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Family Fetish

by Jesse Fox

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Holy shit, I forgot how great my Dad’s feet were. 


The two of us lounged in the living room as the TV movie played but I was utterly distracted. My dad was sitting in his favorite chair, arms propped behind his head and his bare feet crossed on the ottoman in front of him, thankfully my position at the couch angular to his seat giving me a fantastic view of his 43 year old soles as he flexed them casually. It had only been minutes since he’d emerged from the shower, his squeaky clean feet proving his attention to them during his bathing routine. The balls of his soles were tinged pink while the centers were lighter, tanner than the rest as they met smooth heels of similar salmon color to the balls. I struggled to appear engaged with the film, having to fake laughter when he would chuckle just to keep the illusion going that I wasn’t totally fixated on his mature beauties. 


You see my dad wasn’t the average parental fixture. He was an actor, a retired actor but he hadn’t let himself go. He was dirty blonde with a lightly tanned complexion and his slender yet toned frame was still intact despite the career shift. Jude now worked as a producer on films or TV shows, finding his years in the spotlight draining. He’d been pretty popular during the 90s and early 2000s but fell in love behind the camera so now he was able to spend time at home more often, consequently giving me the opportunity to adore his gorgeous feet. “Hey, Sean, have you heard from Matt?” he asked as I drifted out of the trance by his voice. “Oh…yeah he said he’d be here around 5” I answered before my dad popped out of his chair. 


“I’m gonna go get the guest room ready, tell me how the rest of the movie ends” he instructed as the sound of his mildly damp feet clapped against our wooden floor. After seeing nearly everyone in the action film blow up I chose to take a dip in the pool before my uncle arrived for the weekend. I was a skinny lad but my pale blue short swim suit fit my small frame nicely and I was happy to see the thin blonde happy trail on my stomach had finally arrived after 20 years of waiting. Once I’d analyzed my body to my satisfaction I finally jumped in the pool out back, making a large splash on the pavement. By the two hour mark I was laying out on the float but little did I know I was being watched. 


With my eyes halfway open as I drifted in and out of sleep I noticed my uncle pull up and let himself in the back gate, finding me floating in the pool. I expected he would greet me with some smart ass quip but he just stared, his gaze locked on my feet as my toes twitched every now and then. I could see him through my squint as his mouth fell open a bit unconsciously, seeming quite interested in my size 9s. I fondly remembered having tickle fights and rough housing with my Uncle Matt only a few years prior but we hadn’t hung out in a while so this was perplexing. He used to be a model and moved upon retiring which is why we didn’t get to hang out as often as we’d like.


Could my uncle have a foot fetish like me? The thought rang through my mind as Matt struggled to break his fixation, even taking off his glasses to get a better look at his nephew’s creamy soles. Finally as my float neared the edge of the pool in true uncle fashion he got closer and ran a few fingers up my “unsuspecting” foot to wake me up. I convincingly faked waking up but my laugh was genuine at the tickle attack. “Uncle Matt, thought you’d never get here” I greeted with a smile. “Yeah, traffic was rough but I’m glad to you see you’re relaxing enough for all of us and still ticklish too” he joked with his signature grin. “Someone has to” I retorted. “You’re so much bigger…well not really” he teased again, hinting at my lack of a growth spirt past 15. “Hilarious” I replied before splashing some water toward him. “Is your dad in the house?” “Yeah somewhere” “Well I think I might take a quick nap and then we can all catch up, sound good?” “For sure” I agreed before my ridiculously attractive uncle left me to my thoughts and the burning question of his potential foot fetish. 


After doing a few more laps in the pool I dried off and headed in for some food. “Hey, Sean, want some of my famous spinach dip?” my dad asked from the kitchen island. “Yeah, maybe after I get a shower” “Oh, well most of the towels are getting washed so you’ll have to take one in the guest bathroom. It’s the only one with clean ones.” He explained. “Ok, guess I’ll do that.” So with my wet feet and body lightly dripping throughout the house I made my way to the guest room and opened the door but I wasn’t alone. Uncle Matt was knocked out on the bed, his loafers by the bed and his black socked feet hanging off the end of the mattress. Good Lord, men in this family had nice feet. His sheer black dress socks were nearly see through, showing the curvature of his soles perfectly. 


Like my dad, his feet were high arched and his toes slender and long. They were just as immaculate as my father’s and the timing of this situation was rare, presenting an interesting opportunity. I went to the connecting bathroom and began to run the shower water for the illusion of it and returned to my snoozing uncle. I kneeled down in front of his unconscious feet, took a deep breath and had a look around before giving into to my bubbling desires. I moved closer to the socked soles and smelled the ripe scent, just as great as I’d imagined. I started massaging one foot carefully, working along the length of it and playing with his toes between my fingers. The sheer material felt nice as I then rubbed my nose on the sole and then the other. His leather shoes had given his glorious feet an addicting smell that kept me under their spell with ease.


I loved the sheer look so I decided to keep one socked and pealed the other off to unveil a pale foot with terribly lickable soles. It was so beautifully pink and soft to the touch; Uncle Matt took care of his feet too. He and my dad had similar foot features but mainly varied in color, my dad being tanner with cream colored soles while Matt’s tops were paler with pink fleshy soles, both equally marvelous. I’d never actually worshiped a foot before but after watching countless videos I used their tips, starting with putting my nose against them lightly. I started at the base of the toes down to the heel but I wanted more. This drive led my tongue to express my desires, flicking around the slender digits playfully, actually making the sleeping man giggle which I noted. 


My powerful appendage wasted no time as it lathered up the size 12 foot within a few minutes. I loved the feeling of running my tongue up the entire sole from the tender and darker pink heel up the incredibly smooth center until reaching the toes. Upon reaching the delicious treats I began sucking on them enthusiastically. My lips caressed the magical toes like I was being judged on it, taking my time and enjoying the process. I noticed every time my teeth would graze any part of his foot uncle Matt would release giggles from the head of the bed and I loved knowing how ticklish he was; just like me.


 During one particularly lengthy lick I heard him begin to wake up above me and I quickly ducked down. Sure enough he retracted his model feet and threw them over the side of the bed groggily. I quietly snuck to the bathroom on the opposite side of the bed and slipped into the shower after shutting the door silently. I imagine he was quite confused as to why one of his feet were bare and the other still socked but as far as he knew I was in the shower the whole time.


After actually showering I walked through the house back toward my room, this time my bare feet smacking on the floor. I found a note on the counter from Uncle Matt saying he’d ran to the store and continued on my way but my dad’s bedroom door was open. I was curious if he went with his brother but I got my answer when I saw my dad at his desk with his laptop open to a site I frequented. I got closer to where I was standing within five feet of him before he spun around and shut his computer. “Sean! I thought you were showering!” he exclaimed in panic. “I was….what was that, dad?” “Oh nothing, nothing at all” “Were those feet?” “No, son, you must be confused” he assured with a frantic expression. “I know what I saw, Uncle Matt is gonna love this haha” I teased with a laugh. “No! Please, he’d never let me live it down” “So what…do you have a foot fetish or something” I asked, this coincidence growing more intriguing.  


“….yes, I know it’s strange but it’s just something I’m into. Don’t say anything to Matt, promise me!” he pleaded. “Maybe you could…um…convince me” I said subtly as my eyes shifted to my bare feet standing on the carpet. “You want me to….” “Why not?” I answered, riding the first-time power trip. I sat on the bed near his desk and with extreme hesitation he took my feet in his hands as he sat in the chair. I couldn’t believe what was happening as I watched him slowly start to gently kiss my short toes. The famous face continued for a minute or two until he built up the courage to let his tongue touch the balls of one foot and it felt so damn good. 


He was shy about it but his mouth soon began to pop some of my cute toes in and out, sucking them carefully as he released each one. This technique made me think he’d done this before because it was right out of the videos I’d seen online. I fought back my sensitivity as he kept up his attempt to convince me, his tongue testing my self-control. The worst was when it would slither between my big and second toe, making me nearly lose it. The warmth of his mouth consumed my soles as he massaged the length of them back and forth with his lips and tongue. It was like ecstasy at this point and my dad was proving to be a master worshiper but the fun was interrupted when a voice came from the still open bedroom door. 


“Jude! What the hell is going on??” Uncle Matt asked with wide eyes and a stunned expression. My dad let go of me at once and stood up to try and explain. “’s not what it looks like. I was just…uh….” Jude stuttered in shock. “I think I know what’s happening, he found out about your fetish” “What? know about that??” dad asked. “I’ve known for years, man.” I just sat on the bed in shock as the situation unfolded soon getting up and trying to leave. “Oh, no” Uncle Matt said as he stopped me. “Sean has a thing for feet too” he announced. “What are you talking about?!?” “I know you’re the one who took my sock and licking my feet during my nap” “It could’ve been dad” I suggested with a bold tone.  “There were wet foot prints on the carpet, smarty” he answered as we made eye contact. “We’re gonna have to teach Sean a lesson” Matt said before he started in tickling me. 


In my tank top and shorts the older and taller man launched his fingers into my stomach, forcing me to back up until I fell onto the bed. He grabbed both my feet and scribbled furiously on one, “Jude, get the other one!” My dad then jumped to help as he started attacking my second bare foot, completely making me helpless to them. “Go for it” Uncle Matt signaled to his brother. The next thing I knew each one of them had one of my feet in his grips as they stood on the same side of the bed. My dad put his tan foot near my face while my uncle took a shoe off and did the same with his sheer socked foot. “Get to it” dad said with newfound confidence. “No way!” “Do it!” Matt said as he tickled my foot powerfully AhahahookkOokkkk!!” I complied before I opened my mouth and started servicing the pair of soles on either side of my face.


Uncle Matt’s toes slipped between my lips as I sucked on the sheer material, tasting the sweat trapped in the socks. But my attention was soon averted to my dad’s bare sole as the tan center of it laid across my face until I began licking it slowly without tickling him. Every time my movements made either one giggle or I would go to slow they would tease my feet they kept hold of, motivating me to correct my technique. My Dad’s sole felt like heaven in my mouth as I began to get wrapped up in my worship, almost making out with the foot as he moved it around my face to get at every part and remind me who was in control. Uncle Matt didn’t like the neglect and rapidly nibbled on my pinkish foot to get my attention which tickled like crazy. I laughed loudly and he put his first few toes back in my mouth, this time wiggling them around as I tried to perform to his standards. 


His domineering side came out at this point as he slipped the toes out and started massaging my face with his socked sole like a true foot master, my dad following. Both feet were now placed against my cheeks. They were controlling my every move and had begun lightly tickling my captive feet to add to the situation. “You think he’s done enough, Matt?” dad asked after about ten minutes, looking at his brother. “Kiss them” my uncle demanded to further humiliate me and I did. I pecked each sole but was met with an intense tickling from my dad. This convinced me to passionately kiss both gorgeous feet until finally they let me up and released my feet. 


I sat up on the bed while Uncle Matt put his shoe back on and dad slid his chair into his desk. “Now that we’ve established who’s on top here, I see you’ve inherited the family fetish, son” dad said, making his blue eyed brother grin. “The family fetish?” “Yeah, we figured out our dad liked them too but he’d never admit it. I realized Jude had a thing for feet when we were teens but I kept mine hidden pretty well” Matt explained. “Not only do most of the men in the family have a foot fetish but we also all have great feet” Dad pointed out as he wiggled his tan toes in the air. “Yep, you have both parts of the family curse/blessing. Although you seem to be more ticklish than Jude or I” Uncle Matt added with a smile. “Yet to be decided but we can surely test that theory” I answered before exchanging eye contact with both of them. “A tickle fight it is!” Dad announced, setting the tone for a wild night of laughter in the large house between newly open and competitive foot lovers.