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My Obsession, His Delight

by Dakota Lydic

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My name is Dakota and I just turned 18.
I have blue, green eyes and I have an average build. I'm not a gym rat but I manage to keep somewhat in shape. In seventh grade I realized that I liked guys more than girls. When I first learned who I was, I was nervous as hell. It was over the summer and I was terrified to see how different things would be when I went back to school. My first day back, I walked up the pathway towards the school and that's when I saw him.

Ransom was in a grade higher than me and just so happened to be my neighbor. I don't know how I had never noticed before but damn was he hot. He was a good six feet tall with an athletic build and an amazing tan. His golden blonde hair shined in the sunlight and his deep blue eyes sparkled. It was in that first look at him that I knew I was hooked. From that moment on, my whole life became about Ransom.

I'd follow him around school without him knowing, just so I could watch him. On the bus, I'd sit near him so I could listen to him pick on the girls he sat with. I especially loved watching him in the locker room after gym class. His gym locker was next to mine and I couldn't help sneaking glances as he stripped down and got changed. But his Titan physique and sexy features were not what truly had my heart. I was obsessed with his feet, their size and smell. Every time he removed his shoes I'd become entranced by the smell of his feet as it wafted over to me. The smell gave me an instant boner every time, forcing me to hide it so Ransom wouldn't see.

Despite what seemed to happen every day in the locker room, I was determined to not fall for Ransom, every instinct in me telling me it was wrong. But little did I know that was about to change. The next week on the bus, Ransom sat with me and at some point took his one shoe off. Instantly I turned to the smell I knew all too well. He was fixing his black sock but I turned away, trying desperately to focus on anything else. Then suddenly, he spoke to me,

"Hey how does this smell," Ransom said, shoving his shoe in my face as I turned to acknowledge him. Suddenly time seemed to stop. My heart pounded as the intense smell of his shoe bombarded my nose. I wanted to stay in that moment forever, sniffing his shoe and reveling in the smell of his feet. But I realized then that if I didn't remove my face it might get real weird with Ransom.

"Eww that reeks," I said, pushing the shoe out of my face. Ransom looked at me for a second and I feared that I had left his shoe in my face for just a second too long. But soon he just laughed and turned back to his friends, putting his shoe back on. I sighed in relief. I was in the clear.

The next day, everything started out fine. I continued following Ransom around school in between classes and I stared as usual in the locker room. But this time, Ransom seemed to take longer with his shoes. As we sat on the bench, he bent over and started to untie his shoes but before he finished, he sat back up and gave me a sadistic look I'll never forget.

"You wanna help me with these or just keep staring," he taunted. The very fact he was asking me made my dick stir in my gym shorts. I quickly placed my clothes over my crotch so Ransom wouldn't see and tried for my best joking voice.

"No, gross. You too lazy to do them yourself?" He laughed at that and proceeded to finish untying them. He sat back up again and used the toe of his right shoe to take the left one off. As the smell of his sweaty foot hit me I turned uncontrollably back towards them, and I stared as he bent back over and took his right shoe off. He sighed with relief and wiggled his toes in his socks. It was getting harder to conceal my boner beneath my clothes. Ransom seemed to noticed me staring.

"What?" Ransom said with a seemingly innocent smile. Oh my god, I thought. He knows. But I tried to keep my composure.

"Your feet are rank man," I said and he smiled.

"You think so?"

"Yea I do."

"Does it bother you?" I stopped as he asked that. Uh oh, what do I say?

"Nah I guess not," I said, trying to play it off. He shrugged then and took his black socks off. Throwing them in his gym locker and putting on a clean pair of socks, he threw his shoes on and left.

Once he was gone, it was just me in the locker room and I continued to get changed. I was down to just my underwear when I simply couldn't take it anymore. I went over to Ransom's locker and realized he left it unlocked. I opened the door and there laying at the bottom of his locker was his sweaty pair of gym socks. Getting down on my knees, I picked up his socks, noting their wetness from his foot sweat.

In just a second, it was like a switch clicked in my head. Something primal inside me took over and I buried my nose in his socks, rubbing my face in them, trying to absorb every drop of sweat from his socks. I was in heaven and I wanted beyond everything else to stay here in this moment with Ransom's foot sweat all over my face. In fact, I was so engrossed in what I was doing, I didn't even notice when someone had entered the locker room.

"I knew it."

I stopped suddenly, slowly turning to where Ransom was standing, him giving me a victorious smirk. I was frozen in place, so shocked that I didn't know what to do.

"R-Ransom this isn't what it looks like," I tried. Of course, it was exactly what it looked like but I didn't know what else to say. I had been caught and it's kind of hard to play off rubbing another guy's sweaty gym socks in your face.

"It isn't? So it isn't you rubbing my disgusting sweaty socks all over your face?" He said smirking. He was loving this.

"I'm s-sorry. I swear I am," I said, almost whimpering.

"You're a fag," he said simply before walking over to the bench and sitting, propping his feet up on the bench.

"Well what are you waiting for? If you want my feet, they're right here." I was beyond shocked. A voice inside me wanted to run but his intense blue eyes froze me in place. I crawled over to his feet on my hands and knees.

"Good boy," he teased as I began untying his shoes. Suddenly he cleared his throat.

"No you dumb fag. Clean my shoes." I looked at him for a second, trying to discern if this was real. Apparently I took too long because he suddenly slapped my face with his shoe.

"Clean it bitch," he yelled. Without another thought, I began rubbing my tongue over the tread of his shoes. I gagged at first from the taste of dirt but soon I got used to it.

"You piece of shit fag. You're really enjoying this aren't you," he laughed, amazed at his power over me.

"Yes Master," I replied, realizing all too late what I had said.

"Master? I like it," he said, proud at his power over me.

"You are to call me master from now on, got it fag?"

"Yes Master," I said in between licks. When he was content with my tongue bath on his shoes, Ransom decided that I should move on to his socks.

"Now be a good little fag and take my shoes off, using only your tongue," he dictated, smug at his own creativity. It took what seemed like forever to untie both his shoes and remove them with only my tongue but I managed to do so. His shoes now off, I was unable to look away from his socked feet, that same primal urge inside me wanted to bury my face in his feet. Before it could take over, however, Ransom's voice rang out.

"Lay on your back fag." I did as I was told and laid down on the cold tiled floor. He then placed his left socked foot on my face and the right one on my boner, which was clear for all to see through my underwear.

"That's it faggot. Sniff it, taste it. This is where you belong," he said, laughing as I moaned with pleasure under his foot. I could tell he was enjoying himself too, cause he began rubbing his crotch through his gym shorts. I feasted on his socks, smelling and licking every inch of fabric. When I had been lapping at his socks for a decent amount of time, he decided it was time I finally started working on his bare feet.

He ordered me to sit like a dog and watch as he slowly pulled off his long black Nike socks, taunting me all the while.

"How badly do you want my feet fag?" He tauntingly asked.

"Really bad master," I replied.

"How bad do you want these toes in your mouth," he asked.

"I really want your toes in my mouth master," I replied, beginning to shake with anticipation.

Finally he had successfully pulled both socks down to his ankles. He knew I was anxious, shaking like a mutt in anticipation.

"Use your tongue to take them the rest of the way off fag," he said. I didn't spare a second. I lurched forward and slid my tongue between his skin and the fabric of his sock, licking and pulling the sock further off his foot. Finally, as the socks fell away I could see his perfect size 11 feet in all their glory. I wanted them in my mouth and all over my face so badly, but Ransom ordered me to sit and wait for his permission. I was like a dog anxiously awaiting a treat from his master.

"Do you want these toes in your mouth fag," he asked smirking. He knew my answer.

"Yes master," I said, barely able to control myself. I was shaking so much with anticipation, I couldn't even think straight.

"Then go for it little fag," he teased, but I didn't even care. I practically dove at his feet and licked all over them, sucking on his toes, biting his heels, licking up and down the soles. As I did all this, Ransom laughed. At some point he took his phone out and started taking pictures. But I didn't care anymore. All I knew was that I wanted his feet and I was going to enjoy every second I had with them.

Eventually, he had decided he was done with his little foot slave for now and ordered me to put his socks and shoes back on. He then grabbed one of his gym socks from the locker and held it up to me like a treat.

"Sit," he teased and I did as I was told. He then ordered me to open my mouth and as I did he shoved his gym sock in my mouth.

"Leave this dirty sweaty gym sock in your fucking mouth for the rest of today fag. When you get home come directly to my house. I have plans for you." He gave me a devious smirk as he said that last part. With that he patted me on the cheek, got up and left the locker room.

Alone once more, I stood and finished getting dressed. As I walked from the locker room with his dirty gym sock in my mouth, I was all the more ready for the school day to be over.