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by Litefoot

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I met Patrick in one of my classes during the senior year. 


At the beginning I did not have such an high opinion of him, 6 foot something, toned and stocky, typical football player, and actually he belonged to the successful school team.


Down-to-heart guy, always smiling, eyeglasses, always sitting in the first row.

Then one day he approached me after an in-class test asking if we could study together for the next, I was surprised and it took me few secs before answering

“Sure! Of course”


“Would you give me your phone number?”


He sent me a txt and I memorized his number. Besides meeting in the logic/math class we did not exchange messages or else, but I began noticing him and let my eyes take in his entire body. Brown short hair, large powerful shoulders and back, strong arms, big toned butts, powerful muscled legs and calves and big wide feet, probably size 14 or 15. The next test was 10 days away and I was in the library one late evening when from the corner of my eye I see somebody approaching. When I received a pat on my shoulder I turned and saw him standing there tall and smiling. The tee stretched over is chest, the sport shorts designing the curves of his quads..

“Only the best are here studying at this hour!”


“Patrick! How are you man?”


“Tired but happy to see you, I actually wanted to txt you and ask if you wanted to meet and prepare for the next exam”


“Sure, although I am quite busy but I’m sure we can find the right time for both”

In the meanwhile he sat facing me and was busy taking something out of his backpack, I took the chance to look at his calves and noticed his feet for the first time in flip flops, nice, wide, strong, with long toes and short trimmed toenails, and with tendons on the top of the foot stressing veins and muscles.


Although I looked at them very briefly the image in my mind was an hd photo.

Few days later while running in between classes I felt my phone vibrating.

Checked it and… there was his message! 


“Hey how abt meeting this afternoon if you’re free”


“got a class right now but afterwards have a cpl hours off” I texted him back.


He replied where and how I would find his room

An hour later I knocked at his door


“come in” 


I entered, it was a nice single room and he was in sport gear lying on the bed.

“Hey, you sleeping or what?”


“Hi, no. just relaxing, tonight have football practise. Grab a chair and make yourself comfortable”


I sat by the desk facing the bed, close to his feet. We chatted of this and that for few mins and whenever he wasn’t looking I kept looking at his big black sport shoes, black socks to the calf and from time to time to his groin where the black jersey shorts seemed to reveal a slightly swollen pack.


“you ok? You seem bothered” I asked


“yes, I mean sort of…” and laughed e bit embarrassed “ I mean.. is one of those periods that I wish I had a girlfriend”


“a-ha, I see”


“you know my hormones are killing me..”


we both laughed


“then why don’t find a girl just for… fun” I suggested


“well.. I don’t really want a relationship”


“ I am not talking about relationship..”


“and you? How do you manage? Do you have a girlfriend?” he said looking at me

“ mmh.. no, in this period none. I had a girlfriend, then a boyfriend but now I am single again” he looked at me with wide eyes and half smile frozen on his face

“I knew it! I knew you were a smart guy!” he exclaimed and grabbed his package without realising it.


“well.. when is about sex, as long as it is good and the one you are with in bed in that moment makes you horny and disinhibited … it’s ok. That’s my philosophy.”


“you are great man! Really you are. But. how is it with another guy? I’m just curious but if you think is too private a question, I don’t want to push you”


He crossed his ankles and flexed his arms putting the hands behind his head. Sweat, sex and hormones were making the sight blurry…

“it’s ok doesn’t bother me. uuuhm…. Well..there are many things that is possible to do of course, doesn’t need to be penetration at all costs: jerking off, which could be mutual or not, and all sort of stuff and fantasies one can imagine. If the chemistry is right can be fun, sky’s the limit” His eyes were big and fixed on me, his smile wider. There were few seconds of silence then he said: 


“and what is it that you like in a guy?”


“you mean physically?”


“yes, what do you look at in a guy or what makes you horny?” he said with one hand on his pack where I could see a more evident outline of his dick.


“I like toned bodies. a nice ass, legs… feet” 


“Feet? I never thought of feet, what do you mean feet?” said with an enquiring look on his face. I wasn’t sure how to continue if to be totally honest or vague.


“I… let’s say I like to rub big feet, kind of play with them, of course they have to be well kept and clean, I mean not smelly I don’t like strong smells, but some sweat can kick the hormones, I find them very erotic and apparently are a strong erogenous zone” I had decided to give more details in order to see his reaction.

His eyes looked at me without seeing me.


“and what do you look at in.. a girl” I asked.


He kind of woke up from whatever was his daydreaming “me?... a nice ass, boobs not too big but evident… and a dirty mind“ then was lost again in his thoughts.. suddenly “hey.. I know is kind of weird but… would you rub my feet? I mean.. they are clean, I’ve been wearing my shoes since this morning but haven’t been at the gym and I will have practice tonight, but only if you are ok with that. I am just curious to know how it feels” he was looking at me with a shy expression half embarrassed half smiling.


“sure, well… I hope your hormones won’t explode though!” 


we both laughed out loud, more to release the tension than for the joke.


I moved the chair at the foot of the bed, between his feet. Then I put my hand on his left shoe and said “promise that if you don’t feel comfortable you let me know ok?”

He smiled and replied “sure, and the same goes for you” and winked at me, “ do you mind if I close the eyes?” he added.


“of course not! Actually will help you to relax, just let go and enjoy” I winked back.

I untied one shoe and slowly took it off, “I hope they don’t smell” he was looking at me with a worry look.

“close your eyes and relax! They don’t, they are warm, big and very nice” I reassured him while wrapping my hands around his foot. I had already an half boner and knew I had to go slow not to scare him, my heart was pounding in my chest. This football player I always dreamt of was there in front of me and had asked me to rub his size 15 feet.


While I was massaging the instep and sole, still with closed eyes he moved his other arm and put also the other hand on his groin as if to hide what was happening there…


I took my time in rubbing, massaging and caressing the foot and the long strong toes.


“mmmmmhh.. that feels really good man. You have an incredible touch” his eyes always closed but a big smile appeared on his face. I proceeded to work on the ankle and then on the big calf, and in doing so I moved a bit closer so that his foot was now in between my legs relaxed against my thigh and dangerously close to my groin.

He was breathing deep and softly moaning, then began to flex and stretch the foot I had rubbed and while moving it around by accident brushed against my hard-on. For a couple of secs I was like paralyzed, but I resumed at once the massage to avoid any embarrassment and yet I knew he had felt what was going on. 


“you ok?” I asked nonchalantly. 


“yeah it feels great, it’s really relaxing and you are really fantastic… and .. I can see you are enjoying this too” he said while intentionally placing the sole of his foot against my boner, then began to move it and rub it with his toes through my jeans with a light pressure.


His eyes half opened he was looking at me with a smile then he whispered 

“do you like that? Am I doing it well?” 


“oh yeah” I whispered back .


“would you like to rub my other foot too?” his hands were grasping and squeezing his tool through the fabric of the shorts. Without replying I began untying and remove the other shoe while his left foot kept rubbing my rod.


I began massaging the right foot through the black sport sock, then slowly removed the sock and kept rubbing his bare foot, ankle, instep, sole and toes. His feet were gorgeous, big and had a faint smell of sweat mixed with fresh laundry. Toenails trimmed short, long toes and the big toe shaped like a snakehead. He was breathing heavily and moaning from time to time, I lifted the foot and began to lap at his big toe first then the others one by one, and eventually at the sole down to the heel.

His hands were now inside his shorts he was jerking off with slow movements. He raised his head and with a low tone said “keep going, I love it… mmmhhh…. Why don’t you take off your pants?”


“you ok with that?” I asked, he nodded “sure, no prob go ahead”


I took off my trousers and repositioned myself with his feet between my open legs and resumed licking, his foot found again my hard dick and began to stroke it with determination alternating fast and slow movements with more and less pressure, using sometimes the sole other times the toes. 


For being his very first time he was a pro!


While focusing with my tongue on each single toe I put my hand on top of the foot stroking me, “mmhhhh…” was his only reply while arching his head on the pillow and exposing his dick. It was a fat seven inch tool with a shiny dickhead, after a while he began to take off his shorts and briefs. I helped him and while he used his two feet to tease my groin, I started to rub his legs, his moans grew longer and louder.


“maaan, my head is spinning… this is exactly what I wanted.. you are fantastic..” he said with a low voice full of lust.


I was breathing heavily too and having lost all my inhibition I began slowly to hump his feet.


“yeah… go ahead, enjoy my feet, you like that don’t you? It makes me so horny to see you doing that…. Fuck this is awesome! Yeah… keep going. it makes me horny to feel your dick on my feet… “he closed his eyes and resumed his stroking.


With my hands I reached his inner thighs and from there began lightly tickling his balls.. he could not stop moaning … “oh..yeah… yeah.. you are driving me insane… “

His balls were tight, the skin of his nutsack had goose bumps.


I decided to take one step further and started to play with his pubes first then I wrapped my fingers gently around the base of his shaft, we locked our eyes and for a few seconds we both kept stroking his dick, then he took off his hand and closed the eyes while I continued, this time stroking the whole length up to the dickhead. Precum made my fingers glide easily. I was on my knees now between his legs and decided to go all the way so I began to lick his tool starting from the tip.


“oooooohhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh” he moaned and put his hands on my head. He resumed stroking my dick with one foot and moved the other one to rub my inner thighs my ball sack resting on the top of his foot , then he stretched his toes making contact with my asshole.. I could have raped him then and there!

I started to give him a real blow job… and lowered my hips, so that I sat straddling on his foot. “oh fuck I like that…” I exclaimed


“Do you like that uhm?” he said “do you like sitting on my foot and feel it between your legs?”, his eyes half closed his face and voice were pure lust “mmmhhh yeah” was all I could reply. “good… keep doing that.. ride my foot, do all you want to do with my feet, c’mon yeah move like that, yeah… oh fuck your mouth feels sooo good.. I’m so close..”


I was too. He had grasped my dick between his big and second toe and was rubbing it with a regular rhythm while moving the toes of the one I was straddling in between my butts.


“oh fuck.. I’m close, I’m going to cum!” he cried.


I felt the first hot spurt in my mouth and I lost it. I began to cum as never before. 

we both kept going cumming and moaning for almost a minute… then we looked at each other and began laughing totally relaxed … his toes and top of the foot were full of cum, he kept rubbing his two feet together.. “mmhh I like to feel that” he said.

I was putting back my trousers when he exclaimed “Hey! we still need to study for the test!” then he winked at me and asked “… how about tomorrow afternoon?” 

“sounds good to meee!” I replied “Txt me when in your room” I smiled, gave him a thumb up, and left.