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Beyond Brotherhood Bonds

by Claude Buddiez

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When I first joined my fraternity, I had joined for all of the reasons that you would expect a guy to join: booze, brothers, and babes. To me, it was all just a big party, where we could go every day and try going after the most gorgeous sorority girls, trying to keep up grades, but ultimately giving into the chase. But, if you're on this website, you should assume that not all things go the way that you intend. Because if they didn't, I would not be here right now telling you all this story.


I don't really know where the foot fetish started; definitely not before college. Like all other frat stars, I was doing my own thing in freshman year, when I started to notice that something was not right. I was finding myself staring at guys' feet all the time, just noticing their appearance and shape. Like most guys' feet, many were not that great to look at. But, upon coming across a select few, I would get this inexplicable desire that I could not understand myself. Perhaps I went and got TOO kinky with my porn choices and now I was in a weird fetish loop. But no, from the shape of the soles, to the look of the toes, to the roundness of the heel, I was hooked. But how could I ever tell anyone about it. I could not.


Well, it was this past summer when I first noticed it. One of my best friends and pledge brothers was wearing his flip flops in the grueling heat, trying to find solace during the stress that is Finals Week. Of course, I was in the library with him, we did just about everything together, as two fraternity brothers should. I first noticed his feet, my mouth going in awe as this was the first time I had ever seen them bare. I always was curious, but I felt almost guilty having those kinds of thoughts about someone I considered a brother. 


However, upon seeing his perfectly white French/Irish feet in those brown Old Navy flip flops, everything changed. I loved the shape of his big toes, the nails themselves were perfect, as though they were pedicured in the salon. But no, they weren't, his feet were just that perfect of a shape. Size 12 and with toes that were immaculate, just the right amount of hairy, and attached to a good looking frat boy, I was entranced. But like any good friend, I knew I couldn't ever risk it or make a scene about it. It was just one of those things I would have to admire from afar, forever. I would have to hide my boner anytime i saw those things and try not staring for TOO long.


But this is where things started to get interesting the semester after. As the rowdy gentlemen we are, one night, we got absolutely hammered. Shotgunning, shots, you name it, we did it. Of course, I never go as hard at the drinking as my buddy did, but there he was, absolutely smacked. He was a Resident Assistant, and not yet 21, so of course, he couldn't be stumbling back into the residence halls without losing his job. So, as a good friend and brother, I naturally offered him solace in my room in the fraternity house. 


He stumbled in, falling all over the place, before landing on my bed, taking his shirt off, his shoes, and the best part. his socks. His immaculate size 12 feet were on MY bed, while the guy was totally knocked out, in a drunken coma. I tried playing it off cool at first, but then again, a man will be a man. Plus, I was drunk, so it didn't really help the situation.


I slowly crept along the floorboards from my couch to my bed, my heart racing. I had never done anything like this before. What if he woke up? I didn't know what I would do with myself if he caught me in the act.


I had the TV turned on to a low murmur, just in case, so I had sounds drowning out my footsteps. He had fallen asleep with it on anyways. I tiptoed, cringing at every creak the floor made. Finally, I was at the foot of my bed, literally.


I looked at it, admiring its shape, its size, its fucking beauty. Inching closer and closer, I got my nose right at the sole, sniffing it. *SNIFF* Goddamn, I can remember it vividly, the perfect mix of sweat, musk, and pure bliss. I don't remember smelling a pair of feet so fucking amazing in my life. I was drunk on the smell, high off of it. I continued to sniff more and more, careful not to wake him up. With every breath, I would feel my heart racing more and more. I needed it.


I could literally feel my heart trying to break out of my mouth when I stuck my tongue out and slid it gently across his sole. 

"Stay gentle," I thought, "you don't want to wake this fucking guy up. One wrong move and this is all fucking over. The heat of the tongue could just set him off!"


Luckily, I was so wrong thinking that. Not a budge, not even a twitch from him. I took that as a green light to lick across his sole with more force this time. I kept going back over and over, scared that extended contact would wake him. After around 10 lick-and-checks, I was in love. The saltiness of his sexy fucking feet, with the musk of his natural scent, mixed with the fact that he was wearing boat shoes and his feet were slightly pungent, I was about to go full cannibal mode.


And I did.


In a flurry of sucking and licking, I was like a horny dog on his feet. The alcohol in my body kept me going, knowing he wasn't going to do a single thing. I started slobbering all over his feet, licking and drooling on his visibly warm feet, cleaning his soles up. Holy fuck, I wish all of you reading this could understand how fucking amazing it was. I've had some hot hook ups in my day, but nothing compared to the sneakiness of this action, combined with the natural eroticness of foot worship and the adrenaline pumping in my veins. It was the best high I ever had in my life.


I sucked on his big toe, popping it out of my mouth nice and loud, checking to see if he would wake up. He didn't, making me all the more hard. My cock was so hard, it could cut through steel.


I loved licking my saliva off of his soles, continuously painting his giant, meaty 12s with my tongue, sniffing while I went. I sucked on his toes in different combinations. Sometimes, I got the big toes together, other times, the last four toes, slurping my way to bliss. I couldn't believe that my buddy was not waking up at all during this. Much less, no one in the frat house was knocking in on my door.


My cock was throbbing to say the least, and I was in my boxers because it was bed time when we came back from the bar. As I sucked on his sexy, juicy toes, chewing on them gently, nibbling on those fuckers, I couldn't help but stroke my thick cock. When do guys get moments like this? To worship their best friend's sexy feet. I know this kind of shit was in those fetish movies like on this website, but did that ever ACTUALLY happen? 


The answer is, yeah it did. 


He flipped over onto his back, his feet perfectly facing me, while I had my bidding with them. I ran my fingers over them gently, watching them barely wince at the tickling I had enlisted. That was my plan to see if he was getting conscious enough to notice. Periodically running my fingers over his sole and tickling to see the response.


He didn't have much, so I continued slurping, slobbering, sucking, licking, gnawing even, popping his heel in my mouth, then his sole, then the ball of his foot, then the toes themselves, until his soles glistened in the light of my flashlight. 


But I had another idea. Why let the fun end here? I had to try the ultimate thing, the one where there was no turning back from. My cock was so hard it hurt, and I needed release.. I needed to do this.


And so I grabbed his ankles, slowly rubbing my warm, throbbing cock up and down his sole, immediately grunting at how good his feet felt on my cock. Holy shit was that good, better than anything else I've ever had on it. 


I drooled between his big and second toe, lubing it up, while I slowly jerked myself off between his two toes, moaning in pleasure. Wow, I don't know how he didn't wake up at that point. Maybe he subconsciously enjoyed it too. ;)


I start fucking his feet, that's right, rhythmically inserting myself in the crevices of his soles and his toes, over and over again, his sloppy wet soles sliding up and down my cock, which was guzzling precum. It took no time before I was about to unleash. 


I had one thought: Do I do this on his feet or do I just get a rag and go. I had come so far, I know you all are imagining what happened. Did I have the balls to keep going and do this really crazy shit? Well, am I a frat star? Of course I fucking am, so yes, I fucking nutted all over his soles. The best part? I ate it ALL off his fucking feet.




I'm not one to suck cum off of feet, but the sexual climate was so hot that I couldn't help but clean it all off. Tasted so fucking good, the sweet/bitter cum on his salty, sweaty feet. Better than ANY meal I've ever eaten, that's for sure.


So yeah, like any guy, I nutted and snapped some pics, saved them for personal usage and went and passed out myself, content with what just happened. Not every guy gets to say that they sucked and fucked their best friend and fraternity brother's feet. Hell, most fraternity guys are too pussy to even do this if they do like it. 


Well gents, I wasn't. I took the chance and reaped the rewards. I don't regret a single thing, because guess what. In the short span since the Fall Semester, I've had many, MANY more opportunities to lick at those sexy fucking frat boy feet of his. But that's for another day.. I'm sure you can imagine how it goes ;) 


Until next time boys, and remember: sleepy feet are the best feet you can ever hope to eat ;)