived in Leighton and, as far as I knew, no one had ever hurt him because he didn't fit the "ethnic profile" of the neighborhood.

So even with my suburbanite light-brown hair, pale skin and blue-eyes (which I kept hidden behind dorky wire-framed glasses), I made my way to Robin's house. My parents thought that I was spending the weekend with my friend Jenna who lived in the more "affluent" county of Lockyear. I don't know how much excitement I was expecting to glean while residing at my favorite shopping partner’s home, but later the second night I certainly got my share!

But I’m getting ahead of myself ….

I called Robin either "Red Robin" or "candy girl". I mean she was astoundingly beautiful with toffee colored skin and long dyed shiny red-and-back hair that reminded one of licorice and caramel-colored eyes! She has a fetish for tickling guys on the soles of their feet ... the trouble is her one and only ticklee was MY divorced older brother, Brandon! Twenty-three year-old Bran is fine about her doing it though. He's known Robin forever and practically considers it a bit of brother-sister fun. But ... although it's definitely just his having really ticklish soles that she's into ... Robin sometimes felt guilty for endulging her fetish with my bro. She wanted to find her own man to tickle--one to share life with, or enjoy the fact that she could tickle and get off without possibly offending anyone.

Anyway, back to the “excitement” I mentioned earlier.

At her place in Leighton, Robin and I were bedding down for the night. I took off my nylon stockings slowly and seductively, but Red Robin ... who was using ProVie to cleanse her pores ... didn't glance in my direction even once. It was a far cry from when she'd slept over at my house.

I recalled how every night she and I would somehow always end up chatting with my younger brother Justin as he prepared for bed. At those times I noticed that Robin watched him intently as he took off his sweaty soccer socks. But this wasn’t the first time I realized that the candy girl was attracted to male feet. During sleepovers Robin did everything to get near my brothers' feet except cuddle under the covers at the foot of their beds! I recalled how she especially liked to be tortured by my older brother back when he lived at home. Brandon had a penchant for playfully shoving his smelly socked feet into his victim's faces.

Now at her place I saw all sorts of skin and hair care products. A ton! She didn't bring half of this equipment with her when she'd slept over at my place. I couldn't believe that someone who didn't mind a boy sticking his feet in her face took such care in regards to her appearance!

Robin's hair is currently in two colors; the bottom half is black and the top half is red. She used to have black hair with bright red highlights. Highlights that were bleached then dyed red of course. But she then decided that she didn't want red highlights anymore--she wanted all over red hair. So she dyed the top part red. It came out great, nice color and all. She had this for about eight months, and redid her hair every month or two ...touch-ups, you know? But eventually she noticed that the tips of her hair fade faster than the hair near the roots. She didn't know if it was because the tips of her hair is where the bleach was from her original highlights or not.

Currently she was pretty tired of the red hair color now since it was such a maintenance task You had to constantly fight fading and so on. She was thinking of switching to blonde highlights again, but was afraid that doing so might turn her hair orange.

Anyway, Robin and I eventually bedded down, and I was just beginning to drift off when what I can only assume to be bounty hunters (they both wore what appeared to be law-enforcement uniforms, but on their feet were regular ole sneakers) broke into the Davis' home in search of one of Red Robin's older brothers who was allegedly a bail-jumper. I was scared from the roots of my hair clear down to my toes! Robin was frightened too, but not as frightened as I thought someone should be under such circumstances.

There were two uniformed men. The sandy-haired guy paused momentarily upon seeing me, and he clearly wanted to ask some questions concerning my presence there. But his strawberry-blond compatriot insisted that they get on with the job at hand and not waste time. They secured me and Robin's hands behind our backs with electrical tape from a roll, pulled Mr. And Mrs. Davis and their daughters from out of their bedroom, and brought all six of us into the den. The strawberry-blond uniformed intruder went into the kitchen.

The brown-haired guy made Mr. Davis sit on the loveseat. Mrs. Davis and her youngest daughters were on the floor, backs to the stereo/TV combination. The hunters had not taped Sonya and Althea's wrists or mouths, and both girls were crying hysterically and clinging to their mother. The brown-haired guy, dressed in his law-enforcement-looking uniform, crouched on either side of the two.

He yelled and screamed in Mr. And Mrs. Davis' faces--demanding that the couple divulge the whereabouts of their son, Virgil, who had allegedly fled the state of Texas some weeks earlier. The couple refused to say anything, and the uniformed hunters looked as if they might even try their hand at physically harming Althea and Sonya in order to get the answers they wanted! I may have been wrong about my perceptions of what went on here, but I seriously doubt it.

Then both of Robin's older brothers, Virgil and Leroy Davis, appeared as if from nowhere ...and they were as mad as hell about what the uniformed guys (who may or may not have been bounty hunters, mind you) were doing to their family!

Now, because of my confused and terrified state at the time, my account of what happened next may be debated for accuracy and truthfulness. Still I'll try to describe in detail, what I BELIEVED happened …

The rifle gleamed in the brown-haired uniformed guy's grip, but Virgil swung the baseball bat in his hands and caught the uniformed hunter right across the face. My stomach churned when I heard the crack. The brown-haired intruder collapsed with blood streaming from him. Then Virgil was on him. I couldn't really see the muddled action at this point, but I could hear. I heard the uniformed hunter cry out as the bat rose and fell a few times, then there was silence except for Virgil's semi-psychotic baritone laugh.

The other intruder ... the strawberry-blond ... had dashed off into another part of the house with Leroy in hot pursuit. Mrs. Davis took the weeping girls back to their room, and Mr. Davis and Virgil--after freeing me and Robin--left in the same direction Leroy had. So me and my school chum were left alone to watch over the brown-haired, uniformed intruder who had been severely beaten and bloodied.

Red Robin kicked the already unconscious uniformed man over onto his stomach, not caring if the blood streaming from the intruder's nose soiled the den's carpet. Then the candy girl kneeled beside the intruder and lifted the unconscious man's head by grabbing a fistful of his sandy hair. As Robin bent over, I thought she was going to kiss the intruder's pale, slack face ...but no, the candy girl spat between his eyes instead!

Then she rolled the man back onto his back. When the intruder began to come to, I thought I saw Robin use her fingers to encircle the brown-haired man's neck and squeeze. If what I saw was real and not my disconcerted imagination, Robin must have used every ounce of strength in her young body as she did this. The look of hate on her face was so frightening that I remember backing away from her. I didn't want the candy girl to get confused over just who was a friend and who was an enemy while in the state of vehement frenzy she was in.

I remember watching as Robin continued to choke the intruder. I mean I felt dizzy as the uniformed intruder's coral blue eyes bulged from their sockets, his tongue protruded from between his lips ...just like in the movies! The poor guy struggled, but he was just too weak and disoriented to really defend himself. I imagined that I even heard the sound of the final breath being squeezed from the man's lungs. I saw his eyes roll back in his head. Then the intruder went absolutely limp, and I watched as Red Robin shook him back and forth--tossing the floppy body this way and that way as if it were a life-size marionette whose strings had been cut. I could see that the uniformed intruder was still alive, thank goodness, but the candy-girl's throttle-action had rendered him unconscious again.

Robin moved down to the man's huge size 12 feet, unlaced and removed his sneakers, and tossed them aside. She would later tell her family that she was keeping the sneakers as a sort of trophy--a personal item stripped from an enemy captured in battle. And her brothers would actually commend her for her cleverness. I, on the other hand, suspected that the candy girl just wanted to get at the unconscious intruder's feet. Robin held the uniformed man's sweaty, white-socked feet tenderly when she thought I wasn't looking ...she kneaded and caressed the fellow's smelly sock-clad toes.

After removing those socks she sat on his thighs, straddling his legs while facing his cute beefy bare feet. He groaned. Robin smiled, "Oh, you’re waking up! Greeeeat! The amount of fun I could have while you were out cold was rather limited." and with each word, she let her index finger scrape his arch, under his toes, and the ball of his foot. The result was a severely ticklish twitch of the intruder's entire leg and foot.

Then Robin's hand began tickling in earnest. The intruder squealed with laughter and struggled to free his foot. He really didn't have a chance--he was no lightweight but he was also severely weak and disoriented from the beating he'd taken. This bounty hunter was stuck like a goose in a noose. The candy girl continued to tickle and tickle and tickle and tickle his foot as his chortling deepened to hard bellowing belly laughs. Red Robin laughed maniacally as she assailed his foot, but her eyes were shiny with lust.

"STOP IT!! OH, PLEAAAUUUUUUUGHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" he belly-laughed. The candy girl, who had only tickled his left foot by this time, grabbed his other ankle. Soon her nails and fingers attacked this bare foot with intense vigor. He let out a howl that had to be heard atleast a block away and he laughed and laughed and screamed and laughed some more. It was a good thing this was happening in hard-core Leighton ... where the sounds of people screaming didn't attract too much attention.

When the brown-haired man came close to fainting, Robin bound his writs and ankles together with his own socks, flipped him over on his back, unbuttoned his uniform shirt and began blowing raspberries on his stomach! The poor bounty hunter bellowed and vibrated and fell momentarily into a semi-conscious stupor. The candy girl took that moment to refocus on his pedal extremities.

His big size 12 feet were ticklish from heel to toes, top and bottom. She held his beefy legs in place, and situated herself firmly on his ankles. She had bound those ankles as well as sat on them for maximum accessibility. She then dug her fingers into his arches with complete and total abandon. His laughter exploded with wolf-like howling and bronco-like body-bucking.

He begged and pleaded for mercy through screams of ticklishness, "PLEASE!! PLEASEEEAAAA!!!" He was really losing it. His stolid body was twisting and rotating around on that floor but his bound bare feet remained locked firmly in Robin's grasp and completely exposed to her ticklish assault. Only the angle of her tickles was altered to keep pace with his feet as his body rotated.

She probably would have tickled the man forever if we hadn't heard the commotion taking place in the back yard. We just had to see what was going on out there.

Robin used an industrial flashlight to knock the brown-haired man cold with a blow to the back of his head. She then re-tied the bonds on his ankles and wrists to make his getting away as difficult as possible should he regain consciousness. I was already putting on my slippers and robe, anxious to see what the hubbub outside was all about. I headed out the bedroom first. I glanced back just in time to see Robin press his nose in the area right beneath the toes on the unconscious man's right foot. I watched the candy girl take a deep whiff with the most profound look of ecstasy on her face.

Eventually Red Robin and I both made it out back.

To be continued…