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My Cousin

by Bedeschi Mathieu

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My cousin

My cousin Christophe was a tall man, his complexion was Mediterranean and carved like a footballer at the end of his career. Muscular dry despite his 35 years, he had the bald head, receded since the age of 25 but it was by far my favorite cousin. I had always felt for him a certain attraction for him, especially his big feet of a size 45! Since my childhood I had developed an attraction for male feet, although for some years we had lost the contact, but I had always kept for him and his feet.

We happened to meet again during family celebrations and I had the opportunity of the guest to spend the evening at home to see a football game.

To my surprise he accepted my invitation for my surprise, I jumped for joy at the idea of spending the evening alone with him.

It was a warm July evening, Christophe arrived in the early evening, he wore a blue tee-shirt matched to his shorts and blue tongs slightly worn at the toes, I felt mounted in me a great excitement at the sight of his feet Half-naked. For this evening I had planned for the evening two packs of beer and two other bottles of stronger alcohol if my cousin did not like beer. I intended to take advantage of this evening to realize one of my fantasies, namely licked my cousin's feet!

I already knew that I would have to be cunning and patient in order to reach my goal, to have all the chances on my side, I added a little something with my cousin's beer. The evening unfolded calmly as we converted the football game, after several bottles my cousin finally began to doze and finally fell asleep on the couch to my great relief my plan unfolds smoothly. I then removed the flip-flops and put my cousin's legs in such a way that his feet overflowed from the sofa. 

I could not resist, he looked damn trying, gently I gently massaged his feet raising his head to check that my cousin did not wake up, not luck he was sleeping a lead slumber. I carefully gnawed his flip-flops and then I began to stick my fingers on that soles of the feet. Having my face buried in these 45 feet feet was heaven for me, I licked his toes, my tongue explored every inch of my cousin's feet and toes, they were incredibly tasty.

I licked my cousin's feet for almost an hour, wondering how I'd done to not wake him up and wonder what kind of dreams he needed to do!