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Pool party

by djeff86

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My husband hank and I went to numerous pool parties of service close friends over the summer. 

I was pretty nervous and excited as it was my first male only party. The party went on until late at night and everyone having a great time. So many good looking naked men and their wonderful feet. Then Christian walked in and I knew I had to talk to the beautiful creature. It had seemed we had known each other before or maybe in a past life. We hit it off right away. My husband hank could always make friends easy. As for me making friends was a challenge. Something about Christian stirred something inside me and I knew I had to belong to him. Over the next few month Christian and I became very close. We would go to clubs and just hangout. We would talk about our fetishes and what we liked. I knew we had to be together. I have always been submissive and that would never change. I so wanted to be dominated by my husband and Christian. Little did I know that I was about to get my wish and more. 

While Christian and I were talking he was also talking to hank. They both wanted my tight ass, and to feel my hot mouth. One night Christian came over for a visit while hank was at work. I had begged him to let me play with his feet. I even agreed to give him a pedicure anytime he wanted for free. Christian was incredibly hot. It's like he stepped out of a magazine. Tattoo's covering some of his muscular tan frame. Perfectly shaped and sized cock and balls. His feet you could tell were well taken care of. You could tell Christian was use to getting what he wanted and didn't take no for an answer. I know I sure as hell would never tell this man no. He arrived to our apartment with some paper work and a back pack, but I didn't think much of it. We hugged and kissed, and then sat down. He order me to start on his feet and I didn't waste any time. I loved when he got controlling over me. I licked his black leather shoes until they shined like new. 

After Christian's approval I removed one shoe at a time. I put each show over nose and mouth and breathed in as much as I could. The smell was intoxicating. The smell of leather and a hard working man. I placed his socked feet on my face and started to kiss them out of desperation. The damp socks stuck to my face. Christian snapped his fingers and brought me out of my day dream. Remove my socks with your teeth Will. Then you may start licking my feet. The taste was simply amazing. I had been rock hard since Christian had gotten there. I was pampering his feet when hanky husband walked in. Hey Christian, I see you put our Will to work already. Yeah I just couldn't wait. Christian kind of pushed away and told me to go help Hank undress. Once hank got comfortable I made breakdown everyone. While we were all eating the plans for new life were explained. Will, Christian and I decided to share you. Web have drawn up some papers that will go over yours and our new roles is this relationship. I was excited and nervous as the rules and what was going to happen were read out to me. Hank and Christian decided that they will take turns sharing me. We all signed the paper work and Christian brought out a leather collar and matching leash. 

He was here to take me home with him for awhile no need to pack I wouldn't be needing clothes where I was going. 

Flying down the interstate in Master's car heading to his home. 

My head is in his lap just smelling his scent. Every once in a while I will feel a tug on leash and that I'd my indication Master Christian wants a kiss. I learned very fast not to keep master waiting. I would feel a slap anywhere on my body from his hands or feet. I did my best to keep up with master Christian's demands. We finally got to the house and I was glad, because I was sore and getting tired. However master Christian had other plans for or evening. He wanted to relax and unwind before we got or night started. I helped master out of his shirt. Sitting in his lap made it very easy. I would my hands explored every inch of his torso. Our lips connected and our tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouths. I know what I wanted to do next. I pulled back some and started with his massive hands. I kissed and sucked on each finger. I made my way to his power chest. I began to suck on his perfect round brown nipples. I let my tongue explore the rest of his stomach and manly armpits. He forced my head deeper and deeper into his pits. I could feel his glorious cock begin to grow beneath me. 

I knew what was next. 

I scooted off my master’s lap and pulled off his pant and underwear. Relieving once again his perfect cock and balls. I began to lick and suck on his balls. Then I took his entire hard cock deep down my throat. He tasted so delicious. I couldn't get enough of his taste. I knew I had to have him inside me or I would go crazy. I lubed him up and crawled back onto his lap. I slowly dropped on to his massive pole with my very tight ass. I heard h groan with pleasure and he began to pick up pace and fucked my tight ass. I could feel master Christian getting ready to let loose. I so wanted him deep inside me. I would him to mark me as his property. I belonged to him. I had climaxed myself when master climaxed and I didn't even have to touch myself. We laid in master’s chair catching out breath. I was still curled up on master’s lap. The best seat in the house. We both started to get very tired. I begged master for us to take a hot bath or shower before bed. He humored me, because he knew I would do anything he wanted. We got into the bathroom. He removed my collar and leash for the night. He said he had a surprise for me for being such a good boy. I was ordered to lay day. He took one foot and started to grind my face with it. Then he started to piss all over me. It got me very excited and master saw. He moves around and used his other foot to stomp and grind cock and balls. I exploded with excitement within minutes. Master ordered me to stand up and he turned on the hot shower. We both took turns washing each other. Master would kiss me, spit in face then slap me a few just to remind me of my place. After our shower we tried each other off and headed to bed. I thought I would be sleeping on the floor or at the foot of the bed. Master Christian wanted to cuddle and keep me warm since I had no clothes. I crawled into bed and master slapped my ass playfully. He crawled into bed right behind me. Both of us naked and warm. Master Christian wrapped his massive arms around me, and I scooted my ass into his lap. He playfully nibbled my ear until we both fell asleep. 

He never once let go of me and I never want him to let go.