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College Advisor Blues: Part 1

by Allen Jack

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It was my senior year of college, and it was nearing the time of graduation.
I had a pretty chill advisor, Mr. Overbey, whom I’ve become very close with. He’s of course middle-aged, scruffy beard- always has his chest hair coming out from his collar. He’s been with me ever since I started classes here and helped me through a lot of my frustrations with being broke, my future- everything. I can’t even imagine where I am now without him. We planned on having a few more appointments before the time we’d…go our separate ways. Since he puts a sign on his door to avoid disturbance with his students, our convos never get interfered with unless it’s by an important phone call. I consider this guy as a friend, even if we don’t see each other outside of school.
I’ll never forget…this appointment though…

“Hey Mr. Overbey”
“Hey Roger! How you doin’ man!?” He says enthusiastically.
I sit across from him with his desk between us.
Mr. Overbey interrupts, “Ok we gotta set aside the small talk we usually get enthralled in- now’s the time to assess the next steps into your career. Kinda puts me off, but we know that it was coming…let me just restart this junk- it’s been freezing on me more recently…”
He looks down onto his laptop and tampers with it.
I went into my pockets to find a pack of gum and my phone to occupy myself a bit, and pulled them out but some change fell down under his desk.
“Just give me a second.” I tell him.
“Alright.” He mumbles, still fixated.
I reach under his desk and I see that he’s barefoot and he’s resting his feet over his socks and shoes. Realizing this will probably be the only moment I’ll ever get to sniff his feet before we leave, I gave in. It smelled a bit pungent but man did it make my dick hard. His feet looked so worn out and judging from how I saw him, he seemed like he wasn’t in a good mood today like usual. He has bigger feet than me- size 11 and a half. He has some pretty hairy feet. His soles are soft and pudgy, also seemed to be clean. I didn’t want to seem so fucking weird but I went ahead and fondled his soles with the tips of my fingers. This is the first time I’ve ever sought out a man like this…
“AHAHAHA!!! That tickles! What are you doing!?” He talks over the table.
“I couldn’t help myself.” I say while laughing nervously.
“Man, I could use a damn good foot massage. You may see my ass sitting all the time, but the staff here can be so damn incompetent, I gotta get shit done myself and walk all over campus- it’s why I’m late sometimes.”
My heart was beating more. I had a huge compulsion to massage his feet. I’m rock hard, pre-cum is dripping through my boxer briefs, I can just feel it.
“You know Mr. Overbey…you’ve done a lot for me. I mean…the least I can do for you is give you a massage.”
“Roger that seems a bit…creepy…what’s gotten into ya..?”
I ignore his question and start massaging.
A moment after, he doesn’t even follow up with his question and we spend a minute in silence as I’m massaging his hot feet.
I hear slight moaning above the table- he’s loving it. I do love pleasing people.
“Roger…I’d tell you to stop, but you’re a…natural, you know? I’m…relaxed…thank you for this awkward but yet…stress relieving effort of yours.”
I say, in an awkward tone, “The soles of your feet are soft as a baby’s skin…and my hands have been cramping lately but I feel like I’m squishing a quality stress ball, haha.”
He laughs a bit as well.
Three minutes in silence except for the slight moans above the desk from Mr. Overbey. My cock is hard, and all I want to do…is suck on his huge toes and sniff them.
I wait until my anxiety decreases as I try to mentally compose myself, and bend down my head further to his feet.
I lick the bottom of his right foot’s big toe.
“Hey…what are you doing!?” Mr. Overbey exclaims.
I continue.
A moment later I feel him pulling his feet more towards the chair, and I crawl a bit forward.
As he’s sitting, I observe his huge fucking hard on through his dress pants and the tip is much darker than the rest of his dress pants.
He looks at my boner as I sit pretzel style.
“You, too, huh? You like them feet? I never would have guessed…” He says reluctantly.
“Yeah, and you like how I work your feet..”
I crawl out the space under the desk, and I’m on my knees.
He bends his head towards me.
"Mr. Overbey…"
I start trying to make out with him and he succumbs. We’re going all out here. Threw off his tie (he uses a clip-on tie because he says he “don’t got time for that shit.”), I unbutton his dress shirt, take off his belt and soon, we’re both looking at each other naked, intensely staring at each other.
I have until the next appointment he has…for me to show how much I don’t want to let him go…