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Happy Anniversary

by Trent Macklin

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On May 20, 2004, I went down to Diamond Kutz barbershop for a haircut and I asked a barber named Darrell, who was also a 46 year-old father and grandfather, if I could examine his feet.

I made up that podiatrist student story and I supposed he fell for it...anyway, after my haircut Darrell & I went to the back of the barbershop and what do you know, he took off his New Balances sneaks and white socks and I was in HEAVEN!...I had the awesome liberty of inspecting his size 11 dogs for athletes foot, toenail fungus, and, oh yes...SMELLING HIS CORN-CHIP FEET SHAMELESSLY!!...I didn't care if he thought I was strange, it was a FANTASTIC day!

So today, on my 10th anniversary I intend on returning to Diamond Kutz to get a haircut...Darrell's been gone for years (he has his own shop), but would another barber there give me the satisfaction?...let's hope so!