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The Loser

by Cray Z

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Some years ago, I ran away from home and into a life of borderline crime.


I came from a good suburban home and had good suburban parents. No alcohol, no drugs. But I was gay and the problem everyone had with abruptly discovering this fact sent my life into a tailspin.  A tailspin that included all the things I'd managed to avoid.


Things came to a head a few weeks before I was to leave for college … my mind was a mess. 


Dad had thrown me out of the house after having caught me in a compromising position with a guy who worked at The Gap, so I took to wandering around homeless in the rough-hewn town of Englewood--determined to make the worst of a bad situation.  I was enjoying it for a while--just a naïve, confused kid looking to get away from it all.  It was certainly more exciting than hanging around the OC or masturbating away my free time in college. 


Then things got really exciting.  I mean I found myself spending my time dodging cops and sucking thug cock after having had my fill of the yuppie pervs in my hometown.  My mind was blown away after getting arrested for being homeless.  I didn’t know it was a fucking crime to be poor in California!


One evening I was sitting under the Fourth Street off-ramp trying to figure out what I was going to do for the night. And for some inane reason I got it into my head to rob this guy's house. I didn't really know the guy or anything; I just heard he was a drug dealer, and a lowlife who really didn't belong in such a fine neighborhood.  This warranted dealing with in my mind.  I was a homeless thief, but still a bigot and a snob you see.  So, after figuring out that the guy worked nights, I waited until very late in the evening to embark towards my destination.


I found personal justification for my actions as I stealthily crept through the window of this stranger's home.  Stealing is wrong, but, stealing from a drug dealer who has already stolen the very soles of the addicts he’s gotten hooked... well that invokes a certain 'poetic justice' that I for one could appreciate.


So I began to merrily take what I wanted from the guy's house when I hear the door open.


I freeze in a dead panic I don't want to get caught.  The guy is a drug-dealer, and I was of the impression that they weren't nice or very forgiving sorts.   I hear a deep male voice telling me to come out into the open, and when I don't reply TWO muscular guys enter the living room!


"What the fuck?" says one ... then the other hit me on the back of the head.


I woke up tied to the bed in the house's owner's bedroom; the posters of hip-hop stars adorning the walls tells me this. I was totally nude and my mouth was gagged.  I hear the two men--one referred to the other Terrell.  Didn't catch that other guy's name.  "Terrell" eventually bid that fellow goodbye and made no mention at all of what he intended to do with me. 


The door slammed shut and the man entered the room.  I'm lying there … naked …legs tied apart.  After stripping off his clothes he sits on the bed and begins to rub my legs.  He whispers gently, "You're going to be a good little blond bitch for me, aren't you boy?"


Scared as hell, I mumbled a half-dozen garbled questions through my gag.


Before I could get a really good muffled protest going he adjusted me so that he could have easy access to my asshole.  Then he took his already rock-hard, humongous cock in his hand and pushed it into me.  All the way.   I let out a scream through that gag as the pain hit me. It was intense. I felt his big balls slap against my ass as he started to really fuck me harder and faster.  I saw spots, stars and my own future for a while, but I surprised myself when I suddenly felt the pain subside a little and let out an involuntary moan.


"You love this don't you?" said T. "Beg me to fuck you hard!"


Before I could do as he had commanded he began to paw me like an animal.  When my captor’s hands began to roam all over me it was electric.  The heated flesh of his palms roaming all over my tight stomach and firm ass. His muscles rippled as he pounded in and out of me ... WOW this drug dealer was hot.  I strained against my bonds as pleasure rippled through me.  No matter how much I struggled his harsh rhythm didn't change as he fucked my hole with that huge cock, and I knew my ass was going to throb for days from being stretched so wide. He wasn't sweating a bit but I was starting to. His breathing was even steady! My own dick was rock-solid and dripping precum. 


Eventually I was getting close to shooting my load and thought T must be too. I tried to hold back as long as I could but his steady fucking rhythm pushed me over the edge. I started bucking and yelling through my gag in pleasure. "AAAAAAHAAAAAAHAYA OOOOOHHHHHH!!!"I couldn't see the cum he pumped into my ass, but it felt like hot and cool ropes of liquid.  My ass hole was tightening around his sizeable cock and milking it.  "Oh fuuuuuuuuuuck," Terrell moaned, lifting his head, back arching as his second orgasm shot through him--growling deep in his throat as he came, collapsing into me, his spent cock sliding from my ass.


He sat there with me for more than five minutes afterwards, rubbing my blond hair as if I was a fox terrier and reassured me that everything would be okay. That was the only time he made me believe that I wasn't going to end up dead after our time together.  Then he stood behind me again, thrust his now re-hardened cock back into my overworked hole and started pumping vigorously. I just couldn't take anymore pain OR pleasure.  I blacked out. 


When I awoke I found T Kneeling at the bottom of the bed.  He nuzzled his face in my upraised, sweaty, smelly white-socked feet which were propped up by pillows and bound. He moved first to the left foot, then to the right—sniffing the bottoms of my feet. The aroma of my sweaty feet and socks was pretty pungent, for I could smell my extremities pretty clearly myself.  The odor seemed to really excite Terrell.  He worked on me like I was a job he loved--using his hand to first massage my right foot and nuzzling his nose in the instep and toes of my left.


Eventually he peeled off my white socks one at a time.  He then proceeded to rub these sweaty socks all over his face and stroking his corpulent hard-on as he did so.  Once this was done, he sort of sat back and delighted in the soles of my bare feet. 


Eventually he began to lick them. 


He licked between my toes and sucked on them until they were completely soaked.  My body bucked while my soles were licked, and my hard-on was pressed under me, thus my torment had that added little element of pleasure-pain!  The soles of my feet must have looked so vulnerable to Terrell, for he dashed into the house and returned with a hard-bristled hairbrush. A hairbrush that he vigorously rubbed across the soles and toes on my feet. My toes curl in reflexively, momentarily wrinkling my soles as I cried out. Though they were bound quite securely, I desperately tried to pull my feet away from the tickling brush bristles. 


When I began to almost faint from this torment, he stopped.  Then he quite suddenly spun my bound body around, grabbed me by my blond hair and shoved his hardened pole in my mouth …down my throat, pushing deep!  I could actually taste myself on his rod!   And all the while I kept uttering a litany of gags around that fat, throbbing member.


Terrell kept pumping his cock into my mouth as he let loose with a torrent of cum that flew into my shocked oral crevice and all over my face as I tried to back away from it.   But he clamped my face down over his tool more securely to make sure I drank down his human cream!