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Magician’s Secret 2 – Russ and Rod’s First Show

by Peter Hughes

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So I hired Rod to be the assistant in my magic show on the Las Vegas Strip. Rod not only looked great in his harem-style costume (which left almost nothing to the imagination), but was also an easy subject for me to hypnotize.

The first rehearsal was great. I was able to use some of my more expensive illusions, stuff that I had never been able to do without an assistant. Rod rehearsed with me every afternoon until the first show on Friday night.

“Are you sure it’s going to be okay?” Rod asked me during our final dress rehearsal on Thursday afternoon.

“Of course it’s going to be okay,” I said. “The audience will love you.”
Rod exhaled. “I sure hope so,” he said anxiously. “I hope I don’t mess up out there and accidentally open a panel I’m not supposed to, or fall out of a cabinet or something.”

I mentally sighed; clearly, Rod needed a good “push” under hypnosis to get his nerves under control.

“You won’t mess up,” I said. Rod, look at me.”

Rod turned his anxious blue eyes to mine.

“Listen to my voice. You are going to count backwards from ten. When you get to one, you will be totally under.”

As usual, Rod was under hypnosis before he got to “one.” I contemplated him for a moment, savoring the view of Rod in his shorts, and said: “You will not have any fear of performing on stage. Everything you do will come easy to you. You will remember everything we have discussed. Breathe in and out, cleansing your mind and soul.”
Rod took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

“When I snap my fingers, you will awakened refreshed and ready to go.”

Right then I decided to put in a post-hypnotic suggestion; it wasn’t that I liked having this fine young man under my power (well, maybe just a little bit!), but I was so hot for him that I had to have him. I decided to give him a day’s grace and set my expectations for Friday night:
“You will perform well tomorrow night, and then you will come by my dressing room. At that time, when I use the word ‘relax,’ you will immediately ask to go back to my house for some time together with me. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Rod said faintly.

I snapped my fingers. Rod was immediately awake and full of confidence.
“You’ll be fine, Rod,” I said easily.

“Oh, no question about that,” Rod said with a grin. “I’m ready to do some magic tomorrow night!”

“Well, go home and take a nice long rest,” I said. “We’ll meet up again an hour before the show tomorrow.”

Friday evening came and we discussed some last-minute strategies in my dressing room. The show was very full; my agent had done his work well and the hotel had put up advertisements of me and Rod in full costume. I noticed with some amusement that there were a lot more women and male couples in the house than in previous shows. Shows you what happens when you know your target market, I thought to myself.

The lights went down and the music began. I emerged from the shadows of up stage left, in front of the billowing clouds of dry ice. After acknowledging the audience’s applause, I did the standard Vegas magician shtick of making doves appear out of handkerchiefs, pulling playing cards out of thin air, and that dancing handkerchief act I got out of a trade show demonstration. All these were my entire act prior to teaming up with Rod, but now it was just the appetizer to a main course of man-to-man illusions.

Finally, we came to the portion of the show that I and the audience had been anticipating. A large shadow box was wheeled out and I turned to the audience. “Ladies and gentlemen,” I announced grandly. “I would like to introduce you to my new assistant – Rod Steele! And here he comes!”

That was Rod’s cue. A single light flickered in the shadow box and I knew that he was getting ready to emerge from “nothing” out of the box. The light grew brighter and his silhouette was outlined in the shadows. Then the door to the shadow box “exploded” (with the help of some flash powder) and Rod came out to thunderous applause. His costume was so sheer it was almost transparent under the lights.

After he had waved to the crowd, he joined me at the foot of the stage. “This is Rod,” I announced. “And ladies – he is single.” The women in the audience screamed their approval. Who could blame them? The guy was totally hot.

“And for some of you guys,” I continued jokingly. “Rod puts out for pay.”
A large chunk of the male audience members roared. Rod gave a sheepish grin and gave them a wink. I smiled, knowing that they came to see Rod as badly as the women did.

“Well, Rod,” I said per our rehearsed script. “Are you ready for some illusions?”
“Sure,” he said with a practiced fake grin. “Who’s going to do them?”

The audience chuckled. I turned to them with a knowing look. “I know what you all are thinking,” I announced. “And yes – I hired him for his brains.”

The audience howled with laughter. I turned to Rod and waved my hands in the air. “Follow me, sexy,” I said. “We’re going to show these people here…modern art!”
The throbbing music started again and Rod sexily danced over to the other end of the stage while the modern art illusion was pushed into the center of the stage from my backstage crew. He did his little dance number that he had rehearsed all week, and the crowd was eating it up. He made Magic Mike look like a klutz.

I beckoned him with a crook of my finger, and he slinked over to the center of the stage. Leaning against the massive cabinet, he shimmied up and down the left side of it before helping me to turn it around and show everyone all four sides of the box.

I opened up the two side doors of the cabinet and helped Rod inside. He stood and waved to the audience, then flexed his massive chest to the delight of the women and gay men. I turned to the audience. “Brains, remember?” I quipped. That got a laugh.
To the beat of the music, Rod hiked up his right leg and rotated his ankle. I knelt and slowly slid off his slipper, revealing his bare foot. He smiled and wiggled his toes at the audience. He repeated with his left leg, and I removed his left slipper as well.

Per our rehearsals, I waved my hands in front of his face and mimicked putting him under hypnosis. Rod let his eyes go vacant, as if I had put him into a trance. I closed the doors of the cabinet and Rod poked his head through the large hole in the top door. I crooked my finger and his right hand emerged in the lower corner of the top door.

I knelt down and tugged on Rod’s toes to let them show through the hole at the bottom of the lower door. The music kept playing as the illusion progressed.

I then took a large sword and showed it to the audience. There was a slot between the two panels of the cabinet. I deftly inserted the knife into the slot and stood back. Rod didn’t move or change expressions, letting the audience think he was still hypnotized.

Then I pretended to do some magical hand-waving and the top part of the cabinet slid over to the left side, where it came to rest on top of the extended shelf as part of the illusion. Rod was now seemingly split in two. The audience applauded.

I bowed my head and smiled. Then, per our script, I went in front of the top cabinet and did my finger-waving again. Rod’s head jerked as if he had just woken up. He started looking around as if he couldn’t believe his predicament.

“Are you okay in there, Rod?” I asked.

“Um, well, it’s kind of drafty in here,” he quipped. The audience chuckled.
I opened the front partial door on the top panel. Most of Rod’s torso and both his arms were visible. He smiled and waved to the audience. I pulled a scarf out of my shirt and gave it to him to hold. He waved it about and returned it to me.

I crossed over to the other side and opened the lower partial door. His lower half and bare feet were visible, his beefy toes wiggling.

I took the scarf and passed it between his feet. Rod started laughing. “I hate it when he does that,” he told the audience. The audience laughed to see Rod being tickled.
“Oh, really?” I said. I knelt down and started tickling his feet in earnest. They bobbed up and down and Rod laughed harder. “Stop it, Russ,” he warned.

“Not like there’s anything you can do about it, Rod,” I answered.

“Russ, I’m warning you…” Rod started.

I turned to the audience. “Time to knock him out,” I said. “Say goodnight, Rod.”
“Goodnight, Rod,” he quipped. The audience cracked up.

I waved my fingers in front of Rod’s face and he went back into his “trance.” I shut both cabinet doors and did my own choreographed wave. The top part of the cabinet slid back over the bottom part. I removed the sword from the slot and put it aside. Then I waved my hands in front of Rod’s face a final time.

Rod “woke up” and smiled at the audience. He removed his face and feet from the holes. I opened the side doors of the illusion just as the music reached its crescendo.
Rod stepped out, his arms extended and seemingly all in one piece. We joined hands and lifted them over our heads in a victory gesture. The applause was deafening.
We did a few more illusions that night, featuring Rod and his incredible body: the zigzag box, levitation and a few others. For the first time, I was enjoying what I was doing and not solely for the money; Rod and I had a chemistry that really worked.

After the final curtain call, I gave Rod a big hug. “Way to go, man,” I said.
He hugged me back even harder. “Thanks, Russ,” he said. “I really had fun out there.”

“So did I, pal,” I admitted. “I hope we can keep doing this for a long time.”
We walked arm-in-arm backstage and let the stage crew put all the illusions up. Rod headed for his dressing room to change, and I went back into mine for a bath.
I heard a knock at my door after I had bathed and changed into some casual clothes. “It’s open,” I called out. I had my bare feet propped up on my dressing table and a glass of champagne in my hand.

The door swung open and Rod poked his head inside. “Can I come in?”
“You are always welcome in my room,” I answered. I stood up and let him in, closing the door behind him. “Want a drink?”

“Sure,” Rod answered. “I’ll have whatever you’re having.”

“Have a seat.”

I poured another glass of champagne and Rod sat down on my couch. He wore a t-shirt, khaki shorts and his favorite flip-flops. Even in street clothes he could turn heads.
I gave him his champagne and we touched glasses. “To us,” I proposed.

We drank down the bubbly. Rod appeared relaxed and happy.

“So what are your plans for tonight?” I prompted.

“Not much,” Rod said. “Thought I’d turn in early, sleep late and look forward to the next show tomorrow night.”

“Why don’t you lean back and I’ll give your feet a massage, like I promised?” I asked. “Remember? I told you when I hired you that I’d rub your feet after every show.”
Rod gave me a sly look. “You have a thing for feet,” he observed.
“Guilty as charged.”

“You also have a thing for my feet in particular,” Rod continued. “Do they turn you on?”

“Would you be mad at me if I said yes?” I asked, giving him a firm gaze.
Rod shook his head. “Nobody ever got off on my feet before,” he said. “It’s kind of…different.”

“Really?” I asked.

I motioned for Rod to lean back, and I took hold of his left leg and swung it onto my lap. Rod didn’t protest or resist; frankly, I thought he was enjoying the attention.
“Yeah,” Rod continued. He swung his right foot to join his left in my lap and I started removing his flips. “Usually, people like to either watch me get undressed, or feel my arms, my chest, back, whatever. But nobody ever took an interest in my feet before. Until you, that is.”

I removed both his flips and let them drop to the floor with a soft thud. I put my hands on his big feet and started massaging his soles. Rod sighed and closed his eyes.
“That feels so good, Russ,” he whispered. “Your hands are magical.”

“That’s why I got into magic,” I purred. “And trust me, this is a pleasure.”

I continued massaging his feet. I slipped my fingers between his toes and flexed them. Rod was acting almost hypnotized from the way I was ministering to his beautiful feet. He seemed to be in a trance. (I must have been hitting some pressure points the right way.)

“Rod,” I said softly.


“Remember what I told you in rehearsals? You are doing exactly what I want. Now, I will use that code word we established. Okay?”

Rod nodded, his eyes still closed.

“Relax,” I said.

Rod’s eyes opened up. “Why don’t we go back to your place?” he asked. “I feel like a quick bite and then some quality time with you.”

I hid my smile from him. “Sure, Rod,” I answered. “Anything you want.”


After a quick dinner, we got into my Lexus and drove back to my condo. Rod and I relaxed on my couch with another bottle of champagne. He kicked off his sandals and placed his manly feet in my lap again.

“Do you mind?” he asked politely.

I snorted. “Please! You can give me your feet anytime,” I replied. “And you don’t even have to ask my permission. Just do it.”

Rod smiled that sexy-ass grin of his. “Then go ahead and indulge,” he purred.
I worked his feet over again and pretended to think aloud. “In fact, if you want, I can show you a way to really relax and to have your feet played with. And I think you’d like it.”
Rod opened his eyes wide. “Really?”

“Sure,” I replied. “Here, let me give your feet some more attention.”
I began to hit those pressure points in his toes and soles again. Sure enough, Rod was becoming trance-like again. I decided to make my move.

“Rod, can you hear me?” I asked quietly.

“Uh-huh,” he breathed.

“Listen to me,” I began. “You will do exactly as I say. You will go upstairs with me and undress in my bedroom. I will then get undressed as well. You will worship my body, and I will worship yours. I will then have my way with your feet, and you will enjoy it. I will also put you in a private illusion, in front of no audience. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” he whispered.

“Good,” I said gently. “Follow me upstairs and we will begin the fantasy.”
I led Rod upstairs and we slowly undressed. I beckoned him onto my big king-sized bed and we lay there exploring each other’s bodies. He climbed on top of me, his smooth muscular chest sliding against my hard furry torso. Taking my dick into his hot mouth, he began softly sliding his tongue up and down my shaft. Meanwhile, I busily buried my own tongue into his smooth anal opening, darting it this way and that until moans of pleasure escaped Rod’s throat.

Rod’s beautiful feet straddled my face, and they softly pressed against each of my sweat-stained cheeks. As I furiously lapped at his hole, my assistant flexed his big muscular feet, the soles crinkling invitingly. I swerved my attention from his hole and began devouring first his left foot, then his right one. He continued to lick my shaft as I hungrily nibbled on his beautiful feet and kissed his toes.

I started to cum and Rod continued to suck me until it was licked clean. He then stroked himself and spurted his seed all over my chest. Rod licked that up as well.
We lay there, sweat-stained and content.

“Did you like that, Rod?” I whispered.


“Hold on,” I told him. “I have something fun for you to try.”

I got up and went to the closet, where I keep some of my more sophisticated toys and knick-knacks. I dragged out a reconfigured thin-model sawing box with head and foot stocks that I had picked up at a trade show for nothing; the illusionist didn’t want it because it was damaged, but I sensed the erotic possibilities of using such a toy at home.

I placed the box on the floor, next to my bed. “Lie down in that,” I told Rod.
Rod got up and walked over to where I was standing with the box. It was on casters so that it could be rolled if necessary. He flashed me a wicked grin. “Our private illusion, huh, Russ?” he drawled.

“Yes,” I replied. “Get in, Rod.”

Rod sank down and stretched out in the box. The top doors were missing (that’s why I got it for free), and the trap doors below each box panel were shut so that Rod wouldn’t sink down into the black space. (I don’t want to describe it any further because then you might figure out how this illusion works.)

“Now what?” Rod asked.

“Time for the stocks,” I said.

I got the head and foot stocks out of the closet. I inserted the head stock around Rod’s muscular neck, sensuously kissing his lips as I did it.

Now it was time for the feet. I took the foot stock and slid it over Rod’s wiggling feet. After I had the stock in place, I started caressing Rod’s feet and lightly tickling his beefy soles.

“He he he, Russ,” Rod snickered. “Take it easy, baby.”

“I have you in my power,” I intoned. “You cannot get away from me.”

I tickled his feet more furiously. “HA HA HA HA HA!!” Rod shrieked. “Russ, stop! Please! I’m begging you!”

“What? I can’t hear you,” I said sardonically. “What did you say?”


I let up a bit so that Rod could catch his breath. We were both getting aroused again and I was sporting a big hard-on. Rod’s member was getting firmer too, and even though he hated being tickled, it was definitely turning him on.

I walked over to Rod’s head and gave head, literally. I squatted over Rod’s immobilized head and fed him my 8-inch whopper. Rod sucked like a starving man, and stroked his own massive dick with his free hands. His toes clenched and unclenched as he got closer to orgasm. I leaned back so that Rod could shoot.

“Oh, man, I’m gonna shoot!” Rod shouted. “I’m cumming, Russ baby!”

Rod shot his wad and it turned me on so much that I had to shoot, too. I groaned and exploded all over Rod’s chest. We both lay there, panting from our exertions.
“That was hot, Russ,” Rod murmured. “Thanks, man.”

“Anytime,” I said as I fetched a clean towel to wipe him up. Rod appreciated my ministrations to his immobilized body. After cleaning him up, I leaned next to him and started massaging his temples.

“Rod, you are totally relaxed and in no danger,” I told him. “You will stay confined to this box and sleep peacefully. When I snap my fingers, you will awaken refreshed and with no memory of what happened here. Do you understand?”
“Yes,” he whispered.

“Sleep,” I commanded him.

Rod immediately started breathing normally in REM-type sleeping patterns. I got up and went back to bed. It was about 4 am and I fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning, I awoke and looked to where Rod lay in the box. His head and feet were still in the stocks; his chest was rising and falling peacefully.

Knowing that I wouldn’t wake him, I deftly and quietly removed first the head stock, then the foot stock. I paused over his feet and lightly ran the tip of my nose over his beautiful soles; his feet were clean without a hint of aroma. I liked that in a man.
I crept back over to his head. “Rod…” I began.

Rod smiled in his sleep. “Yeah?” he whispered.

“I want you to get up from the box and get into bed with me,” I commanded.
Still shut-eyed, Rod groggily got up from the box and I helped him into bed. He lay back and started almost going back to sleep.

I snapped my fingers loudly. Rod woke up as I had commanded him.
“Hey,” he said brightly. “Morning.”

“Hey, Rod,” I replied. “Morning to you too.”

“What time is it?” He stretched out and flexed his massive chest.
“About half-past nine.”

“Whoa!” Rod exclaimed. “I must have slept all night since I got here.”

“Almost,” I admitted. “You just fell asleep during my foot massage, so I brought you up here to sleep. I hope that was okay.”
“Of course,” Rod said. Almost nonchalantly, he added: “And I really enjoyed being put in that box and tickled.”
“WHAT?” I must have shouted, because Rod flinched. “How did you know?”
Rod smiled. “You aren’t the first one who’s ever put me under hypnosis,” he said with a grin. “I’m pretty susceptible to it but I recall almost everything afterwards.”

I sat on the edge of the bed with a thump. “I didn’t know,” I admitted. “I hope you’re not angry with me.”

“Why should I be angry?” Rod asked. “I enjoy it. And I enjoy being with you. And you don’t have to hypnotize me to get me to do whatever you want to do.”

I smiled. “I was hoping you wouldn’t get upset because I put you under,” I said.

Rod shrugged. “Nah. Besides, this is perfect.”

“Why is that?”

“Because,” Rod said. “I’m a hypnotist myself.”

I did a double-take. “WHAT?” I must have yelled again.

“I do hypnosis as well,” he repeated. “I learned it a while back.”

I must have looked as stunned as I felt. “Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked.

“It didn’t seem necessary,” Rod said. “You were having fun and so was I. What was there to tell?”

I shook my head. “You got me there,” I admitted. “So what do we do now?”

Rod smiled. “We enjoy each other. But imagine what kind of fun the TWO of us would have with hypnosis!”

I chuckled. “You’re right, partner,” I commented. “I didn’t stop to think of that.”

“Let’s relax today before the show,” Rod commented. “And maybe I can show you what I know. I think you’ll find it VERY fun…”

To be continued…