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Sleeping Giant

by Cray Z

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I guess my love affair with feet came when I saw my friend's older brother asleep on the sofa that was positioned diagonal to the love-seat I ]sat myself in when Royce (my friend) and I came into the house.  

His twenty-one year-old brother George was stretched out on the sofa and snoring up at the ceiling.  And George was a good-enough looking guy.  He was slightly overweight, but not so much that you'd really call attention to it.  He was like six foot five and had dark brown hair and very big feet   I mean his feet were like a size 14 if not bigger.

And those giant size-14 feet were bare and propped up on the armrest of the sofa and were about a foot away from me.   Royce went into the kitchen to head up pizza rolls or hotpockets or something, leaving me alone with the sleeping giant with the big bare feet aimed in my direction!

I didn't know what to do, but I knew if I wasted this opportunity I'd probably regret it for the rest of my life.  So I sort of leaned over and moved my face towards the bottoms of his propped feet.   I took a deep whiff at the area beneath his toes and like freaking magic, my dick grew hard as a rock!   Just the fragrance of this big boy's feet had my penis hard enough to hammer in nails!  

I got a little bolder.  I couldn't help it.  Couldn't stop myself now even if I wanted to!

I leaned over, stuck out my tongue and dabbed it on the sole of sleeping George's right foot.   I did this tentatively for a while, but then realized that it was going to take more than having his sole sponge-dabbed by my tongue to wake up the handsome big boy.  So I took a long, long lick of his foot.   One long lick that began just above his heel and ended at the base of his toes.

I swear, my dick was dribbling in my pants.

I gave his giant sole another long lick, then I heard Royce returning with  the pizza rolls or hotpockets of whatever the hell he'd gone into the kitchen to heat up!  So I sat back up and composed myself before he made it back into the living room

That was the frustrating end of that encounter.