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Feetlovers Pizza

by AtFootboy

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Friday night, after a long day at work, most of us are out with friends drinking, at home sleeping, or with our family. Tonight, a Florida man named Phil, 203 lbs, 6'2", shoe size 12, of heavy athletic build and 38 years old, will do nothing of the sort, as he had just got off an 8 hour shift working on a construction site as an ironworker.

He arrived at his home with two things on his mind: sexual release and hunger. Phil quickly entered his home, tore his boots off and then peeled his filthy rank socks off to let his feet breathe. The smell of a hard week's worth permeated the air as Phil had the tendency to wear the same socks because he had a humongous fetish for not just feet but the musk that comes with working long hours. His co-workers don't know much about him other than his skill as an ironworker and that he lives alone, but Phil enjoyed keeping his personal life separated from his work.

He often spent most of his downtime learning to cook and lifting weights as he had always wanted to make himself look and feel good for whatever reason, the guy wasn't going to appear in any bodybuilding competitions, but everyone has their own image goals. He also was keen on finding a partner online that shared his fascination and has on occassion, hosted several chance encounters with men who also enjoyed the interests he had.

Tonight was different, Phil was horny, starving, and beat, he didn't want to go out as he would regularly do to meet men he kept up with on his Skype contact list or through e-mails he receives from personals ads he places in Craigslist and MyFriendsFeet. Tonight he was just going to order a pizza, jerk off, and go to sleep, the rest of his weekend was just bodybuilding, swimming, and another cooking class.

"Hi, I'd like to order one large pizza with extra cheese, mushrooms, peppers, and ham please.", he said as he arched his back in his recliner. The lady on the other line explained that it was near closing and that they would be able to make it, but he was cutting it quite close. Phil laughed, gave his address, and assured them that it was only a fluke that he managed to get them in time. He hangs up the phone after they let him know it would take twenty minutes, so that takes care of problem 1. Problem 2 is easily taken care of and Phil moves toward his bedroom to find his copy of "Twinks and Feet" to satisfy his sexual frustration. He grabs some lube, starts it up and is slowly removing his boxers to touch himself, wanting to relieve his pent up frustration since he has kept self-control for a whole week and he did not want to squander this because he knew he would have to hit the grind after the weekend once work started again.

After about 15 minutes of light touching to a scene of a young guy lapping up the toes of another young man wearing a beanie, a knock was heard from the door. At this point, the fit man on the recliner shot up from his seat, turned off his television, and hurriedly put on his white shirt covering his detailed body and slipped his shorts back on covering the bulge he was working on. It took him a moment to gain his composure and he answered the door. The pizza delivery boy stood there, bored and tired, with a covered box, pen on his ear, and a vacant expression.

Phil checked this guy out before paying him and realized how large his shoes were for such a small guy. He looked to be in his twenties, had dirty blond hair, was about 5'7", about size 10 shoes, lean so about 140 lbs., and very similar to the guys Phil would watch online and on DVD. He just stared at him until the guy sighed and said, "13.95, please.", and Phil stammered and responded, "Oh yeah, I forgot to grab my wallet, come on in and make yourself at home while I go get it". The pizza boy's look changed when he asked him to do that and he nervously answered, "I don't know, dude, you're my last delivery and I wanted to get back home, get some sleep", which Phil waved off and said, "Nonsense, just come in, take your shoes off, if I'm your last customer, you have the rest of the night free" he answered from his bedroom as he pulled his wallet out of his work pants. He looked inside and saw that he had about $340 in bills and forgot to deposit it into his bank. The pizza guy answered, "Alright man, I'm leaving the box on your counter, s'alright if I use your bathroom?", Phil's mind started coming up with ideas, "Go for it, it's across the living room and on the right", and the pizza guy took his shoes off and walked along the carpet to the bathroom, noticing the DVD case sitting on the coffee table as he walked by. Phil came back out and he left $340 on his counter for the guy, then bent down and grabbed one of his black Nike Frees and noticed his hunch was a little off and the guy had a shoe size of 11! Phil breathed in the smell from the sole and the odor was so bad, Phil wondered how long this guy wore these shoes, he dropped the shoe right next to the other one and glanced around his room, realizing his DVD was still out, now he was fucked. The pizza boy came out, his socks completely dirty, ripped, and with holes on several spots, Phil asked him, "I never got your name, kid, I'm Phil, was glad to see you since I've got off work about an hour ago". "Brock and yeah I bet you have", the guy snidely said. Phil cut to the chase, "Alright, so you saw what I had on my table, so here's the deal and I'm not forcing you to stay here.", he said as Brock ran his hand through his hair, a nervous tick, "How much are they paying you regularly, Brock?". The blond surfer-looking boy was confused, "Uh..about $8, but I work about 13 hours a week, plus I got school some days, so it isn't too bad".

"How would you like to earn what you make in two weeks in one day? I'm not forcing you to do anything you don't want to do, so I'm paying you for the pizza and giving you a huge tip, how's that sound?", Phil said as he waved the money he set on the counter, realizing he had $20 more in his pocket. Brock seemed curious and willing, scratching himself he asked, "So what would I have to do, dude? Suck on your toes, lick your feet, do what they advertised on that movie of yours?". "Actually, that's your choice", he responded, "I'm going to do this: Smell those socks of yours, suck YOUR toes and worship YOUR feet, and you can sit back and enjoy it. Also, I'm willing to buy those socks you have on for $20.". Brock scratched his crotch, laughed and said, "Dude, I paid $8 for a pack of these and you're going to pay me that much just to do this stupid stuff?". At this point, Phil noticed a curious pattern whenever he made mention of his foot fetish or this whole act and it was Brock's hand scratching his groin, Phil decided to ask about it later, so he just responded, "Yes, I'm paying you to let me do this stupid stuff. How old are you anyway, you look like you're 22 and still live with your parents by the look of the car you came in, your shoes, and the clothes I can see under your uniform.". "Not far off, man, I'm about 19 and yeah I live with my folks, why you want me to move in and let you pay me to live here, so you can lick my feet?" Brock said, another scratch.

Phil laughed and set the money down, Brock accepted the proposal and Phil led him to the recliner, Brock put his socks up on the foot rest and Phil just stared at him for a moment, taking in what his feet look like and inhaling the stench that came from this young man's feet, it smelled like he had been running in his shoes for a month it stank so bad. "Get to it!", Brock nervously barked, and this young thin guy was already in charge of the musclebound construction worker he had smelling his socks for an extravagant amount of money. Phil grabbed both of Brock's feet and stuck the toes in his mouth, lapping up the fuzz, garbage, and lint off of his socks, he sucked his socked toes and the saliva dripped into the holes of his socks, making Brock move in his seat. The young adult started scratching his crotch again as Phil started making trips around the balls of his feet, arches, and heels with his tongue, circling it around in those holes, getting a taste of his twink bare feet.

Brock moved so much, Phil held his legs down to keep him still, when Brock noticed the remote to the TV. He turned it on, thinking it could help him relax and he was partly right as the screen showed two Asian guys licking each other's feet on a bed, Brock scratched his crotch faster. Phil stopped, and unbuttoned and unzipped his young master's uniform, "Make yourself at home", he said, and Brock got up and took his whole uniform off, surprising Phil with the little body hair he had and his defined abdominals, this boy was surely a surfer or skater of some kind, Brock kept his underwear and now moist socks on and sat back on the recliner, pushing down his briefs to reveal his 6" cock. Phil kept sucking and licking his socks, and Brock was pumping his cock to the action on the screen and the man at his feet. Phil had him, he knew he had a bit of a foot fetish since he came into his house, no one ever came into his house without remarking about the smell aside from the men who frequented him and men in general with horrible senses of smells or foot fetishes. Phil peeled off the teen's socks and smelled his bare feet, this guy definitely surfed and ran because he could taste it. Brock apologized and said, "Sorry if it's gross, dude, I swim a lot at the beach, I mean, it's a given right, live in Florida.", and he laughed while he kept pumping. Phil said, "Yeah it's a given, but do you ever even clean your feet?", and immediately went back to tonguing between the toes, Brock shook his head and continued jerking. Precum wet his fingertips and Phil was going to help him get off, one of the Asians on screen was jerking off to the other's feet, slapping his cock against the toes and balls of the other's right foot. Phil licked up the sole and stood up, he pulled down his shorts and Brock continued jerking, Phil commanded that Brock get on the sofa, so the two walked over, Brock laid back and put his feet up at the end, Phil slapped his 8" cock against the soles of surfer boy's feet and Brock was announcing he was close. Phil grabbed his soles and fucked them, pushing his cock between the filthy feet he had just licked. The toes wiggling as they felt his cockhead, Brock was shooting on his stomach as he climaxed to the scene of the masturbating Asian guy cumming on his friend's sole. Phil moaned loudly and shot across and hit Brock's upper thigh and cock, drenching them in a week's worth of pent up sexual frustration. The pair calmed down and Phil grabbed towels for the both of them. They cleaned one another up and Brock said, "You're paying me for all this, least I can do is return the favor.", and he knelt down and began licking the rank soles of his senior, taking in all the sweat, stink, and sock fuzz into his mouth as he cleaned Phil's hardworking feet. "This guy knows how to make a long lasting impression", he thought and after a while, Phil started jerking off one more time and right before he shot his load, the teen got up and opened his mouth, letting Phil shoot his load down his throat. Brock sat back and swallowed his cum, he called his parents and informed them that he was going over to someone's place. It was 12AM and Brock earned his money, plus was willing to bet, a place to stay. Phil had just satisfied problem 2, and after cleaning up, was going to finally deal with the other one.