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by Cray_Z

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I found myself actually kidnapping my new sibling-by-marriage and was forcing him to go with me to a motel on the day I was supposed to have driven him to his grandfather’s house.  Technically it was OUR grandfather, but I was only related to Kevin because his mom got hitched to my Dad. 


At first I thought the two of us would never get along, and that we’d never see each other again once we both departed for separate colleges in the fall.  Our birthdays were just days apart and we’d both turned 18 in July.  But I was a rather tall, thin and reedy eighteen year old  who was as hairless as a baby bird but was still rather handsome.  Kevin on the other hand was an incredibly handsome, broad-shouldered, broad-chested muscular kid….a muscular blond kid with big, size 15feet!  Surprisingly though, he was the innocent, inexperienced virgin and I was the man-whore who’d been doing all kinds of things since I was 14.


What I was doing now was pretty bad.  But he asked for it. After all, when Kev and I got involved with each other I had no idea how far and how fast he would succumb to the dark side.  One kiss between step-brothers in September eventually led to him wanted me to kidnap and have my way with him in July.  It was role-play but he wanted it as real as possible.


And I was going to give it to him.


I held a gun on him as we drove silently along . I even ordered him to put his hand on my crotch and gently caress it. I continued driving but slowed down as I was getting a terrible hard-on. I parked the car by the roadside and ordered him to suck my dick. He gasped at the sight but greedily mashed it. Before long, he was licking and sucking it like a baby suckling on a bottle of milk. I exploded inside his mouth which almost gagged him. I then decided to proceed to the motel. 


When we entered the room I ordered him to undress.  And undress he did, immediately revealing his milky white complexion and broad chest and an erected dick dripping precum like morning dew off an obscene-looking plant. The sight almost made me come , my hard-on as stiff as a steel pipe. I told him that I knew wanted my prick deep inside him ever since he broke off with his girlfriend the previous summer


I sat in a chair and, under threat of the gun, he straddled me--his thighs on either side of my legs, first facing me and later reversing his position with his back to me. 

All the time, he was alternately moaning and screaming "Please, don’t do this Craig … please don’t make ME do this!"  I deliberately slowed down and pretended that I was going to stop … then I’d speed up again mercilessly.  This made his pleading intensify.   "Please, Craig, please don’t do this!" Her cunt was as slippery as an eel. I suddenly shifted gears and fucked him like there was no tomorrow. Eventually it got to the point where he accepted his fate.  


And by then our thighs were drenched with our juices. After resting for a while, he sucked me and made my prick big again and I ate his clit. We were ready again for another cockfight and I took him in his asshole and did him like crazy.  and when I heard him cry out and then faint I exploded and cried out.  




Living with only brothers and step-brothers, I remember home very well. 


What I remember most of all is a crowded "family" room, the acrid smell of sweaty boys, and harsh young voices raised in fury over every little thing. These same harsh young voices would turn into whimpers in the wee hours as their owners shook and twitched with nightmares. That's why I couldn't seem to hate any of my brothers despite the things they often did to me. Several of them had nightmares just like me. Still, I had to get away from that place. I mean, I won't go into it in depth here, but there was one “male” in my household I had to get away from. This relative loved me just a little too much, if you know what I mean. And even though I was a youngster, I knew what was heading my way. 


Surprisingly enough, the first one of the males in my home to have his way with me wasn’t who I thought it would be. 


Even though I’d told him that I wanted a role-playing fantasy that was as real as possible, I was shocked when Craig pulled a gun on me and forced me to depart with him to some sleazy motel outside of town.  Craig Connelly wasn’t the family member I LEAST expected would take my virginity, but he wasn’t very high on the list of potentials.    And I suppose it was Craig screwing me that got me to make up my mind to leave.  


And I felt like a coward because I had led him on.  I even told him about my ultimate role-playing fantasy.   I didn’t know that my step-brother had a foot fetish.  And there I was with size 15 feet and oblivious to the fact that my new step-sibling had been drooling over them since before our parents had even gotten married! I also realized that he was a bit crazy, and that he was NOT the guy to plan out a sexy role-playing scenario with.  If his actions could take me by surprise then there was no telling what lay in store for me in that house! 


So I made plans to escape, and eventually I did.


Escaping from the group home was easier than you might imagine. That's always the case in places where no one really cares about you being there. The only reason anyone noticed I was gone as fast as they did was because I was the only boy and the object of several of my family member’s affection.  . 


I had planned to go hide out at the home of my Grandparent’s, and ... after I hopped the fence that lead into this Savings and Loan ... I was on my way. I knew that if I cut through that parking lot I could reach the bridge across the concrete riverbed ... and just four houses down from the residential area across this avenue was Grandmother’s house. 

So I'm over the fence, looking for a way to get out in the direction of the avenue. All of a sudden these two mean-looking security guards come out of nowhere and surround me ... and they accuse me of being one of the vandals who’d been tagging establishments within a four block radius of the S&L.  A vandal! At that time I didn't even know what “tagging” meant! 


 Anyway, I figure, hell, they're going to shoot me. But they saw I was a “nice” boy and neither of these rent-a-cops were really interested in calling the real authorities. And the loan officer of the S&L they took me too, he turned out to be a real nice guy. He asked me my troubles and even bought me some lunch. But when I wasn't looking he phoned my parents and in a flash I was being transported back home.  


By the time I got back to our modest little domicile, I realized I had more than Craig to worry about. 


Our father was pretty hungry for a piece of me at this point.  I guess the thought of losing me had put it in his mind that he should make his move on me fast. The very first day the two of us were left alone, he raped me.  On the second day he and Craig BOTH had their way with me.


Without any gentleness whatsoever, with one thrust of his pelvis, his hard cock penetrated me completely. I screamed behind Craig's hard cock and as Craig thrust himself deeper into my throat, Our father began to furiously fuck me. He was as gentle as a jackhammer. Caught between a cock and a hard pace, my body rhythmically rocked back and forth between the two, the sheen of sweat glistening off of my skin. 


As he fucked me, I could feel him taking his fingers and rubbing my wetness up to my ass. All of a sudden, he thrust his middle finger inside of me up to the knuckle. I bucked against the assault and only succeeded in completely blocking my airway by having Craig's cock thrust deeper into my throat. Both Connelly men mercilessly screwed me at once…and I loved every minute of it!  Craig was moaning incredulously, and I could tell that he was going to cum at any moment. 


With one final thrust, which hit the back of my mouth, Craig came with complete abandon. "Oh, Yeah!" He exclaimed. "Oh, yeah! Drink it bitch! Drink it all!" 


Crying my eyes out while Craig threatened to beat my brains out if I didn’t obey him, I fearfully sucked his cum down into my throat, making sure I got every drop of it. Our father was pumping in and out of me, and lightning bolts of pain shot up through my body. I unconsciously fucked my body back against his, unconsciously WANTING his hard cock deeper inside of me. All of a sudden, Craig pulled away from me, got up and went around to take Dad’s place. Our father quickly came around to the other end to take Craig's place. He thrust his hips towards me, and I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked at his dick. Oh wow! He must have been ten inches long, and three inches in girth. How was I ever to orally satisfy him? 


"Open your mouth," he said, as he pulled on my hair, pulling me towards him, his hard cock pressing against my lips. Licking my lips, I had no choice but to take him in as he pushed my head down upon his cock. 


At the same time, Craig had thrust himself into my ass again. I was beyond ecstasy at this point. I was in a state of absolute euphoria. Craig slowly began to grind his hips into me, fucking me in long, slow, and steady strokes. He, too, rubbed my juices up to my ass and slowly began to rub his finger against the outside. He used both of his thumbs to fuck me, to spread me wide. Just when I was on the verge of coming myself, he withdrew his hard cock from my back field; but I could still feel the pressure of it pushing against me. Then  he put it back into me.  And I couldn't do anything but take it as his hard cock pushed its way into my ass once more. The pain was unbelievable. My mouth was full of his father's cock; and as he fucked my mouth, Craig did likewise to my ass again. 


My ass was so tight, and his cock felt huge inside of me. It felt as though my body was being split in half.  My Step-Dad and Step-Brother must have given one another some secret signal or something because all of a sudden, they both started fucking me with the fury of a hurricane. My body was being wracked between the two. First flung forward, then thrown backward. Back and forth, in and out, over and over and over, they fucked me like there was no tomorrow. My body ached, and I loved every minute of it. The resistance of being between both men at once heightened my sensations; and as I began to cum, both men began moaning. Both of their bodies shuddered as they thrust themselves, full-force, into my mouth and my ass. As Craig came inside of me and collapsed upon my back, Step-Dad was spilling his juices down inside of my throat. I nearly gagged in my effort to swallow it all. 


"Shit!" Craig exclaimed. "That was the best fuck I have ever had!" 


"Ditto for me, Kevie!" His father said. "He's fantastic. Well, I hate to fuck and run; but I have to get back to the assembly line before that fucking tattletale Lev notices that I'm gone. Thanks, son," he said as he zipped his pants and walked away. 


I just kind of lay there in a blissful, albeit painful stupor.  Craig went to the end of the bed and my big size 15 feet were in his face. I’m not sure if they smelled or not, but Craig grabbed one in his hand and began to massage it. I moaned softly.  Craig took the other foot and also began kneading it. He then put it close to his cheek and stroked his nose against my toes… then slowly, sensuously kissed them. He repeated this action on my other foot. Now I was getting a rock-hard erection. My step-bro was too tired to start fucking again, so he settled for just the kissing and licking, and would eventually cum without even touching his throbbing dick.  This told me liked the feet stuff most of all. 


He clearly didn’t want his father to know about his fetish for some reason, but now that dear old dad had departed…


Craig took my big bare foot to his face and pressed the sole against his cheek. He then brought it to his mouth and kissed it more and more kissing every inch of my foot. Then the sucking began. I was loving the feeling of my sexy step-brother kissing and

sucking my big feet. 


And he kept at it until I fell asleep with my size 15’s in his face.