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The Hypnotist


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"Take slow, deep breaths. You might find it difficult not to think. You might find that thoughts keep intruding. Don't try to force them out. Just let them slip away. Feel your body slowly relax as you exhale. My voice is soothing you as you continue to relax. You should feel your body not be so tense by now, starting at your feet and legs. That’s it. Now I want you to count backwards from ten. Picture each number in your mind. As you do, you will feel yourself drifting further and further into deep obedient relaxation".

The comedy club was full of people. The hypnotist had done a few people by now, making them do stupid, often slightly adult things like putting on a strip tease. Nothing too extreme. The middle-aged man started counting. He had turned to jello by number one. His body sank into the chair. The hypnotist had the man believe he was a farm animal. Whenever asked a question, he would either cluck or moo. I admit it was funny. The hypnotist woke him up snapping his fingers and thanked him. "I'm sure your friends will fill you in on what happened while under", he smiled to the puzzled man. Howls of laughter and quite a few sniggers came from the audience. It's impressive how willing people are to make fool of themselves. All they need is an excuse. The effects of stage hypnosis are due to the desire of the subject to be the center of attention and please the audience. I had no such desire. "This would never work on me", I whispered to Leo, so when the hypnotist asked for his next subject, my friend had the stupid idea to volunteer me forcing my hand up. The hypnotist noticed it. I tried to explain myself.

"You can come either way", he said, "don't be afraid, it's nothing really".

Afraid? Not me. It was him that would soon regreat it. I heard Brad and Leo laughing as I headed to the stage. The hypnotist asked for my two laughing friends to join me. We sat on three chairs in a row facing the audience. The hypnotist asked our names and we told him. So far, so good. I took a deep breath. He asked us whether we had ever been hypnotized before, then started explaining how hypnosis only works if you want it to happen. Than you can't be hypnotized against your will. That being hypnotized doesn't mean you can be forced to do things you don't want to. It was taking him too long to get to the point, so I closed my eyes for a second. If he kept talking like that, I decided I would take a nap and let him talk to himself. It seems that Brad had the exact thought cause his head tilted down towards his chest.

"So, you said you've never been hypnotized, is that right?" He was talking to me. I pretented I was with him all along. I didn't want to insult him.

"What do you think it's gonna be like?"

The thought of me being humiliated in front of all these eyes staring suddenly made me nervous. I had this crazy idea that sniffing Brad's sock could help me calm down. Brad is 6'4 tall and at least 250 pounds. He is a big dude, deep voice, all muscular and proud of himself. I knelt down his feet and unlaced his left shoe. I wrapped my hand around his heel and pulled. I pulled harder and his foot slided out revealing his white cotton sock. I smelled the scent coming out of his hot sneaker and the effect on me was instant. Brad didn't react, he just wiggled his toes when I bared his foot, so maybe he was under afterall. I had to be more carefull or I could be next.

"Feeling better?"

"Yeah, much better", I nodded and returned to my seat, holding my friend's damp sock and sniffing it. The audiance was laughing. What for?

"What do you think? Will hypnosis work for you?"

"It won't, but you can try". More laughs. Fuck them! People are stupid.

The effect of Brad's sock only lasted for a moment and I had to take off his other one fresh out of his shoe. What really helped me relax this time was sucking my pal's big toe. The hypnotist kept talking. I was finding it hard to stay focused.

"So, you said you've never been hypnotized, is that right?"

I blinked my eyes open. How many times could he possibly ask me that question? He was checking to see if I was under. He had failed so miserably with me. I said nothing, just closed my eyes once more ignoring him.

The hynpotist snapped his fingers and thanked us. I have no idea how long I was under. I realised all three of us were now barefoot and our shoes and socks were nowhere near. We left the stage in total shame, people gosiping and laughing. We waited for the show to end, then went to the hypnotist's dressing room to ask for our shoes. The hypnotist started explaining something but it was so boring I paid no attention. I'd thought it odd, even alarming, that he suggested we go to his house, but somehow, I just didn't. We put our shoes on and followed him to his car. He kept talking all the way to his place.

His house was impressive. Big garden. No neighbors around. He guided us to a special playroom at the basement. The lights were turned on and the inside came to view. The room was bare except for a couch, a coffee table and an unusual piece of furniture bolted to the concrete floor. It was a heavy oak chair outfitted with several leather straps and stocks in front. A pair of cuffs dangled above from a length of rope connected to a winch. He suggested we sit on the couch, streach our legs on the coffee table and relax. He brought us something to drink then kneeled before our feet and bared them. He started explaining what makes male feet beautiful while massaging ours. I never thought of male feet as beautiful. He had me cross my legs, put a plate underneath my feet, added chocolate syrup and licked it off. I know it sounds weird but at the time it didn't. The feeling was so relaxing I could barely keep my eyes open. He repeated with Leo and Brad, working on our bare insteps, softly kissing the tips of our toes over and over again.

Brad had the biggest feet by far. It's only natural since he is so tall. If it is for a pair of male feet to be called beautiful, I guess that would be his. The soles were wide, yet soft, except shading into a slightly yellowish color on the heels. His toes looked strong and nicely shaped. A shock wave of ticklish sensations shot through Brad's body and he let out a giggle as the hypnotist slided his tongue in the little crevice between Brad's big and second toe. Surprised by his reaction, the hypnotist cupped Brad's bare heel in the palm of his hand and dug his finger all along that soft-looking arch.

"Oh shit! SHIT! No!" Brad screamed. That sealed his fate.

"I believe we have a winner for the chair".

The hypnotist had Brad naked and buckled tightly into that medieval torture machine, his sensitive soles protruding helpless from the other side of the stocks. He pulled up a chair and sat down where he could work those bad dogs. He took his time to pull each toe back and had them tied to hooks along the top of the stocks using shoestrings. When he wiggled his fingers up and down Brad's now perfectly stretched arches, it was like a high voltage electrical charge. Brad's every single muscle contracted in a desperate attempt to pull away. Soon the tufts of his armpit hair were damp with sweat. His whole body was covered in a layer of sweat and gleamed in the light. Brad was thrashing helplessly around as best as the bonds would allow in a state of uncontrolled laughter.

"No, man... don't tickle my feet... please, man... no more..." he was now pleading.

I always knew Brad was ticklish but he was also too big for any of us to pin down and really do tickle him. This overwhelming sensation of ultimate helplessness was now driving him mad. I guess there's something uniquely humiliating about being tickled by a stranger with your pals watching. It's so odd that at the same time his nipples had changed into fat, hard knots and he was supporting a hard-on that bounced as he laughed and struggled. I gave my own dick a firm squeeze through the denim. Somehow, without even noticing it, I had also developed a nice large tent in my pants while watching. I striped naked and so did Leo. We rubbed our dicks on Brad's soles while the hypnotist plugged our asses. Then he used both his hands, one above the other, to strike Brad's hard-on until it was obvious that one more stroke would bring the tender giant off, then switched to sucking the balls, swirling them around into his mouth, keeping him on the edge. I never had a girl do my testicles like that. My butt muscles clamped down hard on the plug as I was about to shoot. I shot all over my friend's immobilized foot, then kneeled down before him and licked it clean. Brad was moaning and oozing pre-cum. His big mushroom head was all shiny being so hard. It looked like it would explode any second now. The veins at the shaft were literally throbbing. This time the hypnotist stuck a finger up Brad's virgin ass. Brad gasped out loud as he shoot a big load all over his belly. He closed his eyes with a faint smile on his lips. Soon he was snoring satisfied.

The hypnotist scooped some cum off Brad's navel and gave me a taste. I knew the moment I would taste that semen boiling inside my pal's swollen nuts just seconds ago, I would go into deep sleep. I willingly opened my mouth and let it slide down my throat. It was like swallowing a gob of jello. I remember nothing more from that night.

Brad, Leo and I were all in relationships and for no reason all broke up with our girlfriends. Then we decided to move together to a bigger apartment and share the rent and household chores. It's nice living with your pals. We now hit the gym more often than we used to. We stay inside a lot. I mean, I like to date and fuck women, but relationships are complicated, whereas spending time with Brad and Leo is so relaxing. We watch movies and football, commenting on the game, drinking beer, our legs streched on the coffe table. Sometimes Brad's big toe touches the sole of my foot and it feels nice. He puts a friendly arm around me. Leo jumps up to grab a beer. He walks to the kitchen dressed in just his pajama bottoms. I catch myself staring. I know it's wrong, but lately I sniff their laundry whenever I can. The sight and smell of their feet keeps me in a sweet fog, wanting to exercise harder and be with them more. We get back from the gym and hit the shower together. We soap each other's back and check our body improvement.

Sometimes Brad won't keep up with the chores he is supposed to, so we have to deal with it. He knows what's in for him, but he never learns.

"I know you're going to tickle my feet whether I like it or not, but this time I'm not going to laugh and put on a show".

"Sure you will, Brad. You can't help it!"

We wrestle him down easily. He is stronger than each of us but no match for us both. We flip him over to his stomach and Leo ties his arms wrist to elbow while I sit on his head. More rope is added to his biceps and chest. We flip him over again so that he is on his back and tie his ankles. Big Brad has been overpowered once again. The moment he feels our fingers on his bare soles, he explodes in loud, shrill laughter. We alternate light teasing touches with a scratching of his soft arches. His dogs are so tender and clean! We love it! Soon all the fight has gone out of him. He just takes all the tickling we give. His laughter rises an octave when Leo attacks the base of his toes with a fork. Leo wants to work Brad over some more, so I help him carry our friend to his bedroom and tie him spread-eagled on the bed. Leo has all that kind of bondage shit we need. We spent the rest of the day tickling that muscular body all over before we decide he had enough. We stop tickling for almost a full minute before he stops laughing. The gasping, red-faced Brad remains still. Sweat rans his chest down the middle of his firm stomach and disappears down his boxer shorts.

"Keep up with the household, so you won't have to go through this ever again", Leo warns him. But what if Brad likes it afterall? I notice his bulge. He is so getting off on this every time.

Late at night the phone rings. It's a calm voice asking whether we are all gathered and alone. I turn the speaker on so everyone can hear. It's a real pleasure to listen to the voice on the other end telling us stuff. When the hypnotist enters the house I am still holding the phone against my ear. Lost in a light sleep I can hear his footsteps aproaching me. Next thing I know the sun is up. Brad and Leo are naked, so am I. My butthole hurts a bit and it's not the first time. Whatever this fucker is doing to us had to stop. I guess we should go to the police or something. Instead we all go to our rooms and jerk off.


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