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Spider-Man Becomes A Tickle Slave

by Liam Buckwalter

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The Kingpin, also known as Wilson Fisk, was staring at the New York skyline from his balcony waiting for the call about his drug shipment.

"Sir, Spider-man managed to interfere with our business transaction and blew up the barge that contains 300 million dollar worth of cocaine, some of our people have been arrested"

"What the fuck did you guys do? Am I not paying you enough to destroy that bug? Fucking imbeciles!" Kingpin replied

As soon as Wilson Fisk hung up the phone he called for an emergency meeting with the Sinister Six. He hates to admit it but he needs help because he can't defeat Spider-Man by himself. Wilson knew that the sinister six wants to get even with Spider-Man too after suffering a humiliating defeat in the past.

"Spider-Man will pay for everything he did and I'm gonna make sure that he will suffer for the rest of his miserable life"-the Kingpin said to himself while throwing a fine bottle of wine to floor to ceiling glass window of his penthouse apartment.

A week has passed and Kingpin can’t wait any longer to have Spider-Man in his newly constructed fully equipped dungeon. He wants the hero down his knees begging for mercy.

"Mr. Fisk the Sinister Six have arrived, they are in the conference room right now waiting for you"

“Very Good Alonzo let them know I'm on the way." -Kingpin said with very much enthusiasm in his voice. Finally everything will come together as planned.

As soon as Kingpin opened the door of the conference room, he was astounded by the Sinister Six presence. Truly their reputation doesn't give them enough justice; they look way more powerful in person.

“Doctor Octopus, Sandman, Vulture, Mysterio, Kraven the hunter and Electro. Welcome to my humble abode". - The Kingpin said with an evil grin over his face.

“I don't have time for pleasantries Fat Bozo, tell us why we are here" Electro said.

“If I were you, I should start showing your host some respect." Kingpin replied

“We have no master, and honestly Kingpin you don't intimidate us"- Kraven said

“What I'm proposing is a partnership of equals to defeat Spider-Man, I know you guys want to get even with him and he cost me tons of money." Kingpin said

“Let’s hear what you have to offer, if we are not pleased I'm gonna rip your fat infested body apart" Doctor Octopus Said.

"I was thinking of bait that we can use to make Spider-Man submit to us, you guys don't know that I have a group of scientist that studied the DNA that we collect from Spider-Man's web from one of our encounters. I already know who spider man is, but what makes the whole thing interesting is the fact that Spider-Man's genetic makeup contains something really special. And from that element, we can make it possible to regenerate our body cells and heal faster. Imagine a drug that can cure cancer and HIV from Spider-Man's semen? We will make tons of money all together" Kingpin said with a very decisive and convincing voice.

“Ok since you know who Spider-Man is, would you share us more information so that we can make this happen?" Vulture said

“Spider-Man is an 18 year old white Twink all American boy named Peter Parker. Thankfully his DNA is in the system because his father used to work for OSCORP. He went to foster home for a while when his parents died before his Aunt May took him in. He is also dating a pretty girl named Mary Jane Watson" - Kingpin said

“So you want us to kidnap Mary Jane Watson and Aunt May so that we can control Peter Parker and his supply of semen?”- Sandman replied with doubts in his mind.

“That’s absolutely correct! Spider-Man is an all American hero and his love ones will be the key to his downfall Hahira" Kingpin said while throwing his fist in the air.

“I and sandman will take care of the ladies. I can't wait to finally see Spider-Man's demise."
Vulture said and the he started flying out of the window towards their target with sandman.

Peter Parker was walking towards the Daily Bugle from school. He works as a freelance photographer and a student while having Spider-Man gig on the side. He also helps out his Aunt May in the house and spends his time with his girlfriend Mary Jane Watson. Peter was excited when he heard his phone ring; he can't wait to have sex with Mary Jane tonight.

“Hello" Peter Said

“Good Afternoon Peter, oh should I say Amazing Spider-man" -Kingpin said

Peter couldn't believe what he just heard, chills started running through his spine. How could anybody find out who he was?

“Don’t hang up; if you want to see Mary Jane Watson and your Aunt May again, you will meet me on my penthouse apartment in Upper East Side. Be here 8pm sharp or I can't promise their safety ha-ha. Don't be late boy and don't forget your sexy skin tight costume. Ha-ha" Kingpin said and hung up.

I can't believe this; Kingpin got Mary Jane and Aunt May. I need to rescue them before he hurts them. I defeated Kingpin before so I'm sure I can do it again. I'm Spider-Man after all. I can do this; it's time to put the Kingpin behind bars.

Spider-Man arrived on Kingpin’s penthouse exactly 8pm.

"Hey Fisk I'm here, you very best friend. Can we talk about this?"-Peter said

"Sure we can Spider-Man, now what can you offer in exchange of their lives? I'm listening to anything you can offer?" Kingpin said

“well I can beat your ass like the last time, maybe I will help you remember how I single handedly defeated you ha-ha" Peter said with his usual confident bravado.

“Yeah but you see Spider-Man, it's not just me here, the sinister six are here to help me. Now that there are 7 of us, I'm pretty sure the playing field is pretty much even." Kingpin said with his evil smirk.

Peter can't believe when he saw Doctor Octopus, Vulture, Mysterio, Electro, Kraven, Sandman and Kingpin in the same room. There's no way he can defeat them all at the same time. But he needs to rescue Mary Jane and Aunt May. Peter thought that maybe he can talk to them to some sort of compromise.

"Ok what do you guys want, I'm all yours just release my Aunt May and Mary Jane and I will do anything you guys want. Beat me, humiliate me anything, I can take it. Just let them go unharmed" Peter said while looking down on his feet.

“You will do anything we want regardless anyways. Now I want you to completely surrender yourself to me and I promise that I will be extra nicer to your Aunt May and Mary Jane. If you fail to comply, I will make their life like a living hell. They are my insurance policy after all to make sure that I have your full cooperation. Now start stripping Peter and let us see that body. Keep your mask on; we can't let Mary Jane and Aunt May to find out that you've been lying to them all this time about your secret super hero identity. The mask will also give you some sense of comfort especially when you see what I have in store for you Hahahaha." Kingpin said with his commanding tone.

Peter couldn't believe what he is about to do. He started removing his skin tight shirt showing his enemies his chiseled Twink physique. Toned but not too muscular with a bit of hair running over his Twink six pack abs. His arms are in very good shape, not too big but strong enough to keep him safe while swinging between his spider webs during his super hero days. His armpit has a nice bush of light brown armpit hairs. Quarter size nipples pair with indie belly button. Peter's upper body is absolute perfection, not too big but not too skinny either. Peter started removing his shoes and socks and he noticed how Doctor Octopus looks at his long toes.

His feet have amazing arches with some light masculine hair brushed over his feet maybe 3 inches from each toenail. Then he started removing his pants and now his enemies can see his well-developed thighs that he got from chasing criminals and jumping from one rooftop to another. One last thing need to remove, Peter closed his eyes with complete humiliation and disgust.

He started pulling down his underwear. As he bends over sandman stared at peters firm and sexy white butt cheeks with some amount of hair scattered over it. Now he is completely naked in front of his nemesis. All of them are staring at his uncut 8 1/2 inch cock that's covered with very thick masculine pubes. Peter is now completely naked but if it's gonna make his Aunt May and Mary Jane safe and unharmed even though they are in the hands of Kingpin, he is willing to do anything for the sake of his love ones. Doctor octopus used his mechanical tentacles and grabbed both Peter's ankles and wrist.

"Let's start the party, take him to the dungeon. Spider-Man now we will test how much you love Mary Jane and Aunt May" Kingpin said

They all arrived in the tickle dungeon that Kingpin specially built for Spider-Man. This dungeon is not like any other dungeon. There's a chair in the middle of the room with some electrical sensors under the chair. It's a stainless steel chair with access to the person's ass and cock while the legs have mechanical stirrups that have 5 sensors each stirrup. There's also a hanging wrist restraints on the ceiling with attached 5 sensors on each metal cuffs. On the right side of the room there's a glass floor to ceiling window where they are hiding Aunt May. The room is completely visible from the chair, thanks to the shattered and bulletproof see through window. Now Peter can see that Aunt May is alive. The left side of the room has the same set up with Mary Jane sitting inside the room. Spider-Man is wondering what the chair is for. It must be one of the sinister six silly games.

"Welcome Spider-Man to your new home. As you can see I kept my word. You can see Mary Jane and Aunt May from where you will be sitting alive and well. Peter, I built this entire place especially for you. Here we will test your strength and your Twink sexy white body. I don't want you to feel like I'm some sort of a monster; I will keep my word as long as you do anything I want. Now Spider-Man sit on the chair so that we can start." Kingpin said

Peter headed to the chair and tries to sit on it. He noticed it got a limited sitting cushion because there's whole in the middle of the chair. Vulture and Kraven started strapping Spider-Man to the chair. Vulture applied the cuffs on his wrist and each of Peter's fingers has an attached sensors. He pulled both peter's arms apart over his head like he is sitting doing half jacks. Now they will have access to his sweaty armpits. Kraven put sensors Spider-Man's sexy toes like the way vulture did it to his fingers. He extended peters legs apart and applied the ankle cuffs.

Now his feet can't get away with everything his nemesis dish out. A pure tickle torture event. Now Spider-Man's naked body is in a weird X-shaped sitting position. Peter was wondering if this is the only thing he got to do. Sitting on a chair tied up naked; maybe they are taking a video of him and post it online so that everybody can witness his humiliation. He has no idea what's about to happen to his Twink naked body.

“Getting comfy Spider-Man, I hope you like your chair. Now let me explain the mechanics of this game, Peter are you ticklish?" - Kingpin asked

“I guess you just have to find out Wilson, I'm not gonna tell you!" Peter knew he is extremely ticklish, from one to ten he thinks he's eleven when it comes to ticklishness specially his size 11 feet and armpits. He can't let them know how to exploit his ticklish spots and expose his weakness.

“Well we can fix that so that we can have more fun, Kraven gave us special oil that came from the jungle that we can apply to your body later on to make you super-duper ticklish. Don't worry Spider-Man, it's all natural and it got no side effects. Now let me explain you the rules of this game, obviously you are not allowed to escape the chair. If you do, we will blow up Aunt May and Mary Jane's rooms. Your wrist and fingers have special sensors on it courtesy of your friend Mysterio. When we tickle your armpits or upper body, you are free to pull down your arms and protect your upper body from tickling anytime you want, but like any games there's gonna be a consequence when you do that. You see Spider-Man once you pull down your arm or even wiggle your fingers it will activate the sensor to give Electro the green light he needs to give Mary Jane Electric Shock. She is a healthy lady but I don't know how much electricity her body can take. I suggest Peter to keep your arms straight up as well as all of your fingers and hands or we will fry your girlfriend. Peter don't worry because Aunt May will participate in this game too; you see your feet have similar sensors from Mysterio like the one from your hands. You are free to move your legs and wiggle your toes anytime you want but there's a price to pay, nothing in America is free after all. If your feet tried to get away from tickling, the sensors will be activated and tons of sand will start filling up Aunt May's room until she drowns. Thank you sandman for making that possible. I suggest use all your strength to keep both of your legs straight and stop wiggling your feet. The lives of Mary Jane and Aunt May lies on your hands and feet Spiderman. I kept my word; I won't kill the women in your life because you will do it for me. Now show us your Spider-Man strength and you can beat tickling. “Kingpin explained the rules of his evil game.

Peter can't believe what he just heard. He can't allow Mary Jane to suffer with electric current or watch Aunt May slowly drowning in sand. He knows he is extremely ticklish and he must concentrate not to make unnecessary movement. Watching his love ones suffer is worse than death. Peter knew he will be tickled to death but for the sake of the women in his life, he is willing to endure the tickle torture.

“Wilson how long are you guys gonna tickle me, I'm not superman you know, I need to eat and sleep." Peter asked with his mocking tone

“Don’t worry Peter, I like to sleep too. We will play the game until midnight. It's almost 9pm now. Just do the best you can not to hurt your love ones that much. It's just plain tickling Hahira. Before we begin Kraven will apply the special oil over your body to make you ultra-ticklish, Mysterio will monitor the sensors, electro and sandman will keep your ladies on their toes. Doctor octopus with his mechanical tentacles and special feathers courtesy of vulture will tickle your body until midnight. Me, I will just watch you from my leather throne as you sweat, beg and suffer from tickle torture. Don't worry Mary Jane and Aunt May can't see what's happening to you but you will see them suffer. They thought they are just in a regular room with a giant mirror ha-ha." Kingpin said

Peter looked through the glass window and watches the women in his life. He knows that if he moves an inch while being tickled they are both in big trouble. Maybe if he begs to Kingpin and sinister six they will show him mercy. It's all up to him now to keep them both alive but he doesn't know that tickle torture is just the beginning of his indenture servitude. He is gonna be a tickle Slave of Kingpin and there's nothing he can do about it. Kraven started walking towards the chair with a bottle of oil that will make him super sensitive to tickling. Spider-Man was never been in agonizing position like this under his enemies. He's never been scared like this his entire life. Kraven opened the bottle and started applying liberal amount of oil over Peter's smooth torso, when Kraven start applying the oil to Peter's armpit he noticed that his oil can't penetrate Spider-man's ticklish spot.

“Wilson I think we should shave Spider-Man to make the oil more effective. What do you think?" Kraven Asked

"Whatever you think is best, I want this experience to be something Spider-Man will remember for very long time. Shave the boy and make him impervious to tickling Hahira." Kingpin said

Kraven start shaving both of his armpits, Spider-Man is starting to sweat. Now no amount of hair can protect him. It felt like he doesn't have any control of his own body anymore. After Kraven shaved Peter's armpit, he put the armpit hairs on a bottle. Kraven started putting the oil on Peter's newly shave smooth armpit. Peter's biceps started too tensed up and try not to move while Kraven’s long fingernails assault his armpits. Peter tried not to laugh or make any sound so he bit his lips hard and tried to stay still.

"Don't make it harder for the women in your life boy stay still or they will suffer. I will shave your pubes and ass too for tonight's main event Hahira." Kraven said

Kraven shaved all of Peter's thick pubes, now his 8 1/2 uncut cocks are completely exposed. He also shaved his butthole to make sure a smooth easy access for the "main event". He put all of Spider-Man's pubes and coalhole’s hair in a bottle. He covered his muscular legs with oil after he shave all of Peter's leg hairs just like what he did to his arms. Now Peter is as smooth as a baby. Kraven start applying the oil that will make Spider-Man's size 11 already ticklish feet. As soon as Kraven’s fingers cruises around Spider-Man's athletic feet, Peter started shaking his head left to right. He tried to keep his legs and feet still so that Aunt May's room will stay as it is, free from sand. Now that all Kraven’s oil covering every inch of Spider-Man's body, Peter noticed the sensation he is feeling in his whole body. Even the air around him is making him he feels that he is being tickled by multiple fingers at the same time. Peter is starting to sweat all over his body; buckets of sweat made his white Twink body shine like a new Nickel.

"Looks like you are having fun Peter with Kraven’s special oil. I like you getting worked up and we haven't even started. It 8:55pm now you so enjoy the last 5 minutes and breathe because you will need that oxygen when Doctor Octopus does his work. Kraven what are you gonna do with Spider-Man's body hair, why did you put it in a bottle? Kingpin asked

“I will use the voodoo magic that I learned in the jungle to make Spider-Man horny 24/7. As long as I have his body hair, he will be horny from dusk until dawn Hahira" Kraven replied

“That’s very smart Kraven, now Spider-Man will be the horniest 18 year old boy alive. Peter looks like times up, Doctor Octopus show us how Vultures special feathers work with the help of your mechanical tentacles" Kingpin said with excitement

“Spider-Man it's an honor to be the one that will make you suffer; now you will pay for all of your transgressions. Get ready Peter Hahira" Doctor Octopus said

“Kingpin wait, what else can I do? Maybe we can talk about this, please don't tickle me, I will do anything. I will be your slave for life, please let Mary Jane and Aunt May go. “Spider-Man said.

“Excuses, you will do anything I want because you don't have a choice. You fucked with the wrong people and now you must pay the price. No more stalling Doctor Octopus, let's get the show started Hahira." Kingpin said

Without warning Doctor Octopus with the helped of vultures feathers assaulted Spider-Man's upper body. Peter felt a jolt of sensation 10 times worse than electricity. He tried not to pull his arms down but 20 minutes of nonstop assault on both of his smooth armpits; Peter is starting to lose his resolved. Sweat dripping from his hairless armpit like spring rain. Both of his arms are now covered with sweat too which makes his muscle more defined as they tensed up from nonstop tickling. Peter can't believe what's happening to him, being tickled like this and powerless to stop it makes him really angry. Even though he still has Spider-Man's strength, he can't use it in the expense of Mary Jane and Aunt May's life. Tears of pure torture started running through his cheeks, he never felt so helpless before.

" pleeeeeaaasssse staaaaaaaHhhhpp. I caaaaaant taaaaaaake it aaaaaaanymore hahahahaha hhhahaahahaaahhaaaaaa
Haaaaave Meeeeeeercy pleaaaaaase staaaaahp it tiiiiiiiiiickleeeeeees". Peter said in complete despair.

Four of Doctor Octopus mechanical tentacles focused on Peter's upper body for an hour. Vulture’s feathers with the help of Kraven’s oil terrorized Spider-Man's Twink body. His abs and nipple didn't have a chance to protect themselves from the evil tickle torture. The worst thing about it is not just Peter can't escape from the intense tickling; he needs to concentrate not to move at all and just take the full assault on his body.

Peter wishes that he can just pass out from the ordeal but as soon as he loses consciousness, Mysterious sensors will activate and both the women in his life will be in jeopardy. He needs to stay awake and feel the wrath of his enemies. Peter can only move his head left and right up and down. His masked are now drenched with drool, sweat and tears. Peter is hoping that he have enough to strength to last until midnight. He knows that he needs to endure the tickling. Peter's body was shaking like he is having a seizure but he maintained his arms and legs steady to the best of his abilities. Sometimes Peter's carotid artery looks like it's gonna blow because of the extreme tickling.

"Hahahahahaha pleaaaaassse staaaaaaaahhhhp, jeeeeeeeeesuuuuuuussss pleaaaaaassse staaaaaahpppp. Nooooooooo mooooooooooreeeeee it tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiickles soooooooo muuuuuuuuuuuchhhhhh noooooooooooooo more aaaaaaaaarmmmmmmpiiiiiiiiits." Spider-Man yelled on top of his lungs

“That’s right Spider-Man, beg for my mercy, nobody is gonna help you out, nobody will feel sorry for you. Peter you cost me millions and now you are gonna pay with your laughter and tears" Kingpin said

"Boss looks like he loves Mary Jane very much; we've been tickling his armpits for an hour now. It looks like its sore already from tickling". Doctor Octopus said

“Very good Peter, I must say an 18 year old boy like you have stamina of a horse. Well let's test how much he loves his Aunt May, let's tickle his size 11 sexy feet." Kingpin said

“huhhhh uhh huhhhh nooooot the feeeeeeet pleaaaaaaassse nootttt the Fuuuuuuuking Feeeeeet" Peter said in an agonizing tone.

“I think Spider-Man said PLEASE TICKLE MY FEET. Don't worry Peter I'm a generous guy and since you asked nicely, we will dedicate one hour of this game entirely to your feet. Its 10pm now, 2 hours to go.hahaha" Kingpin said

" nooooooooooooooooohhhhhh iiiiiiiiii caaaaaaaaaant Doooooooo thiiiiiiiiiis anymmooooooore!" Peter protested

Doctor octopus withdrew his tentacles from Peter's upper torso. Peter got a few minutes break , his head fell forward in complete defeat. He is exhausted and he got 2 hours left and the game is over. All he needs to do is to be tough, he can do this. He tries to convince himself that he can make it. He doesn't know that the "main event" of the night will make his ordeal ten times worst. Without warning Doctor octopus used 8 dancing feathers to attack his feet. Peter yelped like a wounded animal, he thrashed his head around like a complete maniac. The 8 feathers tickled the smooth size 11 feet of his. They explored all the arches of his feet while some of the feathers went to the spaces in between his toes. This made Peter started to accept his fate. There's nothing worse than the kind of torture he experiencing right now.

" ooooooooooooohhhhhh gooooooooood pleaaaaaaaaaase staaaaaaaaaHpp. Noooooooooooo moooooooooooooore pleeeeeeeeeeeease noooooooooooot myyyyyyyyyyyy feeeeeeeeeeet haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaa". Spider-Man plead

"Peter does not disappoint me, think about Aunt May. You know what let's make a deal, if you finish this hour without activating Aunt May's sensor I will give you 30 minute break from tickling. You still have 20 minutes left until 11pm. Make it count Hahira." Kingpin said

The smell of Peter's body odor is starting to cover the room. The proof of his suffering for his love ones. Mostly coming from his sweaty armpits and drenched feet. With the mixture of Kraven’s oil and spider man’s sweaty feet. The friction on our beloved superheroes feet was reduced to zero. Feathers glide over his soles like they were figure skating. Doctor Octopus wants to beat Spider-Man in his game by making him kill his own Aunt because of his ticklishness.

Peter is pushing his luck, used all his strength not to move his toes, ankle and knees. He is giving everything he got for Kingpin s 30 minute break. 30 minutes free from tickling and then he only have to endure another 30 minutes and the game will be over. Doctor octopus made a speedy brushing of Spider-Man's soles like vultures feathers were moving 90 miles per hour. Spider-Man can't take it anymore, he is about to pull his arms down because he is trying to use all his strength to keep his legs and feet steady. Even all of Spider-Man’s toes were covered with sweat just like the rest of his body. If he gives up now, all his suffering will be for nothing.

"Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii caaaaaaaaaaaan Doooooooooo thiissssssssssss, I looooooooooovvvveeeee yooooooooooo maaaaaaaaarryyyyyyy Jaaaaaaaane. I wooooooooont giiiiiiiiiiive ahhhhhhhhp auuuuuuuunt Mayyyyyyyyyy" spider man screamed trying to sound confident as the clock's hand strikes 11pm.

" very good Peter, that's the spirit! Show me the man that defeated all of us. Very strong spider man. Hahahaha do you want to know why you are getting a break from tickle torture? " Kingpin asked Peter.

Peter is still trying to catch his breath. Getting tickled for 2 hours and not able to do anything about it is something only the devil can think of. Spider-Man's chest was heaving like he's a fish out of water. Being drenched with sweat, Peter can smell his own body odor. He can barely speak as Peter try to recover and gather his strength. He knows he is gonna need it to survive the last 30 minutes of tickling to midnight. Kingpin gave Peter a water to drink. He needs to replace all the water he lost from this ordeal, Peter looked like he just finished a 30 mile marathon in 2 hours. Little did he know that Kingpin put something in his water.

" ttttthank yooouuu veery muuuuuuuuuuuchhhhhh. Thank you for the break and water. Thank you Kingpin ." Spider-Man said the words that he never thought he will utter his entire life.

" don't thank me yet Spider-Man. I'm gonna be extra generous to you. Like I promised, the tickling will stop for 30 minutes. Tonight's "Main Event" will start now. I also found out that Mary Jane and Aunt May haven't eaten anything since breakfast so I told Alonzo to make a special meal for them. Don't worry I didn't lace it with cyanide, they are my insurance for your complete unquestionable cooperation to our game. The water you just had contains Viagra though. The combination of Viagra and Kraven’s voodoo with the help of your body hair will make you horny beyond your wildest dreams. You see the 30 minutes break I gave you will stop you for getting tickled as long as you can cum and fill this bottle with your famous Spider-Man cock juice. So I'm giving you a choice Spider-Man, it's something I rarely offer to anyone. Will you accept the challenge to fill the bottle with your cum or You will get tickled nonstop until midnight? You choose. Hahira" Kingpin said with an evil grin.

Watching Mary Jane and Aunt May having a nice dinner makes Peter really happy. He is willing to suffer for them, even though he is paying the price so that they can feel comfortable while being held hostage. Peter will do anything for the 2 most important people in his life. Peter knows the choice he needs to make. He hasn't cum in a week since he's been busy from work and being Spider-Mammary Jane was busy looking for a job so that she can start acting for Broadway play. Peter planned this night to have a full blown sex with Mary Jane but Kingpin and sinister six changed it all. Having food will give them sense of comfort while being held as a prisoner of the evil Kingpin . This particular challenge should be easy. Peter knew he will beat Kingpin 's evil game. He is young and Mary Jane loves his stamina in bed. The way he gives Mary Jane the best orgasm of her life every time they fuck gave Peter the confidence boost he needed to finish the "main event" without difficulties.

" I accept the challenge Kingpin . You can milk my cock for 30 minutes. Thank you for giving Mary Jane and Aunt May a great meal tonight." Peter said

" no problem Spider-Man we will milk your cock for 30 minutes. Mysterio activate the Milking machine and the prostate stimulator Hahira." Kingpin said

" wait, we didn't agree that you will put something in my ass, I'm not a fag." Peter said with an angry tone

" Spider-Man you think 30 minutes will be just a relaxing down time for you Hahahaha. If you fail to fill the bottle with your cum, you will spend the night with 13 inch electric anal probe in your ass courtesy of Electro. Hahira" Kingpin said

Mysterio activated the milking device and prostate stimulator. The floor under Peter's tickling chair opened up and a suction tube started sucking his 81/2 uncut cock. Peter felt the warm suction tube stimulating his cock, it almost felt like an actual human is giving him a blow job. Mysterio increased the intensity of the suction to 60 miles per hour so that Spider-Man cum even faster. They only have 30 minutes to harvest Peter's precious cum that they can use to develop a drug that can cure cancer or HIV. Kingpin is already salivating and thinking how much money he can make out of people with serious illness because of Spider-Man's cum. The miraculous sperm from a superhero that have a capability to regenerate damaged cells. The Viagra that Kingpin mixed with his water and Kraven’s voodoo that will make the 18 year old super hero horny is starting to affect Peter. The prostate massager invaded his ass without any lube. The metal device drilled his butthole and started massaging his prostate for effective milking at 60 miles per hour too. Being a straight boy superhero Virgin, Peter felt the pain from the foreign object inside his ass. Peter closed his eyes and tries to remember the nights when he and Mary Jane are having hot passionate nasty sex. The night He fucked Mary Jane and she gave him a blowjob. Peter is proud of is 81/2 inch cocked, the can that can pleasure any woman. This gave Peter a sense of comfort during testing time like this. The prostate massager made him cum even more. He tried to keep his body steady while he burst one week load of cum. suddenly 30 minutes was over like it was just few seconds. Peter is now super horny after releasing enormous amount of his man juice, he can't believe that 30 minutes passed by just like that but being tickled tortured made him feel like the time stopped while he is suffering. Peter filled not only just one bottle but half of the second bottle. Peter is now tired and exhausted but the final 30 minutes is here. After this, game over.

" you never seize to amaze me Peter, job well done. I can't believe an 18 year old boy like you have that amount of cum in your balls. You made me really happy. Now that the " main event" is over, you only have 30 minutes left and we are done with this game. You see Peter, Men are more sensitive when they are horny and after bursting that amount of load; you'll have a hard time not to be super ticklish. Now we can prove to the women in your life how much you are willing to endure to keep them safe." Kingpin said with his evil glare

Peter knew that it will be the longest 30 minutes of his life. He used to run track and field and even compete on a national level. Spider-Man never backed down to challenge but this particular one made Spider-Man doubt his superhero capabilities. He can't let them know that he is weak, that he doubts himself. He can't give his enemies the satisfaction to see the greatest hero of the city defeated and humiliated like this. 30 minutes and it's all over, they had their fun and he gets to save the people who he loves the most.

" looks like you will do anything you want anyways Kingpin . I'm tied up here naked, I can take it like a man. I am Spider-Man and I have no fear! Do your worst because I am not that weak. You can't break me!" Peter said with a defiant tone.

" I accept the challenge Spider-Man, I can tell you right now; before midnight you will be begging all the gods to help you out. I will break you Spider-Man and you will be on your knees begging for my mercy Hahira!" Kingpin said

Peter braced himself as Doctor Octopus mechanical tentacles approach his naked body covered with sweat. He is breathing heavily while waiting for the last round of tickle torture. Doctor octopus started tickling his vulnerable armpits and his sexy size 11 feet at the same time. Peter never felt such a torment. Kraven’s oil and voodoo with the help of Viagra running through his body made Spider-Man the ticklish man alive. The fact the he just released one week load of cum made him impervious to tickling. He tried to keep both of his arms and legs steady while being assaulted mercilessly with vulture's fine tipped tickle feathers. Spider-Man started to cry, he never felt solo much pain in his life. It's worse than the feeling he felt when his Uncle and Parents died. Peter wished for the torture to end but he knows that watching him suffer like this makes his enemies really happy. Spider-Man doesn't know how much his Twink body can endure. His abs which is well defined as well as his biceps and thighs are now feeling the wrath of having them worked over for the last 3 hours. He is starting to have muscle spasms. Peter just laugh and cried at the same time while his feet is being targeted by multiple feathers that moves 90 miles per hour. Spider-Man's sexy nipples are now hard and sore for being relentlessly stimulated. The feathers that put a laser like focus on his balls made him squirm like a sweaty pig. Spider-Man is finally getting the punishment Kingpin wants to inflict on him and he can't even do anything to fight it. He never felt solo helpless in his life.

" haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaa" Spider-Man can just laugh and take it

Peter noticed the green light turned on inside Mary James Room. He forgot that he need to keep his arms straight up while the feathers tickles his armpits and upper body. He flexed his upper arm and his enemies can see his well-defined arms covered with sweat. His carotid arteries and the veins in his arms are now completely visible. Peter is sooooooo ticklish right now that his smooth armpit hairs covered with nothing but sweat taking all the tickling. They are just few inches from his face and yet he can't protect them. Peter saw Mary Jane shaking involuntarily inside her room while Electro gives her body enough electric current not to kill her. Peter saw the love of his life being electrocuted in front of him and he is powerless to stop it. He got no more strength to fight the tickling on his armpits.

" iiiiiiiiiiii aaaaaaaaaaaaam soooooooooorrrrry Maaaaaaaaary Jaaaaaaaane. Haaaaaaaa haaaaa haaaaaaa haaaaaa pleaaaaaaaaaaaseeeee staaaaaaaaahp huuuuuuuuurting heeeeeeeeeer!" Spider-Man said in complete despair.

" Spider-Man you are the only one who can stop electro from electrocuting the love of your life. Just stop moving and take it like a hero and she will be fine. I can't help you with that Peter. Hahira" Kingpin said

Peter cried and laughed as he watches Mary Jane shaking like having a seizure because of Electro. He tried to keep his arms up but he must make a choice where to use his strength. Letting the feathers do whatever they want with his armpits will make Mary Jane safe but his feet is being tickled too at the same time. He needs to keep his legs straight and let the feathers get away torturing his athletic size 11 soles or the sensors will activate the sandman's machine and watch his 65 year old Aunt drown with sand in front of him. He made the hardest choice of his life; watching Mary Jane suffers because his weak Old Aunt can't take being buried alive.

Spider-Man figured that Mary Jane have a better fighting chance to withstand Electro because she is younger. Spider-Man can't keep his body still any longer specially both of his most vulnerable spots are being subjected to tickle attack. He is exhausted from the longest tickle torment of his life. He starting to wiggle his toes without noticing it, his feet are tired from trying not to move. The feathers traced the lines on his soles and go up in down with a 90 miles per hour speed while some of the feathers invaded the space between on each toe with the same amount of speed at the same time. You can see droplets of sweat from Peter's smooth sexy feet.

Peter noticed the green light turned on inside Aunt May's room. A vent opened and sand started filling up the room quickly. Aunt May tried to get away but the sands are piling up pretty quick. Now Peter is being tickle tortured while watching Mary Jane being tortured by electro and Aunt May being buried alive at the same time. He doesn't have any more strength and Peter gave all he got to protect them. Spider-Man has no match against tickle torture, the only thing that defeated the once celebrated 18 year old Twink superhero. Peter thrashes around as he doesn't have any more strength to fight the tickling and stay steady. All he can do is cry, laugh, sweat and drool while his naked body was being tickled nonstop. He tried to close his eyes and wish that it will all just stop. He rather dies than watch the women he loves die in front of him. He wanted to pass out so that he doesn't have to feel the tickling anymore. Spider-Man blamed himself for not able to save Aunt May and Mary Jane. He wasn't strong enough to protect them, if only he wasn't super-duper ticklish. He proved that not everyone can survive a nonstop stole torment, not even superhero like him.

" kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin pleaaaaaaaaaaaase juuuuuuuuuuuuuust kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil meeeeeeeeee. Hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaa! Peter begged to end it all.

" Times up. It's midnight. Stop everything. Let the hero rest. Very good Spider-Man! Excellent performance. I won't kill you, not yet while I'm still enjoying your company. I am speechless. You proved that you are indeed the amazing Spider-Man! Hahira" Kingpin said

Mysterio deactivated the sensors while Doctor octopus withdrew his mechanical tentacles armed with vultures special stiff feathers from Spider-Man's ticklish naked covered with sweat Twink body. Peter felt happy when he saw Aunt May's room. Half of her body was buried in sand. The game just stop in time and his old weak Aunt is still alive. He looked at Mary Jane's room and watched the doctors give her water. Mary Jane passed out from the electric current that electro gave her but she's doing ok. Peter's head fell forward as vulture and Kraven released his wrist and ankles.

His arms fell down and his sexy 18 year old Twink body fell on the floor. Peter's naked body was covered with his super hero body fluids and he doesn't have enough strength to even move or stand up. Kingpin approached Peter's naked body in a fetal position and grabbed his head. He removed Spider-Man's masked and saw a beautiful light brown haired boy with his hair plastered over his forehead. Kingpin noticed the drool and dried tears over his razor edged cheek bones. Perfect nose and nice soft lips. Peter is a very attractive young man with expressive sapphire blue eyes. You can see in his eyes that he accepted his fate. Spider-Man is completely defeated.

"Spider-Man this is just the beginning of your very long and very painful tortured life. You see, I found out damming information about your cum. I can develop a drug that can regenerate cells to fight cancer and HIV. I can surely make tons of money from your cock juice. Think of it this way Spider-Man, with your cum you can still save millions of lives while being my tickle Slave." Kingpin said while grabbing Peter's thick brown hair.

" I will never be your slave Kingpin , I beat the game. Now let Mary Jane and Aunt May go!" Peter said with his furrowed thick brown eyebrows expressing his anger. He felt cheated.

" Hahira you think I'm stupid Spider-Man. You will be my tickle and cum slave until you reach the age of 60. By that time you could have erectile dysfunction and I won't have any use for you. Maybe I will kill you when you can't produce anymore sperm. If you fail to supply enough cum on everyday basis, I will unleash the hell on earth to your beloved Mary Jane and Aunt May!"
Kingpin said while grabbing Peter's neck.

" I will be your slave Kingpin as long as Mary Jane and Aunt may is alive! I will cum every day and am your tickle slave!" Spider-Man said

"Very good Spiderman. Your day in the chair will start at exactly 6am tomorrow, you will be under tickle torture and we will harvest your super hero man juice until midnight. You will have a break and you will eat for 10 minutes every 5 hours while sitting on the chair.You are welcome to pee and take a dump while being tickled. You will not leave the tickle chair from 6am to midnight. Mary Jane and Aunt May will have regular meals and be treated like royalty in their room. Remember Spider-Man it will be the same game that we will play every day until you turn the age of sixty. It's up to you if Mary Jane will die from electrocution or Aunt May Buried alive. They will never know that you are enduring tickle torture every last second of your miserable life to keep them alive. They will not know that you are Spider-Man Hahira!" Kingpin laid his term.

" I will try my best not to disappoint you Kingpin . Just promise me that you will never hurt them and I will be yours forever!" Spider-Man said

" I hate being disappointed Peter. You will never be able to talk to Aunt May or Mary Jane anymore. You can watch them from their room. I will treat them nicely as long as you are my slave. You will see the proof of life of your beloved through that glass window Hahira. Mysterio show Peter the present I got him." Kingpin said

Mysterio attached a metal collar with sensor on Spider-Man's neck. Peter was wondering what it's for. Maybe another part of the game.

" that's your slave collar, from now on you will never be no more than 10 feet away from me. If you try to take it off or even stupid enough to escape, the sensor will be activated. You can kiss Mary Jane and Aunt May goodbye because their room will blow up if you try something really stupid. From now on Spider-Man you will call me "Master". After your long day being tickled and milked , you will sleep in my room and I will fuck you until you reach 60 years old." Kingpin said

" I am not gay! Please don't fuck me Master. I will do anything you want! " Spider-Man can't believe what he just heard from Kingpin making him a factory until he turns 60.

" Doctor octopus, stake Peter to my bedroom. Peter this will be a very long night" Kingpin said

Doctor octopus grabbed Peter's naked body and headed to Kingpin s private chamber. He can hear his enemies laugh at him while he is being taken to Kingpin s bedroom.Peter can't believe that he will be a sexslave of a 600 pound man. Spider-Man knew that life as he knows it was over, now he is nothing but a piece of meat. A tickle slave , a hero and sexslave . He is willing to take any torment for the sake of love.