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The Substitute

by Denis

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Chapter one

I never thought I would write about my terrible experiences. Terrible, but they discovered a part of me that I never knew existed until it happened "all".

My name is Chris and working at the University as a history teacher. A very close friend of mine worked as a real estate agent. He was a professional selling houses and I took some time trying to get rid of my landlord. It was amazing that a teacher like me continue living in this little apartment where I lived since I became independent from my parents. It was time to find my own home and take care of it. My life would take a new direction.

One day my friend called me:

-Good morning Chris. It’s Joseph. How are you this morning?

-Fine, Joseph, good to hear from you -I replied-. Do you have some good news for me this morning?
-I do, indeed -Joseph said excitedly-. There's a beautiful duplex house available that I'd love you to see as soon as you can. That's why I'm calling you so early.

-Sounds great, man! -I said-. Is it in the area we discussed?

-Oh, yeah, dude. Do you think you could take off the morning to come and see it?
-Oh shit, I'll get a meeting this afternoon -I said with disappointment.

-But, what's wrong? -Joseph asked-. Can not you come to see the house in the morning now? It's early. Or you have something to do now?

-You know how it is in the University –I replied-. This morning I have no classes, but some students are waiting for me to make a visit to the museum of history.

-I see. And can’t you tell them that they wait a couple of hours or leave it for another day? -Joseph asked me-. Explain them the reason why you postpone the appointment. Think it's now or never. And your students are going to wait anyway. 

-Yeah sure, you're right! I can take the morning off -I said enthusiastically-. Fuck, I'd take the whole day off. Where is this house?

As Joseph recited the address of the house, I wrote it on a piece of paper.
Okay Joseph –I said-. I'll talk this with the students and go quickly.
-I’ll call the man who is selling the house to go to wait you there.
-Good deal dude -Joseph said. 

-I thank all my life if I get this, man -I said happily and we hung up.

The neighborhood was excellent with lots of shops and interesting playgrounds. I loved the house from afar. It was perfect, just what I was looking for. I walked slowly to enjoy it better, imagine that inside it should look much better. It looked cozy and had the appearance of many residential houses. It wasn’t luxurious, but very nice. I stood in the doorway and when I went to knock on the door, opened a subject who received me cordially. He actually had the look of a wrestler and was several inches taller than I am.

-Mr. Chris? -the man asked me as I Approached, his outstretched hand for me to shake.

-Yes -I said.

-I'm James, the man who spoke with Mr. Joseph on the sale of the house -James said, pumping my hand, squeezing it tight-. If you came to see the house, I’m in full readiness to serve as a guide now. Or do you prefer to see it on your own or come another day?
-Uh, not at all, it's nice to meet you James.

-Same here, Mr. Chris. Well, shall we go see what there is to see? -James said satisfied with my good will and giving me a look from head to toe.

I politely told him to lead the way. We walked into the house together. I couldn’t avoid my eyes also glide over his body. There was something about him that I found strangely familiar and not unpleasant. He must be a bodybuilder, I thought, with those firm biceps and triceps as defined by his shirt. And the line of his pants indicated to me that under them, the thighs were also firm and stylized. I liked his work boots, over the top of them loomed wool white stockings. My crotch had a slight swelling that was interrupted by our conversation.

-Joseph tells me that this is your first time as a home owner -James said, trying to sound friendly.

-Yeah, that's true -I replied, looking around as we walked in. I avoided looking directly into his piercing blue eyes.

The main floor was very wide. The entrance led into the large living room, connected to which the dining room and the kitchen. He was leading for every room of the house on a full tour where I was removing all my doubts so far.

-Everything's nice to me -I said willingly, already picturing what it would look like we had it furnished eleven-. Very nice indeed. It's the kind of home I've been wishing to have for years. 
Someone knocked on the door. James opened and appeared two other subjects with normal complexion, handsome, both appeared models wearing ordinary clothes. I felt more worthy of comparison with them that respect to James. Through the half-open shirt of one of them I could see his chest carefully cultivated in the gym and I thought all hours I had spent training my muscles had not been in vain. I still have not got a body like theirs, but it was pretty close, with a few hours of dedication to myself, and could also use those sleeveless shirts. The three were slender and attractive. I began to feel the blood circulating to force down my face and I was afraid she would notice my embarrassment. 

They were neighbors of my prospective seller. So, I thought, and would have secured two excellent fellows and a good view to recreate my eyes. One of them named Jack; the other, Richard. We sat for a few drinks to celebrate the sale almost done.

-I can not drink much -I said-. I have to go back to my work. I hope for a meeting this afternoon at the university where I work and if I get this joy I’m getting here with you, this sale can’t be done if I get fired from my work. 

-Don’t beg, friend -said Jack-. The work and commitments can’t deprive you of a treat if your liking what you are doing.

This sentence made â??â??me think in terms of right he was. I stayed with them and accepted another drink. Minutes later, I started feeling too happy and took a strange weakness of my limbs, but even I noticed that. We continue talking animatedly a while and when I tried to get up to leave, I fell sitting on the old couch where Richard and I were sitting.

The three of them stopped laughing and talking and set his eyes on me. That's when I noticed the strange glow in their eyes. A chill went down my spine and I tried to move, but it was impossible. Suddenly, a cloud covered my eyes and I did not hear anything from me until I opened my eyes on what looked like a basement. 

Chapter two

At first I didn’t feel any discomfort. But every second, it started to become clear to me. The place where I stood was in fact a basement, according to the design of the windows, should be the basement of the house I wanted to buy. “My God”, I thought, “why I was here and... attached to this contraption so weird…!” Panic gripped me like a terrifying thunderbolt. The basement was dark and I was sitting in a sort of double chair, a high-backed chair in front of another of low back. I was sitting in high-backed chair; its upper edge exceeded a foot above my head. My arms were bent at a right angle to my torso and my wrists were tied with leather cuffs to the top of the backrest. My legs were stretched forward resting on top of the other chair, stuck my feet dangling shoes and ankles were firmly tucked into a trap of wood attached to the edges of the chair. I moved trying to wriggle out of that scaffold, but the chairs were tightly gripping the wooden floor with large screws. I was dressed. 

- Is… is anybody there? -I asked and I instantly regretted having pointed out that I was awake. However, a camera above the contraption to which I was attached, convinced me that someone was watching me although not was there.

In the basement came the three individuals with whom I was celebrating the purchase of the house: James, Richard and Jack. The three turned to me with hungry eyes. I feared for my life believing that they were cannibals to see them rubbing their hands that way.

-What is this? -I asked, straining to look tough-. You know that this is against the law? What do you want from me? Why you do this?

For answer, they stopped rubbing their hands and slid down them over my arms, chest, stomach and legs. I saw that they were located in positions to finish their “test”. That named Richard stood next to my face, Jack pulled up to my legs and this one that had received me, James, stood in front of my feet shod.

Immediately the three were engaged in their work. Richard undid my tie and the buttons on my shirt. Jack undid my belt and my fly. James' hands worked quickly in getting my shoelaces undone.
-H-hey, w-what you doin', guys? Uh-no, no, no, don’t... Hey, no, don’t  undo my shirt! W-w-what the hell...? Hey you! Hey you! No! What a fuckk! And you, bastard, d-don't take my shoes off me, man!

-But Chris, we want you to really enjoy this-James said and sniffed deeply the insides of my shoes.
A gaze of ecstasy came over his face as he sniffed heartily the insides of my shoes. He could not hold his tongue and I watched how he eagerly licked my shoes.  

-What the hell, man, what is going on here? -I asked desperately-. What you want from me? Why you do this? Are you crazy or sick? I'll scream for help! Help!! Somebody help me!!!! Some madmen have kidnapped me!!!!

James placed my shoes on the floor and then crouched down in front of my black nylon socked feet. James ran his tongue slowly and methodically over and over the bottoms of my feet, sending chills through my spine. Richard buried his nose in my left armpit; breathing deeply as he smelled a flower aroma, put aside the edge of my shirt and settle his head to lick my hairy armpits. Jack slid his cheeks on my crotch and seemed to hear the beating of my heart rushing through the veins of my terrified throbbing cock. Jack's lips moved as if he were chatting with my cock began to grow and throb with more and more force.

-Oh God, you fucking perverts, licking my armpits, my cock and my feet!!! -I cried from sheer horror. 

In my teenage years, I had had fantasies about guys who took me to a secluded hut and I submit to their will. But from fantasy to reality is a distance that sometimes we don’t travel.

-Hey guys…!! L… let me out of this thing!!! I swear… I'll tell my friend Joseph about this and you… you'll lose your freedom! This is punishable by law!!

-The law is not going to rid yourself -James replied and continued licking my socked feet.
-Listen, foolish, nobody is selling any home -said Jack taking all the smell of my crotch into his nostrils greedy frightened.

-Oh, no? So… what the announcement means your friend? -I asked struggling in vain to evade that morbid siege. 

-I lied -James said with a sneer, watching at me now while he was holding back my socked toes to collect the entire hidden stench below them, where the stockings were wrinkled and wetter than elsewhere-.

-And you, dear, fell into the trap as an innocent bird -Richard said sardonically, now licking my nipples.

I was terrified. However, a feeling that wasn’t unknown to me grew up by my legs, climb my stomach, hitting my chest and shook my head as an vapor drugging me. It felt very delicious, but at that time I only had nerves and mind to beg because everything was a nightmare and over soon.
James told me:

-The day you were in Joseph's office I was there. I glanced quickly you and knew what kind of guy you are. In your speech, in your eyes that revealed nothing suspicious. But I know those who are like you. You looked at me a second and I confirmed my suspicions about you.

They gave slathering long lick every part of my body according to the position they occupied. My nipples, my crotch covered by the pants and the briefs and my feet.

-Let me explain you, dude -Jack said with a leer in his brown eyes. We have this fetish for tickle torturing handsome guy's feet. You fit the bill perfectly, Chris. 

-Oh… you-you s-s-say t-t-tickle my feet...? -I stammered and gulped hard, knowing just how sensitive are the bottoms of my soft paws.

-Oh, yeah -said James-. And I said to your friend Joseph that I had the whole day free to convince you to buy this house. He told me that you were a little hesitant and I promised I'd help in that.
The skin on my feet was, and still is, very smooth, soft and unblemished. Between my feet and a baby’s had just one difference: the size, my huge 12.5 feet. My feet didn’t know what was the floor, I just wore shoes soft coating, always comfortable and woolen or cotton, so the skin on my feet keep as I said: like baby’s feet, no roughness, no calluses and was so tender with a fine wrinkles in the arches. I only wore nylon socks to go to school, as part of my costume. Also, I suffer plantar hyperhidrosis, so sweat helps keep them well: extremely soft and delicate. And to top it off, before my feet almost never caught sun, which were very pale pink. I loved to keep them well, very sensitive and care. Obviously, my kidnappers were interested in these details.    

James started licking my socked soles moistening even more with his saliva the cloth my socks which at that hour of the morning had a penetrating stench. Sweat produced by my feet was rancid and very strong. The feel of his tongue rolling around my socked feet raised by my legs tied up until reach my throat like a puff of steam unnerving, but not all bad.

-No, no, don’t do that, man, don’t do that!! No, no, no, hohoho!! HOHAHAHA-AHA-HA HEHEHE HAHAHA! It tickles man, IT TIHIHICKLES SOHOHOHO MUUUCH! -I pleaded desperately.
James stopped licking the soles of my feet and it allowed me to get some air to recover from this shock.

-Wha're you doin' bastards!! -I shouted angrily-. Sick…! Perverted kidnappers!! Free me right nowww!! I’ll call the police when I come out of here!! Perverts!!! I’m a respectable professor!!!
-You are another fucking pervert like us and we’ll show you soon, dear! -Jack said insinuating about my cock throbbing. I tried to close my legs to prevent him touch me again. 

-The point is that you can’t go to the police -said Richard quietly.

-W… why? Wha… what’re you tryin’ do to me…? Damned degenerates!!! What I was brought here??? You’ll kill me?

-Oh no, not at all -said James-. We want you to live, really live!

-You're going to be our "substitute" -Richard said sardonically.
-Substitute? Substitute what? I don’t understand! 

I cried even more scared fearing for my future face a fate worse than death figuration. They resumed their occupations: James licking my feet, Jack rubbing my crotch with his lips and Richard licking my nipples and armpits.  

Minutes later, James grabbed my socked toes with the clamps on the outside of the stocks around, forcing my feet to hold back and my soles covered with stockings were perfectly straight. He was placed acrylic nails at the end of his fingers and tickle tortured resumed. My reaction was immediate and was more violent than before. It was as if entering by strong electrical shock my soles and shakes my legs and my whole body. My throat exploded in a storm of laughter:


But that swirling of acrylic nails on my plants grew to the point that I thought I would go crazy. His specialty seemed to be scratch and scratch on my poor, soft and stretched arches.
Instead, James told me:

-When I saw you with that pretty nice shape of yours at Joseph's office, I just knew that you would be a good candidate for the "Feetbuyer"!


-The man we know you’re going to interest -Richard said.

-You know what? This is a test -said James.

-And we know that you're going to spend –said Jack. 

-But we can’t give you the test because the “Feetbuyer” requires all candidates are properly tested. He likes to be right.

-What the hell are you talking about! –I cried-. You all are crazy! What you want from me, really? A bailout? All the money I have is to buy this house! Stay with the money if you want, but let me go! Let me out of here! Stop doing this to me!

-Oh no -said James-. This first part of the exam will take two hours.

-Two... two hours??? -I gasped in disbelief-. I'll laugh to death! GADS OHHHHRRR, NAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I CAN’T… I CAN’T TAKE THIS MAN!!!
Richard pulled my tie down even further, loosening the knot in it as I went.

-Sure you can -said Jack-. You are much stronger than you yourself believe you, Chris.
Richard slid off my tie.

-A guy like you must be able to deal with more than a few hours of this.

-SH-SHIT-Ohhhhhh, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! -I sputtered-. I have to be back at school this afternoon! 

-No you won't -James said quickly-. Joseph told me that you took the day off Entire to come and check this house out.

Joseph is my friend and knows I'm here. He will call me if I do not answer and you know that something is wrong and will come for me or call the police. And his students also know that I am here. I have people who care about me, you hear?

-Our idea was never anything you bought -James said sarcastically-. And from now on, you're not going to need housing or anything. And anoint only person going to worry about you. The "Feetbuyer".

Richard unbuttoned my white dress shirt, starting to soak up with sweat.

-All of you are out of your fucking mind! NOHOHAHAHA! STAP! 


Richard got my shirt fully unbuttoned and spread the sides of it out, exposing my hairy chest and big fleshy pink nipples. My nipples were swollen involuntarily.

-Oh, well, this was already expected -said Richard and call to his buddy-: nice big meaty tits, boys!
Richard squeezed one of my nipples hard, rolling it around his fingertips, provoking some unexpected thrills in the chest. Then he bowed his head and began to lick my left nipple, kissing and bitting gently. I screamed in pure horror and then Jack came over and started licking and kissing my right nipple. The tremors produced by those avid lips of those men playing with my nipples made me feel in heaven while the horror ran through my veins.

Richard drew a backpack a couple of alligator clips, gave one to Jack and he stayed with the other. Both approached the clamps to my chest as I looked at them closer to my nipples as wasps about to bury its sting.

I stop laughing one minute and I brake down in tears for sure at that point. They finally closed the clamps around my swollen nipples.  


I was drenched in sweat and kept shaking me squirm like a worm and sore. Richard and Jack tweaked and let loose on and off the alligator clips on my nipples while accommodated. My nipples looked like islands in the middle of a raging sea, a pair of round beef islands in the middle of my hairy chest.

-I'm going to die! This is too much for me, please!! I can’t bear it!!! Let me out of here!!! I promise not to tell anyone!!! I promise, I promise…!!

-When I saw you sitting there with those cute-hot feet dangling around the sides of the chair you were settled at Joseph's office and I got the sight of those sexy shoes and your dark socks, I knew I had to get you here to test you, dude –repeat James with a demoniacal cadence. 

-We have lots of stuff in mind for you, dear Chris-stinky-feet -Jack said enthusiastically.

-You don’t think that was the easiest to bring you here bait you wanted to buy the house and make you give us your purchase successful??? -James asked the cruelest irony I've heard in my life.
Richard tied my silk necktie over my eyes, blindfolding me.

-OH-OH... WHAT'R YOU DOIN NOW, FUCKIN BASTARDS? -I asked, my desperation grew even more when I found myself in complete darkness due to tightening my tie over my eyes.
Tickling sensations suddenly burst on my nipples because of the pressure exerted on them the alligator clips that Richard and Jack had put me. I felt that every time I bent to escape the torment, the more viciously biting clamps my nipples, forcing me to sit still in the original position that imposing scaffold. I could not move my feet because of the strings that held my fingers. The tickling in my nipples were painful and pleasurable at the same time and which exceeded James made me in my socked feet with his metal claws.

I felt that James stopped scratching with metal nails. But it was only to change by a sharp object with which knelt gently at first my soles through the middle.

-This is the quill of a feather -he said with monstrous jocularity-. These will make you crazy… for sure!

He was right, because with that damn quill pen he pricked again and again my socked soles. Within minutes I felt that in some parts of the cloth of the stockings had crossed the pen and touch skin directly, provoking me electrical shocks.

-OH DON'T RIP MY SOCKS!! HAHAHA… HAHAHAHA… HAHAHAHA!!! -I heaved miserably, laughing and crying in pain at the same time.

Each time I moved my chest the pain in my nipples worsened. To my utter dismay I was about to pee. So there I was, stretched out and handcuffed at the gallows strange, my socked feet trapped in a big stock, blindfolded, tit clamped and having my feet tickle tortured. Rivers of sweat running down my face and my chest to my crotch. My pants were soaked and my legs stew. My feet looked like a faucet, my plantar hyperhidrosis was playing tricks on me because of the terror I felt. My feet were a fountain of sweat dripping copiously on the floor. I laughed and laughed, like a madman trying to catch even just one breath in between my loud screams. I tried to wriggle my toes but it was completely in vain, those prisoners’ toebinder tweezers. And finally, my cock pounded seriously in my suit pants. I frantically tried my best not to piss.

The three of them noticed my huge erection, so they continued their morbid job until I couldn’t take it anymore and I let out a huge stream of urine. Bathed in my own piss, what humiliation! Yet I have never felt so relieved when urinating. James, Richard and Jack look at me as my pants were drenching with my own urine and this fell instantly flooding the floor under the seat.  

-Degenerate perverts…!! I have made up pee!! I swear I'll you pay!!! - Just wait until I get out of here!

Richard approached me holding a bottle of natural water.

-Sure you out of here, man -he said-. But not to charge any of this you are doing.
-You’ll see that I will! -I insisted moving with most disgusting feeling uncomfortable rubbing my underwear and my pants soaked now my own stinking urine.

Before I could say anything, Richard put the mouth of the bottle to my lips and placed it so that the fresh liquid entered my mouth in a hurry and I had no choice but to swallow the water. My cock pounded again in my suit trousers.

When I had drunk all the water, he put the bottle down on the floor and wiped my wet lips with one of his own stinky socks. Smelling it I felt what I had wanted for years feel when smelly socks smell of a man. His sock stank badly as mine and my cock grew harder at the scent of Richard's sock. One of them crouched down and his hand brushed the bulge in my suit pants.

-Hey, buddies, look at that -Jack called his friends, he was who was stroking my crotch.
-Oh no, no, no, d-don't you dare, you bastards! -I threatened and suffered another twinge in my nipples shacked to avoid contact with them.

By pulling my chest back it caused the tit clamps to really pull on my nipples, sending searing pain throughout my body. I had no choice but to let this guy slowly pulled down the zipper on my pants, my underwear reached in past and brought out my big beefy uncut seven inch cock, with traces of urine and sweat soaked balls. I grimaced as I roughly handled miserably me down there.
-Humm, seven inches cock you have, teacher -James said cheerfully-. Fuck, who would have thought that an ordinary guy like you would have such a big piece of meat like that, huh?
One of them playfully rolled my foreskin up and down the sides of my erected cock, provoking chills and gasps of pleasure even against my will. It seemed that my body was not responding to my commands. Everything in me was down to the influence of that humiliation, undermining a desire to give up my insides and invited me to relax and let me do.

One of them erected began stroking my cock.

-GAADDDSS OOOOH!! NO, NO, NOT THIS YOU BASTARD!! -I ranted as angrily as I could. Fucking going to make me... OHHHH YOU PERVERT!

They continued masturbating hard until I was about to ejaculate. In that moment, they stopped.
-DAMN, FUCK!! -I howled with pain in my balls, my cock swinging furiously screaming desperation also-. SHIIIIIIIT AHHHHHHHHH!! WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME? WHYYHYHYHY?!!!!!

What I felt after that was a rag with chloroform sticking to my face. I tried to escape this effluvium, but in a couple of seconds, I fainted. 



Chapter three

When I regained consciousness, I was lying on my back in a huge metal table. The site was not the basement of the house I wanted to buy but one wide cell; the walls were bare and I saw gray bricks. The roof was about three meters from my position. When trying to move, I discovered that I was locked up inside a cocoon made of wrapping tape, stronger and transparent, so I could see my shirt and pants wrinkled inside that nylon capsule. And my mouth was gagged with a rubber ball attached to my head with a flange attached to the neck. In trying to make an effort to escape from there, I saw James into that room, Richard and Jack, smiling and satisfied. Those sarcastic and arrogant smiles that confirmed my helplessness about them.

-MMMPPHHHH ...!   

I thrashed wildly and jumped up and down on the table as strong as I could in my mummified bondage, causing the table to shake but leaving me utterly helpless, my eyes bugging out and my mouth gurgling loudly with impotent threats.


Richard and Jack posed one finger on their lips as they think about what they should do as I pointed with my eye movements towards the gag from my mouth.

James removed the gag: 

-Ohhhh fuck! What is this now??? Take off all this! Get me out of here!

James remove from a bag a pair of scissors. He slid the scissors threatening around my heart, but he just went on his way to my feet. Then he made several small holes in the middle while I was intentionally dropping to from time to time. Jack returned to gag me.

Richard and Jack looked hungry and my feet with wicked smiles that were soon to be stripped of his latest protection. They both took big feathers and began to prick the soles of my feet through the little holes with the quill. 

Jack put a finger through the small hole in the sole of one of my still socked feet. Then both examined the foot-sweat-soaked socks with their fingers, moving them around and around, back and forth on each hole of my rip-socked soles, at the same time they were tracing little circles over each hole and scratching the vulnerable skin of my pink sole. 


Jack and Richard kept up tickling my rip-socked feet, unmercifully scraping my toes, instep, and heels. They finally tore some big holes in both socks by ripping the little holes. I went ballistic with further panic, feeling how close they were the worst. As I gasped, shrieked, thrashed and bounced up and down in my mummified bondage on the table, I craned my head to get a view of what they were doing on my ticklish size-12.5 feet.

I watched as they rubbed their cocks vigorously excited under the jeans against my feet barely protected my torn stockings full of gaping holes. That shocked me, but I could not keep my dick also aroused, becoming hard and started to throb violently under the triple prison of my underwear, my pants and tight nylon sheath. My cock ached for both bid to escape his prison and I began to mourn in pain.

Richard and Jack resumed tickling the soles of my feet with the feather. They finished destroying the last thread stockings and so my feet were completely exposed and defenseless against the cruelty of them. They seemed to be writing a letter endless from my fingertips to my heels. I shook my head wildly from side to side. James took over my jaw, my laughter was music to his ears:

-Ohhhhrrrr GOHOHOHOHODDD, HAHAHA! HA! HAHA! HAHAHAHA! -I guffawed helplessly-. Oh sh-shit! Cut that out men, pl-plehease!! CUT THAT OUT!!! 

James turned to nibble my balls, my toes and heels. His nibbling soon caused overstimulation on my nerves and on top, he pulled his cock through his fly and began to rub his erected dick against my sweaty soles, which increased my excitement wildly.


James continued his rubbing against my hyper sweaty soles, his balls hitting my heels and his pubic hair tickled my sensitive skin by scratching. That gave me an unexpected pleasure, but I did not let my throat out a groan of gratification that was what I felt inside. My pleasure was dangerously crescendo, my cock pulsed and throbbed harder every minute, my balls were vibrating in prison mummified bondage and into my shorts and my tight pants and sweat-soaked. My toes curled and uncurled damp rhythmically to the beat of my shivering while James continued vigorously rubbing his cock and his balls against my plants. My feet were responding to such gratification expelling more and more sweat to lubricate, so that between the stench of sweaty cock of James and the stink of my sweat-dripping feet, the room was filled with macho scent, however, we all intoxicated, holding us in fragrant paradise, it seemed a place with manly incenses.

Richard and Jack had stripped and showed as Satyrs their huge-erected cocks while masturbating vigorously. My gratification increased to exorbitant levels that I never thought I could feel. I was in heaven despite my discomfort! The stud smell filled my nose and my own cock in his increasingly pounding, almost expelling my load. 

James cum in my feet. Minutes later, Jack and Richard poured all his cum on my feet too. My feet were lubricated by semen now abundant, creamy and warm in my kidnappers. So James, who had never taken her long acrylic nails, resumed his tickle torture my plants, rolling the hard tips of the nails from toe to heel well lubricated and more slippery than ever. This time the feeling was crueler to my nerves. I squirmed with all the strength I had left, my strength seemed to have been renovated, and bucked, jump, shake and twitched as hard as I could while my throat threw the laughter of my life more appealing.

Jack and Richard cut the top of the cocoon, that is, from the shoulders to the waist. They grabbed my arms and placed them so that my wet and hairy armpits were exposed. They tied my wrists to the end of the table and my arms were stretched so opening the way for torture in the armpits. Without missing a beat, the two hijackers were locked in poor tickle my armpits. I squirmed and cried more intensely than before. My screams and laughter resounded with terrible echoes throughout the room, but nobody came to the rescue of my soul. That was really hell. Jack and Richard tickling my armpits and james sweated mercilessly torturing acrylic nails my soft and sensitive plants and I squirming like a crazed beast, throwing the wildest shrieks could. Beads of sweat sprang from my arms and feet bathing my tormentors, the table and the floor of the cell.

Do not know how long this torment. Suddenly I saw Jack cut a hole in a square at the height of my crotch. I screamed in terror thinking that at last it was time to cut into pieces, but he just remove that part of transparent tape. He did the same with my pants and then repeated the action with skillful scissors in my underpants. My damn cock was more erect than ever before in my life in the midst of endless torture, but it hurt terribly unable to ejaculate. Jack grabbed his hand on my cock throbbing like a bull and started masturbating with skill and guile. A new way of pleasure exploded within me and totaled my chest, forcing me to throw moans I could not suppress.


-Boy, you like, uh, piece of fag!


Richard, meanwhile, began to rip the bottom with scissors the cocoon, that is, in the table below where my ass was supported, conveniently opened a hole made for that purpose. Richard did the same operation as did Jack to get to my cock, but this time in my ass. I shivered with fear.
-OH NO, PLHHEEAZZZZ ...! NO, NOT MY M-ASS ...!! I pleaded strongly, but in vain.
Richard tenacious fingers reached my asshole and penetrated through it "like he owned the place" before I could do anything to stop it. James was licking, nibbling and stroking my plants with acrylic nails. Jack handed him a very fine object, like a whip about thirty cenimetros long, black in color and look very shiny latex and oiled. I do not know why this image came oiled my mind. The fact is that Richard came that object to my asshole and slid it through it along my rectum. At that moment I thought of a probe to enema, but the feel of my rectum and explanation of them I made it clear what it was the mysterious object: it was a dildo, and long as slippery cock horse or bull, but much finest. Within seconds the device began to dance inside my rectum. I do not know if I jumped in fright, dread or pleasure, the fact is that an awesome feeling snug covered my whole body. At first I could not identify what it was, but it was very powerful, born from the depths of my being and I feel I could not resist. I dominated, exploited every second inside me, submitted all my nerves and took my mind as something supernatural. Minutes later I went with her. I had gone to heaven and did not know!

-AHHH! AHHHH! AHHHH! AAAHAAAHAHAHAHHHHH!! AHHHHHH!! Ahhha AAAHH aaahhhh! W-W-HAAAAATT ... WHAAAT'S THISSSS, MENNN??? -I asked, shaking with PURE anal pleasure.

-Just say if you like -said James.

-Oh, yes, please -said James again-. You DO know, dude!

The feeling resulted in ecstasy and I did follow until finally ejaculated. Pressurized jets as long bursts, high spurting streams of cum that seemed to want to touch the ceiling. the jizz splattering hard up towards the cell's ceiling, splattering all over the table, all over my hairy chest and into and over my face and hair. It was the first MOST intense orgasm of my whole life!

Meanwhile, long tongues and eager James, Jack and Richard hungrily licked my sweaty thirsty plants like cows lick the sweet dew-drenched grass. The feeling of their naughty tongues and skillful crawling and wriggling over my feet was itself as electricity jets shot down my nerves spreading through my legs up to my testicles, causing them unable to escape jumping from the enormous excitement.

Then, Jack and Richard dumped the remains of the cocoon, released my legs and pulled them up to the bar at my hands were tied. Then my legs separated enough so that my ass was well exposed. James sat in front of my asshole. He started to probe my virgin ass with his wet and hot tongue, my senses were going on overload, even though I did resistance to prevent the pleasure flooding me. He fucked me with his tongue for a full 10 minutes while my cock grew hard again.
-You’re going to like this -said James-. We are well lubricated and not going to hurt ...
Slowly, I felt his big cock working its way into my asshole.

-NOO NOOOOO NOOO GAAADDD!! -I was screaming as I opened harder and harder step.
Until then, I had only tried ducking my own sex toys in my ass, but no man had stuffed his cock. That hurt, but the same time dominance, strength and skill of James ended up surrendering my will even though I kept resisting.

-NO! FUCKIN FAGS! -I threatened. I'm not a fagot! Do not do this to me! You can’t do this...!!
Oh yes, we can! -He said cynically.

James continued entering me. I felt him shudder and the warm feeling of his cum bursting into the depths of my ass. He withdrew and then Richard came up to me and stuffed his huge cock into my rectum and began to shake even more sensuality than James, and also took much more to cum. Finally came Jack and also recreated his own rhythm and his own stunts tested me. My cock just threw on my chest my sperm splash. My face was bathed in my own semen. When Jack concluded, again James came over me with briskly stud and the cycle was repeated three more times. After an hour or so they freed my legs and let me rest.

In my memory is a gap on what came after that. I just know that fatigue clung to all my members and indolence darkness covered my eyes. I stopped feeling natural sensation of body and mind and I was so immersed in the lush oasis of absolute entertainment. Am I dead? I thought, but this thought did not reach to stretch myself. Fear was alone in my soul, and it was as if my soul was disconnected from the rest of my body and of my faculties.

I dreamed I was lying on a very comfortable bed in a room not very clear. Two people face that I remember correctly treated me, I do not speak or they spoke to me. I had to drink, I think water and other liquids, and perhaps solid food. All this is very fuzzy in my memories. Undoubtedly, I was heavily drugged.

When I awoke, I was lying on the metal table in that room. All my clothes had been removed, so I was just as I came into the world. I noticed that my legs were bent at an angle to my torso and also rested on metal pieces as they put women in gynecology. Both legs were wide apart, so my ass and my genitals were fully exposed to outside manipulation. That made me feels extremely vulnerable. Further to notice that my arms were stretched out above my head and my wrists were tied with leather belts to a rod protruding from the metal table now padded under my bare skin, which I "protected" from the cold metal. Again my armpits were exposed and my soles had no choice but to hang in front of the face of anyone who would "feel them". And to top it off, my balls, my cock and my ass hole were also defenseless and at the expense of any will but mine own.

I spent some time alone in the room. The temperature was cool, nice, but my situation increasingly frightening, made my skin covering a thin, cold sweat I was shaking from time to time.

When I was about to scream for help, entered the room my three hijackers. James placed a high chair in the position of "gynecologist", while Jack and Richard were placed on both sides of the table, up to my chest. The three eyes devoured me. I never imagined it would be so difficult to hold someone's eyes and in those moments: those three guys looked at me like hungry wolves to their helpless victim to which they were about to pounce.

- Do you feel comforted? -asked James-. We have dealt well with you.

I did not understand the meaning of your question, but my brain was receiving a barrage of violent emotions to one time and could not stop to think about anything.

Immediately my captors went to work. Jack with the help of Richard, parted my buttocks and kept well away while I stood James forceps.

- What are you doing? I cried. What is that you are making me? Why ...? Why are they doing this? ... no! No!

Once placed the forceps, James proceeded to introduce a thin tube through my ass hole over my rectum. I screamed as loud as I could for help and for them to stop it, but they seemed to be deaf or have earplugs. That tube slid down my rectum like a fish in jamo. It was slippery, or at least terrified nerves of my rectum so perceived. I found a water snake water or some varmint, slug, penetrating his hole. I felt no pain, but it was a strange feeling. I must confess that in other circumstances I dreamed that my rectum was penetrated by an object like so long and slippery, but I never spent test carrot with a condom. That was my experience. But this was something unprecedented lubricated tube.
Once the tube was located inside my rectum, I heard a comment from the kidnappers, evil laughter, and immediately saw another strange attachment that I had never seen before. It was a sort of tube, but wider, semi-transparent plastic, attached to a thin white hose, which in turn was connected to what appeared to be a rare machine that from the angle they were my eyes I could not see it well . James team up another stranger at the height of the metal table and I could see that this was a little hose connected black in a corner and fell like the little hose to the floor. James flipped the switch on the appliance and instantly felt something like a liquid or a gas filled my rectum subtle. Entones I knew was that black little hose was connected to that computer and slippery that tubular object that had been introduced by my ass.

This team produced a low roar as the engine, but I could not define what it was. My insides were slowly filling of some unknown substance to me. I asked what he was throwing me inside my body. They told me that it was a massage. And it really seemed to be, because the tube stroking my prostate in a continuous, rhythmic massage that was filling my veins with a sense of renewal and deep. However, I was also sure I was stuffing some substance into my body. The feeling that I was slightly stoned did not follow from my brain.

-Mmmmm ... AAAAHHHHHH ... 'I moaned, my erections accompanied spasms of pleasure. However, the erection was not as strong. My cock was flaccid and wound on my stomach. Then James took semitransparent tube in his right hand while the other grabbed my cock and slid into the tube until the base of this stuck to the base of my cock and wrapped my dickhead top of something that seemed to touch small lips kissing.

- What are you doing now? What's that? What does put on my dick like that ...? I asked. They smiled sardonically me in reply.

- You know, this is the time to prove your "skills stallion," said James boy after mock at will of my situation.

He flipped the switch on the machine to which the tube was connected to put on my dick. The other team started broadcasting muffled groans and pops. The white hose connecting the computer with the plastic tube in turn began to vibrate as if suffering from mild spasms. A nagging tingling sensation in my cockhead was planted. My erection became powerful and of course, other reactions inherent sexual excitement took over my whole body. The tube was in the end of the hose, where he settled the cockhead, a spinning pad whose movements were the equivalent of licking my lips cockhead hungry, so my excitement was growing increasingly coupled with the stimulation in my Prostate provided by the tube that was inserted into my rectum, winding through my intestines, spilling its liquid met who knows what function to circulate so freely through my body. This my cockhead stimulation lasted for half an hour as my captors comments. Of course, the tube in my rectum also worked, giving me a massage my prostate will never forget.

-Aaaah!! Oohhhh!! Uupphhhh ...!! Aoouchhhhh! Mmmm ... mmmphhh!! Ooohhhoooouuuhhhh ...! 'I moaned and screamed about to go insane under torture of pleasure that I had to ejaculate. Pleasure I felt very strong, but I was coming and that gave me a pain in my balls and my belly. I struggled against my bounds, but in vain. My body was completely drenched in sweat. My cockhead and precum threw urine droplets, but the semen jet out.

Finally, what I did was pee in semitransparent plastic tube. My urine at incredible speed traveled by the white hose to the computer that was connected.

- Son of a bitch! James shouted. What did you do? Now we have to look elsewhere! Since this does not work!

I did not understand the reason for your anger. They Zafaron the tube of my cock, heaping insults on me, took the pipe and hose team and soon brought another. No other team disconnected the hose which was still embedded inside my rectum, massaging my prostate torturous. I squirmed and yelled for help crying. I never imagined that pleasure could be so unbearable! The excitement was not enough to come to me, and that made me feel "incomplete".

My captors connected the computer to my cock again like the previous and the process started again. Seeing that I did not ejaculate, James had an idea. He sat in front of my bare feet and sweaty, while Jack and Richard set out to lick my armpits they were shaved while I was drugged.
-Do not do that hahahah! Cut That Out! Cut .. That cut oooouut, dudes!! No no no no ... noohohohohohohoh hahahahahahahahaha!

Their tongues eager crawled on my armpits drenched in sweat sparks ripping my poor tortured nerves. From time to time they moved their tongues, fingers and a pen for my nipples, inside of my arms, neck, stomach and navel, which changed my tone loud like a musical instrument.
Meanwhile, James launched into licking one of my soles while taking a pen and slipped through the fingers of my other foot, or puncture the skin delicate and smooth on my floor with quill pen, snatching my throat with laughter loudest of my life, especially when I knelt the ball and under the toes. The tickling had the power to make my erection even more powerful, while the tube vibrated harder and the computer that was connected went on just as if it had a "censor excitation" I read when I had stuffed his cock was truly aroused.

So, my body faced three strong stimuli: the tube in my rectum massaging my prostate, the second team giving me a blowjob and finally artificial tickling my armpits and feet. That was heaven and hell at the same time, but I could not think anything in the world that was more delicious than this torture. I was living that tormented me and although I did not dare to say it was bad.

I never felt so powerful in my life, I lived in a stallion and I did not know. Not caring where I came, my cock spat the first jet of sperm into the far end of the tube. A thick jet noise That Made to splatter against the plastic tubing. James took a brush to brush the horse's skin and vigorously brushed the pale sweaty soles of my feet.

My dick and my whole body tensed Were more and more on the metal table. I howled my way through a second squirt of manly-milk. The machine's suction pulled These first loads one by one through the tube semitransparent and Rapidly slurped them up using the white maguera As They were driven out of my dick vibrant.

I stared in disbelief at this contraption as my third shot of cum exited my cockhole and was sucked into the time immediately rubber hose. I felt "liberated" and my balls too. My cock hurt, especially when the tube made â??â??its developments and gave a slight shake, but my balls and my soul seemed to float, as if it were detached from a heavy burden.

Jack kissed me long in my mouth while I came and I came. What so passionate and torrid kisses! His tongue and my tongue embraced within our mouths. His saliva tasted like fresh honey.

Within minutes, the amount of semen a few drops fell to the team could not collect and decay also my erection, she stopped. For me it was over.

I heard James make a comment of disgust as he watched the bowl with my semen. At a command from James, Jack turned away from me and said:

-You have not proven anything yet vouchers, boy stallion with arrogance James said, sitting back down in front of my bare feet. 

Took this time a hairbrush and began to scratch slowly flushed my soles the heels to the toes. Before I let out the first laugh, and my cock was throbbing again in an erection. It was instant! My feet were tickled my balls bouncing slightly against the base of my cock, forcing her to stand hard and begin beating strongly.

As I clenched my fingers, James decided to become easier to work this time. He placed a device with small hooks on the side of each leg, attached by a clip to the metal band which held my feet. Then he lowered springs seemed hooks and hooked my ten fingers perfectly and pulled back so that the skin on my feet was completely smooth and more vulnerable than ever. Hooks kept my fingers as far apart that sometimes I thought that I would leave.

Without missing a beat, James dragged his tongue all over my floor right while Jack wrote with quill pen on my floor left a love letter, which caused the greatest beats on my cock. My cock was soon a minute to throw his first load of the second round. A few minutes later, as the tickling did not stop, was released the second charge. The third shot was About to come out and then the machine collected each of those pitches in the container that was gradually filling. To help their peers to milk me, Richard proceeded to chase her fingers through my sweaty armpits as if his hands were cars in a running race. And do not forget that the other team did not give up his job massaging my prostate and my rectum with his rhythmic movements and insidious.

I tried to pull myself free from the continuous sucking and tickling of my tormentors, but I had no chance of escape or mercy. I was securely trapped. The suction tube Achieved several more jets of cum from my stinky balls, and slurped them all into the container. Both machines worked me with constant rhythm.

My body wracked by spasms of intense sensations traveling from my soles and armpits to my exploding dick. It was The Most maddening thing in the world. They continued licking and tickling my feet, armpits for a time seemed like an eternity. I could not stop laughing and shouting loudly and ensuing orgasm feel in my body again and again and the vessel is still filled with my cum and purring machine. My mind was Filled with the wildest and delicious sensations. My body needed to do many stuff at the same time: cum, piss, cry out, laugh, and scream. It felt like I needed to do them all and I did jet until my body felt more liberated gradually pleasure dominated my every neuron in my body. And the best part was that I could do nothing but scream my head off and kill myself laughing on the table.

I lost track of everything. Just remember that James told his colleagues: "He passed the test", and showed my semen container filled to the brim. I was exhausted, ready to faint. They took all the tubes in my body, I got out of that padded metal table and I remember being injected and repeated the ritual. This time even remember being bathed. I had no physical strength to make the slightest movement, and my brain did not contain anything but a hazy, lazy thing that I did not recognize. That drug was very effective. 



Chapter four

When I regain my consciousness, I looked around the room again-cell before, but this time I just lay with her â??â??face to the ceiling but my head and my wrists were stuck in a long board with holes sized proper functioning as stocks. My body was just naked and my ankles were also subject to another long table that was also based on stocks. The light was rather on the edges of the roof, which gave the site a more frightening or suggestive of what was happening there. My back and my ass rested on third bare wooden table. James, Richard and Jack appeared immediately and ranked as always around me. Their hungry eyes roamed my body naked and helpless as flames. They too were naked and their cocks erect angry snakes seemed to jump on the unfortunate victim: me.

Without preamble this time, started all three at once: Richard was devoted to tickle my armpits with one hand while the other masturbated. Jack plucked with their hands in search of vulnerabilities of my hips, stomach and crotch, then I masturbated and masturbated while he also. And James was concentrating on my feet approached me a second to show me a baby oil hand and in the other a metal fork. As he retreated to his favorite position, I felt like oil soaked my feet, especially my soles and immediately fork cruelly slid along my poor soles.

I writhed, screamed, laughed loudly and sweating like hell in hell. My erection, however, denounced the hidden pleasure that was sprouting. Delicious torment that lasted for long, for my account that lasted days without stopping. Richard stuffed his cock into my mouth and threw in my throat all your hot and creamy cum. Richard was a man who came in abundance and often, his balls were big and pure excitement jumped in front of my nose. It was a wonderful sight to see the guts of Richard running dance orgasm. Meanwhile, Jack tickled on her hips, her fingers up to my ribs hyperkinetic, played in the recesses of my armpits, I sucked my nipples erect and returned to my dick to masturbate and then when I came, he drank my milk eagerly. Then he got his fingers in